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Buyers Beware Ch. 02

Lace finds herself among increasingly appealing company.

"So..." Zu'gar started, her voice quiet and subdued as to not be overheard in the rear of their caravan as she lay on her back, relaxing casually atop her sleeping bag with her hands folded comfortably behind her head, staring up at the slightly billowing fabric that was their roof, "Any idea what this city will be like?" Lace glanced over her shoulder at Zu'gar with flushed cheeks, her look...

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Worthy Prey

As Humanity reaches to the stars, the Isiri push back.

Dickgirl Aliens X Human Females | Non-Con | Domination | Size Difference * Lysera let out a low grunt as she arched her broad back, feeling the sore and stiff muscles throughout her powerfully built Isiri frame stretch and then relax some, helping to work a bit of life back into her uncomfortable form as her Lessers went about her orders, clearing away the human dead and providing...

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Hot Chocolate

A crossdressing booty call takes a romantic turn.

"Booty call." Casey was sat cross-legged on his bed with his laptop open before him when he heard the familiar and teasing cadence of his sisters voice. Surprised by her presence he looked up from his laptop towards his open bedroom door, taking in the sight of his sister stood there, leaning casually on its frame, the hall's lights spilling into his room around her like an aura. She...

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Neck Deep Ch. 03

The Twins cement James in his place.

"Mm..." Brittany moaned lightly, arching her back under the warm embrace of the duvet as she felt her mind and body begin to stir from the loving embrace of sleep, the vibrant memories of her dreams, many of which had been delightfully sexual and erotic, quickly growing distant and evaporating away as she slowly came around, her eyes opening slowly to greet the new day. With a wince Brittany...

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Cream and Sugar

Lacy finds herself in a singularly special Café.

"Remind me, how did I let you talk me into coming here again?" Lacy asked, her voice soft and shy as she glanced around, cheeks flushed with colour, trying to look at everything while, at the same time, avoiding looking at anyone. Gia grinned, leaning back in the seat she had just occupied, her Armani handbag close beside her heeled foot, a couple of her fingers drumming idly on the table as...

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Training Carter

Carter's girlfriend puts him on a unique training regime.

"Come on baby, you're ready for this, you got this..." Emma urged, her hands resting on his smooth slender thighs, caressing and squeezing eagerly as she lay on her back, looking up at the boy, her boyfriend, who leaned back lithely, one of his hands resting on her own thicker thigh for support as his other hand gripped her steely lubricated length, guiding the thick tip between his bubbly cheeks...

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Gap Year

A travelling boy is hosted by an especially exotic woman.

With a low sigh, Charlie ran the back of his hand across his forehead, collecting the beads of sweat that the Brazillian heat had gifted to him before wiping his hand on his already quite sodden T-shirt, looking down at his open luggage on the rather meagre single bed with a serious lack of motivation. He should unpack, find his toiletries and find the shower, but to do so he'd have to...

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Bad Habits Ch. 02

Ethan and Katherine get caught red handed.

It was funny, Ethan thought, how even a little time can change so much. It had only been around a month since he had been sat right here, his mind wandering from the subject at hand, whatever that had been, calculus maybe, to stare out of the window and watch the rain. As it happened, it was raining again now and his teacher, a certain Sister Katherine, was talking about something equally as...

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Athena Ch. 02

Athena tightens her hold on Robin.

Robin was sat in his own little world, staring at his own reflection in the dark surface of the limo's window, thoughts lost to the memory of what he'd just done for Athena and the knowledge of what, if she got her way, was still to come. "You ready sweetie?" He blinked, as if coming out of a stupor and looked back to her, to Athena, her expression playful, but her body language...

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Behind Closed Doors

After a rough breakup, Alex looks for a little support.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. Dickgirl x Femboy | Incest (Mother x Son) *** It might have started out light, but It hadn't taken long at all before their kissing had developed into something more. It had begun as just a quick little kiss, not their first but sweet all the same, but before he had known it, he had had her shirt up...

