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Twins Ch. 04

Kristy tries on a speedo.

When Mom got home from work today she said, "I had a student/teacher meeting with my pussy flasher today. She wasn't flashing me. She was flashing my teacher's aide." "Mom, I'm sorry. Here, I'll flash you," Angie said as she lifted her skirt. "Me too," I said as I hiked up my skirt. Angie and I sat there with our panty covered pussies showing. Mom laughed. "Thank you for your support,"...

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Twins Ch. 03

Mom has a flasher.

Mom was in the kitchen cleaning up. She was only wearing panties and a bra. She never walked around the house in her old "granny" stuff. I was glad Angie and I had taken her shopping a Victoria's Secret. "Mom, I have something I want you to try on. It's the perfect bra. Angie picked it up at Victoria's Secret." I went to my room and got the "open nipple" bra. I held it up for her and...

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Twins Ch. 02

Kristy tries on the crotchless panties.

When Mom came into the kitchen wearing her new panties, Angie told her to pull the panties up a bit to highlight her pussy. She looked good, but she needed her pubes trimmed. Angie grabbed her and guided her to our bathroom. "Mom, you need your pussy trimmed. Take off your panties and sit up on the bathroom counter." Angie used her scissors to trim the pubic hair around the edges. Spreading...

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Twins Ch. 01

Mom's Lingerie Intervention.

I slapped him hard and said "Listen cocksucker, just because I don't want to have a drink with you it doesn't mean you can call me a cunt. Now, fuck off before I call my little sister over here to kick your ass." Angie came over and asked me what the fuss was about. When I told her, Angie said, "I call you a cunt all the time and it doesn't seem to bother you." "That's different," I...

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Wyoming Ch. 07

Daddy finally gets his rocks off!

Hi, I'm Wyoming and my pussy is buzzing. I was having a good time at Tom's pool party. First, Tom's mother had taken me into her room where she dove head first into my pussy. I reciprocated a while later when I finger fucked her in the kitchen. But the best of all was getting fucked by Daddy in the swimming pool. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a surprise. I had been cock teasing him for...

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Wyoming Ch. 06

Wyoming gets Daddy in the swimming pool!

When Dakota got home from swim practice he told Daddy and me that Tom had invited us over to his house on Saturday for a late afternoon cookout. Tom was Dakota's best friend. I'm Wyoming and Dakota is my twin brother. Daddy said that he knew Tom's mother, Suzie. He had gone to school with her back in the day and they had even dated for a while. But it had been years since they had seen each...

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Wyoming Ch. 05

Wyoming gets locked up.

I was in my bedroom checking out Mom's chastity belt. My name is Wyoming. Everyone calls me Wy. My father had just floored my brother, Dakota, and me when he told us that Mom used to wear a chastity belt. When she died five years ago he put the belt in the back of his closet and didn't think anymore about it. Mom's chastity belt had three pieces - a waist belt, a pelvic shield and a pair of...

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Wyoming Ch. 04

Dakota gets chaste.

Jane and I were sitting on my bed laughing our asses off. Jane was my best friend. She was also my brother's girlfriend. Anyway, I was showing her the cock cage I found in my mother's stuff a few months ago. We looked it up on the Internet and saw it was called a CB-6000 Male Chastity Device. We were laughing about how crazy it would be for any guy to stick his dick in that thing. We started...

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Wyoming Ch. 03

Wyoming has a revelation or two.

It was time to trim my pussy. This would be the perfect task for Daddy. He had trimmed my pubic hair before so he shouldn't have a problem doing it again. My name is Wyoming and I am on a quest to fuck my father. My brother, Dakota, and I think our father hasn't been fucked since our mom died five years ago. So we had made it a mission for me to get his rocks off. I had to be subtle not...

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Wyoming Ch. 02

Wyoming gets some ass fucking.

