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The Witch's Apprentice Ch. 01

Our young protagonist wakes up to a big surprise.

Three pumpkin seeds, half a bar of dark chocolate, a lock of red hair, a prick of her blood of course, and what was that last one? Phoebe picked up the dusty book next to her cauldron, careful to keep her fingers from its hot black sides. She flipped to the bookmarked recipe and scanned the ingredients list. Oh yes, orangutan tongue. That had been a hard one to get ahold of. Luckily, she had the...

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Seed Ch. 04

Suzette gets the lost gym whistle back.

After another rainy day spent almost exclusively in solitude, Suzette Plum began to settle into the routine of life at Periwinkle Place as smoothly as anyone could expect from an insecure high school senior who was otherwise unused to living in such fairytale luxury and privilege. Suzette quickly grew to appreciate the soothing quiet interrupted by a soft, silvery peal of chimes compelling her to...

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Zophie Meets the Neighbor

Mr. Beasley entertains Zophie when she's gets locked out.

What has two thumbs and locked herself out of the house? Yeah. I wake up alone in the house. Mom and Kevin have already left for work. The triplets are... somewhere. I think Buster, the youngest, had mentioned something about a convention, or concert? Something that started with a "C". Anyway, they wouldn't be back until Monday whatever it was. I slept like the dead after I left Wayne's...

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Elves, Orcs and Communists Ch. 01

The Cold War turns hot in a fantasy realm.

Outskirts of Marienborn, East Germany, by the Inner German border It was a cold, foggy autumn morning. Black starlings perched among the branches of evergreens called out to each other in warbling chirps, marking territory and nesting space for the coming winter months. Likewise, the shrill tweet-tweets of the song sparrows were actually displays of dominance and aggression. Both the songs...

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A Journey Never Begun Pt. 04

Muddle continues and takes refuge in a ruined farmhouse.

Copyright (c) 2018 James Miehoff, All Rights Reserved. This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright. --------- This is one of a series of stories set in the Land of Etherium, a place out of time where wizards channeled mana and a host of creatures we call fairy tales roamed the lands. It is said these tales occurred almost 27,000 years ago before a...

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A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 59: Summit

A meeting, then a small orgy.

Author's Note: A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to...

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Blood Priestess of Ebbenon

A girl has her coming of age ceremony

In the village of Ebbenon, on the isle of Germarria, it was Mia's life day! She was the daughter of a nobleman, Rom Durrain, who was of moderate wealth. On this day she was 25 eclipses old. She was to have her hunger feast today, a ceremony of womanhood. She looked out over the green pastures surrounding her families home from her bedroom as the caravan approached. In it were guests, the...

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Storm and Stone Ch. 01

A man falls through a cave floor into a world of fantasy.

The sullen stranger opened his brown eyes to the warm dawn and marked the start of his fifth day in a mobile cage. He brushed a lock of his shaggy brown hair out of his eyes and looked around. It was bad enough that he woke up on a bed of hay that reeked of animal droppings, but the scent was made worse by the rain that fell and blew through the bars of their open-sided cages. My jeans are junk,...

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Captain Emrah Jackson Ch. 04

Our Captain is taken to a slave auction. Her fate is unclear.

This ongoing sci-fi series will contain non-consensual elements. *** I woke up alone and naked. The memories of the night before came flooding back. The loss of my crew, and my treatment at the hands of Killian. I remembered how he fucked me, over and over again, and how many times I had orgasmed. I felt ashamed and parts of my body still ached from the things he had done. I...

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Steampunk Harlots Ch. 42

Hard work and a Mad King.

Hannah hadn't had any time to ask Ving how her flight went. Ving had been overwhelmed with excitement and too desperately in the mood to talk as she pushed Hannah into her racer and closed the door. Hannah set her weapon down in the cockpit as Ving tore off her clothing and shoved her to the floor. Getting mounted so aggressively by Ving was a rare pleasure for Hannah whose hands could tell Ving...

