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All I Need (Anna's Story) Ch. 04

The epic conclusion.

I bought a gun small enough to hide under the skirt of my sundress- and a lot of ammo for practice since I'd never actually fired a gun before. I had tried to go back to school after the attempt on my life, only to find that my "uncle" had been looking for me. Somehow Demetri knew I was still alive. So I took what little money I had and made plans to stay in a cheap roadside motel. But...

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Meanwhile, in a Parallel Universe...

A chance meeting in CVS - then this!

This comes from a story I reworked, writing a different plotline under a different title. For those who believe in parallel universes, it could have gone this way also. A few years after we last did business, I cross paths with Melissa Hofstadter in the greeting card aisle of CVS Pharmacy in Lutherville, a suburb just north of Baltimore City. Melissa was a mess of contradictions. At...

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The Girl in the Brothel Ch. 03

Thara arrives at Mereguilde Manor.

They were greeted at the door by a butler dressed smartly in a double breasted black waistcoat and salt-and-pepper trousers. His light brown hair was combed back and he bore a thin trace of a mustache under his nose. He looked utterly relieved to see Ardon. "Mr. Mereguilde," the butler said as they entered, their footsteps echoing loudly on the black and white marbled foyer, "Your early...

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April Schauers Come Your Way...

When you least expect it someone comes along...

Note to reader: This story is pure fiction. All characters are over the age of 18 and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. * James Nelson is not a handsome man. He's average looking, a bit lanky, and very tall. At 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 125 pounds, James he was so skinny in high school that if he stood sideways and stuck out his tongue, you'd...

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First Posting

My first posting to this town was to become my last.

A welcoming committee of one watched as I parked my unremarkable car in the Police Station car park. Hand outstretched he descended on me as I opened the door and got out. "I am George Brookman." That was it, no welcome prologue, no idle banter. "I'm Sergeant Scott Reynolds, but then you already know that." My uniform with the newly applied Sergeant stripes, was a dead giveaway. I took the...

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The Officer's Temptation Ch. 05

Marlowe finds himself thinking more than he would like.

Author's note to readers: There are no erotic scenes in this section of the story, so if that is what you are looking for, try an older installment or wait until the next one! Thanks for reading! *** Marlowe could feel his heart banging in his chest. Its rhythm was as quick and uneven as a horse's gallop. The darkness pressed all around him, consumed his sight. He sensed Arabella near...

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Control and Isabel Ch. 01

Man's fight for control and Isabel.

Preface: I want feedback, as I want this first chapter to make you beg for the second chapter, or else I'm not doing my job. Warning, it is the first chapter of a novel. So it reads like one also. Not much "action", but I feel like it makes up for it in psychological awareness. *** Chapter 1: On my way to work The walk from my apartment to the hospital is one of my favorite...

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Homeward Bound Ch. 04

Talking about life, love and war.

The medic and the Russian had stopped for the night. Bearing in mind that he was a city boy, the Russian was not so squeamish, the medic though. If he had to walk, he walked, if he had to sleep, beneath the sky, on the dirt, he slept. Even the medic was a city man, but he had more experience about the life in that country. Especially about how much it took to walk, down there. A few roads, a very...

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Carol's Night of Passion

Carol fills her night and dreams with desire and a plan.

Carol sat in her cubicle at the back of her office. Staring at the screen in front of her. This quarter's P&L staring back. She drifted off into a daydream. She was startled back to reality by Carl the mail clerk delivering a package. Surprised she turned, staring up at Carl. He handed her a package. She soon realized it had been open. He was holding it shut with his hands as he gave it to...

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Scabbard & Blade Ch. 02

Lori prepares herself for an exciting party.

Author's note: This story was written for 'Brent', a stranger becoming a friend by sharing thoughts on life. * Even though it was October the weather was exceptionally mild and I had been out sunbathing most of the day. The warm rays had tanned my skin a little bit, leaving a sun kissed glow on my face. But more importantly, being outside had slightly settled my nerves. It was the...

