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Return to Paradise Ch. 07

Carol finds Love.

Keep up the comments. I know this is not for everyone. If its not for you please move along. *** Chapter 7 James, Sylvia and Carol and Marshia Told by Carol - Sam Sr, ad Susie Met Carol and James on a Cruise, James is the father of Carol. Sylvia was hired on as A nanny for young Sam and Sara and just happened to be James's Sister. Marsha was picked up by Terri and Michael on...

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Helping Aunt Min Jee Move Ch. 02

We both knew what we were getting into...

Make sure to read Helping Aunt Min Jee Move Ch. 01 before reading this one. Thank you. * The situation with my Aunt Min Jee was getting worse by the second, I couldn't come because if I did it would fly towards the front of the car where my parents were, completely blowing our cover, not to mention sealing my fate. Of course my aunt didn't seem to notice the dilemma I was in,...

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Return to Paradise Ch. 06

A mother and Son come closer.

There is so much happening on the island now. It's hard to keep track of who is who even for me. I'm going to be switching viewpoints as I did above and try to keep things on track for you my loyal reader. I hope I don't confuse you too much with the story line. What I like it that we now have different family dynamics, and kind of a group goal of thriving and not judging. *...

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Bobby, His Mum and His Sister Ch. 02

Bobby takes his chance and fucks his sister.

I expect these stories will end up copied and pasted on another site like my last ones did, right "Tom"? You talentless nerk. All characters engaged in sex are of legal age. * Robbert Ash -- "Bobby" had a confused initiation into sexual relations. Margaret, his mother had allowed him to fondle her breasts for a short while before stopping him. Being just 18 and intensely...

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Root and Barbara's Surprise Guest

Luther and Barbara are joined by another family member.

Brief Backstory: The setting is Middle America in the late 1970's and Lute (The Root), our hero, is a well-hung 18-year-old who has just finished high school and is vacationing with his family at their lake house. As a lead-in to this story, check out "The Root and His Aunt Barbara". And per usual, this is a work of fiction and all characters are consenting adults. * After watching...

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High on Cloud 9

High sex is the best sex.

All Participants are 21+ *** Unlocking the door to my apartment, I drag my tired self into the cold empty space. I had just finished serving for Cracker Barrel and was extremely tired. Walking into the bathroom, I turn on an extremely hot shower to wash the days grime off. Taking my body wash, I lowered my loofa down to my pussy and started cleaning. The ruffled folds scraped across my...

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Mommy's Slaveboy Ch. 02

Can't decide on college? No worries, Mommy knows best.

I had just accepted my role as my mother's new personal slave, and already I felt like my life was going in a whole new direction. I didn't know why she chose me. I'm sure there are many other men out there who would happily do as she says. After all, my mother does have a nice figure. I stood there in front of her for what felt like ages before she finally began to get up. She stood up, and...

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Sally's Sexy Santa for Her Father

Virgin daughter gives her Father a special Xmas present.

It's the run-up to Christmas, I'm back home from Uni and doing my Christmas shopping, everything is sorted apart from what do I get for my Dad. Then I see something in a shop window that gives me an idea, but it's so out there, so wild, I can't believe I even thought of it. It's something I've been thinking about for a while now but not been able to bring about, I just don't know how to make...

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The Best Christmas Present Ever

Sister gives me the gift of a lifetime for Christmas.

All characters are above the age of 18 unless otherwise specified. *** The front door slammed shut and I was cut off from the bitter early-November chill. My eyes immediately darted to the clock on the kitchen wall. Half an hour till Mom got back from work. That was more than enough time. Life as a high-school senior was tough enough without the incessant horniness that...

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'So now you know - I want you to fuck me,' she said.

Is having sex with your stepdaughter when she is a grown woman incest? Before you make up your mind and judge us, read this story. I'd started my 'second career' that summer. I was trying to be a writer. My children - I call them my children, but they were really my second wife's family, my step kids - had grown up and moved on to lives of their own. Rachel was 27 and her brother was a couple...

