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My First Time with Ryan

Camping with your secretly homo friend.

It was 2013 on a hot summers night. Me and Ryan decided to go camping and make the most of the beautiful weather! We were both 18 and fresh out of school both deciding what we were going to do with ourselves now we're "grown up". Ryan and I would often talk about what girls we would love to hook up with or see naked! These chats got us through our high school years. But it was this one night,...

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Rex's Horny Halloween Pt. 03

Sexy Mature Rex opens his ass up for the crowd to enjoy!

Rex smiled warmly and began to obey his apron-clad Nordic bear master. Stripping for this hungry appreciative group was becoming so easy, almost second nature! The host devil had made sure the drinks of the guests were not going unfilled. A Spiderman costumed waiter seemed to be eagerly topping all the strong drinks up. The party was ramping higher and Rex could sense it with every passing...

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Strange Days Ch. 03: Linking with Lizzy

John confronts a naked woman after days of serving other men.

_Editor's Note: Well, John has returned to his friend, Kevin's home only to find Kevin not home and Lizzy standing at the door naked except for her panties. (Ref: STRANGE DAYS Ch 01: ONE HELL OF A RIDE and HOSPITAL HOT BED). He is worn out and sore but standing here was his fantasy. John is conflicted, after hitchhiking with Lars and now having been used by another man, he finds himself...

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But Your Wife Isn't Here

This time, he's not interested in a threesome.

He didn't expect to meet someone that would change his life, but it happened. Kent and his wife Mandy had lived in the city of San Luis Obispo for approximately twenty years, and they had never expected to meet a handsome young man who could become a good friend. Eli was nineteen years old, and he had just moved from Santa Clarita. He had found a good job and a good apartment. And when he had met...

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A First Time at the Sauna

Cruising for older guys.

All people in this story are of age and consenting. This story has gay themes of younger and older guys so if that isn't what you are looking for please choose a different story. * "No, nobody else is coming. Just a table for one." He disliked saying that as soon as it came out of his mouth. It wasn't because he was lonely or wanted company but because as soon as he said it...

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Then There was Tye... Ch. 02

So much had happened...

Winter break had come and gone we had said goodbye to 1977 and hello to 1978. My winter break was spent in complete and total bliss. I had spent the holidays with Tye being his adoring companion. I catered to his every need and kept his little tiny one-bedroom apartment in immaculate order. Being a poor college student on break from school I concentrated on putting in extra hours at the...

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Jock Boy Ch. 02

Jock Boy gets punished for disobedience.

I fucked and toyed with my jock butt in the gym. I would spot him in the gym, letting my touch linger on his skin, my bulge brush against that pert delicate bubble. He would let out low moans, barely audible while he fought his natural instinct to drop to his knees and service a real man. "Control, bitch" I would whisper in his ear, knowing those juicy lips would be on my cock shortly. After...

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Shady Pines Ch. 08: A Resolution?

Logan takes charge.

_A note: this is set at least 10 years ago. I've always had an idea in my mind about a 'present day' continuation. I've never mentioned it because it was irrelevant – but it actually becomes pretty important over the next couple of chapters to ensure willing suspension of disbelief. I would love comments – I really want to improve my writing but need feedback to be able to tell what is/isn't...

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Thomas and Niko Ch. 06

"When did you know you had feelings for me?"

Thomas and Niko in the City of Trees - Chapter 6 For the whole entire weekend, Lexie and I hang out. And I mean it—other than going home to sleep, we're around each other all the time. When you're boyfriend and girlfriend, it's expected that you spend a lot of time together, and I'm feeling pretty good about making up for my recent absence. We have a lot of fun just smoking up, avoiding her...

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Box Shaped Heart Ch. 11

Carter talks about his feelings for Aron on a TV show.

Chapter Eleven – What Was Seen Cannot Be Unseen Carter was chewing the nail on his index finger like a Duracell rabbit at a carrot tasting. The initial shock was gone, but he still held Simon's phone in his hand, not wanting to let go. But it was not like those offending pictures were going to disappear by magic. There, on the shiny screen, Alex Ruskin was locked in a heated embrace with the...

