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The Guy that Came to Give the Quote

James the Carpenter gets what he asked for.

His name was James... He had a rugged half beard. It wasn't groomed and had sawdust speckled throughout. An older beer belly dad. He came to give a quote on hardwood installation. He beckoned me over to a spot in the empty subfloored bedroom he was quoting. He kneeled down to check it out, and his ass crack stuck out. But I wasn't staring at that, I was staring at the elastic band of his...

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Becoming Toni

Teenager at the glory hole gets anal.

I was sitting naked in a toilet cubicle, my clothes hanging on a peg and my dick hanging down, as usual. At 5 feet, five and half, sitting here, worried about my late onset of puberty. Hell, not only has it not kicked in, it's hardly got its foot in the door! My body is still hairless, my voice still high, I'm a freak. Without a sound the door to the next cubicle closed, only the wafting of...

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Microscopic Transsexuality

Lily's first plastic cock adventure.

Microscopic Sexuality and Lily's Plastic Cock Lily had been told that there was something 'masculine' about her desire. She often thought about what this meant. In an age where we are all over the idea of 'essentialising' and attributing certain traits exclusively to men or to women, is there a sound basis for saying that certain desires belong to a certain gender? Also, much of modern...

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The Green Albatross Ch. 01

Teen uses lucky relic to score with young tenant.

All characters in the story, sexually or non-sexually involved, are 18 years of age and above. * Theodore opened the scroll and penned down his first wish. "My first wish will be to fulfil my desires with the girl who lives among my household, named Rachel Franklin. Tell me how I can seduce her." Theodore closed the scroll and went to bed. The following day arrived and he...

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Our heroine remembers her first time.

A friend suggested I write about anything interesting from my past. What else? He was a friend of my father, a middle-aged man. Based on the idea and techniques in a magazine article I'd read, I selected him as my first lover. I was eighteen, ready to graduate, headed to college. I thought I'd have a head start if I got sex out of the way before I started higher education. I hope...

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The Green Albatross - Prologue

Boy finds relic that makes him lucky with the ladies.

All characters in the story are 18 years of age and above. * "Ugh, second day in Raqad and I'm already dreading it," Theodore whined during the bus trip to the ruins of an Ancient Civilization of a foreign country he and his class had signed up for. "Oh shut up, we're on holiday and you're spewing negativity. It's not like you're watching over the welfare of the class here,"...

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Teaching the Cub Ch. 05 - Date Pt. 01

Tim and Tina go on a very exciting first date.

I felt guilty the morning after having sex with Tina's Mom Sophie. Especially since earlier that very same night, not only had I lost my virginity to Tina, but we also officially became a couple. I thought a lot about confessing to Tina what had happened with her mom, but I was afraid of how she would take it. We hadn't even been on our first date yet. That thought distracted me from my...

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Affairs Assistant Ch. 07

A young girl's perverted boss introduces her to his wife.

Each time I came to work, my boss had a peculiar routine with me. He would have me kneel on the cold marble floor and suck on his huge cock until he told me to stop. Sometimes it was only for a few minutes, sometimes I would be pleasuring him for so long that my jaw would feel sore and my knees ached. But he never came. Not even when I looked up at his scowling face with begging eyes. Instead, he...

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Tom Gets Lucky

Virgin gets seduced by older woman.

I hope you enjoy this story of a young man getting fucked for the first time. As always vote and comments are always welcome. * I was considered a nerd going through school and was never popular with girls. Actually I was nervous and awkward anytime I was around them. I helped my neighbor with yard work as her husband was older and in a wheel chair. He had a stroke and heart attack....

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Jessica Alba does more than nudity.

Comments and advice welcome.

His name he kept to himself , he instead went by his nickname – Bear. He had acquired strong mental powers and loved to use them to make people do things they normally wouldn't do. One day he was watching an interview of the actress Jessica Alba and she stated she wouldn't do nudity. He decided to take her over and to do a nude photoshoot for playboy magazine. He reached out with his mind and...

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it finally happend

I find out that booze is the key to unlocking her inhibitions.

Jackie and I have been married for 37 years, and our sex lives have become a little stale, in fact my wife has gone off the idea completely, I keep trying to come up with new ideas some turn her on some don’t, what I will say about her she does go through the motions for my sake, she still has orgasms but on very rare occasions. What is strange to me is she like to pose for erotic pictures for me...

