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Same Time Next Year

A father-daughter dance. Then, wonderful things await.

April. It's the month when showers bring spring showers. It's also the month that the Hillandale Country Club holds their annual father-daughter dance. It's a tradition that goes back to the club's founding over a century ago. Drake Culbert and his daughter Linette have attended these dances since Linette was in grade school. It's a semi-formal affair, and it includes dinner and live band....

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Smitten with Tori

An obsession that refused to die.

On a non-descript spring day in the year 1963, Morgan Schiller, then thirteen, became obsessed with Craig Grumman's sister, Tori. Morgan and Craig were classmates at Pennington Junior High and lived only about a mile apart. After school let out for the day, Craig invited Morgan to hang out over his house. Morgan didn't even know that Craig had a sister until shortly after he arrived and minutes...

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Outrageous Good Fortune

He's widowed, she's divorced - in Cape May on Valentine's.

I've submitted this for the 2019 Valentine's Day Story Contest. Your votes will be much appreciated. * Walking alone on a South Jersey beach on Valentine's Day weekend is the last thing Oliver Starr had expected. The location's right—he and Becky had made plans over a year ago to come here at this time. Yet now she's gone, taken by the cancer that months ago had exploded out of its...

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Moving On

At age eighteen, Ginger's life was set. Or so she thought.

Only nineteen and one year out of high school, Ginger Harper is already concerned about her weight. She isn't obese, not even pleasantly plump. In fact, she's a beautiful college girl, "unofficially" engaged to Victor Jordon ("VJ") Slagle, her high school sweetheart. But her forty-something mom is heavy, and Ginger doesn't want to look like her when she reaches middle-age. Because they're of...

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The Hobbler and the Limper

A blind date in the summer of '64. Where will it lead?

Freedom Summer, they called it, the summer when three civil rights workers were murdered by a mob of Ku Klux Klansmen. It was the summer after The Beatles splashed on to the American cultural scene and the summer of the '64 New York World's Fair. It was the summer when Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, and the summer before Lyndon Johnson's landslide victory over Barry Goldwater....

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Meanwhile, in a Parallel Universe...

A chance meeting in CVS - then this!

This comes from a story I reworked, writing a different plotline under a different title. For those who believe in parallel universes, it could have gone this way also. A few years after we last did business, I cross paths with Melissa Hofstadter in the greeting card aisle of CVS Pharmacy in Lutherville, a suburb just north of Baltimore City. Melissa was a mess of contradictions. At...

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Of Choices Made and Paths Taken

Jacob romances his deceased buddy's aggrieved wife.

It was the last year of the Reagan administration when Claire Snyder, my dentist and cousin by marriage, first told me the awful news. Mathew Rudduck had been diagnosed with cancer. Mathew was only thirty-seven and he had three young children. Recently, he and Briana, his wife of ten years, had purchased a beautiful new home. Horrible timing...and why him of all people? He was a health nut. He...

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A Joyful Irony

It happened at a 50th high school reunion.

Life is full of the unforeseen—twists and turns and ironies that crop up when we least expect it. What happened to me recently underscores the point. First, let me take you back, way back to the late fall of 1965 at a place called the Baltimore Civic Center and a rock group called the Rolling Stones. The Stones were on their second American tour that November when they dropped into town,...

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Their Last Hurrah?

A dad-daughter affair jolts a marriage.

Rhonda McDaniel's wedding day was a perfect day for a wedding, a perfect day for just about anything. It was early September, sunny and warm and for Rhonda, all was right with the world. Or so it appeared. She was all smiles and laughter, beautiful in her long white gown, her light brown tresses flowing down, her figure still full, but not as full as it had been months ago when she began to drop...

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When Everything isn't Enough

Jenny had it all. Or so she thought.

She has everything she ever wanted: the three-thousand-plus square foot Cotswold style home in classy Broadcreek outside Cleveland, the two kids (a boy and girl, just as she "planned"), the doting stay-at-home handyman of a husband and the upper management position with a major medical conglomerate. She's pretty, too, the "perfect" forty-year old as some call her. You know the type. You see...