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Destined Hearts Ch. 06

Adrian stands up for Praveen? Can he handle Bruce?

_Hello guys and welcome to the 6th chapter of this wonderful story. Before I go into the story, I would really like to apologize for the delay in posting anything for a long time. I had a problem with my PC which prevented me from writing anything which explains why I didn't bring, "Wild flower," back to you or update this story. But everything is back to normal and I will make it up to you. My...

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Jack Hammer Ch. 02

Jack hammers a big black stud.

West Campus Condos was a big new three-story building occupying most of a city block near the central UT campus. Jack stopped at the parking garage entrance and punched in the code the condo manager had given him over the phone. The bars swung up and he pulled into a visitor parking space. The elevator doors opened as Jack was reaching for the button. A tall black man in his early...

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Some Fun with a Co-worker Ch. 02

More grinding leads to Dale getting his dick sucked.

I had gone back to work stocking closets. I had lost more than two hours lost in work and concentration. My work stocking closets involved little to no brain power, so this allowed me to drift further and further into reverie about what had happened in the 1st floor closet between me and Dale. I spent those two hours reliving those moments, and thinking where things could lead. I'm glad my job...

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It Happened So Fast!!!

Brother in law all of a sudden looks Hot! WTF?

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * Fall 2018 After being burned by my last girlfriend I considered switching teams. I find some men attractive and recently fantasized about sucking a nice big juicy cock. I've tasted my cum before, who hasn't. I wanted to feel hot cum shooting into my mouth and all over my lips and tongue. God it got me hot...

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Daddy & Boy

One last fling before his Boy goes off to college.

The sizzling sounds and smoky scent of bacon filled the kitchen as I leaned over the stove to flip over golden brown pancakes. "Mmm, something smells good," Derek, my husband of 10 years, said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and planted a light kiss on my neck. "Just wanted the boy to have one last nice breakfast before he's subjected to dining hall crap for the next nine months,"...

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Jock Boy

Giving a gym cock tease what he deserves.

I'd been watching this boy in the gym for a while now. We both came in late night, when no one was there. He had a compact little body and wore shorts that hugged his plump muscled ass. It drove me crazy watching him as he did squats or bent over to stretch. It was like he was purposely teasing me. He was small and tight and toned, with well-defined biceps and had close cropped black hair. I could...

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Romantic Evening for Two Pt. 08

A roommate experiment decides their fate as a couple.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * As it turned out, Dad's visit over the weekend was nothing more than that...a visit. The morning after we spent most of the night in bed, making love, we had a serious talk. Nothing had changed between the two of us. In fact, if anything, Dad had grown more certain that the best thing for both he and my mom was...

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D.O.M: Jordan

Dylan O doms Jordan and shows his boyfriend how it's done.

Dylan O Meets Jordan and Matt Dylan O appears in my Mason series. This is part of a planned series of spin offs featuring characters from the "In'DaMan'd" Universe. Dylan turned around and clicked the key fob, the lights shone on his Sky blue, Porsche 718 Cayman, it still brought a huge grin to his face that he was the proud owner of that beast. His previous client Prince Nadal...

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Dare Me Ch. 01

Brandon accidentally hypnotizes himself to accept ANY dare.

That damn website ruined my life! I had been minding my own business, reading fun and raunchy stories on my favorite site when an author linked out to a site. I won't share it because I don't want any of you to fall into the same trap. But no one warned me. I had been hard and sleepy when I clicked the link originally and have to admit the swirling colors were really nice to look at. I didn't...

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First Time with Dave

My first, and not the last time, with a man.

Here's a short story about my first time. "I want to suck your cock," he said. My hand stopped half way up to my mouth; almost dropping my beer. "Umm, uh, what...what did you say?" I asked. Dave grinned and repeated "I want to suck your cock." "Really?" "Yeah, really," he replied. I didn't say anything for a minute and Dave continued "But I guess you're not into it, so...

