Stories Published by 'ZTVFemdomtales'

Circ du Slavery

A kinky circus is a trap for unsuspecting men.

The circus is a sinful place. That was what my parents always told me anyway. That's where drifters and other unclean souls gathered. The circus is dirty, shows too much skin and mistreats God's creatures. No good Christian would be caught dead in such a place. So of course I couldn't wait to see one. I bided my time knowing once I turned eighteen they would have no other say in the matter....

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X-Mas Wishes Pt. 01

Kinky boy meets pervy Elf girl at Santa's Village.

"I bet you'd look pretty cute tied up." "Oh yeah? Would you be the one doing the tying?" "Who else?" "Would it just be bondage?" "Cheeky boy, I like that. Bondage is all you get tonight but maybe if you're a good boy we can do more later on this week." "A bit presumptuous of you, isn't it?" "How so?" "I never even said I'd do it but you're already planning the...

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Christmas for Charity Ch. 01

Youtuber gets sex slave for Christmas.

"What do I want for Christmas? A sex slave of course!" No, no, I could do better. With a cute little pout I damn near perfected I hit stop on the computer and deleted the video. I could do better. I had to do better. I had 90,000 subscribers after all. Just 10,000 more and I reached my first milestone, the first step to internet domination! Speaking of domination, it was time to give this...

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The Naughty List

Naughty girl becomes elf to 'punish' naughty boy.

"Hold still so I can hump you, elf!" Robby ran. He always ran when Victoria got this way. Of all the boys in school why did she have to focus her lustful attentions on him? It had started literally the day she moved to town. They were in middle school at the time, in fact he was on my way to class. At least he was until he was slammed up against a locker by a strange Hispanic girl a head...

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All Sales are Final

Shopper ends up being 'purchased' himself.

"Lick my boots you pathetic little worm!" "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" My face was burning as I fumbled with the remote. Why the hell did I think it was a good idea to watch porn on my living room TV -- in an apartment with thin walls! How the fucking hell did the volume get so high?! Better question: why don't these new smart TVs have buttons on the side? The remote was clearly not...

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Qucikies Vol. 04

Yet more femdom vignettes.

Strange Comforts I was going to die. The walls were closing in. It was getting hard to breath. If the power didn't come back on soon and got this elevator moving again I was going to lose my mind. If I hadn't already. I began to hyperventilate. I continued pacing around the small space. The woman trapped with me let out a frustrated growl. She grabbed me and tossed me into the corner....

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The MILF Who Stole Me

Sexy older jogger carries off younger man.

Be careful who you meet in the park. You never know which one will turn out to be your kidnapper. Take me for example. I never expected to be kidnapped. Someone would have to notice me to kidnap me. You see until that day in the park I was the quiet kid in the back of the class not talking to anyone. Instead of hanging out with my friends I was obsessively playing the latest augmented...

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Free Boy Toy

Beach babe lures away barely legal boy.

"Hey there, Boy. Why are you staring at me, drooling?" Speaking face to face with a six-foot blonde bikini clad supermodel with D-Cup breasts was not how I saw this trip going. "The jackal clamps down on its prey's neck. From there it is only a matter of applying pressure to end its life ..." I forced the pillow over my head, but it did no good. How could you block out the...

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The Amazon's Revenge

Thief is captured by Amazonian homeowner.

All characters are 18 years old or older. **** I squeezed the boy's head between my legs. "Enjoy the show you little deviant?" KB gasped for air, smacking my leg to signal surrender. I refused to give it to him. Don't judge me, you'd be mad too if you found him filming your ass on his phone. I was trying to teach my aerobics class. I was the victim here, not him. I was just...

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Harriet's Boys

School nurse becomes obsessed with three bondage loving boys.

The sections of this story using material from others were done with permission from the original. *** _I was quite as I entered my house for I knew my three teenage captives were still asleep. The two percent solution still had another thirteen hours before it wore off. I crept up to the attic, eager to see my future slaves again. I pulled the chain, bathing the small room in light....

