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A Mage Born Ch. 03 - Epilogue

A mage apprentice endures a trial by fire.

Hanah and Dina stayed on their horses as they were asked to do, but looked at each other quizzically as the one named Bryana silently dismounted her own and walked forward into the distance. The horses were often skittish with this part of things. The animal sense dealt better with mage fire and other tangibles than the bending of reality, which didn't mean they liked any of it, it was simply a...

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Simon stumbles upon a hidden talent.

All characters in this story are 18+. * Part 1: Surprising reveal Simon sat at his desk, it was one of those days that felt like a Friday, and not in the good, soon to be weekend, kind of way, but in the, I feel like I have already been here for 5 days and it is only Tuesday morning, kind of way. He stood up and walked tired to the coffee machine, "I need more coffee," he...

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Good Neighbor Ch. 06

Story wraps with with pretty much more of the same stuff.

Synopsis: A neighbor left a fledging harem unattended, and hilarity ensues. Tags: MC, MF, MD, GR, HU Note: "My Erotic Fiction", which means it cannot be reposted, etc. without my permission; it may be illegal or immoral for you to read; and it is all made up. [email protected] or PaladinInBlack on Tumblr. Note 2: Read Good Neighbor 1 to 5 first, OK? CHARACTERS RECAP:...

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Keep Looking...

Leah practices erotic hypnosis with Sam.

"Keep Looking Where Your Eyes Are Looking Now" Leah's hand reached out to touch the back of Sam's neck as she spoke the words, her fingers brushing along his hairline as she leaned in close to whisper in his ears. "Don't try to force yourself to go into trance for me. Just keep your eyes focused on whatever it is you spotted, listen to my voice, and allow your mind to drift wherever it...

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She Gave Him Power

Aaron visited by a relative is given new powers.

Aaron felt the sun before he saw it. Laying in bed he could feel the rising warmth travel slowly up his body until, irritatingly, it reached his face, forcing him to open his eyes. He sighed. His alarm clock to the right indicated 04:30, way too early to be getting up. "Wait...what" It was four thirty in the morning, why was the sun up? He quickly climbed from his bed and crossed...

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Following Her Dream Ch. 04

Janet takes a mindless Rachel to a sex shop.

The wind blew through her hair as Janet fidgeted nervously where she stood. She saw the car turn the corner a block down. As it approached, she turned to stare up at Rachel, her friend's flowery dress flapping against Janet's thigh as it danced in the breeze. Janet marveled at the blank expression on her roommate's face. As the car pulled up in front of them, Janet felt a sudden wave of panic...

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Speed Queen

Speed Queen has been captured by Return to Sender.

Speed Queen flattened herself against the wall and moved slowly down the hallway, she hated this kind of thing, but sometimes just running headlong into danger wasn't the smartest thing to do. She'd been running at super speed all over the city looking for this place, the secret lair of Return to Sender, but had only found it when she'd literally stumbled across it. At her super speed, she'd...

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A Mage Born Ch. 02

A mage apprentice endures a trial by fire.

Dina reached the place she lived with her husband after a long, but uneventful walk. She didn't call it a home anymore, as it had stopped being that a while ago, but the walk was pleasant enough in that it let her reprieve last a bit longer. She was increasingly angry with herself as she made her way through the streets... She should have done more to dissuade Hanah from whatever her plan was and...

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Following Her Dream Ch. 03

Rachel copes with last night while Janet has concerns.

A cascade of light washed over the bed, warming the exposed leg of Rachel. The rest of her body lay tangled beneath the sheets. She focused on her breathing, her face compressed against her soft pillow. Finally she opened her left eye, glad that the sun was no longer positioned to blind her. She took note of the time on her clock. 10:13 a.m. She tried to recall how many times she smashed the...

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Aya's Ascension

Aya learns how to approach the woman of her dreams.

Author's note: Contains mind controlley sex stuff. But that's why you're here, no? Saw a bunch of straight stuff when browsing so I decided to make this category a little gayer. I hope you like my story! There may be potential here for a continuation if I come up with ideas (and if people like it), that's why there's a little tease at the end. :) * I'd always had an eye on the...

