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Transcendant Sensuality - 15

Karla's headed to Argentina, and a plan is in place to take care of Kevin.

“I’ve ruined it.” Kevin looked up from his paper at his gorgeous, auburn-haired wife. “What have you ruined? We can buy another, whatever it is.” “I’ve ruined what we had. All the mystery, the sensuality, it’s all gone. Everything that we started this experience for is all gone.” Kevin folded his paper. “Sometimes the workings of your mind escape me,” he admitted. “The...

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Transcendant Sensuality - 12

Karla is the driving force, master manipulator, and in charge as the Halloween Weekend Party begins.

“Is that what you’re wearing?” Tom asked Tanya as she entered their living room. “At first,” she replied. “You like it?’ It was a white gown with narrow shoulder straps and a V-cut down to her navel. It covered the outside portion of her breasts, leaving the inside flesh of the rounded swell visible. The back was open to below her waist. The fabric gathered at her waist with what...

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Transcendant Sensuality - 10

Karla and Tanya devise plan to get Tom back on track involving a swap and phone sex.

Karla set about writing the invitations the next morning as Kevin scanned the paper before leaving for work. The light, sing-song tune of Karla’s phone broke the silence. “It’s Tanya,” Karla told Kevin she retrieved the phone. “Good morning, darling.” “What have you got on for today?” Tanya’s voice came through the tiny speaker. Kevin crumpled his paper in his lap. “Good morning,...

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Transcendant Sensuality - 9

The plane ride home, and Karla tells Kevin about her future plans for both of them.

As they settled in the first class cabin of the jet taking them home, Karla lifted the cuff of Kevin’s jacket, slid her hand underneath his and intertwined her fingers with his so his hand lay atop hers. Kevin looked at her and smiled. “You’re my master,” she whispered to him. Kevin chuckled. “No, I’m not. We’re partners.” “Okay,” she nodded, her auburn locks waving forward and...

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Transcendant Sensuality - 8

Karla confesses her threesome to Tanya, the travels to Chicago to seduce Ted.

“There’s a bartender in your lounge by the name of Ted,” Kevin spoke into the phone. “I don’t want any personal information. I just want to get a message to him.” “I’m not allowed to confirm anyone who works here,” the mature female voice intoned. “Okay, fine. Just write this down, and if a bartender named Ted happens to be employed there, pass him the message. The note should say that...

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Transcendant Sensuality - 6

Karla and Kevin reconnect as she plans future engagements and Kevin deals with Jasmine's situation.

“Kind of a rocky start,” Kevin observed to his wife the following morning as he poured a cup of coffee for her into a blue pottery mug. Karla looked great to him. Her hair was tousled yet still had billows of auburn surrounding her face. She wore a simple, light, white peignoir that hid little of her features. She eased onto a stool at the breakfast bar and smiled as he handed her the mug....

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Transcendent Sensuality - 4

Karla plans a holiday party. The experience expands and sensuality is heightened.

“We need to host a holiday party,” Karla announced to Kevin nearly two months after their last meeting with Julian. “Okay,” Kevin said, unwilling to argue. “Who are you thinking of inviting?” “Well, Tom and Tanya, Don and Denise, Gary and Gloria, to start.” “Doesn’t sound too heavy a guest list.” “Well, those are the ones I thought of at first blush. I’m sure we can come up...

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Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 10

Sue comforts a returning friend

JFK, New York: Sunday 11th February 2018 The cup of coffee was a life-saver. Strong, black, Grande. Full of the flavors of Africa. There are very few friends I like enough to get me out of a warm bed at six a.m. on a New York winter’s morning. But Francis, especially in his current state of mourning was one of those few friends. But without that steaming cup of Ethiopian black, I’d have been...

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Transcendent Sensuality - 3

Karla's continuing exploration hits a disappointing rough spot, but Julian saves the day.

Would there be a next time? Karla smiled to herself. Oh, hell, YES! she thought. There would definitely be a next time. He has led her down this road and she wanted to explore its variations, every twist, turn, rise and expanse to its fullest. She loved Kevin to distraction. They were soul-mates. Sometimes she thought he could read her mind but not in this instance. He didn’t really...

