A Hospitable Gesture Ch. 01

As I got out of the hot tub, Josh asked if it would be ok if he could stay in a little longer. I told him to enjoy as long as he wanted and gave some quick instructions on how to shut the jets off and put the lid down. My wife had climbed out ahead of me and was starting to dry her body with a towel when I looked back to remind him how to turn off the decorative lights hanging nearby. I did a double take as I spoke and caught his eyes intently watching her.

I smirked and pretended to not notice his stare before walking inside with Alyssa close behind. We walked upstairs quietly, so as to not wake the kids who had gone to sleep a couple hours earlier. When we got to the door of the master bedroom, my wife suddenly remembered she had left her watch on the table near the hot tub. Worried it might rain later that night, she went back down the stairs and outside to retrieve it.

"What's so funny?" I said while holding her waist to balance her as she stepped out of her swimsuit.

I frowned. "That's weird. I thought he wanted to stay in longer. We were only gone for a minute or two."

"Oh man. So what happened? Did you say anything?" I asked with a laugh.

I shook my head slowly. Josh and I had been friends for a few years since working together at a previous job. He was recently divorced and although we had only met his ex-wife a couple times, Alyssa did not care for her. When we heard they were separating, we were secretly happy for him because we felt he could have done much better in both looks and personality. He was devastated for a while, but luckily they had not had any kids to make the divorce even messier.

"No, I'm sure he was just embarrassed. The poor guy probably hasn't got anything since Trisha left him last year." I said sympathetically.

I just shrugged and mentioned how busy he's been with work and reminded her that he's a little shy around people he doesn't know. "Maybe you could help him out and introduce him to someone? You have to have some friends left that are still single right?"

Watching the water run down her naked body as she squirted shampoo into her hand somehow triggered something in my brain. I hesitated, but then decided to go for it. "You know... there is probably some other way you could help him..."

I laughed and told her that the little bit of extra weight she had put on all went to making her tits and ass look even more amazing. "Seriously, I can't imagine a guy that wouldn't jump at the chance to get with you for some no-strings-attached fun. Plus, I never said anything about you fucking him. Maybe a handjob or something to help relieve some of his tension. Just a thought."

As we stepped out and started drying off, Alyssa spoke, "Be real, do you REALLY think he'd want a handjob from me?" She pointed to herself as if in disbelief that someone would find her attractive.

Alyssa fell silent again for a couple minutes as she dried and brushed her long, medium-brown hair. The whole conversation had gotten me very turned on. The thought of my wife stroking some other guy had my cock standing at attention as I tried to slip on my boxers. I conjured up mental images of her kneeling at his feet as sprays of cum shot all over her face. Another of her laying beside him on the guest bed, her hand moving quickly up and down under his sweatpants until a wet spot formed.

She walked into the bedroom as I answered, "I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do. However, I think it could be fun and a confidence boost for you." I grinned and added, "I also think it would be a hospitable gesture in solving a 'problem' that our house guest has."

I thought for a moment and then responded, "How about this? I will send him a text message letting him know you are going to come down and see if he needs anything. That will be enough for him to know that if you are down there for awhile, I know what's happening. Tell him he can text me back and ask point blank if he thinks you are lying."

A mixed of excitement and jealousy ran through me all at once as Alyssa picked up a scrunchy from the nightstand and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. "I'm doing this because you obviously want me to and because I like Josh. Don't expect me to turn into some handjob whore for any guy that walks into our house. Send him the text. If I get rejected, I'll be back in a couple minutes and will not be speaking to you. Otherwise I'll be back in... well I guess that depends on how long he takes." She turned and walked towards the bedroom door.

"Alyssa coming down to see if u need anything ;)"

A couple years ago, the inner-pervert had taken over and I had installed a spy cam in the base of the TV in the guest room. Since then, Alyssa's sister had visited multiple times and I got a chance to see her in various states of undress as well as fucking her husband when they thought we were asleep. I once again felt guilty for betraying the privacy of the guests that had stayed in our room, but only until I saw the video feed appear. Josh was lying on the bed typing on his phone.

Within a minute of the message being received I saw him stand up and walk to the door. Unfortunately the spy cam didn't have a microphone, so I couldn't hear the knock, but at least it was a slightly grainy 1080p resolution. I couldn't see the door from the angle of the camera, so I had to guess what was happening. I hoped Alyssa would be firm with the proposition, otherwise I could see him being shy and turning her down. I held my breath as my heart pounded in my chest.

