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Super Upset

One guy is Super Upset at Key West Jacuzzi.

"What?" "What?" "Too fancy?" "Not at all. I love it." "How are you doing this evening?" A musk tint sprung from his sleeves. He set two fogged glasses atop the white cloth. His blithe eye contact ephemeral. "Would you like to hear our specials?" Desmond's spine stiffened. His fiancé attuned his gaze by a frown. Into a kiss of her opalescent lipstick. She smoldered the...

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The Wife Leaves the Panties Ch. 01

A married, shy milf flashes the yoga instructor.

At 40, Anna is a beautiful woman with curves in all the right places and a springy gait. She is professional, kind, and not at all slutty. Not in real life. But when alone she has wild sex fantasies only a fraction of which she has brought herself to tell her husband of 18 years. They range from bdsm, sex with a stranger, and bdsm-sex-with-a-stranger, to being tied and examined vaginally by a...

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Date Night With Wife Ends At A Gloryhole

This is more in the vein of fantasy wife does slutty things but it goes too far and when do I regret it. It's just fantasy. It's not real. It's only a story. It's only a story.

My wife and I have been married about seven years but have known each other since highschool. Paula was always cute with cute girl next door looks and a sexy little body that had curves in all the right places. Her breasts weren't overly big, a generous b'cup but they were always perky and had perfect nipples. She tried to work out when she could so she had some nice muscle tone in her thighs and...

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The Gulf Coast Move

A move leads to a nude life.

While this story draws on some real experiences, it is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any real person or institution is coincidental and unintentional. * It was one of those moments when you think "yes, things have worked out pretty well." My wife, Carol, my daughter Gwendolyn, and I were standing outside our newly-built home on a barrier island on the Florida Gulf Coast. We...

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I Love an Audience...

Jerking off for 2 lesbians and her mom to score some pot.

Not much talking in here, but this IS how it happened. As I shoveled another forkful of the best tasting spaghetti salad I had ever tasted into my mouth, I made a quick survey of my surroundings. It was summer outside, and the sun had set on the oppressively hot day, the AC inside was like stepping from a balmy outside into a welcoming refuge. The three women in the room all were engrossed in...

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Path to Graduation Ch. 01

Young couple start to explore their kinks with some help.

I was running late as I made my way across campus. Luckily my room was on the ground floor so I could nip in and grab the book I had forgotten for my next class. My girlfriend had been feeling a bit unwell so skipped the classes this morning asking if she could stay in my room rather than make her way back to her own block. As I got to the exterior door I patted my pockets and realised...

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Mountain Skinny Dip

Jenna takes pleasure in watching the girl's wet romp.

For Jenna, the first mountain hike of the season was always like a rebirth. Hiking in the awakening forest on a trail beside a rushing stream brought her senses alive. The pristine, crisp air and subtle aroma of new plants pushing from the soil washed over her like a cleansing bath. She was ready for new adventures and making lifelong memories. She relished the thunder of the snow-melt silver...

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I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 04

Live a Little.

_Apologies, Dear Reader. Sometimes I need to pay the bills, and that takes me away from my love of writing erotica. I promise I'll always come back - and there is a lot more to tell in this particular story: Seduce My Husband. Here's the next installment. Recap: When Madeline's husband was drawing the attention of all the "single moms" at the Little League field, Madeline became worried. She...

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Fantasy, Fulfilled

Thanks for reading my second story, sorry for spelling and punctuation errors.

I'll start of by introducing us. My name is Johnathon, though most people call me John or Johnny and I have been with my beautiful girlfriend for a little over 2 years. My girlfriend is the sweetest, most intelligent, independent, just perfect young lady ive ever had the opportunity to be with and i loveher very much. Her name is Jayla, but everyone including myself calls her Jay. I also have a...

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Catherine's ENF Training

A 40 year old MILF is blackmailed into exhibitionism.

Catherine was a 41-year-old mother of one. By all accounts and her own admission, she was a 24/7 mother and cared a lot for her family. As doting a mother she was, she wasn't at all happy with her life at the moment. The romance she once shared with her husband had long since dried up since her children came into their lives. Too much of familial and parental obligations had driven a wedge...

