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Jehovah's Key Witness

Courtney is bored and horny ...

Courtney opened the patio door and stepped out onto the deck. Already, it was a steamy eighty five degrees, a great day to work on her tan. School was over and she finished the last of her finals only a couple of days ago. There was no time to waste to get a good tan before she started college in the fall. She was wearing her green bikini, the one she bought at the end of school last year....

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Caught by Arielle Ch. 02

Arielle gets to know more of the new stranger.

Thank-you for reading this story. I would appreciate it if you leave me a comment. I would like to thank my editor Nchlada for reading my story and suggesting better wordings when necessary. I owe a special thanks to Dr_Dick of this Lit site for the erotic conversations and role play we have had. ;) ****** It was 4am when Zach parked his car on the curb of "Le...

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Why Have I Waited So Long?

I'm persuaded to go with another girl...

Have you ever watched the movie, Oklahoma? My favourite song is "I'm just a girl who can't say no"! I love sex and more than that, I need it. Without, I crawl up the walls and am not a happy person to be with. I like men. I like their bodies, their cocks and above all, I love it when they cum - it's what sex is all about for me. So why a story in the bisexual section, you are wondering?...

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Cinema Fun

What's done in the cinema, stays in the cinema.

Amber walked to her car with a smile, her heart racing. She couldn't believe what she had just done. It was so dangerous, so risky, so unlike her... yet so satisfying, fulfilling, and exhilarating. She grabbed some napkins from the glove compartment, and began wiping the mixture of cum that was slowly dripping down her thighs. She started her car and began the journey home. Looking out the...

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Two Buttons

Showing my cleavage led to more, much more.

I expect that you would say it was my fault that it started. Ray and Lily had moved to a house just round the corner from ours about nine months ago. They had begun taking a walk in the evenings passing our house where I would be tidying up our front garden. I was proud of the way it looked, but it required spending half an hour every week to keep it looking the way I wanted it to. We had...

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A Guest for Dinner

Marion brings a friend home who gets much more than dinner.

"Need another drink Sweetie?" Jack asked heading to the kiddie pool full of ice. Marion was sitting by the patio table, resplendent in her low cut sundress. She smiled at him. "Sure Hun, a cooler please?" Jack retrieved the cold, dripping bottle from the ice. Unscrewing the cap he handed it to her, admiring the fullness of her cleavage before he sat down. "Quite the shindig," Jack...

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Water Nymphs Pt. 02

The conclusion.

_So I am not gonna lie, I thought this story would come a lot easier than it has. That combined with the fact that I have had family and work issues means my writing has dropped off considerably. I am glad that people are interested enough to want to see more so thank you for sticking with me. I will try not to disappoint but I am only human and this is only a hobby. I love feedback and thanks for...

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Dreams Come True

A young wife tempts her husband's friends.

"Ok Dani, you're going to do this." I look toward the living room window, noticing the blinds open just enough to catch the reflection of whatever is on the tv. The panels part slightly as someone, probably Rob, glances out after noticing the flash of the headlights entering the driveway. I pretend to scroll through my phone a moment, mixed feelings of dread and anticipation racing through...

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Hell Night Pt. 02

One very lucky pledge experiences the night of his life!

Sam stepped into the room with the other six pledges. His eyes popped out of his head as his jaw immediately thumped his chest. He could not believe what he was seeing. Sam blinked several times to adjust his sight expecting the extraordinary display before him to vanish. It did not and, not knowing what else to do, he remained fixed to his spot and awaited instructions from the pledge master....

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My Ex-Files Ch. 05: The Casual Threesome

A quiet night out turns into a wild night in.

No names have been changed. There are no innocents. *** I guess nowadays I'd call Danny a fuckbuddy, or friends with benefits. I don't think we'd invented either of those terms back around 2005. But we'd been pals since uni and often went to gigs together. On a few occasions we had sort of fallen in to bed at the end of the night, but I don't think there had ever been a time when we were...

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Loosening Up Bk. 05 Ch. 05-09

Storm babies. Cricket & Ashley hit gold. Scarlett recognized.