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Futanari Notebook Ch. 16


It was maelstrom of fleeting thoughts. Zoey cycled through them all, one after the other, each as unsustainable as the last. She was glad to be with Carmen, though that meant being stowed under her desk for the meantime, but Gretchen was out there. Stalking the halls. Her heels had probably cracked under the force of her steps. Had the black eye set in yet? Would it even show through her makeup?...

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The Most Beautiful Eyes Ch. 19

Vidar's legal heir.

Muriel was able to keep up her good cheer until her menstruation cycle came. That meant they had to seek out help from their "assistant" again. She wasn't looking forward to it. In fact, her mood soured rather quickly on the day it was supposed to happen. At dinner, she started drinking wine, and more wine, and even more. She couldn't say why, exactly, but she wanted more. Vidar didn't seem...

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Seed Ch. 03

Suzette meets Miss Larsson's "twin."

"Are you alright, m'lady?" It was the servant, Niobe. She must have heard the girl screaming and rushed into the bedroom as fast as she could, "Goodness, m'lady! You''re soaked!" Suzette buried her face in her hands for a second, trying to rub the sleep that crusted her eyes and to get her bearings. She let out a loud defeated sigh. She knew the moment she woke up that it was all just...

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The Ritual of the Sword and the Sheath

Will a knight succumb to a witch's sinister magic?

"But how will I know what do in a real fight, Sir Kor?" Eustace asked. "You've had a full year of martial drill and sparring in our Order," Sir Kor replied, "even if you don't know what to do, your muscles and reflexes will." "Maybe. But not all of us were born on a shield," Eustace muttered. "I was found on a shield," Sir Kor chuckled, "And enough with the doubt Eustace,...

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The Adventures of a Virgin Incubus Ch. 02

A morning of poor decision making...

Alice's thoughts were fuzzy and sporadic as they trickled back into her mind. Her body felt so overwrought, her nerves hyper-aware of the feel of the tee-shirt rubbing against her nipples. She moaned at the sensation as her body returned to consciousness. She blinked open heavy eyelids and looked at the textured white ceiling of an unfamiliar bedroom. "Oh god... What did I do last...

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The Will of the Gods Ch. 05

A priestess turned warrior fights for mankind and her loner.

Nerata'ari effortlessly slid through the snow without making more than a whisper of a sound. They were back in a pine forest, the now familiar scents of the snow-blanketed forest filled her nostrils like an old friend. A few songs from the occasional night bird broke the otherwise silent air like a roaring crowd. Shafts of ghostly moonlight shot through the trees like spears haphazardly, giving...

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Seed Ch. 02

Suzette wakes up in a strange new world.

_Author's Note: Once again, these first few chapters contain some mild erotica, and a few others do not. You will find that the full-on sex scenes do not occur until later in the story (chapter 8). Please note that words, traditions, and concepts relating to the fantasy world are stylistic choices not meant to imitate historically established traditions and concepts. All characters are...

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Torgan Wine Ch. 45

Draeseth's reward.

I really can't thank Todger65 enough for all of his help with editing. I truly appreciate all of the time and work he's put into helping me get these ready to be read for almost forty chapters. My sincere thanks also to Nthusiastic who beta reads and asks great questions. * Isonei woke to the sound of a quiet argument in Torgan. The female voices stopped when she stretched and...

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Master PC - NYC Edition Ch. 10-14

So much work to do at the café.

Ten At the coffee counter, the barrista, Hannah, was fiddling with the pastries. She had on a summer dress that hung low on her chest revealing an ample cleavage. Her skin was pale but creamy. She didn't appear to be wearing a bra, as evidenced by her prominent nipples. She also seemed to have a little roundness to her, as if there might be a smudge extra cushion to the pushin', which...

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Zophie's Check Up

Zophie gets a thorough check up from a hot doc.

I was afraid I'd have to wait months for an appointment with a doctor, but Mom gets me in to see her gynecologist the next day. I'm nervous as all get out. I've never been a big fan of doctors, and my previous gynecologist didn't have the best bedside manner so to speak. When we pull into the parking lot I can't help but notice how empty it is. "Uh, are they open?" "They close for half a day...