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Were-Tigress Ch. 03

Bob returns from the hospital. Joanna wants more control.

3. Home (?) I woke in a hospital. They were evaluating me for a concussion. I'd missed my flight and my head absolutely throbbed. They told me Mari was in jail. There was a very helpful nurse named Candice. She helped coordinate a delayed flight with my airline, no additional fee required. Shouldn't have been difficult, but you know how airlines are even when their passengers miss...

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Head Ahead

A hypnotic sex game gets a man all the BJs he's ever wanted.

Me and my girlfriend always look for ways to spice up our relationship. We've tried roleplay, domination, hell, we even tried bondage once. I got a tip from a friend of mine about this fantastic new "sex board game" (???) he played with his wife. He said it rocked his world, and took sex and their relationship to a whole new level. I was hesitant, but I figured why not. It was called "Head...

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A Mage Born Ch. 01

A mage apprentice endures a trial by fire.

Note: There is only a hint of sex in this chapter. *** It was a nice day in Erette. There was a thin layer of clouds that spread across the sky, serving only to dapple that sky in a more pale blue than the usual and contrasted against the gaps between those clouds. The temperature was surprisingly comfortable for the time of year, but that wouldn't last long. Soon the transitional rains...

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Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 14

Maddy's confession. Amber works the gloryhole.

Courtney stared up at the woman identified only as "Rose" as she floated in her pink tube. A thick, black rubber hose slid rhythmically into and out of the woman's cunt while a smaller tube invaded her ass. Courtney smiled and touched the control panel at the base of the tube. The panel brightened at her touch and she increased the tempo of both tentacle dildos. Rose jerked on her...

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Something in the Water Pt. 02

An alien experiments on the mothers and sons of Portsmith.

This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don't worry, they're fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older. Enjoy. * Cool morning sunlight streamed through Patrick's open bedroom window. He stretched, climbed out of bed, and walked over to the window. Was this still a dream? He wasn't...

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Thank You Felix Ch. 03

Dani needs a "Tune-up".

Author's note Unlike most stories in the _Mind Control category, this story includes mind control as an empowering gift rather than to get more sex. If that's not to your liking, I ask please that you not reflect that preference in your rating. Big BIG BIG thanks to those that commented on earlier chapters! That feedback really helped with the story arc and character development....

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Gameshow Nightmares - Night 05

Melissa fights her new transformations.

'Stephen, can you please make me remember these dreams? I need to know what's going on when I'm awake.' melissa grinded her teeth at the sound of her bubbly voice. 'Fuck you!' She screamed inside her head. 'I'm afraid we don't have time for that, sweetheart. You know how tight our schedule is. Now, let's start with tonight's show!' 'Bonus round, bonus round!' The audience chanted....

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Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 13

Family Reunion.

Courtney danced back and forth in front of the elevator doors on level one. "Remember, she looks very different. She wanted a change," Demona said as she watched the girl practically dance in front of her. "I know." The elevator dinged and the doors opened. Courtney blinked and stared at the buxom brunette standing by Sugar. The brunette stared back. Sugar smiled...

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Cascade Fire Ch. 06

Taylor | Who becomes a dome.

6. Taylor Callie and Jess and I worked together in the greenhouse and the garden one morning a few days later. We'd started transplanting the previous week, the most cold-tolerant plants first because it still got pretty chill overnight and occasionally froze. Some veggies including early peas were already yielding in profusion in the greenhouse, which suggested a dinner if I could get...

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Editing Reailty Book 1, Chapter 15: Ripples of Change

Becky and her mother wake up her father using their busty tits!

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created Chapter Fifteen: Ripples of Change By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this. James Davis Mom was home from her trip to Vegas. I could hear my sisters squealing in delight. They were going to have an orgy I bet. Dad was a lucky guy. I glanced back at my own two girls sitting on my bed, Ruri flipping...