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College student learns the ropes from Japanese neighbor.

"I'm taking you out to dinner even if I have to kidnap you." "Sana, that's not necessary. I'll be fine." "Kidnapping it is then." I just stared at my neighbor. I might have thought she'd lost her mind if Sana had acted 'normal' at any point since I came to this country. I was moving into my new apartment in Sapporo when the door across the hall opened. I almost dropped a heavy box...

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The Disappearance of Timmy Warner

Young guy falls for a busty witch.

"The search was called off today for Timmy Warner," the news anchor announced, "ending nearly five days of extensive searching. You may remember we started covering this story on Tuesday when Diane Warner, Timmy's mother, first declared him missing. The boy's friends and family say he had been acting strangely for days before his disappearance. He had been secretive, sneaking away to secret...

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She was a Vision

Dwarf saved then stolen by mini-giantess.

She was a vision. Tall - between six or seven foot at least, her wide hips and large powerful legs were accented well by the tight black padded racing suit. What skin was exposed was the color of rich sensuous chocolate. Such skin included the massive, nah monstrous breasts straining to escape through the hole made when she unzipped the suit just a little. Around her neck was a soft red...

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Freak Show

Dwarf circus star stalked by giantess fan.

I think I'm being stalked. No matter what city I'm in I see her there. She wears different clothes, she sits in different seats, and she appears at different times but she's always there watching me. The look is unsettling like a predator about to pounce on her prey. The scary part is I might even want to be her prey. My name is Kirk Trousdale and through a quirk of genetics and fate I was...

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A Boob Transfusion?

Nanobots help her steal other women's breast size.

All characters 18 or older. * Chapter One "The It Girl" Of all the things that I thought could one day destroy my life as I know it Caty Patton's breasts would have been near the bottom of the list. My name is Rudy Crayton and I'm an inventor. I have been building things for as long as I can remember. I built all kinds of rope and pulley based contraptions in the...

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Mamono Park

How would you like to visit a world of monster girls?

As madness is want to do it began on a dark and stormy night. For no other reason than cheap theatrics the developers of Digital Dominion set this as the permanent setting outside the entrance to the new Monster Girl Encyclopedia Zone. It drove the coders crazy as they tried to work. You see real world coders work from computers. In Digital Dominion they act more like construction workers building...

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Artemis and Aphrodite

Blond goddess claim mortal lover.

I never gave much thought to goddesses. I mean I knew they existed in mythology but that was about it. Come on, what did that have to do with my life here in the 21st century? I had much important things to worry about: like prom. Speaking of which God, I needed a date. Too bad I've never been too good with the ladies. These thoughts bounced around in my head as I walked home that day. I almost...

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Qucikies Vol. 03

A third collection of femdom vignettes.

Craig's List Man (29) will trade basic housekeeping services for nightly bondage. If interested inquire at email below. This couldn't be real could it? Anna looked around her cluttered apartment. She could use some help keeping the place clean. He was probably some kinky freak though. Who the hell would do something like this. She had to find out. Mark was a nice enough guy. Cute,...

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Promises to Keep

Captured by my co-worker.

I hate my job. Why you may ask? I can tell you using only two words: pizza boy. Ah, no you see. Driving a crappy company car, running in and out, greeting strangers at your door who treat you like an intruder, lousy tips, what about that sounds like a bad job to you? Though it wasn't totally terrible. There was one thing I did like about it: Aleisha. She was the cashier and quite frankly...

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Abigail's California Adventure

Nudist takes Cast Member on a wild ride all her own.

All characters are 18 or older. Do NOT try anything you read below. You will be caught quickly, you will be arrested and you will be placed on a sex offender registry. You could be seriously harmed doing this stuff. What follows is fiction and nothing more. *** "I'm Abigail and this is Deviant Ride, where I sneak into theme parks after hours and 'convince' one lucky park employee to...

