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Handjob Club Pt. 02

A husband is pleased to help his wife's friend.

If I say so myself, I am a pretty sexy guy. OK, I was never an athlete, and I might have put on a few pounds and I am a bit thin on top, but I am pretty good in the dick department, and at least three women think so. Not pornstar ridiculous, but definitely above average. And as to being attractive to women, that comes down to the Girls' Club. My wonderful wife Fiona started meeting up with...

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At the TG&Y

An old man reflects on time past.

"Little Misunderstandings of No Importance" "...Rather than regret for what I have written, I feel regret for what I shall never be able to read." Antonio Tabucchi * During my freshman year, in a time before central air and with the windows open in the still of night you could hear the corn grow, I worked the counter at the five and dime. The store was across from a mid-western...

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Look, Don't Touch

You watch as I turn myself on.

'Do you think you can stand there and behave, or do I have to bind your hands?' I ask, trailing my crimson nails across your chest. 'Can you watch without moving?' I question, my hand slipping lower, tantalisingly close to your hard cock which twitches in anticipation of a touch that never comes. 'Can you resist touching yourself?' 'I can resist' you say stoically, the strain in your voice...

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Ahh, Vacation

Karen enjoys her massage.

Karen was enjoying her well-deserved vacation with her husband Steve, they had spent the previous week relaxing at the pool, enjoying the free bar, they had on a couple of occasions taken in the local sites, but if all be told they did prefer the to relax by the pool. Karen found herself each day by the pool, she would find a sun lounger that gave her an unobstructed view across the pool and...

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Craving You

She craves him everyday.

It was Friday, and after the long, dreadful week she had, Victoria was ready for the weekend to begin. She met with her last client of the day and started heading home. While driving home, Victoria couldn't help but to think of her love, Philip. She started counting down the days until she would lay her eyes upon him again. She missed the warm embrace of his hug, the way the scruff of his...

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Disruptive Student Ch. 02 - Mutual Masturbation

The first "Study Session" begins with mutual masturbation.

I couldn't think straight the rest of the day. I was trying to decide if I had great or horrible luck. I guess they could balance each other out. But truth be told, I'll only consider myself unlucky if we end up getting caught. Which is the way I have kind of always lived my life. Most of my success has been from luck. Even the bad things that have happened turned into good in the end. Part...

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The Window

Window Fun.

Being naked isn't an issue for me. I happily strip off around the house, in the summer I often drive naked and happily strip off on the beach or in the countryside where I walk freely. Its a feeling that being clothed cannot replicate. Lets be honest, who doesn't like to be naked? Walking round a beach with other likeminded souls is something to enjoy and to savour. Looking and being looked...

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To cave: - transitive verb - to cease to resist.

Hannah's insufferably girly script stared at me from the slip of paper in my hand. There was only one word on it. Logan Followed by a heart with a toothy smiley-face in it which I couldn't easily look away from. It was the eyes. They were following me when I moved the paper around in my hand, like those of a haunted painting. Ugh. I gave the back of Hannah's head another glare...

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The Jerkoff Club Ch. 08

The Return: Grippin and Rippin with Steve.

"Been too long buddy, just the two of us." "True dat. Two man jerks are the shit. Easier to nut together, right?" Steve and I were at his house. We were half naked on his bed, T shirts and no underwear, our cocks out and stiff. Just the way I like it. Stretched out on a bed, television at our feet, beating off side by side. Great way to see everything, the porn and my buddies' dicks....

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Practising My Oral Technique

I get prepared to play with a new suction cup toy.

I had spent longer than usual in the shower. I wanted to make sure that I was as presentable as I could manage for my evening plans. I scrubbed myself pink all over in the hot torrents of water. Made sure I cleaned and rinsed my shoulder length brown hair and shaved every inch of my legs to the smooth finish that I enjoyed feeling so much. Happy that I was ready, I flicked off the water and...

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Fucking Fairytales: Goldilocks

Breaking in to find the sex that's just right.