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It's Called Love, Baby

Follow-up to Tutor.

This is a follow-up to "Tutor," published in the mature section 7/31/18. It helps to read that one first. * 'We need to keep our distance, to decompress,' Alex told him on the night he graduated high school. Craig isn't blind to why she ended things. In fact, he agrees that they wouldn't have much of a future long term, not with the twenty-plus disparity in their ages. She's in her...

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Craig is about to flunk algebra. Enter his sexy tutor.

It's March already, and for eighteen-year old Craig Zanetti, the finish line is coming more into focus with every passing day. No, he's not running some super marathon; rather, he's looking forward to high school graduation in mid-June, looming ahead like a huge golden gate, sweet and lovely. There's only one problem: he's flunking algebra and unless he brings up his grades, he won't be able to...

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It Started In the Dairy Section

Love conquers all...or does it?

In the mid-point of the Obama administration, I was in my early thirties, that wonderful age when a single guy playing the field still has a wide range of age choices among women. Twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings and even sexy forty-somethings are fair game. Never been married, I was still looking for that "perfect" woman—or at least as close to perfect as one could reasonably get. The last...

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A Painful Detour

An angry white male confronts squeegee kids in the city.

"Coming downtown is getting to be an ordeal," Frank Baker complains. "You can't pass a traffic light without these damn black kids forcing their services on you." Frank is sitting at a red light behind the wheel of his big cream colored Lincoln, his wife June beside him. They're middle-age suburbanites on their way to Baltimore's Little Italy for dinner. Their destination is only blocks away,...

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A Super Tuesday

It began over his lust for a yellow Camaro.

There's no graphic sex here, folks. Just a little romance tale set in the late fall of 1968. Those of a certain age will remember. Those too young might learn a little slice of history. It was love at first sight. What a body! What a chassis! Sleek, beautiful and built for speed. She was just what he'd been looking for, had obsessed over since his junior year in college. Posters of this...

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Next Time

An innocent remark triggers an escalating feud.

Many of us go through life with at least one antagonist either out to get us or to make our lives less than comfortable. About a decade before the technology of social media changed our lives, one such antagonist entered the life of probation agent Harry Foreman while he was sitting in Judge Alexander Mitchell's outer chambers. As a probation agent, Harry had frequent contact with circuit...

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What Might Have Been

Probation agent and offender re-connect on different time.

A few years after we last did business, I cross paths with Melissa Hofstadter in the greeting card isle of CVS Pharmacy in Lutherville, a suburb just north of Baltimore City. Melissa was a mess of contradictions. At least that's the way I saw her when she was on my probation caseload for possession of something or other. She was the bad girl who'd cuss up a storm one minute, then cry over...

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March Madness

March can mean more than just NCAA basketball.

"We have the same name," Lindie Nicholson said. "Not quite," Wyatt said to the young woman in his small office. "Same basic pronunciation, different spelling. Mine is spelled N-i-c-h-e-l-s-e-n." "You mean we're not related?" She turned down her sensuous mouth in a faux frown. He knew she was jerking his chain. "Afraid not." Twenty-nine year old Wyatt Nichelsen worked for...

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The Movement He Needed...

Follow-up to "You're Just Right For Me".

This is a follow-up to "You're Just Right For Me" published in the Romance section on 10/18/2016. Reading that one first will give you greater insight. However, "The Movement He Needed" can stand on its own. * Veronica Now for the hard part—telling my parents. How does a girl in her twenties tell her mom and dad that she's falling in love with a fifty-year old man, a man...

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It All Started at the Dennis

A beach trip to remember in the summer of '69.

A hot August night in 1969 found Ross Enzor and Marc Milner sitting in the outdoor lounge area of the Hotel Dennis. By then, it was still among Atlantic City's finer hotels. Yet, like AC itself, once the Grand Dame of the South Jersey Shore, it was showing its age. People who once patronized the place were taking their summer vacations elsewhere. Not that Ross and Marc cared. They were...

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Of Lisa and Lisa

Two Lisas discover they have something precious in common.

