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I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Watching the magical gift of giving.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * When I was about eight, my mother passed away just before Christmas. Even as a young as I was, I understood the devastation my father tried to hide from me. It was tradition that Dad would dress up as Santa and placed gifts under the well decorated tree while my mother and I hid behind a couch. We would watch...

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Mandy Pt. 04

Another sexual journey by train.

Mandy found herself with a month working on local services, well not so much as local but trains where the journey time was no more than two hours. These were the ones she didn't particularly like as the ability to meet other sexual partners was limited. Today had been a long day and Mandy was now on her last trip of the evening. It was the last commuter/office worker train and was due to...

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Short Stories - She's the One Pt. 01

Who's that girl on the dance floor. "Adam" meets Eve.

It's started with any night out with my mates Ben and Daniel. It was a Saturday night and we were headed off to another night spot in downtown. As usual, we were hoping that we will meet some girls to have fun with. But personally, I would like to meet maybe someone more special. Yes a night club is not the ideal place to meet that nice lady, but we up to having some fun no matter what happens....

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Annie Follows the Dice

Annie undresses in public with the roll of the dice.

Inspiration emerges when you least expect it. At least... that's been my experience more often than not. Most of my exhibitionist "games" began with a totally random idea in the midst of everyday life. My first exploration with being surprisingly nude happened because a UPS delivery came at just the right time. A dressing room is positioned perfectly to give a flash of nudity to an...

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Blind Date Blowjob

A blind date on the beach leads to a passionate blowjob.

I wasn't particularly excited about the prospect of going on a blind date, but it had been a while since I'd gotten any action, and I was getting desperate. The whole thing had been arranged by my friend Maddie. She knew I was in desperate need of some pussy, and she had just the girl for me. The girl was one of Maddie's coworkers named Heather. Maddie wanted to keep it a true blind date, so...

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Louise Submits Ch. 19

Party over, tats, pierced and back to school.

Greetings all, I again wish to thank all who have read, voted, and commented on this series. This story is a work of fiction and fantasy. The events depicted did not and should not happen in real life. Any similarities to real persons are strictly coincidental. I also need to state that everyone in this chapter is above the age of 18. _I also wish to thank Steve for all his assistance...

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The Newlin's, Marcie & Mark Pt. 06

He has her touching herself at dinner and more, much more.

Taking Rana Out When Mark originally enrolled at the University of Nebraska, he wanted to be an architect, but had not decided on which aspect of the field he wanted to major in. That of course, was one reason he chose Nebraska, for it offered several diverse fields including urban design, historic preservation, building sciences, or acoustic design. Now Mark had almost completed the...

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Hot Sienna Pt. 02

Sienna after performing for three men, is offered a trip.

Reading part one of HOT SIENNA first would give more insight into this second part. *** After her lunchtime session with Brad and the three other male members of staff, Sienna Kerrigan, temporarily relaxed, was able to proceed with the special audit she was doing with this firm. For nearly three hours with just a break for coffee, she worked diligently at the figures. One or two members...

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Julia, An Exploration Ch. 01 Pt. 02

Julia's exploration continues.

Julia was lost in thought as she continued to look at herself in the mirror. She was finding it hard to believe that she had such a strong, yet hidden desire, perhaps a fetish even. She was, is, a conservative girl. A good girl. But not now. Now she was being a bad girl. She was losing control of her thoughts right now. It seemed as though her mind was rushing, yet empty at the same time. How...

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Christmas Bonus

We help Sonia enjoy her kinky fantasies at the office party.

I always enjoy our company's Christmas party. There's free food and booze, but best of all, the office girls squeeze themselves into their shortest, tightest, most revealing party dresses. It's a great opportunity for a grope of a girl's bottom or boobs, or even a hand up a short skirt when a girl's so saturated with Prosecco she hardly notices or cares and won't remember who took a chance with...

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Road-Side Reunion

I run into an old friend and finally fuck him years later.