Once upon a time there was a young woman called Goldilocks. Now, you might think she was called so because of her beautiful head of bright yellow hair, but the truth of it was, the people who'd given her the name had never actually seen her. Goldilocks was a thief. The media had started calling her Goldilocks because no lock could stand before her -- indeed, she took her pride in burglaring the...

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The Growth Spurt

A tale of sudden growth and spurt. In that order.

Well... I always thought that I was meant for more and today it seems like it's finally going to be proved. Up until a few moments ago, it had just been an ordinary day for me. You know, hiding under the covers until it was time to either let out the waters or have the water let out on you. That was all the time I got to breathe in the open air. And when that keeps happening for years...

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San fantasizes of a stranger taking her in public at a bar.

ilu The word -- the message -- lit up Sanneke's phone screen as she lay on the sofa in her bright red night robe, a matching brassiere underneath. The hue matched her ts-hirt from earlier that night in the Avalache, long since discarded, along with the designer-destressed rocker jeans. It matched her lipstick, still painted across her lips and paired with smoky shadow that accentuated her...

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I Secretly Recorded My Boyfriend

My friend and I play and watch.

As I set up the nanny cam in the back room my pussy tingled in anticipation to what I might catch my boyfriend doing on video. It was Wednesday and I had to go on a business trip until Saturday. I packed all my usual business attire and the essentials and at the last minute I tossed a small vibrator in my bag. Who knows if I'll even get any time to myself but, I wanted to be prepared. My...

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Grateful for a Private Office

A simple message turns into self pleasure at work.

She heard the subtle buzz of her phone going off on her desk and looked to see who's name was lighting up her screen. A hint of a smile spread across her face when she read his name. She had been a bit bold and sent a digital care package of sorts, and was extremely pleased with the thank you in return. There before her eyes, was a picture that made her instantly wet and almost panting. Good god...

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Archer's Lane Case 01 Ch. 02

Discovering the toys in the desk drawer.

"5" said the adjoining door, and Eliza noticed a 7 at the door to Kathleen's office. When they entered, she found a room that was furnished almost exactly the same - a desk in the middle, chairs, drapes. Just no window, and no bookshelves, but instead a new looking typewriter on the desk. "This is all yours," Kathleen said. "There's also a direct connection from my room to yours, but I'll only use...

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Found My Boyfriend's Toys

Watching my boyfriend play with his ass.

I was shocked and confused when I found them. A box containing a DVD titled 'Chicks Balling Boys', a bottle of lube & dildos of various colors, length and thickness. The box was hidden in the back of a closet, in the back bedroom, obviously not for me see. My boyfriend, David, is 5' 10" with an average build and a cute bubble butt. My name is Cindy. I'm 5' 5" with a slim body. I have perky C...

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The Hypothesis

An unpublished experiment.

"Hey, check this out!" She told me, while pointing at something on her screen. It was just another of those lazy Sunday afternoons which we had gotten around to spending together, both having nothing better to do. Today, we had decided to kill time in my apartment, and with Raj gone, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Yet what were we doing, you ask? Browsing a topic for...

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Spare Girls Ch. 02

Maddy, a human-turned-sex-doll, is assigned to a new home.

"We've got to get you dressed up. The inspector is coming today," Paul said. "You wouldn't believe the look my boss gave me when I asked for the day off, but don't worry. We'll make a day of it." Maddy had been with Paul for so long that she had lost track of time. Each day blended with the rest: long stretches alone and at home while Paul worked at the supermarket. She could watch the sun...

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Scarlet Woman Pt. 02

Scarlet gets a little pick me up from her favourite customer.

'Alex, my favourite customer! So glad you could make it tonight' I say, sweeping him into a warm embrace. 'Wouldn't miss it for the world. I can't believe it has been a whole year – you should be proud of what you have built here.' 'Follow me – I have your favourite table reserved for you.' Taking him by the hand I lead him through the club to a secluded booth near the stage. 'Tonight is...

