Stories Published by 'TruePoly'

At Long Last, Love Pt. 01

I love my sister in law, and hope for more.

Authors Note: This is in the Taboo section due to the relationship the characters have with one another. However, it is intended as a very non-traditional love story, not primarily dealing with sexual encounters. The focus is on the developing relationship between the characters, rather than sex itself (though there is sex), and the long term creation of a multi-partner household. I will...

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A Pair of Pink Satin Panties

A Sexy Pair of Panties leads to an entire family playing.

Kelly was frustrated, "She just won't leave. I mean, I appreciate her help but that doesn't mean I want her moving in with me!" Sara listened to her sister Kelly as she vented about the frustration of dealing with their mother, Carol. The two of them were quite close and obviously sisters when you looked at them. 5'6" tall, dark naturally wavy hair, green eyes, bodies that would could have...

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At Long Last, Love Pt. 02

Reality begins to approach Fantasy, as dreams continue.

_"Well, I suppose that wasn't too bad for a first attempt." I thought as I read the comments from my first story. It was hard to disagree with them, especially the comments about how the buildup was the best part. That had been the easiest part of the story to write, it wasn't surprising that it was also the easiest part to read. The words had just flown straight to the page, I wasn't even...

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At Long Last, Love

One Weekend, After a Lifetime of Forbidden Love.

_Where do I start... So, my wife Nicole and I have been together for 22 years. It's sort of a miracle, really, considering the way relationships come and go anymore. Of our friends, family, even acquaintances, we are the ones who have made it work. We are also not monogamous and never have been, which is something that seems to confuse a lot of people who equate exclusivity with love. It's...

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