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Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 12

Stacie emerges from the tube. Donny and Madison.

Ray stood at the cluster of five transformation tubes. Rose was in the second from the left, Sugar's soccer mom was in the middle tube. Sugar stepped up beside him. "That her?" "Yes. You want to tell me I shouldn't claim her?" "Ray, I've been with you since day one. If you think she's special enough for us to spend eternity with, that's good enough for me." Ray sighed. "Fuck,...

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Jessica Alba does more than nudity.

Comments and advice welcome.

His name he kept to himself , he instead went by his nickname – Bear. He had acquired strong mental powers and loved to use them to make people do things they normally wouldn't do. One day he was watching an interview of the actress Jessica Alba and she stated she wouldn't do nudity. He decided to take her over and to do a nude photoshoot for playboy magazine. He reached out with his mind and...

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Good Neighbor Ch. 05

Robot, a new job and friends, and more insurance.

Synopsis: A neighbor left a fledging harem unattended, and hilarity ensues. Tags: MC, MF, MD, GR, HU Note: "My Erotic Fiction", which means it cannot be reposted, etc. without my permission; it may be illegal or immoral for you to read; and it is all made up. Note 2: Read Good Neighbor 1 to 4 first. Note 3: What happens to Candy is a blatant effort to suck up to, er, I mean,...

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Editing Reailty Book 1, Chapter 14: Naughty Welcome Home

Steve and Diane's daughters welcome them home with a wild time.

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created Chapter Fourteen: Naughty Welcome Home By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this. Linda Davies I had so many questions. It was so strange to realize that I had lived another life. That Steve knew it and I didn't. I glanced at him as we left behind the naked woman. We had sex in public, and no one cared...

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Following Her Dream Ch. 02

Janet reveals her plan, and makes up for earlier.

The soft murmur grew louder as Janet approached the double doors. The warm summer breeze did little to settle her nerves. She stood still, hesitating, never quite feeling this level of discomfort before. It was almost like she was in a foreign country, where everything was so different. That was part of the charm of college, she supposed. Forcing yourself to step outside your comfort, to learn new...

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The Binding Rings Ch. 03

A chance find changes a young man's life in unforeseen ways.

Jason reached his room and shut the door behind him, breathing heavily. He couldn't believe that had happened, that he had done that. He leaned his back against the door and slowly slid down until he was sitting. He looked at his hand, at the ring he wore on his finger. It was true. It wasn't a joke or some sort of hoax. Everything that the card had said was true. Jason looked over at...

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Good Neighbor Ch. 04

Another addition to the harem and other ups and downs.

Synopsis: A neighbor left a fledging harem unattended, and hilarity ensues. Tags: MC, MF, MD, GR, HU Note: "My Erotic Fiction", which means it cannot be reposted, etc. without my permission; it may be illegal or immoral for you to read; and it is all made up. Note 2: Read Good Neighbor 1 to 3 first, OK? When you get to the note at the end of #3, just understand that I changed my...

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What about a vacation with you in another younger person's mind?

No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. RENT-A-MIND: Very late on a weekend night, actually very early in the morning, there is gathering of the twelve key management types of DUOMENTALITIES called by the new CEO, Miss Wilson. She is assumedly the young daughter of the previous CEO, Mr. Wilson (no first name regularly used.) Although, because of the continued very striking...

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There's an App for That Ch. 03

Gareth takes control of his work place issues.

Author's note: All Character's in this story are over the age of eighteen. Any names or places that bare similarities to reality are purely coincidental and not intended by the author. Warning: This story contains elements of non-consent. * Gareth knew he only had a few days left before he had to officially resign so he needed to work fast. Now that he...

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All you have to do is read.

1 Hi. Thank you so much for agreeing to help me out in this experiment. Your support is invaluable and I'm grateful beyond words. I promise this won't take long and I'll try to make it as enjoyable as possible, okay? So... how is this going to play out? It's simple. All I need you to do is read some things for me. If you can do so out loud that would be great, but if that's too embarrassing...

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