I never even liked Brian Thomas Salabis, never liked him from the time his family moved to Pill Hill, a 1950s suburban development, so called because of the many doctors who lived there. He was all of six years old then, a mouthy, sometimes obnoxious kid with a penchant for mischief. I feared for my son Daniel, feared that Brian would be a bad influence. Those fears proved unfounded because...

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Still Mad as Hell

A former bully victim confronts her old tormentors online.

Note: This little tale is here for a reason: there's no sex or romance. There is lots of dramatic conflict played out in cyberspace. * Through the wonder of Facebook do the names come roaring back. Nanette Swartz. Danny Hopewell. Larry Blackstock. Richard Tabb. Jerald Nyborg. Mary-Jo Matlack. Pam Klein. Shelly Cobb. Marc Schindler. Fran Eisenberg, now Fran Streitman, always...

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An unexpected plunge into the acrimony of matrimony.

Two's company and three's a crowd. So what am I doing here sitting with Ken and Barbie in sub-freezing weather watching the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers fighting it out for a playoff spot? Well, if you want to know the truth, they invited me. They had an extra ticket and figured I had nothing better to do on a cold Sunday afternoon and they were right. Actually, their names...

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Follow-up to "Sometimes, Things Just Happen".

Note: This is a follow-up to "Sometimes, Things Just Happen" published in the Mature section 12/19/2017. It helps if you read that one first but not essential. It's amazing how one's life can become so complicated in so short a time. Just a few days ago, I lived a "normal" life for a divorcee in her early forties—nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that would offend or embarrass. All...

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Of Fate and Premonitions

It began with a collision riding a four-foot wave.

Bodysurfing loving tourists who visit Ocean City, New Jersey every summer know that the best waves to be had lie between the stretch of beach between 7th and 10th Streets. Why that is, nobody knows for sure, though the locals say it's because of the shoreline, shaped just right to produce the biggest, most perfectly shaped waves on the island. Ocean City is hardly Malibu or, the ultimate, Oahu's...

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Sometimes, Things Just Happen

Fireworks erupt between Estelle and her son's best friend.

Henry Martingale is trying to be discreet. He's sitting on the sofa with me, watching tennis (Wimbledon) on TV. But I see him, his roving eye catching glimpses of my tan legs, and I'd be remiss if I didn't admit to enjoying his attention. He dropped over to see his best friend, my son Edward, who won't return for another hour at least. Knowing that Henry is a tennis fan and player—his family...

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And What has Come to Pass...

A grieving daughter honors her deceased dad's request.

For decades, it sat in a jewelry box, unworn and untarnished, symbol of a romance long gone. The year was 1969, the month of April to be exact, when Diana Altmann gave Danny Kelby her high school ring. Both were in college and neither had much dating experience, much less had ever gone steady. Two months prior, they had met at a college mixer. The chemistry was instant, sexually and...

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Take Top This Time

Follow up to "A Shift in the Balance of Power".

This is a follow up to "A Secretary's Revelation" (1/24/17) and "A Shift in the Balance of Power" (2/2/17), both published in the non-erotic section. "Take Top This Time" does include graphic sex. However, the emotional dynamics of the characters' relationship is the primary focus, not the sex. Therefore, non-erotic still seems the most appropriate place for it. Enjoy. * It started...

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Grow Old with Me

follow up to "Plunging Into the Abyss".

Note: A follow-up to Plunging Into the Abyss per reader request. Tim If my wife Diane were the sort of spouse that begrudged my passions, that nagged me every time I left the house alone, it wouldn't be as difficult to face her after what I just did over the last twenty-four hours. But she isn't. In fact, while she doesn't share my passion for exercise generally, cycling specifically,...

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Plunging into the Abyss

The follow-up to 'Quiet Desperation'.

Note: A number of readers of "Quiet Desperation" (Romance section, published 8/17/17) urged me to write a follow-up. So, by popular demand as they say, here it is. Enjoy. * Tim You only live once, right? We hear that all our lives. Yet it's only when we reach an advanced age that it hits home. I'm sixty, advanced enough to know, advanced enough to know that time is running out,...

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