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Innocent Divya's Degeneration Ch. 03

Wedding and a strange honeymoon.

Divya's sexual growth was progressing in leaps and bounds with Mayank online and Mehra in real life. Who knows how much further Divya would've gone with Mehra if not for the fact that events suddenly took a major turn. Her grandmother had a heart attack. She was admitted to the hospital and survived after intense treatment. But Divya had to be with the family in the hospital taking care of...

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Busting in Kats' Mouth

Kats gets dumped, so she lets me dump a load in her mouth.

Kats: Long time friend, 25 years old, petite, cute, freckled and overall nice person. What people don't know however, is that she can suck a mean dick. With passion. That's right, this lassy gave me a blowjob. And not your average brains. This was a blowjob for the ages. It all started at her house out in this little town in the countryside. She had just bought that house several...

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A Shower after Work Pt. 02

I take a chance with the quiet, innocent girl in the office.

_I want to thank all who commented on my last piece, I am sorry it has taken so long to follow it up! This is the second part of my shower room escapades with Bethan, who plays the part of herself in this story. I recommend you go back and read the first part before starting here. This story is really an exploration of my own cum fetish, so be warned: there's a heck of a lot of it!...

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The Jogger

He's seen her around; when he bumps into her, sparks fly.

Walking down the aisle in a drug store on a Saturday morning, he thought he saw an illusion, the girl he always saw jogging while he drove home from work. She breezed past the aisle he was in and kept going. She was tall, slender and usually wore spandex leggings that made her legs and ass look fantastic as she jogged. That sweet, naive face was framed with long brown hair that was usually...

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A Mature Woman's Eyes Pt. 04

Ms. A. gives me another lesson for a healthy, loving life.

Pt. 4: Coming Together This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and real individuals is coincidence. All characters are over age eighteen. Ms. A. gives me another lesson for a healthy, loving life. *** That Friday, Ms. A. sent me a text that she had befriended Andie, the girl that shoved me when I tried to kiss her. I was a little upset that Ms. A....

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Innocent Divya's Degeneration Ch. 01

A small town Indian woman's marriage is arranged.

Prologue: This is the story of Divya, a typical Indian woman whose life changed rapidly and in unimaginable ways within a couple of years. Let me start at the beginning. Divya was born in a small town in Madhya Pradesh in a conservative middle class household. From childhood, Divya was recognized as very good looking. She was fair-skinned, had thick straight hair, and had sharp features...

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A Special Birthday Treat

CliffTop College Story: Wade & Ebony & An Unforgettable Birthday.

For their birthday dinner at the luxury hotel, Wade had chicken and mushroom pie; delicious homemade short crust pastry that burst open at the touch of his fork. Ebony, on the other hand, opted for a grilled salmon with roasted vegetables; the salmon was mouth-wateringly good, melting on her tongue and satisfying her yearning hunger. Though not completely. When she caught Wade's gaze across...

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In Hanoi Pt. 02

A chance encounter between two travelers in Vietnam.

"Nope, not Mai Linh. Their drivers are the worst. Look for a Vinasun" she said, grabbing his arm before he could call a cab over. "You sure know your Vietnamese cab scene. That's hot." She giggled and elbowed his arm. The rain had let up, and they'd met in front of a rundown Pho 24 near their hotels. His date was wearing an Ao Dai, a Vietnamese dress that she claimed to have bought while...

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Stays in Vegas Pt. 01

Two lovers rekindle the fire 20 years later.

Having sent her a plane ticket along with some cash for clothes and specific instructions on what he wanted her to wear, Larry couldn't help but be aroused, excited and anticipating the arrival of a woman he hadn't seen in more than 20 years. Back then, just out of high school, she had taken his virginity with a ferocity and skill he hadn't experienced many times since. Sitting on the king...

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Consumed By Desire Pt. 02

She makes use of the card he slipped into not her pocket.

Waiting tables for the remainder of the evening lasted an eternity. Being assigned his area was torture. Every visit brought further arousal, every course further twitching, every drink order flashbacks. She was a professional, she took to her tasks. Trying not to make eye contact, she needed to concentrate. Okay a quick glance, the smallest look as she passed. He talked authoritatively...

