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Whoops, Wrong Number

They trade sexy pics, first by accident, then intentionally.

I frowned at the dressing room mirror. The skirt I was trying on was cute, but I couldn't tell if it was too short or just short enough. I snapped several photos to send to my friend for her opinion. Unfortunately, I wasn't really paying attention and accidentally sent them to the last person I was texting, a cute guy I'd met at the gym yesterday. Shit! I frantically sent him another message:...

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Remote Control Cum

From criminal to cum slave for elderly women in commune.

Under normal circumstances, I would have thought it odd that a statuesque redhead would be waking me in what appeared to be my room in Ms Marjorie's house. These were hardly normal circumstances though. The IV tube leading from my arm, coupled with a severe ache in my abdomen confirmed that something strange was going on. You see, the spathic, though aged vision, meticulously checking my vitals...

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Investing Time Ch. 03

Brian opens up about his past and plans for the future.

This story is a continuation of Counting Pennies by Vix Giovanni. Please be advised this story is part of a series with incest content. This is fiction. All characters are over 18. All rights are reserved. "No worries, bruh. Um. Let me call you back in, like, five, cool?" My phone rang about a minute later with a 646 number I didn't recognize. But I answered right away in case it was...

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Our Sisterhood of the Panties

Close friends get closer through masturbation.

Tiffi and I drove from college to her hometown for a long weekend to see a concert. On the first night, I was settled in the guest room and feeling a little frisky. Her parents were away. Tiffi was in the shower before we went out to a club. I was laying on the bed with headphones on listening to some pop rock while scanning some of her fashion magazines. Since I hadn't gotten dressed yet, I was...

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A Surprise, Home Early

Getting caught pleasing myself, because Barb returns early.

It has been two long weeks since I last seen Barb. The house seems empty without her here. Not to mention the lack of physical interaction. Missing her naked body walking around the house. Her work trip has been one of the longest ones that I can remember. On the bright side, she is due back Friday. It has been a long day, so I decide to clean up and take a much needed long hot shower....

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Editing Reailty Book 1, Chapter 14: Naughty Welcome Home

Steve and Diane's daughters welcome them home with a wild time.

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created Chapter Fourteen: Naughty Welcome Home By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this. Linda Davies I had so many questions. It was so strange to realize that I had lived another life. That Steve knew it and I didn't. I glanced at him as we left behind the naked woman. We had sex in public, and no one cared...

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Library Passion

Justin and the head librarian, Ginger get off to a slow, not so friendly start. After a confrontation, the two realize they have more in common than they thought. Misunderstanding turns to passion, and eventually pure lust as Justin and Ginger discover hot, passionate sex. They even enjoy a threesome when Ginger's old college roommate comes by for a visit.

After spending four years in the military and another eight years working at a dead end job, I decided to go and get my college degree in hopes that would lead me to a better job after I graduated. It was a risk at 35 years of age but I didn't feel I had much to lose. To help make ends meet I got a parttime job working at the library. The head librarian is an attractive woman in her early 30's....

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Physical Confessions Chapter 1

There was a pause for a moment before she felt a huge, thick load cover her face without her permission. Tears were running down her face, but while she felt violated, for the first time in months, she actually felt wanted by someone. And that person wasn't even her fiance. It was by her new friend.

Hannah was sighing in bed again. It felt alone as it missed another person's body, her husband, Jack. They have been together for two years, but just three months after his proposal, he's been working late a lot more. Even though she didn't want to believe it, he was cheating on her. She even met the woman he was cheating on her with: a damn seventeen year old. The door creaked open and Jack came...

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Jessica Alba does more than nudity.

Comments and advice welcome.

His name he kept to himself , he instead went by his nickname – Bear. He had acquired strong mental powers and loved to use them to make people do things they normally wouldn't do. One day he was watching an interview of the actress Jessica Alba and she stated she wouldn't do nudity. He decided to take her over and to do a nude photoshoot for playboy magazine. He reached out with his mind and...

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F.A.M.S. Addiction and Recovery

Couples enjoy BSI's new line of denial products!

Please note: the following is FICTION. There is no such company and no such products. * Men, are you frustrated because your wife or girlfriend is no longer the person she used to be? Perhaps she has gained weight or let herself go? Maybe she doesn't give you the appreciation and respect you deserve, or has terrible mood swings, or has a tendency to nag? Negative behaviors such as...

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The Harem Pt.2

All described persons are of legal age. This is my first story and I'm not a native speaker but I'm happy for your criticism - good or bad. Please comment if you want the story to continue.

