Latest Office Sex Stories

A Very Naughty Girl - Misbehaves in the Office

Melissa is the office slut – and she knows it.

It’s not exactly a small building, with forty-two floors of offices. The James and Neville Law Company spans seven of these floors with each floor consisting of offices overlooking the city and a central pool of people providing administration and research tucked away on the inside. There are perhaps twenty to thirty people per floor; so a big workforce in total. Melissa is an office...

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Risky Business, Chapter 1

Payback is coming

Technically, Ryan wasn’t a co-worker. We just worked for the same company in the same building on the same floor. All of the women in the office talked about him and how good looking he was and I obviously agreed, though I never thought that flashing a smile here and there or having quick coquettish conversations would lead to anything. Eventually, though, he asked me to lunch and we got along so...

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Start At The Bottom, Work Your Way Up (Or, "Toes to Crotch")

First divorce client persuades lawyer to take her case, with a twist

I was a young lawyer, eager to save the world, and very much in need of some real courtroom experience. Divorce work tended to be precisely the type of work that got young lawyers that fast-paced experience in litigation, and it was, quite honestly, difficult to mess it up. Besides, judges tended to give young guys like me a little extra leeway when it came to doing things correctly. A little...

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A young man's beautiful boss. Chapter: II

Five years later, our paths cross again and she's still just as sexy as ever.

It's been about six years since I started working with Jackie and about five since I passionately fucked her in the back seat of her car, a small detail some of you might remember from the previous story. She was only my boss for another six months and we never repeated our tryst, so when I finally got where I wanted (I don't mean in her knickers, I mean professionally) and moved on from the job...

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Moan-day At The Office, Chapter 2

The day just kept getting hotter and sexier!

"Okay you can go back and sit at your desk now, but no clothes... I want to see my little office slut. And keep that vibrator in place to remind you of what you are for me. I want that pussy to stay wet, you never know when it will be called into service again," he instructed. It was a good thing my desk was inside his office, because walking out into the rest of the office this way would...

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Moan-Day At The Office, Chapter 1

She was the bosses slut and she loved her work!

It was another typical Monday at the office. I knew what was coming - it's always the same for me. The men come back to work horny as fuck, and I have to deal with the groping, pawing, and leering as I make my way through the office to the elevator and upstairs to Mr. Blackwell's office. I have a rather interesting job. On paper, I am Mr. Blackwell's executive secretary. My job description...

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Office Sexting

William catches Shannon sexting her husband at work.

William walked through the aisle of cubicles, having just returned from a meeting that went very late. It was just after four in the afternoon and, like most days at this time, the office had pretty much cleared out. It was often quiet, with just one or two people left on William’s floor. As he walked by Shannon's cube, he noticed that not only was she still here but she appeared to be doing...

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Office Help Rewarded Chapter 2

Christie's reward and Edward's too

I secured a few hours of time for Christie and I to “work on the final touches of our deal,” at least as far as my wife is concerned. When the office was clear of co-workers, this angel appears at my door and I know, no matter how much control I think I might have over this vixen, she is beginning to understand “pussy power.” You stop in my door-way with your hip cocked to one side and the...

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Office Help Rewarded Chapter 1

Christie is rewarded for completing her probationary period

Christie, you have been working for me for three months and we have established a fabulous “friends with benefits" relationship. You seem to be aroused more by the fact that you know you are having relations with a married man, than by my sexual prowess. This is fine with me, because in my mind, anything that heightens a woman's pleasure, short of pain, that I can create for her, has always been...

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