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Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 9

Pete describes the rest of the weekend and sad news from Lagos

Scarsdale, New York: Friday 19th January 2018 As Sue’s FaceTime call was cut-off by Mikey I felt like a man in Purgatory. The excitement of watching Sue with her three young, college-age black lovers had been a huge and intense high. And now it was gone. It felt like a huge hole had been ripped in my chest. The blank seventy-five-inch screen, so full of life just seconds ago, seemed to now mock...

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Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 8

Sue and I reflect on Lagos and Sue has a request

Scarsdale, New York: Early evening Sunday 14th January 2018 Sanguine is one of those great words. I’m not smart or academic enough to know if it really counts as onomatopoeic. But I still think it’s a pretty great word that captures how Sue and I were feeling that Sunday evening. We’d arrived back from Lagos in the early hours of Sunday. This time we were Mr. and Mrs. 8A and 8B for the eleven...

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Feeding an Addiction Part 2: Ch 7

Just after New Year 2018, Francis finally flew to Nigeria

35,000 Feet above Central Africa: 13:00 Thursday 4th January 2018 “Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just commenced our descent into Lagos International Airport. Could you please return to your seats, put your seats upright, and stow any tables and electrical devices you’ve been using. Please ensure your seat belt is buckled up as our cabin crew will now start collecting up the headsets.” To a weary...

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Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 6

Not the two weeks I expected from Hurricane Grace’s New York stay

JFK Airport, New York: 21:00 Wednesday 3rd January 2018 “Hurry up, honey,” Sue shouted over her shoulder as she scurried towards the departure area. “If you don’t hurry up …” before her words trailed off as she bumped into someone coming in the opposite direction. Working out how to respond to Francis’ proposition about accompanying him to Nigeria had been a really hard call. He was a good...

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Shall We Play? Part 2

The events from Logan's point of view

I hope you’ve heard my wife’s side of our little story of how we got started “playing.” I want to give you my side. As she told you, my name is Logan Wallman. I’m forty years old, married to Alissa. You know all this; let me get right to my side of the story. My buddy Russell and I went on a weekend fishing trip. It was just a good excuse to get away. We fished but mostly drank and talked....

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After the Reunion Ch 19-b

Sunday afternoon, October 15, 2028 The two kids were playing Chutes and Ladders; they’d worn their dad out and I was watching for Addie when she got home, but they hadn’t noticed… not until she came in the house through the garage-kitchen door. When they realized she was there, the game was instantly forgotten and they rushed to their mom’s arms. “I missed you, Mommy!’ both Katie and Kevin...

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Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 5

Grace settles in as our house guest

Scarsdale, New York: Monday 12th December 2017 Sue slowly came back down to earth, the tension now gone from her spent body. As her eyes opened and she looked at me I realized there was no hint of embarrassment or shame in her face. I’d thought that now the excitement had passed, there might be some adverse reaction. But Sue’s face was pure undiluted contentment. Fully satisfied and not caring...

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Pam Explains the Last Two Months Part 6

Pam Tells Rob and He Reclaims Her

Rob arrived home just twenty minutes after Jack left. He found me tidying up in the kitchen. I had already gathered up my discarded clothes from the living room floor, including my panties from the bathroom and thrown them all into the washing machine. My panties were soaked with Jack’s cum. As I threw them in the washer, I couldn’t help fingering some of the dollops of fresh sperm between my...

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The Neighbor

Danny gets a double surprise next door.

Danny glided through the water, casually swimming from one end of the pool to the other. It was a beautiful pool and he was welcome to use it any time he wanted. He was glad he had such nice neighbors, as he missed having a pool of his own. The day was a very warm one and the cool water felt good. “Here's you some lemonade,” he heard his neighbor Lisa call out. As he turned to look towards...

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Pam Explains The Last Two Months Part 5

Pam Finally Goes All The Way!

When Rob asked me to share my side of our story, I never in my wildest dreams thought we’d be at Part Five. The way things are developing in my parts of the story makes me think I might need at least one or two more chapters to take readers up to the point Rob left off. Rob often teases me by saying I can talk the pants off a horse. Apparently, there’s more truth in his teasing than I thought....

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First Time Without Him

I met a man for a rendezvous of sex for the first time without my husband.

