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Mom Became an Escort

Son finds out mom is a filthy escort.

My name is George, I am 18 years old and currently in my senior year of high school. My mom is 44 and works as an accountant at some office nearby. She's around 5'7" with your typical milf bod. She's got blonde hair, blue eyes, a nice ass and titties. Now that we got that out of the way, lets get to the story. Around the end of my first semester, mom got laid off from her accounting job....

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Home from College Ch. 05

Mom turns an online trick, though it was hard to watch.

So how does a guy fall in love with his own mother? And what in the world happens next? My head was swirling with thoughts I had no control over, thoughts that I tried to shake out of my head but couldn't. I was sure I was going to lose my mind, but I didn't really want the feelings to stop. I was in love with my mother, not just sexually but emotionally. I thought about her every...

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Her Best Friend's Son Ch. 01

Angela is drawn to a much younger man.

This story builds slowly with characters and dialog. It gets racy eventually, but takes a while. * "Was Jeremy any bother?" asked Susan. Angela stood in the kitchen of her London flat, phone in one hand and tea cup in the other. Susan was her best friend, had been for almost twenty years, since they were at Leeds University, she as a newbie student and Susan as the class...

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The Tableau That is Lisa Ch. 02

The Next Week.

All persons engaging in sexual activity in this true story were at least 18 years of age, when, all those many years ago the events in the story took place. This is a continuation of "My first time". I have just awakened with a splitting headache. In my bed, naked, sheets on the floor. Intertwined with Jamie, also naked. His face and mine matching glazed donuts. But my...

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The Odd Family

There is something really odd about them...

Ceri set her mouth into a firm line that showed her determination. She wanted to get a nice present for her father's wedding and she would do anything to make sure it happened. The problem was that the eighteen year old did not really get enough pocket money, and didn't have any saved. With her dad and Jilly setting the date for just four weeks away she needed a speedy resolution to match their...

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Here Cum The Parkers! Ch. 01A

My LOVING TWINS treat me to an "anal free" evening at home.

patty_parker60, karin parker, and karinna parker As few and far between as it is, it is a nice and very welcome surprise when my darling daughters "treat" me to a session of oral love this night. After a week of the usual (daily and multiple reamings, of which more than a few are two "cocks" in my rear at once), I'm more than ready to have a break from that activity. As much as I am "all in"...

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My Son's MILF Mother-in-law Ch. 02

Elizabeth is Catherine Zeta Jones and Sofia Vergara in one.

Love at first sight, Michael meets Elizabeth, a woman with the face of Catherine Zeta Jones and the body of Sofia Vergara. Author's note: Even though the main characters in the story, Michael and Elizabeth, are not related by blood, as his son's mother-in-law and her daughter's father-in-law, their sexual relationship is indeed, deemed incestuous. Sex between them may not be deemed...

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At Long Last, Love Pt. 01

I love my sister in law, and hope for more.

Authors Note: This is in the Taboo section due to the relationship the characters have with one another. However, it is intended as a very non-traditional love story, not primarily dealing with sexual encounters. The focus is on the developing relationship between the characters, rather than sex itself (though there is sex), and the long term creation of a multi-partner household. I will...

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How His Stepmother Became His Slut

Dad's mistake changes everything.

(With input by 'Irish Lass') 'SLAM!!!' Jodie slammed the door behind herself as she stormed into the house. "That fuckin' son-of-a-bitch!! That no good fucker! And with that no-good slut of all ..." she ranted as she entered the living room before stopping as suddenly as if she'd run into a brick wall. "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?" she screamed at the sight in front of her Her 19-year-old...

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A bored man ends up at a party and is left with questions.

Night time again and here I was alone once more and bored out of my mind. I was a teacher at a local school and because of that unless I drove out of town, my options of trouble to get into were severely limited. This was how I found myself going to places on the internet that I had never found before looking for some way to blow off a bit of steam. I settled back then and set to work as my wife...