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What Might Have Been

A man returns home and finds the girl he left behind.

The slamming of a car door alerted Meyer Slotkin that his business partner had returned, and he scrambled to make himself look busy closing his Internet browser that at that moment was filled with pictures of gorgeous and very scantily clad women. His hands flew across the keyboard with the swift clattering of keys being pressed followed in rapid succession by a similar barrage of mouse clicks....

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Dirty Dan Pt. 02

With Dirty Dan gone, the romance evolves.

If you haven't read part one, part two will make no sense. *** We finished up the deck around three. On the way home I stopped at the florist for a fall mum plant just starting to blossom, I figured it would get her through the fall and into winter with some color. When I got there and escorted her to the car I walked toward the passenger door. She pulled away from my arm and...

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The Call Girl and the Businessman Ch. 09

A mysterious girl is hired by a troubled man for the night.

Author's Note: A big thank you to my readers for your support and encouragement. My story almost comes to an end now. Feel free to let me know what you think. A big hug to the man in my life. Ik hou zoveel van jou. * Chapter 9 - The Past, Present and Future Before My Eyes I did not hear from him again. It was hardly shocking news to me. I was probably his greatest...

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Mike & Karen Ch. 12

Sleuthing has never been so absurd...

Disclaimer: All characters are 18 years of age or older while actively engaging in sexual activity. This story is a prequel/sequel (sprequel?) to my other work, Alex & Alexa. As always, many thanks and gratuitous panty shots from Freja and Jeanie to my long-suffering editor and beta-reader for their assistance in polishing up and improving this work. Reviews are welcome; flames will be...

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Karen & Alexa Ch. 03

Karen is forced to the nuclear option...

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * Disclaimer: All characters are 18 years of age or older while actively engaging in sexual activity. This story is an offshoot of my ongoing** story, Mike & Karen. While not completely necessary, being familiar with that story (and Alex & Alexa) will no doubt help mightily. Reviews are welcome; flames will...

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Winter of Discontent

She had a job to do. She fell in love with the job.

Thanks to my editing team. Harddaysknight is my mentor and gives me critical review. SBrooks103x also reads for me. My editors are Girlinthemoon, Hale1, Pixel the Cat and GeorgeAnderson. You guys are awesome and I love you all. * It was very cold and snowing heavily. When I say very cold, I mean something beyond most people's imagination. I lived 30 miles southeast of Hammerfest,...

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All I Need (Anna's Story) Ch. 03

The lovers visit NYC, before everything goes horribly wrong.

For Alexi's choice of activity, he took me to New York, a place I had only ever read about. Even with my brother attending NYU I had never even been through the Lincoln tunnel. But here I was, on the back of Alexi's motorcycle. My middle-aged, mafia connected boyfriend was not much of a sugar daddy, but he the first thing he wanted to do was buy me a new dress. Alexi confessed he wanted me...

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All I Need (Anna's Story) Ch. 02

Date night; it's tough being 18 in Atlantic City.

Alexi called me the next day, to meet at a certain bench on the boardwalk at noon. He said would wait there for fifteen minutes past noon but if I was late he would be gone. He said this in a school principal-like tone, appropriate for his fifty-seven years but I just assumed he was nervous. I was eighteen, I could easily think of an excuse to not show. But I didn't bail on him. He was my...

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Not all strays are animals.

This story is the third part of a trilogy. Read 'Stalker' then 'Lost And Found' first. * Strays I became aware of the cat long time before I ever saw him. His presence became obvious when my tomatoes and raspberries stopped disappearing. The first time I saw him he was tackling a large black squirrel that was casing my garden. I rewarded him with a piece of ham from my...

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Homeward Bound Ch. 03

To trust is good, but not to trust is better...

The medic was the first who woke up that morning. The soldier was still sleeping, and he decided not to disturb him. No breakfast, as the day before. The food was too scarce. Maybe that guy could run away with the food. Maybe after having cut his throat... No, he was not that kind of man, able to kill someone who had saved his neck. And on the other hand, the soldier had seen the way the medic...

