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Wife Controls My First Bi Experience

Wife calls the bisexual action between husband & another man.

First, let me thank "HeyAll" who functioned as my "volunteer editor" on this story. His assistance was invaluable to the process and to the content itself. I thank you, sir! BACKGROUND: Approximately two weeks ago I placed a notice in the Literotica Personals. My "Profile" read as follows: "Introduction I am a 65-year-old man and have been straight my entire life except...

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Developing a Panty Fetish Pt. 07

How I discovered my panty fetish.

Amrita's panties felt good tied around my cock and balls. About ten of us were sitting around the dorm having a few beers before we went out to the campus pub. I was really looking forward to the night. Since I started dating Catherine, I hadn't hung out with my friends very much. Now that Catherine went home for the weekend and our relationship came to a crashing stop, it was time to have some...

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The Preggo Club

Angela helps her friend Marilyn getting what she needs.

Off course we were delighted to be pregnant. Me and my hubby Emilio were married a year ago, and he had done his thing. And since we wanted a child the pregnancy was very welcome. But with my belly growing Emilio gradually lost interest in making love to me. Just when I needed that even more. Getting reassurance in being still attractive was important to me, but something my Em didn't give...

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Lake House

Young man puts on a cam-show for a mature agoraphobe.

I inherited a lake house from my grandparents after they passed away. It was on a large private lake with houses scattered about its perimeter. The roads to the homes are all unpaved. At first glance, it appeared rustic, but the majority of the homes were all very contemporary with all the luxuries one would expect in a modern vacation home. Most of the homes were left vacant except for a few...

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Camp of Blessing Ch. 12

Kristanna tries to escape her captors.

The drive and determination were clear both in Sister Beth's firm steps and facial expression. She was far from a good mood, in fact she couldn't remember being this angry in years. Mother Grace had gone on a sudden leave, and assigned an excessive amount of tasks for Beth to complete, delegating almost all of her administrative duties to the nun. That kept her busy throughout the evening,...

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Becoming a Sissy Cuckold Ch. 02

Neighbor turns me into a sissy cuckold.

Beth was now fucking Jerry every 2 or 3 days and each time they had sex Dan was required to be dressed in girly clothes and made to watch them as well as to video them. Beth loved watching the video's with Dan on those days that she didn't have sex with Jerry. Dan was also required to suck on Jerry's cock getting it hard so that he could fuck Beth and Dan was always required to clean Jerry's cock...

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The Law has to Change

Free-use fucking requires legislative action.

Sometimes, I spit out something stupid so fast, just to take a break from the other bits I'm working on. Here's another silly, free-use vignette. Impersonal, public displays of affection. I wrote it last night. Throwing it in Fetish, even though you folks are so damn hard to please. :) Cheers! * "This is Allison Jennings at Capital Hall where legislators are preparing to call...

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Mind Control Harem Ch. 04.5: Puppylove

Master gives Puppy the new G-spot he promised.

*Note to readers: I thank you for the few comments you've been giving, I really do like to read all of them, and I've been trying to take your advice. I wish I could respond to them, but I don't think I can; if you'd like me to respond, you can send feedback with your e-mail. Thanks again =^^= * * As expected, Jenny also moved in with Justin and Bella, so now there were 5 people...

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The Island Ch. 02

Hanna is getting ready for work.

Author's Note: the second story from "The Island" series where we meet a new character. The appearance and the behavior pattern of Chloe were taken from the game series "GDS Games Chloe18." The author expresses his deep gratitude to GDS for permission. *** Hanna is testing on herself MeGGAN - Make the Girl Go Nuts Hanna got up at six when the alarm went off, an hour before...

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The Holiday Discovery Ch. 05

Anna introduces Jane to her naughty desperation games.

This story continues after Anna finishes her drive home from the park. Anna sighs deeply as she pulls into her driveway calming down after the events that took place earlier this morning. She gets out of her car and goes inside to change. Taking her dirty jeans and thong off, she pulls on a bikini style pair of pale green panties that are a little small causing them to give her a small...