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Bonnie Ch. 07

Lois...out of the blue.

The arrival of Lois Lois. My first adventure with a true sex starved woman. It didn't matter if we had fucked 3 or 4 times a day for a month. She NEEDED sex every day. If she was on her period, I fucked her in her ass, or she blew me. Didn't matter. She was horny all the time. This went on for 2 years. It stopped abruptly when she told me she was pregnant. Everything about her changed....

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Mom Gave Me a Blowjob

Mom gives me a blowjob.

So my Mom gave me a blowjob yesterday. No big deal. I have no clue why everyone is so pissed off, it's just a blowjob for Christ's sake. It's not like I fucked her or something. I can just hear all of you bitching right now. "Ewww that's incest." Whatever. Don't try to tell me you never thought about blowing your salty slugs down your mom's throat. Or your sister. If I had a...

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Home from College Ch. 04

Mom makes breakfast and plays with her son.

Morning seemed to come quickly after our long night of adventure. Coffee and bacon and mischief was in the air as I entered the kitchen and saw mom at the table with a glass of orange juice and her laptop. She was wearing a silk robe, pink and white, the top of it open just enough to see her 34c tits almost to the nipple, an opening all the way down that ended in her perfect legs crossed...

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Hierarchy of Needs Ch. 05

Jacob watches his sister perform.

You'd think that once I found her username, I'd be happy. And don't get me wrong - it definitely put a smile on my dial. It cheered me up more than the time I'd actually managed to beat one of Ashley's test scores (a rare occurrence - if I didn't know from personal experience how damned smart she was, I would have sworn she was sleeping with the teacher). But happy isn't the same as...

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Bonnie Ch. 06

Bonnie's oldest cums for a visit.

Bonnie's Daughter The last 6 months have been hectic. Bonnie and I bought a house, she moved herself and the baby in and we got to work on life. Jessie visits almost daily. She now has a fiancé and is 5 months pregnant. Not mine! I had a vasectomy right after the baby was born. No more babies for this old man. We bought and old farm house that was remodeled a few years ago. It was...

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The Cabin Ch. 05

Nia's first threesome.

Imani has arrived and she is dancing from her painfully full bladder. Her chocolate tits shake with the movement and her dark nipples are swaying with the rhythm. My daughter's dark eyes are pulled towards her nipples and there is a sense of excitement on her face. I lay on my back beneath her spread legs as she lowers herself towards my waiting mouth. Her body is pointed towards my hard...

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Daddy's Home - New Life Ch. 01 Pt. 01

The saga continues! The torch passes on!

[pre-story]Content warnings: Unrealistic anatomy, incest Disclaimer: All characters are 18+[/pre-story] * Daddy's Home: New Life; Chapter 1, Part 1** Will took a deep breath and folded the slip of paper with the address scrawled on it and tucked it into his pocket. He'd worn his best khakis and a dress shirt, he'd even put on a tie, which he tugged at, uncomfortably,...

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Housekeeping Tuition

He pulled me towards him and slapped my pussy lips hard.

These last few weeks I have been having some housekeeping tuition from a lady in our church, mainly just the odd evening but tonight I am staying overnight it being the weekend. She is Ruth Jay and her husband Les Jay. They do not have any children and he is on the Elders panel, he is the otk hand spanker, I have had him twice spanking my bum. He obviously deals with Mrs. Jay and...

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Bred for Sex Ch. 04

A slice of family life... Jonty makes a resolution...

The next morning found Jonty eating breakfast with his wife, Sharan. He was exhausted after the previous night's effort filled exertions and could hardly keep his eyes open. His dubious dirty sex session with his nubile nymph of a daughter made the randy father feel guilty. Why was he willing to risk his life here for such a simple thing? He had a great looking wife, a fantastic daughter, and a...

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Sperm was the Antidote

Jackie Gets involved in a scientific experiment.

