Milk for Lilia

_Author's Note: I wrote this back in 2015 as a request. It is a monster (for me) at 20,000 words long and was my first (and last) attempt at writing male on male erotica. I apologize in advance if it gets repetitive or ridiculous, whenever I thought this piece finished, my requester would request another scene. This contains bisexual content and ungodly amounts of semen, so if that isn't your thing, I don't think this is for you.

Lilia yawned and stretched her nubile body awake as best she could. Nothing could beat a good nap for a neko like herself, except maybe a bowl of milk. Still she stretched more on the soft welcoming rug, it would not give her up easily. Her generous ivory breasts rubbed against its every fiber, tickling her pink nipples.

Letting out a small sneeze she rose and looked out the window. She never understood why people had blinds. The world was beautiful. What was the point of having them, if people only covered them up?

"Time for some milk." She pulled herself away from the sill.

The kitchen smelled fishy, upon the countertop several empty cans of tuna still sat. Lilia was a simple kitty-girl, she had enjoyed many evenings of the same dish, and often she had forgotten to clean up the mess, only to enjoy the remaining miasma it left behind.

On her tiptoes she retrieved a small saucer from the cupboard. She liked the colors on it, and on the side it even had her name in fancy lettering.

The cold rush enveloped her and sent goosebumps up and down her body. Her nipples stood on end as she examined the contents within.

She had to be mistaken, hurriedly she scanned the shelves again, and checked the door just to be sure, throwing open the freezer she dove through more frozen seafood, but to no avail. Had she finished it already? It couldn't be gone, not when she was so cushy and relaxed.

Suddenly she heard deep voices from outside. Could it be the milkman? She would investigate.

"Are you the milkman?"

"Are you the...? Hold on, I'll come to you!" With that Lilia wiggled through the window, her bottom flying in the air as she plopped through and fell into the patch of grass beneath her.

"What's the hold up, Rob? Where's the ball?"

"Are you the milkman? I'm really hungry for cream, but I'm all out!"

"Uh, why are you naked?"

The one in the cap responded, "Right...sorry we're not..." his friend interrupted him.

Lilia's face lit up. "Really? That's wonderful! Can I have some?"

Rob pulled him aside, "Dillon, what are you doing? She's just an innocent neko, stop teasing her, we don't have any milk."

Rob turned to the curious, nude, kitty in front of him, "Fine, just don't get us into trouble."

"That's okay. What's your name? We'll get you a free sample."

"Well Lilia, do you know where milk comes from?"

"Sometimes it does, but you can get milk from other places too. Guys can make lots of milk. Why do think they're called milkmen?"

"I'll show you." Dillon began to unbuckle his pants, from his zipper fell a monstrous, veiny cock. It was already half-erect, and twitched in the hot summer air. "You see, it comes out of this, this is called a cock. To get the milk, you gotta work hard and stroke it."

"The milk comes out of the tip?" Lilia queried.

"What're those?"

He was fully erect now, and his puffy head enlarged beneath the guidance of his fingertips. His shaft was on fire, and quickly becoming hotter with each stroke.

Lilia played with her tail and bit her lip in anticipation. "Will it be much longer? I'm hungry."

Lilia obeyed, kneeling she cupped her tiny hands and blinked approvingly.

"Oh, wow! Thanks! It's so nice and warm!" Lilia weighed the load in her hands. Most of it had reached its destination but still more strands painted her forearms and the sidewalk below.

Lilia brought her nose to her hands and sniffed deeply. "It doesn't smell much like milk."

She shrugged, and brought the base of her palms to her lips. After several heavy chugs, Lilia whipped her head back, trying to get every drop.

"Uh...yeah. Goddamn."

Dillon elbowed him in the stomach. "Sorry, just excited to get more milk for you. That's all."

"More swears! Are you guys excited to give me more milk too?" Lilia jiggled excitedly in place.

"More milk? What's a little neko doing around here? Uh, Dillon, why do you have your cock out?" Frank paused and stared at the freshly squeezed cock, for some reason he couldn't take his eyes off of it.

"Oh, really?" Frank smirked. "I think we can all help you with that. Right boys?"

"Right boys?" Frank repeated encouragingly.

"Great! You guys must make lots of milk, I dunno if I could catch it all with my hands."

"That's a wonderful idea! Follow me I know just what to get to catch all your tasty milk!"

The men ogled her plump rear as she giddily wiggled herself back through the open window and opened her door from the other side. "Come on in! We'll have lots of fun!"