When I came home, Jennifer was already waiting for me with lunch and good news. She had meanwhile contacted several realtors and made appointments with the most promising ones for this afternoon. In return I gave her the good news about our new wealth and happily we left to get a nice lunch before meeting with the first realtor. Since Jen had already described our needs and wishes in the new...

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Jenn: Mutual feelings

Sparks continue as Jenn and I play.

It was Sunday afternoon, the sun streaming through the bedroom window keeping the room bright and warm. We had finished another session of slow sensuous love making, napped for a bit, and then I had gotten up to use the bathroom. Returning, as I approached the bedroom door which had been left slightly ajar, I looked in at Jenn lying on the bed. The warmth of the sun and our vigorous activity...

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Single Life - Early 20s Pt. 04

A tough week being celibate.

The story so far. I had become good friends with Amanda, a teacher from my high school. She has been put in charge of the sex education at the high school and has enlisted me for help. The first lesson I helped her with was about male and female masturbation, with a live demonstration with me and Kenna in front of the class. ________ The following week was painful. Every...

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Another Girls Night In

Sandra joins Sally and friend Kelly for a girls' night in.

As I was sitting in front of my computer, an email popped up in my mail box. The email was from a guy (we'll call him "Dave") who wrote that he and his wife (we'll call her "Sally") had read my "Girls Night In" and liked it so much that she had him to read it out loud to her. Apparently, his reading got her so turned on that she played with herself while he was reading it! Needless to say, I was...

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A Platonic Relationship, Chapter 03

PLATO is the most powerful computer ever... grown, but he knows that he is incomplete. He needs something else from Marcella, and once he has received it, he gives her... and Richard a gift they would never have dreamed of asking for.This story stands– more or less– on its own but might make more sense if you have read the previous chapters.

Marcella Henry was sitting at the PLATO’s night monitoring console. As usual, she was naked. Her legs were spread wide for the camera beneath her desk, and her hand was between her legs softly stroking her slit. Meanwhile, Richard– Doctor Mueller– was in the Growth Processing Room lying on one of the strange tables. At least that’s where his body was. His mind was standing in a green meadow having...

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Editing Reailty Book 1, Chapter 13: Naughty Welcome Home

Steve and Diane's daughters welcome them home with a wild time.

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created Chapter Fourteen: Naughty Welcome Home By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this. Linda Davies I had so many questions. It was so strange to realize that I had lived another life. That Steve knew it and I didn't. I glanced at him as we left behind the naked woman. We had sex in public, and no one cared...

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The Influence at School [Chapter 1]

Noah's powers unlock his life to new and wonderful experiences

Hey, Im Noah, the main charecter perhaps you could say for this and I'd consider myself a nice guy I go to a private educational school in thee London suburbs and I live with my mum and my twin sister Charlotte or Sha as she likes to be called. Im in my last year of school and I wouldnt consider myself "popular" but I dont fall out with many people and everyone seems to like being with me (hope...

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Savannah's Afternoon Surprise

Savannah thinks she is alone for an afternoon pleasure time.

The room was dark even though it was 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. Savannah had finished her afternoon workout, showered, and decided to take a nap. Her pale, naked body slid into the black sateen sheets, covering only her midsection. The bright sunlight shone through the mini blinds and traced a light and shadow pattern onto her perfectly supple breasts and tight torso. The coolness of the...

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Agent of Lilith: Chapter 9

It's time for some damage control.

Alone in his dark bedroom, James climbed slowly to his feet. His body was sore from sleeping on the floor in an uncomfortable position, and he was still feeling no small amount of mental fatigue from overusing his magic the day before. Thanks to Lilith, James' power was now under his command again, and he felt no risk of losing control. Not that there was much power to lose control of at the...

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The Awakening

Amanda is awakened to new sexual experiences with her stepson's girlfriend as well as her stepson in a hot threesome.

Amanda laid out on the veranda listening to the waves as they rolled up onto the shore. The smell of the salt air was invigorating as she lay there, her nipples stiffening as the cool morning air wafted over them. The warming rays of the morning sun felt good once the breeze calmed. Amanda thought back to her life as a child, growing up on the islands. Her mother was Polynesian and her father was...

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Never trust Aunt Angie 3 Mom's Secrets

Mom helps me feel better

Episode 3: "Mmmmm" i silently screamed into my pillow as i came for the second time since i laid down to sleep My wet hand falling to my side trembling, it's been so long since I've been able to come i feel like i just unlocked something deep inside of me I can't stop thinking about last night, the way zac fucked that woman, the way he came all over her, and the fact that it was so wrong for...