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The Tree of Love

Taken in the love tree.

Often when I walk through my local park I notice a tree with branches that are bent and twisted which when looked at from some angles look like a love heart. I call it the love tree. I can share a story about the love tree from when I was younger... I used to go out every Friday with the girls to our local pub. We were all fresh out of school or college or in entry level jobs. We were...

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Acting Out Porn After School

Michael had always been curious about the younger girl who lived across the street. Surprisingly, she invites him over after school. He accepts the invitation and shows up, but Katie has also invited two of her friends. Imagine the impact reading porn might have on their activities.

The school year was well on its way, and Katie was determined to get Mike's attention. She was finishing up middle school and was very excited about starting high school in the fall, where she could meet "older" boys. Mike, already a freshman in high school, had a small problem. He began to jack off just about . . . whenever he got a chance, inside or outside of school. He especially liked to...

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Our first time with the Paddle.

1) This is my First story. 2) I am very new to anything BDSM related, keep that in mind please. 3) All characters are most certainly over 18. 4) Dedicated to Sasspot. Seven letters was what her pet name contained, 7 simple letters. He had her get on all fours on the bed, ass high in the air. He knew she was playing without him, her face was flush, her pussy was dripping still....

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Danni -- Part One

Danni was standing in front of the floor length mirror holding a skirt to her waist, she was wearing only brief pastel panties and a matching bra. When she heard me she turned, looked at me with surprised eyes then spat “Go away, I don't have any clothes on!” She was a vision. My eyes locked onto the smooth round form of her ass as they absorbed the image of her in just delicate lingerie.

Dear Reader, I’ve been going back through my earlier stores and making corrections or adding verbiage. This story was originally a single tale, I have made it a two-part narrative. Danni - Part One “Are you flirting with me?” I was trying to watch TV but my sister was acting coy and playful, trying to get my attention. “No, why would I flirt with my brother?” “Maybe cause I’m hot and sexy...

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Ian's New Girlfriend

Lacey is home alone while her Mom is out with her boyfriend. It is date night and they should not be home for several hours.

On a late Saturday night, Lacey was lying on her bed reading a magazine when she heard the front door slam. Checking her clock she was slightly confused as her mom and her boyfriend Ian were not supposed to be back from their date for at least another hour. She did not really care and dutifully got up and descended the stairs to the living room to greet them. Seeing her mom taking off her coat she...

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The slapping of flesh roused me from my blank dreams,I could hear the moans and the shaking of the bed as an orgy started where I lay..........

OSAKA AWAKENING 2-THE VILLAIN HOTARU The slapping of flesh roused me from my blank dreams,I could hear the moans and the shaking of the bed as an orgy started where I lay.Doused with the potent geiko(named so after the disappearance of the Geisha;women of art )their mind were focused on one thing and one thing alone;pleasure and more specifically my pleasure after spending most of their lives in...

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Adventures of Sarah - Chapter 3

This story is part of a series. It will make much more sense if you read them in order.

Sarah was sitting in the cafeteria with the other teachers. They were so nice and welcoming. She had already gotten three more sub jobs and her excitement level was off the charts. She felt like she had finally cracked through the invisible barrier and was now just sailing through. She felt totally confident she was well on her way to being first in line for the next permanent position that...

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Babysitting Blues

This story contains the rape of a young girl. This is also an erotic story site so no whining. If you do not like rape then do not read this.

I sent the last email on my list and leaned back in my wonderful soft chair. I felt an itch and scratched my right leg. My fingers ran over the tops of my stockings. I looked down at my leg and ran my hand over my soft but firm thigh. I was in good shape even though I would be turning the ripe old age of 22 in a week. I liked the way stockings felt and that my thighs were bare. The fact that...

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The First Time I Had Sex for Money

story about first time having sex for money, sex with grandpa and daddy, sex with the dog

The first time I had sex for money was the first time I had sex with a midget and his dog. I was only eighteen years old. I didn’t have a lot of sexual experience but I wanted to make some quick and easy cash. I met Richard at a bar at a hotel I was staying at for a business conference. He offered me a thousand dollars if I would spend the night with him. I agreed thinking that was a lot to...

