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What If? Pt. 14

One couple's alternative to vanilla sex.

Chapter 41 - Mix and Match In a society where the primary purpose of sex is to have children, it seems that monogamy rules. This may be necessary when one considers that right now in our society children are often home for 18 or more years before flying the coop. Monogamy seems to provide stability for this long-term task of rearing children to adulthood in a continuous nurturing...

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A Hospitable Gesture Ch. 01

A housewife is convinced to lend a helping hand to a guest.

As I got out of the hot tub, Josh asked if it would be ok if he could stay in a little longer. I told him to enjoy as long as he wanted and gave some quick instructions on how to shut the jets off and put the lid down. My wife had climbed out ahead of me and was starting to dry her body with a towel when I looked back to remind him how to turn off the decorative lights hanging nearby. I did a...

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What If? Pt. 13

One couple's alternative to vanilla sex.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * Chapter 39 - Fuck Buddies The children were brought back on Monday afternoon. Their grandparents stayed overnight in the guest bedroom before returning home on Tuesday. Tuesday evening after putting the children to bed, Carol approached Ted with the question, "How do we move forward on this 'Fuck Buddy'...

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The Companion Pt. 03

Mistress Sylvia pushes Frank's buttons.

I felt out of sorts wondering if I should start preparing us dinner as lunch had come and Saturday night couldn't arrive any faster. Mistress Sylvia went to nap and after doing the kitchen I dressed and did yard work. It wouldn't be long I thought before I'd be raking leaves. Mistress was right; the days were getting cooler. I enjoyed yard work and gardening, but liked the break winter offered...

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Amor Prohibetur Ch. 19

Nick seduced; Val fears for her life.

Finding Paradise Continued Two more days to go, Nick thought, before his wife showed up again. He resolved not to stare at Lily that day, realizing that would be a tough thing for him to do. He'd even half decided not to let her into the master bedroom at all, so he could stay away from her and keep the temptation at a distance. And then Lily showed up and ruined his focus. She took her...

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Passing the Torch Ch. 04

Last chapter—The back-pass.

Vanessa looked out from her kitchen window at Tim and his friends. It was odd to have Tim and three other former students as guests in her backyard. Apparently, her husband had run into Tim at the store, and when Tim mentioned a get-together with his buddies, Ben suggested they could use their backyard. Vanessa wasn't thrilled when Ben first brought it up. She hadn't seen Tim after what...

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Step Brother's Bride Fixes the Debts

Step brother's bride to be pays for his stupidity.

This is the first story I have written and appreciate any feedback thanks. *** It was the night before my younger step brother Shaun's wedding he was 32 and finally was going to settle down, all our families had come together to stay in a hotel close to the location for the wedding. They had agreed to do us all a deal as long as a certain amount of rooms were booked which was easy,...

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What If? Pt. 12

One couple's alternative to vanilla sex.

Chapter 37 - The Rest of the Summer The next day Carol was slightly distracted by the events and conversation of the night before. Whenever she was not concentrating on something at work she would try to understand what that thing was that seemed to be going on between her and Jason. She also gave some thought to the whole concept of "Fuck buddies" as they had begun to explore it the night...

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MMF Finally!!

My gal and I finally have our first MMF threesome.

This is a true story, and only the names and location have been changed. It also has man on man sex in it, so be warned. *** I'm not going to bore you with a long lead in, so I'll just give you a bare (pun intended) background. We're an older couple, in our mid 50's. Jackie's a true blond, 5'6", and some sweet ass curves. She has great tits with pinkish brown nipples about the size of a...

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Deb's Adventure

Wife experiences others with hub watching.

It had been awhile since Tony and Deb last went out. He knew how much she liked to expose herself. She was an exhibitionist at heart. The last time out Deb had worn a short skirt that revealed a lot of leg. Her cum fuck me boots initially got the guys attention but then when she sat down and that skirt rode up her legs, he knew that she would be fully exposed before the night was over. Tony...