One of the best feelings is driving fast down a back road in the summer. Messy hair, adrenaline pumping through my body, heart racing, muscles tensing. It's a great way to work through stress and angers of every day life. Well, that is, until you take a sharp turn slightly too fast and move into the other lane not seeing the motorcycle coming towards you. Lucky for me, it was a guy I knew from...

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The Neighbor Ch. 03

Addie watched Brodie this time.

It had been three days since Addie had woken from her sleep with a salty taste on her lips and the vague recollection of Brodie standing over her, cock in hand, shooting his hot cum all over her tits. She'd checked the next morning, but if there had been any cum on her, she must have wiped it off in her sleep. She'd chalked it all up to a dream, one she wished had ended in Brodie filling her with...

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Voyeur gets Voyeured Ch. 11

Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves.

I called Anna's sister, Frankie, while I drove and told her I was coming to the city for a couple days. I knew she had a two-bedroom apartment and I asked if I could use her spare bedroom. I needed to talk to Frankie about my plans. For whatever weird reason, talking to Frankie was like talking to Anna. They looked alike and their personalities were the same. I can't even begin to explain why I...

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Spying on Lillian

Arrogant 18 y/o spies on hot 21 y/o neighbor, pays price.

Arrogant 18 y/o spies on hot 21 y/o neighbor, pays price It seems wrong that Lillian, who had been Aidan's babysitter in years past, is smaller than him now. He is 18 but still feels like he was only recently a little boy. He stares at her through the camera he installed in her room just the week before. She is slender, and somehow soft, softer than him as well as smaller than him. She is...

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Disruptive Student Ch. 04 - Town

A trip to Walmart could get everyone into trouble.

_It's not completely necessary to read the previous stories, but it helps. Also, this chapter gets a bit outrageous towards the end. Which is saying something coming from me. But it's setting up the next chapter, which I'm planning on being a little scifi. And yes, I know there are errors. I try to proof read this, but it's really hard to proofread your own work. So, please judge the heart of the...

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JoAnn Shops for Lingerie

Hot wife chooses a cock to go with her lingerie.

_I had previously told you the story of my Hot Wife's experience while shopping about eight months ago. She was being watched by a peeping Tom as she tried on dresses and sportswear at her favorite Kohl's. It was the perfect opportunity to fulfill one of her fantasies; being picked up in a public setting by a handsome man. I gave her a hall pass to do what her gut told her only requesting she...

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Return to the Hotel Corridor

More exhibitionist adventures with Claire.

Going back to the hotel where we'd first met had been Claire's idea. After our first exciting encounter, I'd lost no time in contacting her on the phone number she'd left for me, and we'd soon swapped email addresses and initiated a series of sexually-charged exchanges. I found myself increasingly thrilled and aroused by Claire's accounts of her exhibitionist activities, and it wasn't long before...

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Memories of a young writer.

I don't really remember the day that I turned 18. I don't know why. Perhaps, at the time, it was 'just another day'. However, I do remember, in some detail, a number of things that happened in the year following my 18th birthday. For example, sometime soon after I turned 18 I moved to London. I was born, in an old farmhouse, on my grandfather's farm, on top of a hill in The Cotswolds....

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The Party Planner Ch. 05

Jon works a church-themed orgy in an old mansion.

Patron Saint Jon's father Gerhard was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. He made his living as an engineer for a company that manufactured turbines for power plants. By the time he was twenty-five, he already had a family, but the messiness and repression of domestic life bred a grievance in him that infected his wife and children. He tried to find comfort for that at the local pub and between...

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My Girlfriend Knew Before I Did Pt. 01

Teen couple visits the spa.

--I'd just turned 18 and I was in the perfect relationship. Cassie, my girlfriend, was also 18 and had the most perfect petite body with red hair. 5'1" and 105 pounds, with perky little B cups and a tight firm ass. We had a lot of fun together, not to mention the sex was great for me. -- It was December of our senior year when I decided to spice things up a bit. I let Cassie know I'd made...

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Short Stories - Sex Therapist Pt. 02

Therapy is more interesting when it involves another woman.