Whenever Jack and I engaged in swinging with other couples and other men, we always went as a couple. And now for the first time I was facing the challenge of going at it alone. We were supposed to meet with a man named Phillip on a Friday night for drinks and have a room reserved for later, but Jack was called out on an urgent business trip that Friday afternoon. Jack had already reserved and...

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Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 3

Pete and Sue have some hard conversations and inch things forward

Scarsdale, New York: Saturday 11th November 2017 Sue finally stopped looking up at the sky, having finished whatever profound thinking the evening’s turmoil and her conversation with Francis had provoked. I saw her turn and wrap her arms tight around herself as protection against the sub-zero November temperatures. As I heard the front door open and then close, I felt a sense of dread and fear...

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After the Reunion, Ch 19-a

The day of Adriana's date

Saturday morning, October 14, 2028 I watched our new van with my wife driving turn the corner and pass out of my sight. I wasn’t kidding her when I said I was terrified. This situation is so different than anything else we’ve done, sending her off, encouraging her to fall for another guy, a young, probably good-looking, eligible guy. Stupid, stupid, stupid! But I know I couldn’t have stopped her...

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Pam Explains The Last Two Months Part 4

Pam and Rob have "the Talk"

By Sunday, Rob was feeling much better. We made love that night. I did the work while he quietly lay under me so as to not move his knee any more than necessary. It was good. Best of all, we cuddled afterwards and fell asleep in each other's arms. Monday was back to regular life, getting the kids off to school and cleaning house. Rob was my captive as he’d be off work for at least another ten...

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Back In The Swing

Home in a new town, after a hiatus we start our fun and games again!

After the softball game I invited a couple of the guys back to the house for a swim. Since moving to Hillside for the new job last fall, Monica and I had been pretty busy getting the house set up and made ours; shopping, some small fix-it projects. She'd found work while I'd settled into my new responsibilities, but over the months there really hadn't been time for social interaction. So I'd been...

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Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 2

Sue and Francis out on a date, Pete’s home alone

Scarsdale, New York: Friday 10th November 2017 Friday night is party night. Most guys all around the world were out with their girlfriends or wives. Me? I was stuck at home while my woman was out with another man, thinking to myself ‘how the hell did we end up here?’ Sue and I were a dedicated, loving and conventional couple. Twice we’d tried something different, and twice we’d stopped. How...

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Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 1

Pete returns to New York.

35,000 ft, Eastern Seaboard, Sunday 04:00 5th November 2017 Someone very smart once said, ‘When the facts change, I change my mind.’ Four in the morning, still two hours left of my long journey home, and a less eloquent version was, ‘only a fool never has second thoughts.’ I was definitely having second and possibly even third and first thoughts. In my case, the facts that had changed...

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Pam Explains The Last Two Months Part 3

Rob thinks it was way funnier that I did.

If you’ve been reading along with the series you know my name is Pam, I’m in my mid-thirties and I’ve been married to my childhood sweetheart, Rob since we got out of high school. If you haven’t read the series yet, I encourage you to start at the beginning so you’ll get the most out of this episode Our lives have changed dramatically in the last two months. Rob asked me to fill you in on the...

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My Wife and the Persian Princess

Alvah and G have their first threesome with another woman

Since Galatea and I started swinging about a year or so ago, it seems that new sexual adventures have been openly presenting themselves more and more. Just mentioning swinging in casual conversation sparks intrigue and excitement in others outside of the lifestyle. People that one would never guess would be interested begin asking questions about how we got started, about parties in the area,...

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Feeding An Addiction: A Three-way Street Ch 21

My love-making with Grace prompts Sue and me to face some deep questions about the future.

Karonga, Malawi: Monday 23rd October 2017 Sue continued to look at me with that strange expression. I was really struggling to read her and know what she was thinking. Anger? Indecision and desire? Hurt feelings? I couldn’t be certain, but my gut told me she was going through all of these. I toyed with asking Grace to leave so we could talk. I was about to reject this and play some power game...

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Feeding an Addiction: A Three-way Street Ch 20

Pete’s lucky day as he receives two presents

Karonga, Malawi: Monday 23rd October 2017 As the sun streamed through the hotel window, I couldn’t get the words out of my head. 'I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom for me and you. And I think to myself what a wonderful world. ’ Louis Armstrong’s velvety tones serenaded me into another week. All felt good in the world. The project was still a mess. But that was only...

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