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The College Tutor

Thomas gets assistance with his Epic Poetry class.

Authors Note: This is my first attempt at putting a story out into the public eye. It starts slow, but hopefully ends well. I welcome any and all comments. Thank you, and enjoy. * Thomas was very nervous, very dreadfully nervous. It was his final tutoring session with Emily before his final exam, and he wasn't even worried about how he was going to perform on the test. He was...

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Treat Night

Affectionate wife gives her husband a special treat.

"Hi honey, all done the shower?" I open the bathroom door to see you drying yourself off. I lean on the frame to admire my man, arms crossed under my chest. You smile looking out from under the towel drying your hair. "Yeah baby, be right out." I step forward and take your hand as you step out. You finish drying quickly with my affectionate help, paying particular attention to some...

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Full Service

Shopping has never been such fun before.

"May I help you, sir?" the attractive young salesgirl asks while you scan the display of night gowns that are marked at twenty percent off. "Uh, yes, maybe," you reply while feeling the material on one of the gowns. "Is it a present for your wife?" the lady asks. "Yes," you reply, "it's our anniversary and I just thought that maybe she might like something like this." The...

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Holiday Magic

Rob and Nanette share another glory hole adventure.

The Christmas holidays have arrived in Pismo Beach, California. The town is turning into a festival of lights and music. Being retired I have the luxury of putting up my own Christmas decorations on my own time and at my own pace. I'm a traditionalist, so I've spent the past several days stringing multi-colored lights around the eves of my house, on the front porch and around the arches of several...

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Karen's Revenge

From school girl to womanhood, a woman not to cross.

This is a work of fiction. The characters are fictitious inventions of the author. Any resemblance to actuals persons living or dead is purely coincidental. ~ When I first met Karen, she was married to a man named Rick. She stood 5 feet 4 inches tall, had short red hair, lovely blue eyes, evenly balanced breasts that could just fill a martini glass each, and firm round buttocks of the...

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30 Year Reunion Pt. 02

Long lost loves reunite.

Joshua stretched, pushing the sheets off his body. He shook himself awake as he smirked thinking of his adventure the previous night. He spoke out loud, "You are a damn stud!!" Then hopped out of bed. He started the shower just as there was a knock at his door. "Who the hell is that." he muttered to himself. He wrapped a towel around his waist and opened the door. They stared at each...

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A Quickie: The Stairwell, with Him

She turns a boring day at the office into much more.

Note: All characters in this story are over 18. ** It's risky, I know, but I'm willing to chance it. Todd might not even show up; I barely know him, after all. He works on the 12th floor, which is mostly financial positions. He could be in accounting perhaps but that doesn't really seem fitting. Maybe an investor, though he doesn't tend to dress the part. Makes no difference...

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My Brother's Fiancée

No idea my fuck buddy would become my brother's wife.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * The moment I saw her, I knew there was something special about her. She was a tall, statuesque brunette, well dressed, with impeccable makeup. There was some sort of instant attraction, and maybe she felt it also. She walked straight over to the empty bar seat next to me. We were in the hotel bar of the...

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Lost and Found in Phuket Ch. 01

Unexpected lovers meet in Korea and go to Thailand.

"What are you doing? I told you before you're supposed to bargain with them!" Olivia turned away from Roland in exasperation. "I know, I know, but we're on vacation and I don't need the stress over five bucks or a hundred baht or whatever." Roland half-smiled and tried to look like an easy-going beach bum, but came off more like a typical white dude tourist in Thailand. "Whatever," she...

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Utter Surprise

A girl's plan to test a cheater backfires.

Note: there are couple of brief moments of anal sex in this story. If it's not your thing, please find some of my other stories. Edited by Sam. Thanks! * Even if I had tried my best, I would not have been able to guess at the surprises I actually got during this trip. Every trip one takes, especially across the ocean, has its share of surprises. But this last one to Québec was...

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Lioness Limousine

Let's pretend: a rich lady and her young driver.