"No, but that's a great idea. I have to go by Lowes tomorrow, do you want me to get a couple and charge them to the Circle." "Yes, please; and get gas cans, gas, oil, sharpeners, replacement chains, or anything else we need to keep them going. I would think two would be a good place to start." Jack said, "I'll have them tomorrow afternoon. I'll put them in the storage area after I fire...

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Bisexual Jamaican Manhood

Jamaican dominatrix entertains two bisexual Black men.

Jamaican men and Jamaican women are super opposed to bisexuality, gayness, lesbianism, and anything that's not rigidly straight. If you're gay, bisexual or lesbian, the island of Jamaica is definitely not the place for you. Whoever believes this pile of crock has obviously never met Sandrine Johnson, the Jamaican-born Canadian dominatrix who is making waves in the worlds of BDSM and Kink....

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Roommates: The Nerd

I thought my BF's roommie was a nerd but I underestimated.

Sophomore year I started dating this goofy fun likeable mutt, Dennis. He is 5-11 and 160 with long legs and a sweet butt, oh so cute with a thick mop of blonde hair and let's just say, he took care of my needs. It was a couple of weeks before I met his dorm roommate, Quentin who besides being a small guy 5-5 and 130 pounds looked like a bookworm with his little wire glasses. One really hot...

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The Cuckquean Dream

A cheating wife becomes witness to her husband's revenge.

Vicky admired the rippling mountain of muscle directly above and in front of her as masculine hands pushed her ankles up higher, and then higher yet again. Behind him she could see the ceiling of her living room high above, her back on a sturdy long coffee table. His low, resonant voice spoke plainly "Does that feel good? Can you take more of it?" "Oh yeah, give me more." she replied,...

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3 Teen Dancers, 2 Adult Men, 1 Orgy

18yos take turns with a stepdaddy, a stranger and each other.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. *** Trying to hide publicly what I was doing, I slipped my very-married right hand higher up the thigh of the gorgeous Latina sitting next to me at the fancy hotel restaurant. I'd only met the busty, 18-year-old brunette, and her other two dancer friends of the same age, less than a couple hours earlier in the hotel's...

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Do What You Want

They challenge each other when it comes to sexual desires.

It was nearing the end of a long work week and Victoria was looking forward to see Philip. It was Thanksgiving week and she would be spending it with him. "Thank God that I took a half day today." She said with a sigh of relief. "I just hope I can make it home to pack before the traffic gets worse." Victoria was looking forward to an evening with just her and her man. The roommates...

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My Girlfriend Lei Former Slut Ch. 02

Lei relives her frat party slut days.

The next morning, I made Lei breakfast in bed. Our conversation naturally turned to what had happened the previous night. She wanted to know if I had any second thoughts about her sleeping with Gene. I told her I had none at all. It was the most exciting sexual experience I have ever had and I said I wouldn't mind if it happened again. She was relieved that I didn't regret sharing her and she told...

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Honeymoon Fun

You and your wife are joined by a third.

Management told us you were coming. You and your wife aren't just on holiday. You're on your honeymoon, so we have to take extra good care of you. I watch as you check in. You're both so in love. Her arms wrap around you every chance she gets. As you receive your room key and head for the elevator, you look at me and then turn to her. You're too far from me but it's obvious you've said...

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Best Friend's MILF Ch. 04

Getting caught leads to a double reward.

Much props to Dean (dmarqt2000) for helping with this chapter and many others. * Opening my eyes, I was lying in bed, which reeked of sweat and sex with dried cum everywhere. Mom wasn't in the room. Not feeling fresh, I decided to take a shower before Mom wanted another round of sex. Entering the master bath, I began showering off the layers of sweat and sex. The door opened and...

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Girls' Weekend Out

We were looking for some action and it found us.

My girlfriend and I were off for a weekend of NASCAR racing and hoped to get some action. We're both not quite 40, about the same 5 feet tall and 105 pounds with pretty hot little bodies if I don't mind saying. I'm a brunette with long wavy hair, Kerrie has short perky black hair and we're bi lovers. After spending Friday at the speedway we made our way to the hotel and that evening we hit...