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Kitten Returns

Kitten cums back with her cat tail butt plug.

I heard the quiet tapping on the door. It was hesitant and almost timid, with a touch of immediacy, of someone who needed to get in. I smiled to myself, knowing exactly who that would be. It would be a kitten with nothing on but a raincoat, wearing whiskers on her face and kitten ears on her head. I waited for a few moments until the knock became a little louder. I knew there was a panic behind it...

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Becoming a Sissy Cuckold Ch. 01

Neighbor turns me into a sissy cuckold.

Beth and Dan were married very young, just 20 years old each. As such both were virgins when they married. Beth wasn't an outstanding beauty but very attractive with a nice body and very nice breasts, 36D. Dan, on the other hand, was rather feminine looking and wore his hair long, in a ponytail. Being slightly built, on more than one occasion he was mistaken for a girl not just from behind but...

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The Island Ch. 01

Just Another Day of Lisa Stingray.

Author's Note: the first story from "The Island" series. *** Submissive orgasm denial girl has a specific outdoor workout. It was dusk when the girl entered the park and headed to the playground. At this late October evening, the park looked abandoned though there were enough lampposts and the illumination was excellent. The girl knew that there should be nobody here and strolled...

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Bully Gets to Spend the Night?!

Mom is really going out of her way to accommodate your bully

My mom, Cindy, insisted that I invite Roger, the guy that has been bullying me both at school and in the neighborhood ceaselessly for the last 6 months, over for dinner. She believed that he was a nice guy at heart and that we would hit it off if I had just extended an invitation. I tried to tell her about all the things he does to me, but she shrugged it off with her usual gentle expression...

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Kink with Coffee

The night nurse likes her coffee served with a little kink.

_Copyright Neonurotic The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. _ # Kink with Coffee: 1st Cup Java Vamp The sexy, voluptuous head night nurse in I.C.U...

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Femme Fatale

Sasha was taught to never mix business and pleasure.

Sasha applied fire engine red lip gloss as the last step in "freshening up." She grabbed the long cigarette holder and lit the ciggie, then walked into the hallway. Entering her living room she felt Jared's eyes on her, saw his mouth gaping from the corner of her eye. She took her seat on the high stool at the bar, making sure to show a lot of thigh. "Darling, would you go into the kitchen...

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Giant Roommates

A tiny man moves in with two women.

Disclaimer: This story will primarily focus on the giantess fetish, while there will be other aspects to it, they will never be the focus. * Sophie parked the car as close to the sidewalk as possible. She hesitated before turning off the radio. "Are you sure you're going to be alright?" She asked. "I will be fine, no need to worry about me," I said. My body rested in the car's...

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The Physical Therapy Student Ch. 04

Simon gets to meet the guy who Anna has been with.

Simon sat at his cubicle. He agreed to pick up an extra shift hoping it would calm him down for tonight. Still, he felt nervous. Meeting the man who was having sex with his girlfriend. Meeting him as soon as today. Simon was mentally preparing himself but this unexpected development of meeting face to face like this blindsided him. _"Well, we'd have to meet eventually, so this might be for...

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Jessica Alba does more than nudity.

Comments and advice welcome.

His name he kept to himself , he instead went by his nickname – Bear. He had acquired strong mental powers and loved to use them to make people do things they normally wouldn't do. One day he was watching an interview of the actress Jessica Alba and she stated she wouldn't do nudity. He decided to take her over and to do a nude photoshoot for playboy magazine. He reached out with his mind and...

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Glory Hole Surprise

A surprise visit to the glory holes with cream pie eating.

"Where are we going?" I asked, staring out the window into the cloudy skies. Tyler had made me put on a short skirt and no panties before we left the house. I wasn't sure what he had in mind for the day but I was a bit bored. I was also horny but all of my sexual advances had been rebuffed by him. I was confused as to why he would tell me to put on a skirt with no underwear and then not fuck me. I...