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Sister Sarah Ch. 08

Brother and sister finally take a trip together.

As Sarah and I made our way to the airport, we traveled through an area that had several speed bumps. The bouncing action of my SUV caused her spaghetti strap to fall from her left shoulder. She did nothing to put it back in place, and I kept shooting glances her way to see that the dress fell lower and lower with every bump. Finally, it caught on her nipple. She caught my eye once, and smiled,...

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What are the Odds?

Louis is lucky, perhaps too lucky for his own good.

What are the Odds of That: All characters are 18 years old or older. This one was just for fun and has several pop culture references. As I said this one was fun to write and if it comes off as over the top it is. Our protagonist Louis Mustang was born with a rather interesting ability. That is just the beginning as things escalate to a mind-blowing ending. Enjoy! * Flip of a...

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Daddy's Desperate Girl

Daddy brings shy Misty out of her shell.

All characters are consenting adults. This is my first attempt at a story here. If you liked Andy's and Misty's story, let me know as I'd like to continue their story depending on feedback. ****** Misty Daniels had always been a rather shy girl. The type of girl that exudes sensuality, but doesn't realize it. Twenty years old with long chestnut hair, emerald green eyes,...

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Just Fucking Around the House

A futa with special cum brings her family closer than ever.

_Sorry about the last one I put up. That was just me wanting to put all my desires and lusts into one story and I didn't really care if it turned out good or bad. This time, I'll try to put in some actual effort so hopefully it won't be so bad. This will contain futa again since that's like, my biggest fetish, incest, pregnancy, and mind control. Hopefully this'll be the last one I do where I have...

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How I Became My Mom's Date Ch. 03 - Finale

Family secrets revealed.

Author's note: This is the last installment of a three-part series. Please read the first two chapters to understand the full story. Thank you and enjoy. :) * It was daylight when I woke up. The last thing I remember was Diane cuddled next to me before I fell asleep. I could no longer feel her body near mine, So I extended my arm out, feeling for her on the bed. When I...

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The Slumber Party Ch. 03

Grant finds his mom enjoying herself, decides to help out.

"You know, Carrie," Grant said as he squeezed his sister's bare bottom after pounding her in both her pussy and her ass, "I think I like virgins. Can you send me some more?" Carrie pried herself out of his grasp and looked him in the face. "What the hell are you talking about?" she said hotly. "That slumber party," he said dreamily, his face breaking out in a smile that Carrie...

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Every Mother's Son First Test

Son admires mother, and sets a trap.

I always thought I came from a normal home. My folks used to fight and argue in the evenings, then they would go into the bedroom to "make up". My mom was 5'3" and around a 135 pounds. My dad was 6'3 and 200 pounds. From what I saw in the usual course of home life, he was very well hung. The sex must have been great with them, even if they didn't get along almost any other time. Mom kept coming...

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Confessions of a Loving Mother

Becoming mom's therapist has sexual benefits.

It was a typical weekend morning, and since my mother didn't have an upcoming trial, she was probably cooking something new. Cooking was her favorite thing to do when she wasn't busy with the law firm. When I went to the kitchen for breakfast, there she was, in an apron near the stove. "Right on time," she smiled, pleased that everything was on schedule. The food was prepared and we...

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Summer of '88: Pt. 04

Alex and grandma conspire to get mom in on the action.

Author's Note: For those of you who were wanting a part 4, here is it. Sorry it took so long, real life got in the way. Hope you enjoy it. * As summer turned to fall, I started college. Since I already had my license grandma Rosie let me borrow her car to get to and from school. We had kept up our nightly sessions, with me fucking her silly almost every night, and sometimes a...

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Return to Paradise Ch. 02-05

New people/ New Leadership.

I take it back... I like the theme and this if for me... so enjoy. The world is a changing place. I just uploaded the next story, Terri and Michael will be back as will Jim and Chrissy. A lot of characters have been added. I could have just continued the line and have everyone paired up, but where is the challenge there, Stick with me on this one. The Zombies are a means to the end. I had...

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Keep It in the Family Pt. 11

Susan fucks her brother's unexpected and pregnant daughter.

