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Laura. Part 5

The continuing story of Laura and I. The names have not been changed.

Laura called me the next day and asked me how the meeting went. I figured since we were not a couple, just friends with benefits, I had nothing to hide. I told her what went down. I could tell by the tone of her voice and the way she asked questions that she was a little pissed. I had to figure out how to put out this fire. I attempted to change the subject a couple of times, but she kept drifting...

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Catharsis and Grace

This is a true story, well more of a recounting, pieced together through memories re-found. Leave comments, or don’t, I doubt I’ll read them, this is just a way for me to get it out and let it be. If it sounds familiar that’s because I uploaded an earlier version first, this is the edit.

This is a true story, well more of a recounting, pieced together through memories re-found. Leave comments, or don’t, I doubt I’ll read them, this is just a way for me to get it out and let it be. If it sounds familiar that’s because I uploaded an earlier version first, this is the edit. ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1974 was a strange place in time to be...

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Carole's Story 06a - Short Story - Adding to the Group

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This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!! For those of you who have not read any of what I have already chronicled about my wife I will give you some background and a deion. I found my wife when she was only eighteen, working as a secretary. She was, and still is, beautiful. She has...

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Potential Part 28

A teenage boy's normal struggles with growing up are complicated by his porn brain and pantie fetish, or at least that's what he thinks. There might be more to the story.

Other than the one he didn't have and wanted to give Deana right away, the rest made him uneasy. He had been glad Deana talked him into getting Candy one, but now he realized it would serve as a constant reminder that he fucked his father's wife. To Gloria, the ring meant they were going to do it. Once that happened, everything would change, again. He couldn't have a girlfriend who was his sister...

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Marina Fun

What started out as listening to a band, lead to more.

I had a sailboat that was on a river that lead to Lake Ontario. The marina had a outdoor bar and many nights live music. This particular night I went to the bar to listen. I had my two dogs with me. Dogs were forbidden on the deck, so I stood off the deck and listened. The dogs were a small breed and brought a lot of attention. Three women came down to chat with me about my dogs. It was a...

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Dad & Daughter

I started to rub my tits on his cock and in a few seconds he was thrusting.

Divorce sucks. I know it's not like I am making a groundbreaking statement here. But watching my parents go through it has been rough. Not as rough as watching their marriage fall apart over the course of the last 5 years--the constant fights, tension, disappointment, sleeping in separate beds and all the while trying to mask this from me and my two younger brothers. When everything was finalized...

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The Bathroom Mirror

She was only supposed to get a shower

For the longest time, I knew I had a second sister. But I didn't meet her until she just turned 15. And being 17 myself, I was still young and confused about some things, and was still reaching my sexual peak, as puberty had not yet completed it's transformation upon my teenage body. Her name is Melinda. The first time we met, we hugged of course. But I never even saw her until she was 15, so it...

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My Wife Is A Slut

My wife's true story about her first time. Fuck, it makes me cum just thinking about it!

My wife is a slut Teasing each other has always been a part of pillow talk for my wife and I. Sarah has always liked dirty talk and I don't mind to oblige her. Recently she discovered how much I like it when she talks about other men. I get jealous but I like to listen to her voice as we pleasure each other. Nothing quite as sexy as her eye contact while she strokes my cock and tells me about...

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A Drive-In Story

My fun time at a local drive-in.

I was working for an auto repair facility that repaired your vehicle on the road. My duties were to deliver the parts to the techs that repaired the vehicles. There was a lot of driving involved. I would stop and get gas at my favorite station. There was a girl that worked there that I took a liking to. Her name was Karen. She was about my height with brown hair down below her shoulders. We had...

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Spring Break

Spring Break many years ago.

This happened many more years ago than I care to admit. The names that I can remember have not been changed. My friend Jim and I decided to go to Florida on college spring break. We took turns driving my car. It was pretty far because we lived in New York State. We knew that Daytona Beach was the popular spot, but no rooms were available. We decided on Cocoa Beach. I remember the hotel we stayed...

