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Sen x Skala: Shower

Sen and Skala get it on in the shower after a titty fuck.

_So this story was created by me and my RP buddy. Sen is human and Skala is a werewolf and they're deeply in love. He believes she is his destined soul mate. I wrote it up story style and thought I would share it. I have a bunch of them that I plan to write up and post. I hope you enjoy! P.s. sorry for any spelling mistakes. I type fast and proof-read fast so sometimes I miss a...

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Knight Squadron - Interlude

Jade finds Jag in her bed...

Summary: Jade Jordan finds a surprise in her bed, and Jag Panzer makes good on a not-so-idle suggestion. (Sequel to Knight Squadron: Journey) *** 30 plus years after the Battle of Syria... Aiden Hunt had established the Borleais base as one defiant rebel stand, an obstacle for the Chiggers and a testament to his sometimes less-than-sane tactics. The General, it was rumored, was...

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The Hot Babysitter Ch. 02: The Gift of Love

Wild sex in paradise leads to a heart-felt revelation.

This series run parallel to the "Sharing My Wife Amanda" storyline. This particular work follows "The Hot Babysitter Chapter 1" as well as "Sharing My Wife Amanda Chapter 14". Thanks to lovemesomephilly for the awesome inspiration. _Author's note: this story could've been listed under the "Group Sex" category, but was submitted under "Romance" for reasons that will hopefully...

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Seduction Ch. 04

Taming the beast.

Yes, that felt good, Emmie thought as she remembered the shocked expression on his face. He deserved it after all the sexual references that he'd included in their conversations just to watch her reaction. Maybe he wasn't such a nice guy after all. Or maybe he just so desperate after some real sexual experience that he came on too quickly? Either way, she had never been so confused as to...

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A Very Fun School Trip Pt. 01

Excitement ensues while studying abroad

This is based off of a true story, so the names have been altered. This is also my first story, so please give me feedback on what you think :) * It was the last night of my study abroad term in Greece, and I decided that I would make my move. I'd spent my last 4 weeks studying trying to flirt with the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, with long auburn hair, deep hazel eyes, tits...

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Young Fern

My next door neighbor Tom askes me to look after his daughter.

Young Fern Revised Fern, the young girl next door loves breakfast with her Uncle Mike. My next door neighbor, Tom was a handyman and made a very good living out of it doing what most of us had no hope of starting, finishing or completing. Every chance he got he would head off to an old house he was doing up, spending most weekends there and a whole lot of money. He said he could see that this...

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Knight Squadron - Journey

Jade & Jag discover each other on Hapsburg...

30 plus years after the Battle of Syria... *** Colonel Jag Panzer, impressive in his formal black uniform, rose from the high-backed chair and stepped aside to push it back into its place at the dining table. His expression was somber as he rendered a deep, ceremonious bow to the smiling brunette. She was still in her place across the table from him, and she watched him with amused brown...

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No Such Thing as Time Ch. 11

Mara takes care if the farm, while Eddie leaves for the day.

After breakfast, I pack a huge lunch for the guys. They plan to leave within the next hour and don't really know when they'll be back, Eddie says when the truck is full. He takes a full gas can with them and a couple empty ones we have just in case they come across some gas somewhere. I make them take a few heavy blankets in addition to the normal things they carry in their backpacks, like...

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The Chauffeur (#30) Red Door, Part One

With the day of bowling behind them....

The Chauffeur (#30) Red Door, part one By PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2019 CHAPTER 1 After the day of bowling, things went on in a normal fashion. Day by day BJ became more accustomed to the play group. At work, we are letting all the district offices of all the brands become aware that their district office will close over the weekend and on Monday there will be no access. Clearly that news was...

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When His Sister Cums

Friend wants his roommate to entertain his sister.

"Hey, Shannon and her roommate are coming down this weekend, and I need a wingman. I want to fuck Amber, and I can't do that with my sister around. You need to keep her busy," Scott told his roommate Jason. The last weekend in April on campus was epic, known across the country for its party weekend. "Maybe I want Amber, and you can have Shannon. You guys are twins, so you can go fuck...

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Drunkard's Dream Pt. 02

A bar pick up that could be so much more. Will it be?

