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Gothic Shores: The Adventures Of Lord Bluehurst And Saylem The Maidservant

Where Steampunk meets Gothic, Lord Bluehurst must find a consort, but the maid has other plans.

THE SHOWER OF THE LORDS The fog had rolled in for the evening and pressed against the windows of the old manor as if to incarcerate the occupants. Lord Bluehurst sat alone in his study in front of the fire, brooding. When he brooded about something, he brooded the subject into the ground. Actually, below the ground and into the bedrock was where the problem lay. The family crest, made of shiny...

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The Last Train Ride

The train slowly built up speed as it started to pull away from the station, steam billowing out from the engine as the piercing sound of the whistle filled the air. Just before the end of the platform, I took one mighty leap and reached out for the rail of the platform of the parlor car. Pulling myself over the railing, I stood for a moment and straightened out my topcoat. Upon entering the...

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