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One Word

A wife imposes chastity on her husband.

Everything had to be absolutely perfect. I waved Teresa off as she reversed out of the garage and headed back inside. I went straight to the calendar and stared at it, excited. I felt my cock begin to stir... and quickly clamped down on the thought. Stay cool , I told myself. Tonight... March 10th 2008. A day that had a big red exclamation mark on it. March 9th had a big red X on...

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Louise Pt. 01

An adventure including a man and his huge-titted girlfriend.

My girlfriend truly is a most remarkable woman. As we hiked through the forest together enjoying the crisp, fresh air and the serene sounds of nature I looked back over my shoulder to the sound of Louise's heavy breathing only to be greeted by her delightful smile and enchanting green eyes. For a woman with such unusual and spectacular physical characteristics I was amazed by the way her...

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Welcome to the Freak Show

In a small Wisconsin town there lives a tribe of freaks.

Come one, come all, to the greatest freakshow on earth. See the nymphos, the crackheads, the ravers, the sluts and me, Alicia- their queen. Every night in the city by the river, Beloit Wisconsin- AKA little Chicago, we motherfuckers come out to play. I sit atop of my trailer like a throne, sweeping my fire red hair over my shoulder. Looking down at my grey Hooters t-shirt that had seen better...

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A Rainy Day

A mature woman rescues a young man from a very bad day.

After the absolute worst day, I found myself waiting for a bus under a shelter in the pouring rain. Out of nowhere, a truck zoomed-by and a wall of water rose up from the street and soaked me from head to toe. I stood there on the verge of tears. It was a perfectly miserable ending to a perfectly miserable day. Above the noise of the traffic and the falling rain, I heard a voice call to me from...

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Return to "Weekend School" Ch. 12

Students are made to do their business in front of class.

[This story involves bodily functions, so if that offends you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or over.] * Laura Franklin was highly pleased by the success of her weekend school, now conducted twice monthly, for adults who wished to return to an old-time school reminiscent of their own school days and complete with corporal punishment from female teachers. Melody...

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Small Woods

Michael visits Helen and they have a little trip out.

I hid behind a tree, hoping the lady walking her dog didn't see me. I was naked as the day I was born, and alone in a forest. I crouched as low as I could and closed my eyes, hoping that I hadn't been seen. I heard the dog coming closer, and then start barking. Please go away I thought but the barking just continued. I opened my eyes and saw the spaniel a few feet away from me, barking at me...

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The Bet Ch. 10

The slaves are spanked and Ky's mom learns about the slaves.

This is a continuing story about a young college coed who makes a bet with her longtime rival. She soon learns that her bitchy attitude and a stupid bet is costing more than a bit of humiliation, and has taken over her life as well as her sister's and her best friends lives. Although you should read this from the beginning, here is what has happened up till now. Synopsis: Chapter 1,...

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Hate on the 38th

A hateful office feud spins irreparably out of control.

It happened so quickly and was so painful, that even that next morning, when the memory came to haunt and horrify, it all seemed blurry and out of focus — except for her face. Taylor's. Her smirk. Her taunting laugh. Those bits of it would never fade — never soften, for they were seared into Rebecca's soul — as if she had been branded by her chief rival. A woman who had been Rebecca's...

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Sins of the Father

We are all God's children.

Did you understand it? Did you understand why it was expected of you? Should you respect this.... this being, this entity who demanded utter control of its subject's lives? Surely there was nothing to fear? Surely if there was something there, it would have struck you down by now? After all, hadn't you spurned every instruction in that silly book in something of a debauched and rebellious...

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Husband is a Good Sport Ch. 03

Beverly and Camille go to New York.

After Cam and I reached an agreement about Camille, there was no longer any negotiations. Our first encounter with what could be described as lesbian sex was so satisfying to me that I kept Camille made up for the rest of the night. We made love many times. My clitoris ached the following morning, but it was a good ache. That sated us for a while. We did have traditional married sex after that...

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