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A naughty girl in a share house, desperate for an orgasm.

My heart was beating faster than usual as I swayed from side to side in the post office customer line, folding the well-worn collection slip excitedly in my hands. I had been keenly waiting for the delivery of a new toy for several days now. It was a running joke between several close friends that, given my rather high sex drive, any toy that ended up in my hands would have a relatively short...

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Push Me Closer To The Edge, My Animal

"Could you handle this?"

He outdid himself this time. What the hell was he thinking? This was definitely the craziest gift I'd ever received. Still, it didn't stop the wide smile and throbbing between my legs while I envisioned my semi-mysterious secret admirer. In the wee hours of this cold, mid-January morning—three-fourteen a.m. to be exact—most people around my cookie-cutter neighborhood were either cuddled up,...

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Tortured Daily Pleasure

Slave does daily task for those that control her.

She walks past him as he works sitting at the desk overlooking the Master's bedroom. She enters the adjoining bathroom clothed, and leaves said room a few minutes later, naked as the day she was born. She never looks at him, and he doesn't acknowledge her presence. Silently, she opens two drawers in the chest of drawers near the desk. Three items are removed, and the drawers are just as silently...

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Sherrian Waves Her Magic Wand

And conjures up a squirt.

Sherrian waves her magic wand. This effort is a little different to my previous torrid tale of masturbatory delight, though it still results in orgasmic bliss; possibly a bit too much orgasmic bliss. I have a friend, one with whom I love to play when we visit one another: I actually have more than one friend who falls within that category but this confession relates to a specific friend,...

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One of a Thousand Ways

A story written for the most special one, sharing a dream.

"So what thousand ways are there that you want me in?" She asked deviously. He smirked as he watched her sitting on her knees next to him, holding his member in her hands. Even though he knew she meant it well, being interested at what made him tick, he kind of cursed her timing. A plethora of fantasies crashed into the view of his mind's eye, yet all were blurred due to the distraction...

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Lazy Morning

Morning masturbation thinking of my girlfriend.

The truck that backfired in front of my window wasn't aware of how rudely it ended my slumber, but as my head fell back into my pillow, that didn't stop me from giving vent to a sincere wish that its owner might experience everlasting torture in hellfire for their transgression. I sleepily turned over to check my phone, resigning myself to the acknowledgement that the sunlight streaming through my...

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The Night Agent Ch. 02

Martha fills in for a colleague at the Electra Hotel.

Martha had been working at the Electra for almost 4 months. The boutique hotel's unusual services and clientele had been an adjustment, but she now felt completely at ease setting up the bedrooms, checking guests in and out with a manner of complete discretion, as well as cleaning and maintaining all of the equipment stored in the X room. Night shifts were hard but she was getting used to the...

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M Club Ch. 20

Graduation, when all good things must...

Author's foreword: Apologies for the long wait between chapters. This one is super-sized and, well, I think you'll understand by the end. # The first rule of M Club is: You don't talk about M Club. The second rule of M Club is: You don't talk about M Club. Third rule of M Club: No touching anyone but yourself. Fourth rule: No recording devices. Fifth rule: No clothing below the waist....

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ESTIM Experiences Ch. 07

Porn, self pleasuring and sexting.

Chapter 07: Indulgence Last night I spent a good part of the evening downloading various porn clips to watch later. So around 1 AM everyone else was going to sleep. Rummaged around the kitchen for about 20 minutes by then I knew everyone would be asleep for sure. Got everything ready and settled down stripped from the waist, started to stroke my cock damn it got so hard so fast. I have a new...

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Growing Up Pt. 04

Movie night with the girls.

I had just turned 18 and was living with my step-mom Hayley and her daughter (my ste-sister) Lauren. Hayley had given me her present last night. Lauren and Naomi (the girl next door) had just given me their birthday present in a lingerie store. _____ After arriving home from our very eventful shopping, Lauren, Naomi, and I found my step-mom Hayley out by the...

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