Stories Published by 'WILockGuy'

Sasspot Ch. 03

Sasspots 3rd time with Sir. A little more loving.

Part 3 in an ongoing series. A little more loving with a hint of bdsm Yes everyone is over 18 As always for her- My Sasspot *** It had been an insane week. Sir's small business was experiencing record sales, week after week. Sasspot's adventure just kept growing and getting bigger and bigger. The time they spent together was essentially cuddling in exhaustion, skin on skin,...

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Sasspot Ch. 02

Saspots second punishment at the hands of Sir.

1) Part 2 in the Sasspot Series 2) All characters over 18 3) Dedicated to the one and only Sasspot *** She had done it again, and she was going to be punished yet again. There she was, hands tied behind her back, the only thing on a pair of white lace panties and a black silk blindfold over her eyes. Sir entered the room and a sly smile jumps to life on his face seeing her...

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Our first time with the Paddle.

1) This is my First story. 2) I am very new to anything BDSM related, keep that in mind please. 3) All characters are most certainly over 18. 4) Dedicated to Sasspot. Seven letters was what her pet name contained, 7 simple letters. He had her get on all fours on the bed, ass high in the air. He knew she was playing without him, her face was flush, her pussy was dripping still....

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