_A twisted Sci-Fi Fantasy tale from the mind of Sethp. Although this is in the incest/taboo category, most of the incest happens near the beginning and at the very end. I'd like to give a special thanks to PennLady for help with editing. All mistakes are mine and mine alone though. Please comment and vote if you like the story. I always welcome feedback. It's a Sci-Fi Story so a little so......

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Zach Helps Aunt Olivia Ch. 02

Zach does the twins on the farm and bedroom.

WARNING: This story involves incestuous sexual relationships with family members. It includes described scenes of graphic sex including anal and incest. If that is not what you are looking for don't read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years. * Zach: From previous stories you might know that a bicycle accident left me in a coma from a...

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Mother Naked on April Fool's Day

April Fool's day to remember.

Jenifer Watkins is fifty- one years old. The five-foot eight inch, one hundred and thirty pound brunet who recently became redundant, because she could not transfer to a new location for the company that employed her for twenty years. Jenifer needs to find another job quickly, as they have one son in College and their younger son will attend the same college in the fall. Her husband has a good...

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The Tableau That is Lisa Ch. 01

Lisa's First Time.

All persons engaging in sexual activity in this true story were 18 years of age at the time the story took place. Now we are older. Much older. * This story begins in the fall of 1978. In a small town. In the high plains desert of western Texas. In a sparsely populated county. This county grows cotton and cows. It is a place which an Englishman passed through a hundred years ago. No...

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Growing Sissy's on Granny's Farm Ch. 02

The teenager's mentor shows Ronald exactly what is expected of him.

In this continuing story, the hero descends (or ascends depending on your point of view) into the world of highly sexualized cross dressing with strong incest themes. If this doesn't appeal this story will not be for you. All the characters are over the age of 18 years old. All players are consenting adults. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - THE SPIN-CYCLE At about the...

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My Father, My Lover

An unusual story of adult incest and love.

_DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts. It contains graphic scenes of sex between these two adults. ...If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful then please leave now. This work was produced...

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My Son's MILF Mother-in-law Ch. 01

A disgraced father hits if off with his son's mother-in-law.

Two-of-a-kind, a match made in Hell, a disgraced father hits if off with his son's promiscuous, MILF of a whore mother-in-law. Author's note: Even though the main characters in the story, Michael and Elizabeth, are not related by blood, as his son's mother-in-law and her daughter's father-in-law, their sexual relationship is indeed, deemed incestuous. Sex between them may not be deemed...

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Party Fun with My Brother Ch. 01

Brother and sister find love through lust.

First part of a three part story, thanks to Tigersman for editing. * Julia Bradley was an attractive young woman at twenty-seven years of age; she inherited her looks from her mother. She stood at 5' 7" with long black hair, a small waist and hips, and a beautiful face with a small nose. Her best asset were her breasts at 36D with no sag. Julia had many admirers that she turned down...

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Jessica and Her Five Brothers

Jessica's five brothers fulfills her fantasy.

Dad always did have a soft spot for helpless strays; stray dogs, stray cats...and stray women. I remember the day he brought Amber home to 'stay with us a while.' The lithe woman with a pretty face and long lush hair couldn't pay my father for the repairs he'd made to her car. She'd been evicted from a cheap hotel so she came to stay with us. She entered our little stucco house on a cooling...

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Sister's Slave Pt. 05

My Brother faces the foul end of my stomach bug!

After that Incident, we didn't see or speak to each other for the rest of the day. I eventually decided to go to bed early, since I had plans to visit one of my Ill friends the next day. After around half an hour of trying and failing to drift off, I heard a faint knock on the door, which I assumed was my brother's way of asking if I wanted him for anything. Ordinarily, I'd have gladly...

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Michelle's Awakening Pt. 03

Brother and sister finally get to play.

The next chapter is here. Finally some action! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Anything is welcome. Still working through the old chapters. More to come! **** "Michelle!" I heard yelled from downstairs. I groggily woke up and opened my door "What!?" I yelled downstairs. "Your father and I are going out for a hike. We'll be back in a couple...

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