Stories Published by 'TimSteel'

Bonnie Ch. 07

Lois...out of the blue.

The arrival of Lois Lois. My first adventure with a true sex starved woman. It didn't matter if we had fucked 3 or 4 times a day for a month. She NEEDED sex every day. If she was on her period, I fucked her in her ass, or she blew me. Didn't matter. She was horny all the time. This went on for 2 years. It stopped abruptly when she told me she was pregnant. Everything about her changed....

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Bonnie Ch. 06

Bonnie's oldest cums for a visit.

Bonnie's Daughter The last 6 months have been hectic. Bonnie and I bought a house, she moved herself and the baby in and we got to work on life. Jessie visits almost daily. She now has a fiancé and is 5 months pregnant. Not mine! I had a vasectomy right after the baby was born. No more babies for this old man. We bought and old farm house that was remodeled a few years ago. It was...

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Boss Lust Again

Orgasm machine.

It had been a week since Kris and I had been together. Kallie and I had ran into each other a few times and passed a few hours daily taking care of our wants and needs. But each time my mind wandered to this tiny waif of a woman, Kris. Don't get me wrong, Kallie is one hell of a lover. I am drawn to her in an odd way. Most likely because of her willingness to help me with fantasies of a hairy...

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Boss Lust

Fucking my 60 year old boss.

I just started a new job in security. One of the company owners was a firecracker redhead named Kris. She was one of the people who always though she was overweight and was a size 1. The only thing overweight about her was her two big fake breasts. She always had them hidden under a blazer or something to hide their size. I came in one morning after a night shift and she was in the office....

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