Wy is my sister. We're twins. Her real name is Wyoming, but everyone calls her Wy except Dad. Mom and Dad must have had a sense of humor or they were stoned when they named their twins Wyoming and Dakota. I'm Dakota. We had been to the gym and headed to the shower when we got home. I watched Wy nonchalantly strip off her clothes in front of Dad and toss them in the washer. She paraded around...

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Wyoming Ch. 01

Wyoming sets her sights on Daddy.

My parents must have been doing peyote when they named me and my twin brother. My brother's name is Dakota and my name is Wyoming. Only my mother and father ever called me Wyoming. Everyone else calls me "Wy." Our mom died from ovarian cancer five years ago while Dakota and I were sophomores in high school. It was devastating to us all. Daddy and Mom were deeply in love. It was obvious from...

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Swim Ch. 08

Mother tries her new vibrator while Jane shows me her ass.

Ellen is my sister. She is two years older than me but we look almost identical. Her daughter, Jane, is the same age as my son, Tom. They are both on the local college swim team. I invited Ellen and Jane over to grill some burgers and hang out at our pool. When they got here I asked Ellen about the egg vibrator I had loaned her a few days ago. She told me that Jane had borrowed it but had...

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Swim Ch. 07

Swimming laps to "Good Vibrations".

As I was leaving the house my mother handed me what she said was an egg vibrator and asked me to return it to her sister when I picked up my cousin, Tom, for swim practice that afternoon. I hadn't seen one before but it didn't take much imagination to know what it was used for. When I drove up to his house and Tom came out I handed him the vibrator and what looked like a car key fob when he...

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Swim Ch. 06

Mom likes her son's new sheath.

They were long past being shy around the house. Suzie walked around in her panties occasionally going braless. Tom wore his Speedo or briefs. Tom's briefs were cotton. The kind that basketball star advertised. Suzie told Tom they had to do something about those ugly cotton briefs. Getting on the computer they signed on to Amazon. Tom said he didn't like boxers. They let his balls hang loose....

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Swim Ch. 05

Like MILF is there a term for a "mother I DID fuck?"

Suzie was enjoying her mutual masturbation sessions with her son. The panty and Speedo stuffing turned her on to no end. Masturbation was great but what Suzie really wanted was a stiff cock shoved up her cunt. It was time to change the play. Tom was sitting by the pool in his Speedo studying. After all that had happened over the last several weeks he always wore his Speedo now. Suzie...

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Swim Ch. 04

Tom and Jane become more than just kissing cousins.

Grabbing his mother's panties, the ones he had had left a load in that morning, Tom headed downstairs to ask for his Speedo back. He told his mother he needed his Speedo for swim practice in the afternoon. With a conspiratorial smile Suzie put one foot up on his chair giving her son an up close view of her pussy. She opened the front of her robe, pulled her thong to the side and reached her...

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Swim Ch. 03

Mom wear's a white 2-piece.

There's nothing like a mother in a white two-piece. After his swim meet Tom's mother had let him watch her use a vibrator on herself. And as she was climaxing she had reached over and grabbed his cock. After a few pulls he had unloaded right in his Speedo. He couldn't believe his mother had jerked him off while she was coming right in front of him. Afterward she had taken off her wet panties...

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Swim Ch. 02

Son watches his mother masturbate.

My name is Suzie. I'm tall, 5'10", thin with a flat stomach and medium but firm breasts. My son, Tom, is 20 years old, lean and over 6 feet tall. He is a sophomore on his college swimming team. Saturday, Tom invited some of his team mates over to the house for hamburgers and swimming. The girls wore bikinis. A few of the boys wore their Speedos and the others wore those baggy surfer type...

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Swim Ch. 01

Mom gets caught with her vibrator.

Suzie had been divorced for a few years. Its was tough being a single mom but her son Tom was 20 now and the "mother thing" was pretty much behind her. The "sex thing" was difficult without a hard cock readily handy, but she made do with her vibrator often thinking of Tom's cock. Tom was growing up to be a tall lean good looking boy. He was a sophomore at the local college and was on the...

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