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Jamie - The Journey Begins Ch. 20 - Paris the City of Love & Light

The boys land in Paris... this could be fun.

"My god Ben, this past week - traveling through Germany, here in Nice, and the local sights of Texas! I leaned in a little, "Okay, a highlight has been having you to myself when we were at your place. Now the Côte d'Azure awaits us, right? I think it's going to be one of the best weeks of my, our lives!" We'd spent two full days and three nights in Nice, only a short three-minute walk to the...

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Thomas and Niko Ch. 05

Niko fears that his best friend might be gone forever.

Thomas and Niko in the City of Trees - Chapter 5 — As you can probably guess, I'm pretty quiet in the car with Lexie. She showed up just as Thomas's car went out of sight, so of course she's none the wiser about the whole thing. But she only puts up with me being quiet for a few minutes before getting into the tough questions. She turns to me, pretty much in desperation. "What's...

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My Young Sexy Asian

Young sexy guy at a bathhouse.

Another Friday night at the local bathhouse, it was pretty busy lots of the usual guys, some I really like to chat with, I went into the dry sauna to warm up, it was cool in the building as it was winter outside, and the winter winds were blowing. There were three guys in the sauna doing what I was doing warming up, two older men I had seen there many times, one older man who was not talkative...

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Best Friends' Friday Night

Two best friends share a magical night.

David picked up his phone to look at the text message that had just come in. It read "I'm here." from his best friend Brandon. David and Brandon had been best friends for as long as he could remember. They did everything together, and when one got interested in something that the other didn't want to participate in, they still went along and cheered the other on. Brandon was 6' 1" and 185. He was...

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Daniel Pt. 03

Daniel - the third and final chapter.

Years passed Daniel and I played often, I sometimes came home to him naked in my kitchen or bedroom, he spent many nights in my arms, my cock lodged deep in his bowels, I must have shot gallons of cum into that boy. Daniel was offered a transfer he would be the head of his division, in a city on the other side of the country, he was both thrilled, and sad at the same time, I was more than sad, I...

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Can't Make This Up...

Then this happened...

I was getting used to living alone for the most part. I'm not one of those people that needs to be in a crowd. I've always been the type that enjoys being alone and as the old saying goes, I may be alone but I'm never lonely. As far as lives go, I've lived a blessed life. I've been in love 5 times in my life and of those 5 times I managed to get married twice. Of those two marriages I also...

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The Cable Installer

Cable installer installs more than his cable.

After a recent move I needed my cable transferred over to the new place, they gave me the day, and the four hour window, the guy called, "I am so sorry sir but I am stuck in traffic, I will be there within the hour!" "Thank you for calling and letting me know!" "Thank you for being so understanding sir!" He arrived about an hour later, my day was not a total waste, I had...

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Had to Improvise Ch. 01

A 'problem' during filming forces a change of plans.

If you haven't read the first part to this I'd recommend a quick run through to get caught up to speed on the events up to this point. See "Had to Improvise - prelude". * Finally, we're back to the current day and the events that shook me one more time, even more this time than before: Months have gone by since we started down this road. I've performed in front of Steve...

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A New Camping Experience Ch. 02

A young man's gay experiences continue at a campground.

I woke up around one in the afternoon, sweating from the heat of the day. At first, I thought my encounter with Paul had been some kind of wet dream, but after a few seconds I realized that it really had happened and that I had been incredibly turned on by it. I felt a little bit of shame, but it was overshadowed by the two huge orgasms I'd had, and the little third one from jerking off back at...

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Brown Sugar Quest

Not seeing Marcus for two weeks, I was horny for some sex.

After not seeing Marcus for over two weeks, I was horny for some of his great sex. Henri, Julius and Althea had given me good lovemaking, but I wanted his hard fucking, fucking that he had shown me that I didn't want to be without. I called him Friday evening, to ask what he would be doing on Saturday. When he answered, I said: "Hi Marcus, what have you been doing? I miss you." He...

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