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Affair with my junior from university

This story involves someone I knew from my university days

Hi all. This is Mr. K from Bangalore, India and currently working in a MNC. I am sharing one of my experiences here. This story involves someone I knew from my university days. Jenny (name changed) was my junior and was decent looking. She had a good body build with medium height. It was more of formal friendship with hi and bye as we happened to travel on the same college bus. I did not even...

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Charlene Has No Boundaries

Can Charlene still have her fun while in a relationship with Tommy?

When Charlene came out of the bedroom, Tommy was parked in front of the TV. Looking up, he observed, “After running around the apartment mostly naked all week, I wasn’t expecting to see you in something so conservative.” “Conservative?" Charlene replied, "Not what Daddy thought. He said this was too tight, and with buttons from top to bottom, entirely too suggestive.” It had been a week since...

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Charlene Likes Being Watched

Had she really been just barely sixteen the first time she got naked with the guys?

They were dancing to some relatively serious belly-rubbing music, but Dave remained quite tame, or so it would seem. His hands were making their way slowly downward from Charlene’s waist and pushing her shirt upward, exposing more and more of her panties. As Dave’s hands, meeting only token resistance, snaked over Charlene’s panty covered butt, he quietly said, “If I hadn’t shown up when I did,...

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Charlene the Entertainer

She expected to be the eye candy, but was she also the plaything?

Tommy and Blake woke to the sound of bacon frying. Charlene was already up and preparing breakfast, having extricated herself from between Tommy and Blake, without waking either. The guys could see that Charlene was still dressed as she had been for bed – panties and short t-shirt. Charlene expressed no concern over their appearance for breakfast in only their skivvies. As they waited for...

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Charlene is Eye Candy

Charlene abandons all semblance of modesty as she and the guys head out for the weekend.

Tommy grabbed his bag of stuff and went to Charlene's door. It was shut. He hollered through the door, “You ready?” “Yeah, yeah, just a minute,” she replied through the door. “We need to get moving, Blake's already outside waiting.” “I understand. You go wait in the truck. I'll be right out.” “Okay, but don't be long. We're waiting.” Charlene still hadn't made up her mind about what to wear...

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Charlene is a Player

Tommy and Blake are persuaded to take Charlene on their visit to Canyon Lake.

His eyes followed his roommate as she made her way around the kitchen, her leg and thigh muscles tightening as she stretched to reach a bowl on an upper shelf of the cupboard, the silk of her panties stretching over her butt as she bent to retrieve a spoon from a lower drawer, and then her nipples prominently displayed in her nearly transparent, bikini style bra. She seated herself across from him...

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Charlene Clubbing

Her legs were bare, she wasn’t wearing a bra and the top three buttons of Charlene’s shirt dress were undone. Charlene was still a few months shy of being eighteen and old enough to get into the club, but one of her escorts, Blake, had told her that somewhat immodest attire would likely get her past the club’s doorman. Charlene wasn’t really sure about all of that but as it provided a rationale...

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Charlene's Roommate

Charlene likes the attention she gets from her roommate and his buddy.

Charlene was dressed like a high-school girl, and a prudish one at that - white blouse buttoned up to her neck and tucked into a pleated gray skirt that came down almost to her knees. Not that the skirt length made much difference with her legs being totally covered by white stockings. Tommy wasn’t even sure he wanted to admit knowing her. And such a shame too , he thought. Charlene was a...

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