He sat down on the edge of the water bed, his head even with my belly. He pulled on my thong. It dropped, and I stepped out of it. He kissed my tiny paunch of a belly going lower with each kiss. When he reached my landing strip I pushed him, gently back on the bed. I grabbed his boxers and tugged at them. He lifted his ass and they slid off. I dropped them next to mine. I ogled his cock. It...

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The Walk

A brief moment in the life of a man on a "mission."

Walking down the landscape steps towards her condo, he cant help but notice how much heavier his overnight bag was than usual. That thought made him grin. Because in his horny mind, the heavier the bag, the longer he was going to stay. And the longer he stays, the more fun the two of them will have. This trip he was especially looking forward to because he was going to show off his massage skills...

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Entangled Pt. 03

Stepping into Eric's world.

For the first time since discovering her husband's duplicity Jess began to believe she wouldn't be alone for the rest of her life. Under Eric's influence it seemed like she'd smiled more in a week then she had the entire year before she'd met him. Bit by bit she let herself fall into a little bubble of infatuation with Eric. And she was happy. It was awkward at first, like putting on old...

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Midnight fun

This story is completely a work of fiction involving sexual relations between family members. All characters are over the age of 18. Also, this story deals with realistic bodily fluids and odors as they relate to sex. If none of this sounds like a turn off to you, then please proceed and enjoy.

Clouds blanketed the moon and the stars shone somewhere completely out of sight that night. I was laying sleepless in pure darkness next to a man I no longer loved, the vows I made on our wedding day long ago broken. It was just after midnight when I glanced at the clock on his nightstand. His deep intake and exhale of breath told me he was sound asleep. I looked at him a moment, feeling a...

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And All The Benefits It May Bring

There's more than one sort of April fool.

This is an April fools day contest entry, so generous votes would be greatly appreciated. Please enjoy: BB1212 9.06 am Monday, April first, 2019. "In an exclusive for Radio KRIF 100.7" Sally V, the excited DJ announced, "we have the world premiere of 'Gone Bust' one of the tracks from the long-lost final studio album from Argon Grange. This is huge, and I'm putting on nooooooow..."...

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Coming In From The Rain

A chance at love for a scarred hero.

Just over 3k words. If you recognise any of this, it's an extended version of an earlier, 750-word story. Trigger warnings: PTSD due to combat-related trauma; UK English & weather. Tx *** He splurged the last of his cash on a bottle of champagne, to be delivered anonymously to the birthday girl's table. He had nothing to celebrate himself. Finally ready to tread the miles...

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Drunkard's Dream Pt. 01

A bar pick up that could be so much more. Will it be?

"Whoa their Missy." Easing me back onto the bar stool I felt his hand, enticingly warm on my bare back and shoulder. I turn and smile at him. He's a bit fuzzy. I focus and see, light brown shoulder-length hair, short beard, nice smile and sexy dark brown eyes. "Thanks Jack. That's your name, right? Or is that what I'm drinkin'?" "The names Jeff, and yes you're drinking Jack on the...

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Mary and Alvin Ch. 20

Mary and Alvin begin their attempt at parenthood.

When Lilacs Bloomed It was only early January, but the snowbanks already rose like miniature mountain ranges along the roads, and had formed into long sharp edged drifts across the fields. Mary would smile and shake her head when she remembered how eager she had been to experience her first snow. But she prided herself in her adjustment to winter living. She had grown fairly adept at driving...

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First Light

A story about the love a King has for his Queen.

The warmth from the day fades quickly as the darkness begins to overtake the lands. The comfort the sun provides to those unlucky enough to still be alive is slowly, with no mercy, being stolen away. This bit of comfort is all a man has left when he bleeds to death from an injury brought on by battle. The might of the sword has, for centuries, ruled mortal men. And its justice isn't always swift....

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April Lover

Undercover prankster meets her match.

Ever since I wrote "Undercover" I've always wanted to create another female lead that dared to go against the ordinary conventions of society. This was the inspiration behind this story, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it. Ada --------------------------------- He had turned away from her and he seemed to be very occupied with moving something on his desk. Kathryn turned her own...

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Ian's New Girlfriend

Lacey is home alone while her Mom is out with her boyfriend. It is date night and they should not be home for several hours.

On a late Saturday night, Lacey was lying on her bed reading a magazine when she heard the front door slam. Checking her clock she was slightly confused as her mom and her boyfriend Ian were not supposed to be back from their date for at least another hour. She did not really care and dutifully got up and descended the stairs to the living room to greet them. Seeing her mom taking off her coat she...

