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Mixing Business and Pleasure

Two days with my administrative assistant.

I'm writing this down shortly after it happened and storing it in a secure place until someday I find the right venue for publishing it. This is not a "Dream Come True" story; it is a "Beyond my Wildest Imagination" story. A little background: I am the owner of a successful business that deals primarily in commercial real estate. I am married and the father of five children. We have a good...

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What If? Pt. 04

A couple's alternative to vanilla sex.

Chapter 15 - The Next Step A few days later Ted and Carol were to be found in an adult store looking for videos of young hung men, naked from head to toe, sporting erections or jacking off. They found more of these in the "gay" section than in the "straight" section, but it did not matter. They were not looking for videos of coupling. They also picked up a few magazines of attractive young...

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What If? Pt. 02

A couple's alternative to humdrum sex.

Chapter 7 - Serendipity It was a Thursday morning in mid-fall. Ted and Willy wrapped up their work on the truck that had almost been totaled. The engine had been rebuild. Every system had been inspected, all fluids had been drained and replaced, all filters had been replaced. The truck was ready to be fired up and taken out on the road. Willy told Ted, "You were the lead mechanic on this...

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What If? Pt. 01

One couple's alternative to vanilla sex.

A fantasy alternative to a humdrum life Chapter 1 - Introduction Eighteen year old Ted Watkins was a senior in high school. He ranked very close to the middle of his class academically. He was not that interested in sports. He blended into the middle of the crowd at school, not calling much attention to himself. His father worked in a large factory maintaining and repairing the...

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