I would never have predicted just how successful the private streaming our family's incest porn would be. We'd edged up towards two thousand subscribers, and even this with the limited quality captures from the spy cameras, brought in significant money. However, it was the remakes, shot in 4K with multiple cameras and camera angles that really started to generate surprising amounts of money....

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Family Secrets - New Orleans Pt. 02

Ines and Joan lust for Samuel, and Labo appears!

"So you think I didn't notice the way you were looking at my Sammy," Charlotte said in a husky voice, "that we wouldn't see the sexual energies that surround you when you think of him?" Her thumbs circled around Marie's areolas stealthily pouring her magic into Marie's body. "But it isn't Samuel's magic you're going to feel," she said with a sneaky smile. "That's right," Kelly said her...

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Golden Birthday Ch. 06

She gives her father her ass.

As our lips press together, I know my angle isn't quite right and still learning so much. His tongue presses into my mouth and I lose my breath. I reach for the spot that feels so wonderful in my hands and he is reaching for the same areas. This all feels so wonderful and I'm glad I waited for him. I feel him hardening against my flesh and I squeeze him as he is doing to me. My body is...

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Habit - Poppy Brown

"Yes Grandpa, can I do anything for you?" "Set your pillows"

As hard as writing blogs was for me, I hope I have learnt enough from my Daddy to continue but do a blog, as and when I have something to say. I'll mention the past weekend as it gave me a milestone in my life. If you recall, Brian met me from work, and so far it's the biggest surprise of my life ever when he purposely bumped into me. The implications of my actions that Friday night...

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Golden Birthday Ch. 05

He moves in and she gives him her ass.

Our lips press together and there is a thrill in the awkwardness of how she is keeping her head. In this, she is every bit as lacking in experience as everything else. My tongue presses into her mouth and starts to explore as our hands search out our bodies. Becky's hands reach for my ass and I sigh into her mouth, while my hands explore the same area on her. My shaft is hardening between...

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My Sister and I

I'm in love with my sister.

Note from author, all characters in this story are over the age of 18 before any sexuality occurs. Nothing sexual is hinted, implied, blatant or anything else prior to the age of each character reaching the age of 18 years old. * I have a problem, I love my sister. I don't mean brother and sister type love either. I mean I want to fuck her nine ways to Sunday and make her my wife....

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Busty Mom and The Bullies Bk. 01 Ch. 04

The bullies let nerdy son make use of his stacked mom.

Jamal led the way down the stairs and back outside, Elliott close behind like a puppy following its master. When they stepped out of the house onto the pool deck, the boys standing in the hot tub were taking turns fucking Tanya's face. Right now, she had her lips wrapped around Zeke's cock, while Gunner stood next to his friend, grinning as he stroked his rigid prick. Tanya had a blissful...

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A Houseful of Incest Ch. 02

The families come together, loving and horny!

We were two families of two intermarried brothers and sisters, now, thanks to our late uncle's wealth, living in two purpose-built houses within the walls of an old Manor Estate. Incest had been bred into us already and now, with three parents and four children all over 18, we found many, many outlets for our entertainment, our lust and our general sexual appetites. We were myself Chris, 22...

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Freak Out Pt. 01

Things you shouldn't tell your mother.

I had done it again. After I quietly closed my car door then snuck up the walk to the house, I had a sickness in my stomach, and a pain in my head that refused to stop. I was such a screw up, and I didn't know what to do about it. Still fuming, I unlocked the front door, and entered cautiously. Thank goodness the house was silent. She must have already gone to bed. The last thing I needed...

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Mommy's Slaveboy Ch. 01

Can't decide on college? No worries, Mommy knows best.

It was the weekend following my graduation, and I was just laying around in bed, being my usual lazy self. I looked over at my alarm clock and lightly whined. Even at noon, I still felt tired and wanted to just go back to sleep. I turned my head back, and rolled over in bed, getting my head comfy atop my pillow. Not like I had anything else to do, I hadn't decided on my life yet. I figured I would...

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