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Handjob Club Pt. 01

A group of wives have a naughty secret.

With a group of wives we were discussing our husbands. (Believe me boys, you don't know how much we girls share about you!) The subject turned to handjobs: don't the men love them? Some of us had a regular night, some used it as a treat; some used it to stop being bothered, especially during periods. Some said it was boring, some said they loved doing it, and all agreed it was funny. I should...

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Midas Touch: Logan

Now it's Logan's turn.

On December the 8th 2018 CreativityTakesCourage wrote a fabulous story called Midas Touch. With only implied sex, she took us on a ride around Sydney biting our nails along the way. When it was all over I thought, 'What about Logan'? This is my story with her permission to finish the tale. * He could hear the beeping of the of the heart monitoring machine. Why was he hearing...

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Lynn's Fantasy

Lynn finds a way to get all her desires fulfilled.

_This story developed from an email conversation with a reader who provided me feedback. She wrote me, "I'm a happily married woman. But I crave sex with older men. I'm 44 but would love the feel of an older man on and in my body." During the course of our conversation she also wrote that, with her husband, she likes anal and rough sex. I asked her if she would ever consider a threesome with her...

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With Malice Aforethought Ch. 01

Man speaks with wife's lover.

Just a quick flash story to get my feet wet with the process of posting here. All the usual restrictions apply. Copyright 2018. I am not thrilled with how it ends but I decided to post anyway. It could still use some polishing. No sex in this one. Let me know what you think and if I should continue with my other stories. * I was used to sitting in the dark. I had...

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Mavis and the Camera

Should have left the camera home.

I was cleaning out my basement this weekend and I found an old external hard drive that had apparently been misplaced in one of my moves. I found several old stories I'd written back in 1999 and 2000 that have never been posted on Literotica. They are some of my very early efforts and as such I'm not going to turn on voting or comments on them. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...

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Pheromone Matchmaking

Philip's pheromones research achieves both bliss and despair.

Philip Brubaker was an unusual child, always questioning, always looking for hidden meaning, never taking a break from his inherent overpowering intellectual curiosity. Distinct from most children like him who change dramatically when they get older, Philip never did yield to convention. His intellectual curiosity remained the hallmark of his existence even into adulthood. While Philip was a...

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Not Scuba Diving

My first attempt. Hope to have hopeful comments. No sex.

Monday evening, after dinner, at our house: "Honey, we need to talk." Are there worse words for a husband to hear? Can't be many. My first thought: what have I screwed up recently? I mean, seriously screwed up. All husbands screw up all the time, but it usually takes a fairly serious screw up for the dreaded words to come out. Anyway: "Ok, dear, now?" "Yes, let's sit down." We...

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Karyn's Summer Vacation Ch. 05

Karyn helps the landscapers.

After a few days, a crew came to the house to do some work. When Karyn saw them, she was not thinking about any adventures that day. There were 6 of them, the 2 bosses, in their 40s, and 4 laborers, all in their mid 20s. Through the day, Karyn would take out cold drinks as it was hot. She learned the 4 laborers were all doing graduate work towards their engineering masters next month. One of them...

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What If? Pt. 11

One couple's alternative to vanilla sex.

Chapter 36 - It Never Rains . . . During the preceding winter when Jean and Carol were having their implants, the actual sexual activities involving other people had slowed down quite a bit. Larry was invited over at times when Carol was fairly well healed from surgery to join Ted in giving Carol a night of pleasure that would leave her all fucked out. Sometimes he would be invited over to...

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Dara Fishes for a Husband Pt. 01

Thai fishes for a husband with a naughty story on the web.

_All sex is between people who are 18 or older. This could be listed as interracial (Thai and Korean) or first time (Chapter 2). It is not a romance, as love is not on stage. However, many in this world have arranged marriages where love grows. Dara is 18 years old, a Thai Muslim with long black hair, 5 foot 4, very skinny (underfed). Her breasts are deflated but would naturally be...