After the interesting time spent with Dr. Pieris last week, I was keen to see her again. I tried to arrange another appointment but she was booked up. So it was going to be the following week. But by that time, I was more than keen to see her. When the day came, I was hot and horny. I found out her first name. It was Anita. But when I meet her again, l called her doctor. I wanted us to play...

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Across the Rooftops - Again Ch. 02

Greek island voyeurism - and rather male intimacy.

The conversation resumed the next morning on the walk to the beach. Coffee and breakfast had been pleasant enough. They had been naked, had held each other's balls by way of greeting but had not had the pleasure of voyeuring so far that morning. The door to the nearby rooftop had stayed resolutely closed and, even through binoculars, a closed door did not encourage tumescence. They had engaged in...

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Poker Night

Poker party exhibitionism turns into more.

My wife Mary and I had a young man named Scott who did yardwork and light repairs around the house. As part of my ongoing project to make Mary more of an exhibitionist, we started letting Scott see her scantily clad then, eventually, nude. Over a period of many months we incorporated him into our sex lives and he got to have sex with Mary. Eventually he got a good job and moved out of state. He...

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Orgasmic Roadtrip

A car, vibrators, a cam-show, a bet and public orgasms.

Inspired by this prompt: She's on a road trip with a friend, or a group of friends, and agrees to a bet. She wears a remote control vibrator for the trip. Every orgasm, she loses a piece of clothing. If she's wearing anything besides the vibrator when they get to their destination, she wins. The excitement any new homeowner feels when they buy their first rung on the property ladder is almost...

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An Apartment with Benefits Ch. 26

The End. Tidying up Loose Ends and a Revelation.

Chapter 26 Loose ends get tidied up and a revelation for the future. It was fun that morning. I was able to reply, when Gordon apologised that they had to rush because he had a Board Meeting starting at eleven, 'Yes us too. Our's doesn't start until one though.' Cool huh. He had called a cab, probably didn't want to alert his driver that they were playing away. When they had left I...

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Holly Helps the Displaced Elf - Finale

Final two scenes of story left off - sorry.

Linus pushed Moe to get inside. Moe didn't budge. He grabbed Linus by the arm and pulled him into the cabin, slamming shut the door. "Did you see that?" Lexie said. "Our boy is in trouble." "Time for Charlie's Angels to save the day," the dancer said. She and Lexie marched toward the cabin. "Are you coming, Dakota?" "Whsht!" Holly hissed. "Go get some snakes to create a diversion....

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A New Way of Seeing Things Pt. 03 Ch. 28

First day of the shoot.

_Standard disclaimers. This is a story about sexual exploration and, open relationships. Open relationships can and do happily exist; but they are not for everyone. If you do not believe it is at all possible for open relationships to exist without damage to any and all involved parties, please do yourself a favor and don't waste your time reading this. . Also, this story takes...

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Voyeur gets Voyeured Ch. 10

Jack realizes he's falling in love with Donna.

Eddie was anything but a master of the English language but his personal take on my erotic reverie about Donna and Anna as the same person had powerful implications to me. Sylvia had told me that Donna was falling in love with me and Donna herself, while acknowledging our short dating history, said that 'the heart knows what the heart knows'. Now my analytical mind was asking, ' _Could Donna be...

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Secret Cove

A proper wife finds a new side to herself on a trip.

The Hotel Valencia was a perfect beach resort. Nestled on a private cove less than an hour south of Puerta Vallarta, it had all the amenities and fine dining of the most luxurious resorts in Europe. When you added the clear turquoise ocean water that was spread out below our ocean view suite, it was paradise. The flight from the Dallas had only taken a few hours and being in the same time...

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An Apartment with Benefits Ch. 25

Dinner with more Old Friends.

Chapter 25 Dinner with more Old Friends I had fun next morning. I had made and eaten my breakfast before Susan surfaced. Whether she had really slept in, or waited until she hoped that I had gone out, I don't know. I had sat quietly in the kitchen until nearly ten o'clock, reading, but with the laptop open and ready to watch. I heard her in the bathroom so by the time she came into the...

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