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Laura. Part 5

The continuing story of Laura and I. The names have not been changed.

Laura called me the next day and asked me how the meeting went. I figured since we were not a couple, just friends with benefits, I had nothing to hide. I told her what went down. I could tell by the tone of her voice and the way she asked questions that she was a little pissed. I had to figure out how to put out this fire. I attempted to change the subject a couple of times, but she kept drifting...

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Library Passion

Justin and the head librarian, Ginger get off to a slow, not so friendly start. After a confrontation, the two realize they have more in common than they thought. Misunderstanding turns to passion, and eventually pure lust as Justin and Ginger discover hot, passionate sex. They even enjoy a threesome when Ginger's old college roommate comes by for a visit.

After spending four years in the military and another eight years working at a dead end job, I decided to go and get my college degree in hopes that would lead me to a better job after I graduated. It was a risk at 35 years of age but I didn't feel I had much to lose. To help make ends meet I got a parttime job working at the library. The head librarian is an attractive woman in her early 30's....

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it finally happend

I find out that booze is the key to unlocking her inhibitions.

Jackie and I have been married for 37 years, and our sex lives have become a little stale, in fact my wife has gone off the idea completely, I keep trying to come up with new ideas some turn her on some don’t, what I will say about her she does go through the motions for my sake, she still has orgasms but on very rare occasions. What is strange to me is she like to pose for erotic pictures for me...

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Acting Out Porn After School

Michael had always been curious about the younger girl who lived across the street. Surprisingly, she invites him over after school. He accepts the invitation and shows up, but Katie has also invited two of her friends. Imagine the impact reading porn might have on their activities.

The school year was well on its way, and Katie was determined to get Mike's attention. She was finishing up middle school and was very excited about starting high school in the fall, where she could meet "older" boys. Mike, already a freshman in high school, had a small problem. He began to jack off just about . . . whenever he got a chance, inside or outside of school. He especially liked to...

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A Game of Basketball Pt. 8

If you couldn’t tell, this is part 8 of an ongoing series. The story contains a male 18 year old topping a transgender 18 year old girl. You did read that correctly. This story contains anal. If you don’t like that, don’t read it. It is a really emotion heavy chapter. And really long. Hope you enjoy.

After The Santa Barbara Tournament After we got home I went straight to bed. The next few days were a complete blur. I was suspended for the next 4 games and from going to school for 5 days, and no practice. Well, for just the 5 days. Once I can go back to school, I can practice, but I won’t be able to play for the next 4 games. I didn’t argue. It gave me time to think and I didn’t want to speak...

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CAHILL--Part 1 of 6

It was a dark and stormy night and I could barely see the road when I drove into the diner's parking lot.

CAHILL—Part 1 of 6 by Senorlongo The characters in all of my stories are fictitious, but most—if not all—of the places are usually real. Included are towns, cities, roads, restaurants, and even menus. In this story, however, virtually all of the places are figments of my imagination. There is no Bascomb County, no Bascomb’s Landing, and no Lulubelle’s Diner. They are merely tools I have...

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Marina Fun

What started out as listening to a band, lead to more.

I had a sailboat that was on a river that lead to Lake Ontario. The marina had a outdoor bar and many nights live music. This particular night I went to the bar to listen. I had my two dogs with me. Dogs were forbidden on the deck, so I stood off the deck and listened. The dogs were a small breed and brought a lot of attention. Three women came down to chat with me about my dogs. It was a...

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I Dare You Pt. 08

Mads ponders if her feelings for York are close enough.

Mads began her day not in the lab but in the garage of the school, getting ready to replace the hoses for her power steering finally. Shining the light into the engine, she saw the clear evidence of leaks of her reddish fluid. She checked the levels and saw it was basically empty. "You gotta be shitting me," Mads said, then groaned in frustration as she prepped the legs of the lift under her...

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Joey's First Detention

Comments welcome. Enjoy!

Part 2: Joey's Detention - Day 1 Friday The 3 o'clock bell rang as Joey waited anxiously in the shop classroom for Mr. Brennan to appear for Joey's fist detention. As a senior, Joey was dismissed everyday at 11 am on a workstudy program. He had taken that opportunity to drive home and get himself prepped for later that afternoon. --- Earlier, Joey's House He showered, making sure to wash his...

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