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Fucking Mrs. Smith

Servicing a hot wife at the hotel pool.

My guess was a gap of twenty five years between them. He looked to be in his late sixties, well preserved, possibly even still worked out, unusual for a British guy of that generation, but he could have been former military or played rugby in his youth. She could have passed for forty, but I thought a little older, not a gym bunny, too voluptuous for that, but a great figure, classic...

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When is Revenge Too Much?

For him, never.

Oscar Vinson spent most of his time in prison either in solitary or in the infirmary. Convicted sex abusers of children have trouble making it out alive. His minor martial arts skills were no match for the numbers and the street fighting skills of his various assailants. Somehow, he gave a good account of himself and managed to survive the beatings, torture, stabbings, and sexual assaults. He had...

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Last Man

What do you do when you're at the end of the line?

_Copyright © 2018 - This is an original work by Michael Fitzgerald and is protected under copyright by U.S. copyright law. It is only submitted at Literotica.Com. Any submission to any other site has not been authorized by the Author and is an infringement of copyright. Such other site is requested to remove this story. All persons depicted in this work are at least 18 years of age. This...

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Thunderstorm Threesome

Forced sleepover causes Threesome.

I awoke with a shiver from the erotic dream I was having. In my dream I was having a threesome with my husband Jim and one of his best mates Tommo. To my shock I was actually between Jimmy and Tommo and I had a hand on each of their cocks albeit they were both wearing jocks. Both were very, very stiff. I quickly pulled my hands away. Whoa I thought where am Ii? What am I doing? Are they...

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What If? Pt. 10

One couple's alternative to vanilla sex.

Chapter 34 - New Students Ted and Carol did talk. Ted remembered that the idea of bringing others into their sex activities was a direct result of Carol's ability to have multiple orgasms - so much so that she could outlast Ted before being overcome with that "all fucked out" feeling. So initially they were looking especially for additional male partners they could bring into their bedroom....

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The Neighbors Want a Baby

Her husband can't get her pregnant. They agree that I can.

Freshman year of college had come and gone. A bit of a whirlwind, what with all the parties, the alcohol, and the weed. Oh, and all the sorority girls. Lots and lots of sorority girls. I'd gone into my first day of college having only ever slept with the one girl, and that was at a graduation party after receiving my diploma. Even my prom date had been reluctant to go beyond a blow job....

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A Day at the River with Friends Ch. 04

The journey continues.

When we finally made it home the house was empty. The kids were with their grandparents until Monday. Jill and I were exhausted but extremely horny from the day's events. We showered and made love well into to the night. We replayed our stories to each other and talked about how strong our love was together. The sex was amazing between us now. Not that it was ever bad before but we had...

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Finding Love Where You Can

John meets a girl with an unhappy past.

It was a month after I started my new job. The guys encouraged me to meet others from the company. Elmer's Kitchen and Bar was the place to be on Friday nights. Upwards of one hundred younger people from my company usually showed up. Mike and Steve, guys on my project team, did introductions. There was one girl in particular that caught my eye. Young, blond, pretty. She was sitting with...

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Wife Cums Clean Ch. 05

Jessica seeks counseling.

This is a continuation of the true story of what happened to me soon after I was married. I'm trying to get some of this off my chest because I clearly cannot talk to friends or family about this. I really enjoy reading your comments even if they are negative. All opinions on the subject of the story or my writing style are welcome. Thank you for taking the time to follow along. *** I...

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Cheating on My Girlfriend

...with my wife.

Cheating On My Girlfriend with My Wife Their kids had grown up and moved away. Matt and Freda Young's kids were busy with their own families and lived too far away for frequent visits. Matt and Freda had lots of time together now there was an empty nest. They found out something pretty quickly. They were dull. "What do you want to do tonight?" "I don't know. What about you?"...

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