Alyssa was in her mid-30's and after seven years of marriage and two kids, her body wasn't as tight as it used to be, but she still had curves in all the right places. The black, one-piece bathing suit she wore was fairly nondescript with the exception of how low-cut it was. She was usually fairly modest, so I don't think she had meant for the suit to fit as it did when she first purchased it years ago. However, after our daughter was born, her breasts seemed to have stayed at a 36C instead of shrinking back to the 32B when we had first met.

Walking into the master bathroom, I immediately turned on the shower and let it heat up while I brushed my teeth. Alyssa returned a minute later, giggling as she entered the bathroom. I gave her a puzzled look as we both stepped into the shower with our swimwear still on. She kept a huge grin on her face as she peeled off the black polyester suit.

She continued to smile, but was silent for a few seconds. Finally, she said, "Well, Josh was getting out of the hot tub as I walked back outside to get my watch."

Alyssa pursed her lips before continuing. "I think he was trying to hide the fact that he had popped quite a tent in his trunks." She started giggling again. We had been drinking earlier in the evening when he first came over and then again after the kids had gone to bed. She was obviously still feeling the effects.

Alyssa looked at the ceiling of the shower and winced. "You know me and how awkward I get sometimes. I just giggled and said sorry or something as I went over and got my watch. He tried to bend over and act like he was doing something with the hot tub controls, but it was super-obvious. I just said goodnight and left as fast as I could. He didn't say anything back. I hope he doesn't think I was upset."

When I found out a tree had fallen the wrong way in a windstorm a few days before and smashed a portion of his roof, I got wife-approval and then invited him to stay with us in the basement guest bedroom. His landlord said he would make sure the roof was repaired within a week. This was the third night he had stayed with us and going into the weekend I looked forward to hanging out with him more as he had been working late both previous nights.

My wife looked surprised. "Really? You don't think he's been back in the dating game yet? He seems like he'd be a catch."

Alyssa thought for a moment and shook her head as she reached for the shampoo bottle.

As she lathered her long dark-brown hair with the shampoo, her eyes darted over to me as the rest of her face presented a mix of confusion and mirth. "Yeah right. Even if you were serious AND I wanted to do it, there is no way he'd be interested. I'm huge right now. I know we talk dirty about me fucking other guys while we are having sex, but that's just a bedroom fantasy."

We finished showering in silence. I assumed my wife was annoyed at me for suggesting she go give my friend a handjob like some kind of prostitute. I figured it would blow over and we'd never discuss it again.

Relieved to find out that her self-consciousness was why she had stopped talking, I quickly responded, "Only one way to find out!", with a nervous laugh. "But being real, yes, I think he or almost any other single, straight male would. I mean, if he doesn't, it would have to be because he is my friend and would think you were cheating on me. But if he knew I was fine with it, I can't think of any reason he would turn down a beautiful woman jerking him off. You are the reason he had that hard-on that you witnessed. I caught him watching you getting out of the hot tub."

I jerked as my wife asked, "So, is that what you want? Would you want me to go jerk him off?" Her tone was serious and she was looking right at me. She could see how hard I was as I sat on the side of the bed.

"What if it's like you said and he thinks it's me cheating on you and you don't know. And what if he is ok with it? Do you want to be friends with someone like that?" Alyssa was still looking very serious.

Up until this point, Alyssa was still naked from the shower, but was now putting on a pair of pink pajama pants. She took a deep breath. "Ok, fine... I'll do it if you really want me to. But it's just a handjob and he'll have to accept me fully clothed and without makeup." She pulled a black tank top over her head. "I'm also going to tell him he isn't allowed to touch me."

I wanted to say something but my mouth was dry. As she pulled the door closed behind her, I reach for my phone and with shaking hands typed a text message to Josh.

I pressed send. Why did I put a winking emoji? I guess so he was sure that I knew about the proposition. My head was spinning and I wasn't thinking 100% clearly. I quickly opened up the spy cam app on my phone. What Alyssa didn't know was that I was going to watch her jerk off Josh. I started stroking myself slowly in anticipation as the app loaded.

My phone buzzed and I saw a message from him: "ummm ok?" I didn't bother responding.