[This role-play is part of the Charlotte's Sexy Web series, but I gave it a separate name. Another of those is here. Charlotte De Havilland is a perennial student who is finally getting her bachelor's degree at the age of twenty-seven (she started at the University of Connecticut in 1967 and is finishing at City College of New York). The narrator, her boyfriend, is another student at CCNY...

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Show & Tell Ch. 35

Teacher finds new talent.

With Christmas looming... and my "Christmas Special" story in Elle's 2nd grade class, my Substitute Teaching "experience," and brush with Elle's daughter Kim, all in the rearview mirror... I had to email, Curt, my "Friend Finder" site friend and offer our regrets on being unable to attend his "Christmas Soiree." "Too much going on... family stuff," I wrote, "but keep us in mind if anything...

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College Days - Prelude

Patricia Nolan: Rich, smart, beautiful, upper classes.

So I put my hand on her knee, and crossed the Rubicon. She turned her head and offered me her parting lips. No embrace, just a kiss, my hand on her knee and hers on my thigh. In that single instant we became lovers. A long kiss that could never be long enough set in motion a series of events that has fueled my fantasies, dreams and outlook for my entire college career and beyond. Patricia...

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Club X Ch. 06

Lila is open to new adventures, after a week in the playroom.

After one crazy night of mind-blowing sex, in the comfort of their room, curled up tight together, spent and deliriously sated, once they'd finally fallen into a bone-tired sleep, Heath couldn't believe his damn cell phone going off and waking them, especially when it felt like they'd just fallen asleep. Blinking his eyes open, grumbling about being woken up, he flung his arm at the bedside table...

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Haitian MILF Reigns Supreme

Haitian security guard hooks up with MILF cleaner.

"You know, Steve, you're always complaining about your girlfriend," Marianne Etienne says, looking at Stevenson Vladimir. Upon hearing those words, Steve paused. The tall, dark-skinned, chubby but handsome Haitian security guard sighed. Truth be told, Stevenson had been telling Marianne stories for these past few months. Nevertheless, the lie-prone security guard had to be careful and maintain...

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The Interview

A job interview with a few surprises.

I'm 28, like cycling, good company and watching movies. Normal guy. That is until I went for a job interview a couple of weeks ago that changed my life around. My girlfriend and I enjoy a good sex life and I've been with her for over six years. We like doing it outside if we can and in the car and at home we are fairly relaxed about our bodies, often being naked most of the time. She...

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The Appetizer

Even at your parents' we can't keep our hands to ourselves.

We've decided to stay at your parents for the weekend. We finished dinner and dessert but we're still sitting at the table talking and it's going on midnight. Your hand has been resting on my thigh the entire time. But you've had a few beers now and you're feeling flirty. Your hand creeps up and down my thigh, occasionally squeezing it and trailing your fingers around. I've had to close my...

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Touch of Desire

Married friends can no longer resist their desires.

A glow in the east told of the coming dawn, but my focus lay firmly in the west. With my wife and son visiting her parents, the mountains were calling my name. I took a deep breath and smiled, looking forward to a weekend of adventure, unencumbered by responsibilities. As I packed my gear, my phone buzzed with a text from Rachel: "Leave yet? If not, come get me. I want to go." I had...

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Enjoying Life

While in Germany for work I enjoy sex with the locals.

In 2008 my aunt Nisa asked for help with the bakery she owned in Germany. For many years she worked hard and needed a few more years to retire. Despite being a fresh and beautiful 19-year-old girl, I knew the job. It helped that I grew up in my parent's bakery. I volunteered to help her. The money she would pay me was a great appeal and I hoped to be in her good side when it came to...

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An Unexpected New Year's Party

BFF's show up for an impromptu New Year's Party.

Authors Note: This isn't one of my usual long stories. This is a little quickie for those of you who want a hot quick read before bed. I hope you enjoy my little yarn. * It was the end of the year, and this had been a hard one. I sat in front of the tv watching a movie so old that it wasn't even in color. It was the second time in twenty years that I was spending New Year's Eve...

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