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Island Fever Ch. 33

Jeremy finally has a threesome with Pamela & Kristanna.

CHAPTER 33. "TRIAD" "Oh my God, Pamela, that feels so good." "I could do this all day, you know." "I'd definitely have no complaints if you did." She giggled. "I'm sure you wouldn't." For the past hour, Pamela had been nestled on the floor in front of me as I relaxed in my favorite lounge chair, her blonde head literally buried in my naked lap. My precious, irreplaceable...

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The Satyrs' Feast Ch. 04

Dixie meets the guards on her way to the feast.

All characters are 18 or over. The stars were just coming out when Dixie resumed her trip on the trail, smiling at the new memories she had made with her satyr lovers. She was sure they would be happy to see her at the feast, and would fuck her again; she couldn't wait to feel that sensation again, and she felt her pussy spasm in want of a cock. She could hear the splashing of a...

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Just Friends

An aphrodisiac-fuelled game tests Aaron's resolve.

_Note: This story contains the use of an (imaginary) aphrodisiac. While almost every character blatantly consents, one could be considered dubious since he doesn't consent completely until post consuming it and it does have some mind-altering properties. If that's not your cup of tea, best to avoid this one. There are also multiple pairings of multiple genders all throughout and themes of...

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Friends, Roommates and More

Three friends enjoy a hot threeway.

This story is true and took place many years ago. Tony had been my best friend since we were very young. Tony met and fell in love with Sophie shortly after we finished high school. Tony and Sophie decided to move in together and asked me to move in and split rent. Many mornings I would wake up to the sounds of their love making. I would carefully wait till just as they hit their climax to...

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Anger Made My Wife a Slut Ch. 15

Seven Days Hard Labour Pt 5.

Authors Note: This is another _FICTIONAL story. All characters in the story are FICTIONAL with the exception of my wife and I. All of the actions and conversations in this story are FICTIONAL._ When morning came Gail and Victor had already left and I could hear Darby singing in the bathroom. I turned to look at the alarm clock. The fact that it was already 11.30 surprised me. The last...

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Breeding Team

“That’s right, ride that cock.” Own slaps Alyssa on her firm, round ass, watching her pussy swallow his length over and over. He’s on his back as she rides him in reverse, her gorgeous young body fucking this dick that’s old enough to have fathered her. Owen is actually best friends with Alyssa’s father, Patrick, though he has no idea his eighteen-year-old little girl is having sex with his...

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The Little Witch Comes To Town - Part Eight

The three ladies do the nine guys any way they want!

Sunday Night Dinner consisted of everyone lounging around the kitchen and dining tables, devouring a variety of Chinese and Thai take-out. We were all ravenous after our strenuous exercise! Large amounts of wine and beer were also consumed. When we had all finished eating and were relaxing with our beverages, Melanie got back to business. “Now, as I mentioned earlier today, this evening is...

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Truth & Dirty Dares Ch. 01

Date night turns into something quite unexpected for Jayne.

Earlier in the day when she had showered and was looking in her closet she had picked out a floral lace top to wear for what Jayne thought was just a dinner out with Dave, a white tank underneath it and some dark jeans and booties and a jacket and she was done. Hair brushed, and makeup applied she had looked out of the window checking the weather and seeing the brightness outside and as she knew...

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The Specialist

Summer Job, Or Summer Scam.

Sometimes crazy ideas just might work. I had just turned 18 and was going into my senior year. I know, I should have graduated, but I had a bad case of dyslexia and was basically forced to take fourth grade twice! But lucky for me, my mom took me to a specialist who immediately recognized my problem and provided help. I suffer from dyslexia to this very day! But back to that summer. My...

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Am I a Bisexual?

MMF threesome. My roommate and I fuck his hot girlfriend.

I'm your regular 47 year old attractive married white guy that gets off to bisexual porn. It started several years ago in my 20's when my roommate was fucking a hot blonde named Ashley that looked like Marilyn Monroe and bragged about fucking men and women. I would jack off while I listened to him fuck the shit out of her and try to catch glimpses of her naked when I could. She knew how to make...

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