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Ethiopian Dreams Ch. 06


It is great, to wake up next to Chris, even though it is because of Alem-Tsehay's crying. It is not so great to find out she has wet herself. It must be because Chris is lying in between us—I didn't have contact with her—that this could happen. Chris also wakes up, and although he doesn't say, I can clearly see he's annoyed by the wetness next, and perhaps even under him. I hope it...

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Karen Pt. 02

Story Continued.

I slept around the clock for two days straight. I vaguely remembered getting up and using the bathroom once or twice and then wolfing down a can of raviolis and drinking a soda before falling into bed again. I had worked the long Alaska construction season that summer and I was physically as well as emotionally exhausted from all the work of the season, my divorce and losing Mom. Buying the condo...

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Shades of Jessica Ch. 04

Peach learns obedience.

Chapter 13: Coming Together On the way back to his apartment in San Diego, Justin remembers how difficult it was when his father died while Justin was away at college. He learned the funeral process very quickly with his father's death. Peach is a mess sitting next to him. Even though she and her mother were estranged, she still felt love for her mother. Peach stares out the window mindless....

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Of Choices Made and Paths Taken

Jacob romances his deceased buddy's aggrieved wife.

It was the last year of the Reagan administration when Claire Snyder, my dentist and cousin by marriage, first told me the awful news. Mathew Rudduck had been diagnosed with cancer. Mathew was only thirty-seven and he had three young children. Recently, he and Briana, his wife of ten years, had purchased a beautiful new home. Horrible timing...and why him of all people? He was a health nut. He...

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Dark Division - Dani Ch. 08

The dark clouds part to let in some light for a friendship.

That night, Vince waited patiently, listening for Dani's return. It was accompanied by a soft giggle and he only hoped she was heading to her own room tonight. Sure enough, the door closed across the hall and this time instead of listening to all the excitement he headed out to the kitchen. He figured he would need a beer or two to go to bed, and he didn't want to hear the festivities. Instead, he...

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Bessie's Island Pt. 02: Christie

A slowly kindling romance catches fire.

Pt. 2 - Christie's Tale I suppose I should preface my story with how I came to be where I was when I met Martin. My professional life wasn't going well. I was an attorney working in a three-year-old one-person law firm. It wasn't a particularly successful practice. Mostly because it was in a small town with a population of less than a thousand. The county seat wasn't much larger. There really...

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We'll Always Have Paris Ch. 01

Don and Laura visit the City of Light.

This story is part of an ongoing series. The chronological order of my stories is listed in WifeWatchman's biography, which is currently not updating. Stories after Ethical Dilemmas are: We'll Always Have Paris. Feedback and constructive _criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas. This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might...

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Go to Bed, Woman!

Those feelings inside when lust churns your blood.

Go to bed, woman! Or Go to bed, sweetheart. Or Go to bed, you cunt. Or Go to bed with me. 1. That feeling inside you when you tell your wife that you want her to come with you to the bedroom. Now. A. She has that lustiness and nasty behavior are welcome and 'coming up' look in her eye after you tell her. 2. That feeling when you tell her to lay down...

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Shades of Jessica Ch. 03

Jessica makes a decision & Claudia visits a sex club.

Chapter 9: Decisions, Decisions Jessica returns home to her mother with a glow about her. Upon her arrival, Jessica's mother is sitting in a recliner chair, drinking vodka straight, and eating cheese flavored cracker squares. Jessica does not even say hello to her mother. She walks past the woman to her bedroom, closes, and then locks her door. Sitting on her bed Jessica thinks about...

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Christmas in Cincinnati

A couples life forever changes during the Christmas of 1977.

There are all kinds of Christmases'. Ones that you will always remember. Ones that are easy to forget. Ones that you wish never happened. For Lisa Woburn and Doug Sellwood, Christmas of 1977, was the one that shaped their lives. Lisa and Doug had become a couple in February. Lisa was traveling from her home in Connecticut to visit her childhood friend, Donna, in St. Louis. A snowstorm forced...

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