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College Games Pt. 01

Girlfriends look for ways to spice up their relationship.

First part of a newer story I've been working on. Hopefully you enjoy. Comments/suggestions always welcome! ***** I hear my iPhone start to buzz beside my bed and I know it's time to wake up. It's week two of college and I'm still struggling to get into the routine. High school was so much easier, the same schedule every day. Now every day was different and I...

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Savana, Robert and Trevor Pt. 04

Hot wife finally fucks in front of husband.

Robert moved down the bed slowly, finally resting between my opened stocking clad legs. His warm breath was drifting sultrily over my just fucked shaved mound. His breath was stirring my erogenous zones into life as he looked up to my smiling face. Extending his tongue, he slithered the wet warm tip all around my shaved mound, tantalisingly slow, ensuring my sexual nerves were appreciating his...

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James Goes Sledding Naked Pt. 01

College student goes sledding naked and is seen by others.

At the beginning of my sophomore year of university, I helped create a student environmental organization called SAVE (Student Advocates - Voices for the Environment). The group struggled to find its focus and mission in the first few months. Many people who came to our meetings were either interested in hiking/camping or in smoking weed. While I think it's only natural that people who are...

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Did She Know - The Answer

The Ireland Story - from her view point.

Arriving in Ireland for a wedding, I was a little nervous. It was my first experience of my man's family en-masse; most, I'd never met before. He'd told me everything would be fine, but that didn't really help. Pulling up at the hotel, I felt rather out of my depth. You know that feeling when you sit on a high stool and can swing your feet like a child? How it makes you feel small and a...

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Trucker Ch. 07: Sacramento 02

The end of the road.

Cody was hung over again, and Hal dared not rouse her. She lay curled against Hal, her warm, soft body pressing into his, but with her head sandwiched between two pillows. "Not again," he thought. He checked the clock, and looked around the room. The laptop and hard drive sat on the table across the room. Cody's cheergirl skirt and top lay on the floor. The bed was a mess from Hal and Cody...

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Eight Inches Predicted

A snowstorm strands friends. Joanie & Jackson fall in love.

A ski trip of six friends becomes sexy towards the end. Joanie falls in love. ** A group of us decided to go skiing, up in Vermont. Vermont has some great ski resorts, and while snow amounts had not been measuring up to the historical standards, this particular year the ski areas had received a lot of snow. I guess there was pent up demand for a good year to ski, and...

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The Rooftop Garden

A couple shares an erotic evening on a off-limits rooftop.

I absently swirl the ice cube along the bottom of my scotch glass. It glides smoothly along the surface, a mesmerizing, repetitive dance. "Are you game?" Aaron's voice breaks through my trance. My wrist stops, but the ice keeps moving. I stare at the table, attempting to jumpstart my brain into remembering what was just said to me. I glance up and smile sheepishly at Aaron. "Ummm, I...

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You see the strangest things through a bedroom window.

Tommy Lawrie leaned back against the tree and took a long drag on his cigarette. The ember glowed brightly in the darkness, illuminating his jowled face and lopsided spectacles. She's late getting home tonight, he thought. He'd gotten used to her normal hours. Usually he could predict her movements pretty well. Where would she have gone tonight? he wondered. There were, to be sure,...

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The Roommate from Hell

What a tangled web he weaves...

"That's why she asked me about you. 'What kind of guy gives a girl a gift when he barely knows her?' And I said, well, Rob is awfully shy. He doesn't know how to just tell a girl how he feels. No doubt he meant well, no matter how awkward it was, is what I told her." "Right." "You're welcome, Rob." Rob chuckled but didn't say anything more. "Now how long have you had a crush...

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Slutty Ever After

Gracie gives Prince Charming a wedding present.

"Not everyone gets to be the hero of the story, Gracie," her mother took the book out of her hands, closing it as she placed it down on the counter next to her. "Someone needs to be the sidekick, or the villain, or the townsfolk singing harmony in the background." Gracie cocked an eyebrow. "Oh yeah? Which one of those am I?" "None of them. You're the girl who serves the beer. Table...