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Heather Jenkins

An accountant gets pulled into a world she never knew about.

Fear isn't something I let control me. Sure, I'm not a bodybuilder, I'm kind of small for my gender, but I can handle myself. One on one. Being the target of a lynching had never crossed my mind until my girlfriend dragged me along to Las Vegas to attend a convention of the National Lesbian Alliance. I was thinking about this new-found fear when my girlfriend pulled me into the convention...

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MilkTitty Farms - 'The Return' Pt. 01

Kelly and her Bull-Girl Darlin return for more.

_(((To begin with, I love all my fans so much, and not just because you write me such sweet letters and comments to my stories, but because, like me, you know that sweet cock, big titties, tight little pink butt-holes, and gobs and gobs of hot steaming cum are the most delicious treats in the whole wide world. That being said, and per request, I am returning us all to MilkTitty Farms, where all...

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Ho Ho Ho for the Holidays

Santa's cum tastes like eggnong.

Becca and I had a good thing going. We had been dating for about a year, and I still got excited every time I saw her naked. Her parents liked me, her mom even dropping not so subtle hints about rings being excellent Christmas presents. They even left us in charge for her sister Stacey's 18th birthday party. "Nothing too wild, just nothing we need to know the details about." I was more than...

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The Devil's Mark

An outcast and a vampire find more in common than loneliness.

In this time of the year or any other, the mountains were a beautiful sight. The way the sun and moon glinted off their snow-capped peaks was utterly captivating, in a way that made even the most harried serfs stop and stare for just a moment before continuing on in the drudgery of their existence. For the man clothed in rough, tattered clothes and a hood made of rags, they were the sole focus of...

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The Forest Pt. 01

A biologist discovers a species of flora...

Hope you all enjoy the read, there will be a part two. Would love to hear your feedback, where you'd like the story to go and anything else you can think of * The trek through the dense undergrowth was pain staking. Sweat had collected on my brow, staining my shirt. The two guys up ahead of me viscously wacked at the undergrowth, trying desperately to form a path. Our venture...

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Seed Ch. 01

A high school senior learns not to wander in the woods.

_Author's Notes: Seed is an "alternative universe" fantasy story that ties into my fictional world of Thatcher Blake. A few of the main characters are featured in a few of my other stories found under the lesbian category. The first few chapters contain some mild erotica, and a few others do not. You will find that the full-on sex scenes do not occur until later in the story (chapter 8)....

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Three Square Meals Ch. 112

Is fate kind?

John hadn't intended to fall asleep, but with Helene's soft warm body cuddled up against him, he soon found himself drifting off into a soothing slumber. Instead of the blackness of unconsciousness, he found himself gazing up at glorious blue skies, the sight that greeted him every night since Alyssa had created her personal subplane. Lying down in the field of verdant grass outside Athena's...

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Captain Emrah Jackson Ch. 03

Our Captain continues her captivity with the pirates.

This ongoing sci-fi series will contain non-consensual elements. *** "The Captain wants you looking presentable." One of the guards said. I was still in my cell, and he handed me a handful of brass buttons, with a needle and thread. He licked his lips at me, as I took them. As he walked away, he blew a kiss at Talia in the next cell. She was holding onto her knees in the corner,...

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The Destiny Seeker Ch. 04

A romantic fantasy adventure in Hong Kong, Chapter 4.

I rode in silence in the backseat of the Hong Kong taxi that took me home. The neon lights that usually filled me with awe and delight now only looked foreign and unrecognizable. It was very difficult for me to decline her offer to come back to her place. I told her that I needed some time to think about what she had told me. While at first she appeared silently disappointed, I also had the...

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Danielle Ch. 01

Changing Room Adventures.

Author's Note: Start of a new ongoing! This one, like Growing Together, will be a lot more sex focused than Futa Note. I'm hoping to get at least one chapter of this out every month, but there may be times when I can't for various reasons. * The mall was swamped, flooded by families doing their last minute back to school shopping, the new school year just around the corner, and...

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