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Home Run

A high school baseball player gets taken for a ride.

"Silberman! Pay attention!" "Sorry, Coach!" I need you to understand something before we begin. Normally I'm laser focused when on the diamond. I was team captain after all. No one wanted us to finally reach Nationals more than I did. Th problem was the field we were forced to use. We were a small high school so the board had to make a choice between a baseball or football stadium. Guess...

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Wonder Boy and Teacher

A sidekick on his way out encounters a seductive villainess

This is the third story in the "Digital Dominion" series following 'Special Agent Jessica Rabbit' and 'Mowgli Hunt'. All characters are 18 or older. * Digital Dominion is a world inside the computer where human beings can live out their dream lives. No matter how fantastic they may be. Don't let the world lie to you kids, superheroes are dicks. Oh, they act all...

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Star Struck: One for the Road

Fan accidentally sells himself to a rock star.

She was a goddess. The whole country was obsessed with her. She had taken the pop scene by storm seemingly going from unknown to queen of the medium overnight. No one knew her real name. They simply called her by her stage name: Lady Alexandra. She dressed in the gear of a dominatrix and incorporated bondage gear into her stage shows. She was a wet dream made real. I wanted nothing more in...

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Nerdy guy tricked by biker chick he went to school with.

"Any plans for the big day?" his girlfriend asked. "I don't know," Ted answered, "the guys wouldn't say." "Oh, that's reassuring." "It won't be that bad." "Jeff's still getting glitter out of his ass." Ted tried not to but he had to snicker at the memory. "Stop," Maddison said slapping his shoulder. She was having trouble keeping a straight face too, though....

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Mowgli Hunt

Hackers chase dwarfs threw a virtual jungle.

This is the second story in the "Digital Dominion" Series following "Special Agent Jessica Rabbit". None of the characters in the story actually are Mowgli or Poison Ivy. They are just called that. All the "Mowglis" are all full grown men over 18. I repeat no one in this story is under age. * No one saw it coming. Digital Dominion was an entire world built inside the computer....

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The Store Clerk's Seduction Ch. 01

Wealthy woman kidnaps cute younger guy.

"And here I give you your graduating class!" The auditorium cheered. That had been six months ago. What was my life like now? Really no difference I'm sad to say. I was still living at home. I was still working my dead end job manning the register at night at my local Walmart. I mean what more could you want out of life, right? Then came the night that changed my life forever. Of course...

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Ransom Ch. 01

Kidnapper uses hypnosis to ensnare men.

The Hypnotist. That's what they called her. After all it was her weapon of choice. Why take the risk of a gun or other conventional means? She could get what she wanted in a much more subtle way. What she wanted was a hostage. After all it was her job. She was hired to abduct people for ransom. Her clients got their money and she took her cut. It was that simple. They came to her because she...

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Hot for Teacher

A young man is hypnotized by his former teacher.

God Miles hated school. Eight hours a day, five days a week, tests, projects, bullies, it was enough to make him wanna scream. There was only one thing that made it worth getting up in the morning. Her name was Penelope Bloom. She was his sixth period history teacher. As far as Miles was concerned she was the epitome of the female form. Tall and lean with a curvy ass and large heavy breasts she...

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Boss Lady

Employee enslaved by sexy boss.

I've worked for the Glover Paper company since graduating high school three years ago. I've been down in the mail room ever since. It's not as bad as it seems. It pays fair, everyone's treated well, hours are good. The best part though was three pm. That's when I made my rounds dropping off the day's mail in all the executive offices. Why was this the best part of his day? Because of the last...

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Impulse Buy

A wealthy woman buys a younger love slave.

Shopaholic. That's what they called her. If she wanted it she had to buy it. She wanted to own it. She never stole, she never took. She wanted to own completely, so no one could ever take it away from her again. Luckily for her she came from old money and could buy anything she wanted. What she wanted was fine furs, a coat of which she wore at all times, and fine leather, which she wore as gloves...

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