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Taking The Scenic Route Home: Part 1

My first story - an intro to the adventure that follows

I’d been lecturing at Charlottesville University and was due to make my way home. As part of an exchange programme I lecture in history and its application in the context of modern politics, diplomacy, international relations etc a few times a year; put simply, answering the ‘what can we learn from history?’ question. The last lecture was the usual mix of final year undergrads and post-graduates...

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The Taking Of Cassidy Lynn

Cassidy is seduced at a company party by a dark stranger

Cassidy was in a foul mood. Everyone at the party could sense it and they were avoiding her as if she was the center of a five-foot quarantine. Stress was ever-present for associate attorneys at Sinclair & Lewis and the others had far too much of their own to be interested in becoming involved in hers. For her part, Cassidy was vaguely aware they were keeping their distance and that was fine with...

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