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A Hate Fuck with Emma

This is my first story. I hope you enjoy and look forward to any feedback. Thank you for reading!**********According to Urban Dictionary, a hate fuck means “to have sex, especially in a rough manner, with someone whom one finds finds physically attractive but personally loathsome.”

One Wednesday after school, my drama teacher, Mr. James, called me into his office. “Greg,” he said before pausing to phrase his next words carefully. “I have received an accusation that you’ve been bullying someone, and I wanted to talk to you about it.” My mind started racing. I’ve never bullied anyone before. I’m a good person. I don’t tease people, I don’t call them names, and I’ve certainly...

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Best Birthday Ever!

Jill is a 16 year old virgin girl thats done nothing more than kiss a guy experiences alot of new things from sucking dick to having sex with a guy to having sex with a girl.

My name is Jill i now attend an all girls school i wasn't always at a all girls school i was a normal private school girl in classes with boys and girls but i was caught kissing a boy around my science block and my parents being all no sex before marriage praise the lord mumbo jumbo moved me to an all girls school to stop me from snogging boys it was only 1 kiss and my first kiss i know 16 is...

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On A Trip with My Father Chapter 3 Training Seminar Trip

Tammy's father takes her along to a training seminar, where Tammy meets up with 3 other girls who all end up getting together and get their families involved.

Tammy main character 16 years old Bill, Tammy Father Jim Co-worker of Bill’s Cara, Jim’s Daughter Cindy, Co-worker of Bill’s Susan, Cindy’s Daughter Tom, Co-worker/Friend of Bill’s Heather, Tom’s Daughter It has been several months since my first vacation with my father. He has just picked me up at my house to take me to his apartment for the weekend. Bill: As we were driving I asked...

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Single Life - Early 20s Pt. 03

Phone sex.

The story so far. I had befriended a teacher from my high school, who had now taken over the sex education classes. Recently I had been lucky enough to help with her with girls. ________ Amanda and I walked out of the classroom and into the courtyard on the ground floor. "Thanks so much for helping out today." Amanda said as she flirted her large tits in front of...

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The Pervert engages in some wet and messy self-love.

A small shift in his facial expression might be noticeable if you were just watching him and paying attention. A shift of his eyes down and away at the very thought of it shows his underlying fear. The fear he feels is not of the actions themselves, fuck, people have been fucking and jerking off since there have been people and some of those people are pretty strange. No, the fear comes from...

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Solo Stud

A hot stud explores his body in an intense solo session.

His semi hard cock strains against the fabric of his tight gym shorts. He strokes his cock through the thin fabric and whimpers as his sensitive rod grows to full length. Standing up, he removes all his clothes. He brings the sweaty crotch of his shorts to his nose and inhales the masculine juices that has soaked the fabric. His cock is rock hard now. Glancing at the large wall mirror, he runs his...

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I walked to a nightclub one nite, and I stood there letting me eves adjust to the light, when I saw you on the other side of the room, I really want to meet you, but all the men around you was very handsome, not like me, I new I did not have a chance to meet you, but I decide, the worst you could say was no, I started walking toward you, the closer,

I walked to a nightclub one nite, and I stood there letting me eves adjust to the light, when I saw you on the other side of the room, I really want to meet you, but all the men around you was very handsome, not like me, I new I did not have a chance to meet you, but I decide, the worst you could say was no, I started walking toward you, the closer I got the more nervous I got, I was just a few...

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Joy, and Bear Part I Ms Betty Teaches and Takes the Guys

This is the story of three teens who have a caring mom who feels it is her obligation to break these older teenagers into her world of carnal lust and pleasure. She wants to make lovers out of them not just teach them to fuck or give them the talk and let them figure it out. She guides all three on this loving journey creating a poly circle.

Joy was the sister of my best friend Nick. She was only a month younger than Nick and I, but she had grown up when I was not watching closely. Joy had become a gorgeous young woman, she was always a cool person, and one of my best friends in the whole world. I was starting to spend more time with Joy than I was with Nick now. Her mom Ms Betty took particular notice in what was going on between...

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First day fun

Henry gets hired to work at his local stables. However he soon finds out he is in for more than he bargind for when he catches his employer masturbating.

It was mid morning, I was headed to the local stables for an interview as a new groom their and my nerves were pretty bad. I had to rush because my alarm failed to go off today. It always seems to happen when you want anything to go well. As I pulled up the drive the rain cascaded across my windscreen . “Great.” I thought to myself “I’m going to get soaked too. Can anything else go wrong for me...

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