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New Neighbors... New Adventures Ch. 03

New Neighbors, New Adventures Part 3 of the story.

I woke up in the morning with a hard on. I opened my eyes and saw my wife still asleep. I slipped out of bed quietly and went down stairs to make coffee and start breakfast. I wanted to do some "positive reinforcement" for everything that happened last night. As the coffee pot churned and sputtered, I heard the toilet flush upstairs. I started some eggs and sausage and acted like I...

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I Needed a Blowjob

First time blowjob through a gloryhole.

I needed a blowjob. It was sort of a ridiculous statement, because I didn't even know what a blowjob felt like. I just knew I wanted one. I certainly couldn't count on my girlfriend. We were both 19 and each other's first partner. Sex with her was under the covers, a specific amount of foreplay until she declared herself "ready", put on the condom, slide in, and have intercourse until I...

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First Time Working a Bachelor Party

Hot, nasty and dangerous.

It was decades ago when I was in my early 20's. I was in county again. Just 10 days which doesn't sound like much, but in my line of work, that meant I wasn't making money. I was concerned as rent looked like it might be late, and my land lord wasn't trading favors for funds now that his wife had learned what I did for a living. I met a gal out on the yard, and we got to talking. My need for...

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Straight Man Strip Searched

Straight man strip searched in the airport and likes it.

I could see my girlfriend reflected in the mirror and I knew she was checking me out. She was lying on her bed, staring. I liked it. Being observed gave me a thrill. I'm not gay, but I can appreciate that I am a very good looking lad. I am 20 years old, in college, and I am into my sports. I have always been lucky with the girls. Apparently scally, jock lads with blonde hair, wash-board abs and a...

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A Sexual Awakening!

"Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking" (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) "Buh, buh, Billie Jean, would you go out with me this weekend?" he asked in a quavering voice. "Oh, sweetie, no. Thanks, but no." She leaned close enough that he could smell her perfume. "The guys I date have to be able to give me nine inches of steel hard cock and I...

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Lonely MILF: A Sexual Awakening

Sexy college coed entwines lonely MILF in her sexual web.

Summary: Sexy college coed entwines lonely MILF in her sexual web. Note 1: This is dedicated to the real Elizabeth, who requested this story. Note 2: This is an April Fools' Day Contest story so please vote. Thanks to: Tex Beethoven, Robert, and Wayne for editing. Lonely MILF: A Sexual Awakening Sometimes you don't know you're in a rut until...

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Game Shakers Babe teaches Kenzi a lesson.

Comments and advice welcome.

Babe was tired of Kenzi almost always wearing short skirts showing off her legs and teasing the boys at game shakers. She put a plan in motion to teach Kenzi a lesson she really needed to learn. She introduced the idea of creating a game called bikini blitz and having a beach party day on Friday. That Friday the guys showed up wearing swim trunks and the girls came in two piece bikinis. There was...

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Ashley's Prostitution Ventures #02

Ashley takes the virginity of her second client.

Author's Note: I appreciate all the feedback I received on the first installment of Ashley's Prostitution Ventures . I do need to clarify an issue regarding the structure of this series. I did not intend the first installment to be labeled as Ch. 01. The title I submitted was Ashley's Prostitution Ventures #1, _but it was changed when it was published. I am hopeful that for this second...

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Adventures of Sarah - Chapter 1

Story is a slow roll, be patient and you will be rewarded.

Ring; Sarah hears something soft interrupt her sweet dream. Ring; there it is again, she opens her eyes slightly as she moves toward consciousness. Ring; she snaps awake and grabs the phone quickly before the machine can answer it. She hears the metallic voice and her spirits rise immediately. Please, please, let it be Claremont. She thinks. Sarah is a 22 year old substitute teacher with big...

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A teacher stuck in the playground.

Comments and advice welcome.

Ms. Fitch was a new teacher both at the school and to teaching. Fresh out of school herself and only twenty four years old. She was hired as a middle school substitute teacher and a playground monitor. Her first week she was overseeing the playground when she heard a young girl yell for help. She had crawled into a new piece of equipment a hexagonal sphere with various sized holes all around it....

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