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Laura. Part 3

This is the continuing story of Laura and I. None of the names have been changed

We got back to the table where Darlene, Joe , Sandra, Tom and Laura were. There were 2 other couples there. Introductions were made. I do not recall their names. Laura said she had to go to the bathroom. I said I would go too. I waited for Laura outside the bathroom. I asked her how she was doing. She said "OK." Then she asked me if I had fun. I said " Yep. We can talk about it on the ride home."...

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Performing for Aspen Sugar Daddy

Kip and I were offered a free weekend in Aspen, we just had to let a rich Wall Street Daddy watch us fuck. I love being watched so we thought we'd give it a try.

I told you guys that I had a crazy weekend here in Colorado and finally I've gotten a minute to sit down and tell you guys about it. I'm still in Colorado but headed back to Australia early next week after Kip's now famous Speedo Only Party (Kip is my host and work colleague) . Keep an eye on my blog next week to hear about the shenanigans that are bound to happen. Back to what we got up to last...

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Carole's Story 03 – Carole’s Training

Carole goes through slut training

This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!! For those of you who have not read any of what I have already chronicled about my wife I will give you some background and a deion. I found my wife when she was only eighteen, working as a secretary. She was, and still is, beautiful. She has...

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Laura. Part 4

The ongoing story of Laura and I.

We arrived at Laura's apartment after the long ride. Laura asked me if I would like to stay for the night. Since I was tired, I said yes. We got up the next morning and talked about our encounter. I asked her if she had a good time. Laura said "It was fun. I liked you behind me and me sucking Joe. I just wish he was hard when I was sucking him. " I asked her what she thought about Darlene playing...

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Chloe told me the day we met she wanted to fuck me. Good, as I felt the same way.

Chloe was a very different experience. While she took several classes with me and was my major advisee as well, Chloe and I knew from the day we met that we were going to fuck while she was in school. How do I know this, you might ask? The answer is, she basically told me so. She came to my office the first day of class to have me sign a slip transferring her from a colleague’s section of...

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My Sister

I decided to try our childhood games with my sister all these years later. Let the games begin.

My Sister When my older sister and I were young, we played the show me yours game, but after showing her my cock and balls, she would always chicken out. I never did get to see her pussy or tits. Fast forward to now, when I still get hard thinking of her, and jerk off to visions of playing sex games with her. We are both married and I know she shares my inclination to watch porn. As two couples,...

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Laura. Part 2

The continuing story of Laura and I . None of the names have been changed.

Laura and I decided to go to the next meeting and greet. It was a month later. I could hardly wait. I guess this group had them once a month. Laura said she wanted to get fucked and suck a cock at the same time. I asked her if she wanted one of the guys to be me. She said yes. I asked her " What guy would I be?" She said " I want you to be fucking me." I said So you will be blowing the other...

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Laura. Part 1

A continuing story with Laura

Laura was a girl I had known for a while. I had met her while I was grocery shopping. I was on my way home from work and I needed some groceries. At some point during my shopping I turned my cart around a corner and my cart bumped hers. I said I was sorry and continued shopping. We passed a couple of times in different aisles. As I was driving out of the parking lot, I saw her walking with two...

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Sucking Off an Aussie Str8 Boy

Alex was a guy I knew a little bit but not that well. One day I saw him at the pool looking absolutely amazing in his speedos. We hung out at the pool a little bit and I was in love (with his body). But Alex had a girlfriend and appeared to be 100% straight to me. Little did I know....

Since I’ve moved back to Aussie I’ve been swimming at the local pool three times a week on average. With my schedule being pretty open I go during the day when the pool is quiet and I don’t think I’ve had to share a lane yet. Everyone who is swimming laps is wearing speedos or jammers which is awesome (it wasn’t like that in Colorado last winter – I didn’t see a single speedo my entire trip). A...

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Meeting James Chapter 1

A college girl meets an older man in Las Vegas.

My friend and I pulled up at valet parking in the front of the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. It was a warm spring evening and the sun had just begun to set behind the mountains. The air smelled fresh and clean, an anomaly for the strip I thought. I smiled to myself when I noticed the valet sneaking a peek at my legs when I extended them and stepped out of Sue’s car. Maybe this would be a good...

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The moment when fantasizing turned to reality

This is my first story i am posting so please go easy on me. Constructive critique is welcomed and i can accept that to improve my writing :).