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Cody and Hal

Cody discovers what her new job is really about.

Cody had finished her hair and makeup for her server job interview. Her look was sweet and fresh. "Hal, what should I wear? How about this?" she asked, coming into the sitting room and turning around. She wore a cream blouse, and a knee-length black skirt with black hose and black pumps. "Very professional, Princess!" Hal answered. "Thank you!" she beamed. "But that's too...

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Carole's Story 06a - Short Story - Adding to the Group

If you like the story please comment.

This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!! For those of you who have not read any of what I have already chronicled about my wife I will give you some background and a deion. I found my wife when she was only eighteen, working as a secretary. She was, and still is, beautiful. She has...

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Shopping with Daddy: Repercussions

This is a continuation of "Shopping with Daddy." It picks up after the conclusion of that story.

It's awkward as Mark and Katie, and Kevin and Laura, come down off the sexual high they all just experienced. Mark’s daughter Katie gathers her clothes and slips away to her room. Mark stays with Kevin and Kevin's 14 year old daughter Laura as they get dressed in the living room where it all happened. Mark’s back in control of his thoughts and manners. He doesn’t peek over at Laura as she gets...

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Frank and Cheryl Ch. 04: His Test

Cheryl tests Frank's openness.

_Author's note: If you haven't read the previous chapters of "Frank & Cheryl" you might want to, just to know the background on this couple and how they arrived at this point in their building relationship. Physical descriptions: Frank is a divorced 35 year old, 5'-11" tall, 185 pounds and fit; brown crew cut hair, clean shaven, brown eyes. Cheryl is a never married 32 year old, 5'-01" tall,...

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Editing Reailty Book 1, Chapter 15: Ripples of Change

Becky and her mother wake up her father using their busty tits!

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created Chapter Fifteen: Ripples of Change By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this. James Davis Mom was home from her trip to Vegas. I could hear my sisters squealing in delight. They were going to have an orgy I bet. Dad was a lucky guy. I glanced back at my own two girls sitting on my bed, Ruri flipping...

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Being naughty

I had married young and we had a little girl.

Being naughty I had married young and we had a little girl. My wife and I loved to party and had loads of friends that loved the same thing. We would get drunk and smoke weed at parties when we could get Mom to look after our kid. Well after returning from my work one day I found the note. Dear John. I need to explore my inner self. By. Love Shelly. Months went by without any contact. I had...

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Detained and Defeated

He gets into deeper trouble with Katherine.

This is a sequel to Steam Room Mishap. Enjoy. *** Officer Kristen looked at me expectantly as I started to remove my clothing and place the articles in the bag she held out to me. The intake area was not at all private and most of the police station could see the entire area. Desperate to maintain some modesty, I paused sheepishly when I got to my underwear, but she nodded sternly. There...

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The Party

Bobbie Kaye goes to a party where they have a stripping game.

_This is a standalone story, unrelated to my Kristy or my Little Miss Cutie stories. As I've said in some of my other stories, when I write, you'll find it is 95% story, and 5% sex. This story doesn't actually describe any sexual encounters, but focuses more on embarrassing nudity. I don't necessarily enjoy stories that focus too much on detailed description of sexual encounters. As in real life,...

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Megan's Summer Education Ch. 07a

Megan and Kasey must show what they have learned.

CHAPTER 7: SHOW AND TELL AUTHOR'S NOTE: Dear readers, as there are a number of characters, I thought it might be helpful to have a quick guide as a reminder: "Hit your buzzer if your dad is in the audience," Kasey hit her buzzer, smiling at Granderson, who sat in the second row. "That's me!" "Looks like we're all set," Walters said. "OK, first question. A student is a size 4....

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Wife's Houseboat Fantasy

Wife fantasizes, teases and finally acquiesces on houseboat.

A few years ago my wife agreed for us to join 4 other couples on a 3 day houseboat trip. We arrived at Dale Hollow just after the July 4th weekend. The water was warm, clear and clean. It was just so inviting. We had a great group of couples on the trip. All of us fun loving active folks who were enjoying lots of sun, fun, food and drinks. We all snickered when, one by one, each couple would peel...

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