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Athena can be much more intense in person than up on stage.

Robin bit his lip as he stood shivering in the cold, clutching his pen and sketch pad close to his chest. He'd been stood out in the cold for over an hour alone, stood tight to the securities metal railing to ensure he would have the absolute best spot. He stood hugging himself tightly, not that it helped keep him warm anymore. The cold had long since seeped so far into him the only thing...

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Dark Desires

Sam and his Step-mom finally get some time alone together.

A happy family had always been a little hard to come by in Sam's life. The relationship between his mom, Lucy, and dad for most of his life had always been strained and despite any efforts to hide the cracks from Sam as he grew up, he'd always sort of known. As it became harder and harder to hide the fact of it all from him, they had put less effort into trying. Nights of silence, cold and...

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Have Faith

A night out for Faith gets fun when she catches someone's eye.

Faith let out a soft sigh and let her head fall back, her eyes closing as she relaxed atop her padded stool, elbows on the metal rail at the edge of the bartop, a slender glass stem held delicately in one hand, the other clutching the strap of her bag. She hadn't really been sure what to expect when a few friends from work had asked her to come out and join them for drinks, there was quite...

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Light Decisions

When using magic to play with yourself gets a little too real.

Kai lay stretched out face down over the large king sized bed that dominated most of the otherwise small space of his dorm room, the lavish bed a rarity in the College, he knew. Most students had singles, the rest of the space in their rooms given up to all important piles of study books, desks and constructs, small fabrications given life by magic to perform simple tasks. Kai only had the one of...

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Willing Target

A shemale loving boy who likes NonCon, how could she resist?

A commission * Hannah relaxed back into the comfort of the low leather chair, her Michael Kors handbag on the floor besides her, her plain white coffee cup on a saucer in front of her, her eyes scanning across the quiet cafe, looking for her friend, Victoria, who just a couple moments ago had been queued behind her, ordering her own life-giving drink. She raised a hand and waved...

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War Prisoner

An Elven prisoner is broken in ways she couldn't imagine.

dickgirl orc/centaur x female story * Shae groaned weakly, her head swimming in a mire of pain and fatigue, her arm strained around the shoulders of a broad figure that held onto her, her feet limp as she was dragged, wet mud clinging to her feet as they trailed through the filth together, her tracks a single line beside the footprints of her companion. Her mind was pained and...

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Buyers Beware

A slave buyer with exotic tastes gets just what she wanted.

Shemale Orc x Trap human * "You're kidding? Right? You want this one?" the man laughed, pushing his hands in his pocket, idly toying with a few coins out of habit as he glanced back over his shoulder at the merchandise, "No, no, look, you want strong and powerful, you want this, sure, but it ain't pretty, ain't clever and really ain't safe." "How much?" the hooded figure asked,...

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Bets Maid

A high stakes gambler wins something he hadn't expected.

Luke only half smirked as he swept his gaze over the building before him, twirling the keys to the property around one finger. He knew he should feel glee as he surveyed his winnings, but even in this moment, a little voice in the back of his mind was fighting back, reminding him, as it always did, that all good things in his life were fleeting. Why should this be any different? The voice was...

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New Experiences

You should always be careful who you say yes to on Tinder.

Futa Centauress Story~ * Jason let out a soft despairing sigh. Swipe right. Swipe right. Swipe right. Swipe right. His co-worker and friend Paul had suggested to him that he try out Tinder and, to begin with at least, he'd loved the idea of it, see a girl, read her profile and if you felt compatible, swipe right, if not, swipe left, easy right? But as days had passed and...

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Worked Up Ch. 02

Maybe things will be different after a coffee?

Needless to say, Sky felt uncomfortable. Looking out the window, coffee clasped in his warm hands, it was easy to understand why. First and most pressing was the soreness that all but dominated his body, he was, after all, recovering from a very intensive 'workout' in the Gym that morning that had left him feeling particularly spent. The other source of his discomfort, however, was a...