My story begins a while ago in the past, in a moment when i was exploring my bi side. I am a slim guy, 1.65, without too much body hair. I was always into exploring everything that had a sexual side, but until the age of 24 i have only been with girls. The only thing that fueled my other fantasies was masturbating and stimulating my ass in any way i could. I started slowly, with fingers and...

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one fun night with wife and friend

husband and wife talk friend in to a little fun one night and turned in to a fun first time threesome

well this is some of the wonderful times of Jo’s and his wife Jo is 27 tall about 6’ around 185 and short blond hair, Sam ( short for Samantha ) tall also 5’10” 160 long brown hair to just above her nice round ass she is 26 awesome shape big tits and man what a round ass I so love her ass she has a neck that just screams to be kissed and a super sexy belly just love to lay on...

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No Mercy for Doris

Husband wants to see his lovely young oriental wife used hard and rough, but she won't remember a thing.

Every so often my neighbour Jack asks a special friend to call round. This is a retired stage magician and hypnotist called Joe, and the reason Jack calls him is for Joe to practice his skills on Jack's lovely young wife, Doris, who is a very pretty girl, very small and slim, and very sexy. She is half oriental, not obviously so, but enough for it to show in a very sexy way. Normally she is quite...

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My Hot Mother Malini and Me

I wanted to make my mother happy.

Dear readers, I am P N abhi Ram a very handsome man of 33 years. This is an actual account of mine that happened 10 years back, I.e. when i was 23 years old. By the title of this story you know that this a incident that took place between me and my hot mother. So let us go that period. Actually this thought had occurred me in my mother tongue that is in telugu. I am writing this in English for the...

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Feels Like the First Time... Sapphic Edition

Simply Put... My First Time With a Woman

Authors Note: I want to thank my friend and Editor Jim (Mojavejoe420) for helping me. As always, I love your comments and critiques. They give me inspiration and help me become a better writer. - - - - - “Maybe it's not such a bad thing, Mel. I mean… I’ve talked to Lisa and she told me that she has a real problem with John’s size and… you know… when they do it, it's actually painful for...

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Sister in law

Unexpected chance encounter with one very hot sister in law

Ali is my sister in law and at 37, 5 feet 6 tall, size 12 with strikingly natural black bobbed hair, she is a very normal, shy mum of three. Our two families have grown up together like a lot of families, spending Christmases and other holidays at each other's homes. Ali and her family came to stay with us on their way back from their Sumer holiday this year. The timing was perfect as we have just...

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Meeting James Chapter 4

Melanie comes clean to her friends and meets Gianna.

It was a very emotional morning and I felt miserable. Watching James walk into McCarran and leave for Los Angeles, I felt like I was being abandoned. I knew I had no right to feel that way, but I couldn't seem to get my emotions under control. I had never felt like this before. I thought I had experienced some bad break-ups in high school, but none of them felt as bad as this. The cabbie took me...

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Big brother's best friend

This is a true story, of my first time. I've found lots of guys liked hearing stories of my sexual experiences, so I thought I'd share them here.

I was surprised, but I wasn't. I mean, yeah why would he be at my door when my brother left an hour ago? But something was different tonight. There was an energy between us, that hadn't been there before. He said "Hey" and smiled at me, but differently than usual. I'd known him for years, but for the first time he wasn't looking at me like I was Kevin's little sister. Of course, if I had known...

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Double luck in Hong Kong Airport pt 2

This is part 2

I wanted to start of part two by clarifying something about the end of part one. When I got out of the shower I didn’t know at that time that manager had put a couple in the cabin next to me, but he did tell me at some point to try to stay quiet because he put a couple in there. _______ Standing in front of me at the door was this very attractive black man about 6 feet...

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Coward Little Housewife

I was not spared even while I attended a marriage function with my family

This is a fiction story, so enjoy it. Let me introduce myself. I’m Geeta Singh Anant, age 21, fit body, slender legs, especially curved thighs especially thicker than normal. Firm and straight boobs as especially noticed by everyone, fair skin, height 5 feet 5 inch. I myself am amazed that 34 sized boobs can stand so straight even without a bra. My nipples are semi brown in color. My face has an...

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