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Gifted Courtesans

How do you turn a boy into a man? Not like this.

"You're my Advisor damnit, advise me." the muscled beast of a man growled, resting his chin on his hand, his other hand clasping a goblet of wine which he drank from often but seldom seemed less than half full, a servant never far away with a refill for the ageing King. "Sire, I am your Advisor but I am also your friend..." the younger Advisor spoke, in the gentlest of tones, his smile wax...

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Tight Spot

Goaded into a bet with only one outcome, what a bind.

Cody bit his lip as he looked over towards the shop, a little anxious about their planned endeavour but not wanting to come off as uncool to his friends, "Are you sure this is a good idea?" he asked. His friends grinned and laughed, playfully nudging him as they made their way towards the shop as a group, "Aw come on Cody!" one of them jested, "You aren't afraid of a few vibrators are you?"...

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Southern Hospitality Ch. 04

Ash finally goes on a date with Laura's niece.

Ash awoke feeling cold, he pursed his lips a little and shivered, curling up a little tighter, nude as he was, the action brought little relief from the cool air. He let out a soft murr of discomfort as his mind shook off the cobwebs of lingering dreams, he could see light through his eyelids and wasn't yet sure whether or not he wanted to open them to discover its source. When he had fallen...

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Crossed Lines

Questing for power, Leo frees a demonic fiend full of lust.

Leo took a slow refreshing drink from a cup of now warm water, sitting at the edge of an intricately designed diagram drawn out with fine red chalk, his eyes scanning studiously over his magnum opus, checking it for errors or faults, knowing even a single smudged line could result in his downfall. Everything was perfect and exactly as the book had detailed, the chalked lines the definition of...

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Blind Date

Anthony is persuaded by his work manager to go out on a date.

Anthony awoke to a piercing buzzing tune, a nice enough melody, but one he had come to despise shortly after he had made the mistake of making it his alarm. The culprit, his smart phone, was plugged in on the nightstand beside him and was in the process of making him gleefully aware that it was a new day, another twenty-four hour period not dissimilar to the last one. A routine work day. He...

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Neck Deep Ch. 02

Jay advances his position with the newly enabled twins.

James lay on his back, fingers gripping desperately at the cool bed sheets under his body as he was bounced forward and back by his new 'girlfriend's' thick, invading cocks. With one gliding in and out of his mouth and another eagerly mating his ass the twins had sapped all strength from him to the point that, even now, as he lay between them, his legs unbound but his wrists still tied, he knew he...

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Sugar Momma

A girl in need finds a surprising new home.

Julia sat, a little pit of anxiety settling in her as she waited on her sofa, looking at her book but not really reading it, too far gone in her own thoughts to take in in the words written on the page. She glanced instead to her side, out the window. Past her own reflection the view it offered was to most, simply breathtaking, but it, as with most things for her, had steadily lost its charm over...

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Home Invasion Ch. 02

Dylan comes to terms with his new life.

He awoke with a soft little sigh and for the first time, he could remember he felt only warmth and comfort. For as long as his memory went back, whenever he had been pulled from the vestiges of sleep he was never afforded even a moment's respite from the anxieties and worries the waking world held for him. There was always something suddenly in the forefront of his mind to bring him worry and...

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The Thorned Rose Ch. 04

Scarlett branches out to explore more discoveries.

Scarlett pursed his full lips as he leaned over to the low desk beside his bed, taking the quill that waited there, dipping it in black ink and tapping away the excess before making a note on the paper that waited beside him, speaking the words aloud in a soft voice as he did. "The Orcess, while dominant in her nature, I have found, can be subdued with the right leverage. While they strive...

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Work Diaries

An office romance flourishes between two unlikely partners.

* Diary Excerpt One: "Following the threat of a sexual harassment lawsuit, the second such threat levied against me by two separate Personal Assistants the suits in HR, in light of my skills and results, decided to give me one last chance before they would be forced to take additional disciplinary actions. In an effort to reduce the likelihood of a repeat scenario they decided to...

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