The living room featured a large rug with claw marks in it. Along the far wall a large sofa, and two recliners sat, covered in tufts of red hair. In front of the furniture was a small wooden coffee table which half the group rested their feet on as they got comfortable.

"Thank you!" Lilia said, as she walked to the kitchen.

Dillon had left his cock out, it had grown soft and now it rested on his distended sack. Eagerly he took it up again and began rubbing it fervently. Rob shrugged and whipped out his own staff. It too was long and curved gently to the left. His head had swollen against the inside of his pants, and now in the open air it was free to grow even more.

"Some of us more than others." Frank presented his impressive snake, which rivaled even Dillon's.

Lilia clapped in splendid approval, and smiled with her tiny fangs. "Just shoot it right in the bowl when you're ready!"

"Damn, Rob, I never knew you were packing so much." Dillon had taken his cock in both hands and wrenched himself up and down.

"Will you two shut up? I'm trying to concentrate on cumming, and your yammering is helping." Frank sneered, and squeezed his dick harder.

Rob readied his dick closer to the bowl. The crystalline cup was flawless and translucent, a vacant dish just begging to be filled, he would need to fix that. He tugged hard so that the full force of his grip tickled his frenum, and concentrated at the tip. In a matter of seconds, he grunted in short fits of ecstasy, as long trails of sperm dashed across the bowl and beyond.

Frank was a stocky man, who winced as his wide spout unleashed more rapid streams into the bowl.

Hot whips of warm cum rocketed from each individual. One after another streams rushed through the air, and dirtied the bottom of the bowl. Numerous jets crisscrossed and met as they left their owners, creating an alabaster patchwork of semen across the glass.

"Nice one, Tyler. My loads never get that big!" someone complimented.

"There's your milk for you, kitty, drink up!" Frank hollered satisfactorily.

Despite the boys diligent efforts only the thinnest layer of milk coated the bottom. While strings still ran downward to gather, the whole collection was not as impressive as she'd hoped.

"Well..." Lilia shifted her eyes downward and pouted. "I normally get a full carton at the store, and this is only a few cups..." she tilted the bowl to and fro, showing the thick white blobs rolling into each other and combining into a singular mass of white. "And besides, this milk looks spoiled...its all thick and globby. Have you guys been milking yourselves regularly?"

"Why do you look all embarrassed? I know there's more quality milk in those balls. Some of them have even shriveled up to concentrate it better!" Lilia sat her petite frame on the coffee table, and settled the bowl in her lap, the rim was slick with plasma and nearly escaped her hands, before she brought it close and hugged it. "More milk please! The whole bowl if you can, I'll wait for your cocks to get hard again."

"You heard her. She wants more milk, if she doesn't get her way, she might not drink it. We have to at least try."

Cheers rang out, as the boys slapped their recovering cocks against their stomachs.

"That's right, Lilia." Tyler tore off his remaining clothes, "Your such a smart, kitty!"

"Lilia, you just sit tight, we'll get you your milk, right now I think this party needs some balloons." Dillon dug in the pocket of his abandoned pants. The corner of the room was quickly becoming a mass of dirty clothes, and underwear. Now almost the entire group joined in nudity.

All characters depicted are fictitious and over the age of 18 despite being quite air-headed. _

The warm rays of the noonday sun streamed through the bay window and fell upon Lilia's sleeping form. She had found her favorite spot on the rug to curl up and sunbathe. Her ears twitched above her spiky red hair and her eyelids fluttered as she flirted with wakefulness. Her long feline tail brushed gently against the floor; whipping playfully around as it tried to catch a delicious beam.

Finally she righted herself, and began to deliver long licks to her legs, kitties had to keep themselves clean after all. She ran her rough tongue over her knuckles before combing it over her messy hair. Her pussy too, needed to be cleaned, her flexible nature allowed her to reach her inner thighs, and paint her pubis with a fitful layer of saliva.

The glass was as warm as the rug, as she tasted the heat with her ample chest. She purred as she pressed herself against it. All her windows had notable smears where she had gotten to know the sun better.

The thought of her favorite treat made her shiver. A cold bowl paired with more sunbathing and yarn would make for the perfect afternoon.

In the center of the table an enormous glass bowl overflowed with her favorite toys. Stuffed mice, pretty strings tied to wands, and a the bottom, a few bags of catnip, were some of her guilty pleasures.

"Lilia's gonna get some, get some, get some, miiiiilk." she hummed as she opened the fridge.

There were still strips of grilled chicken, a few chewy fruit bars, along with a twelve pack of her favorite energy drink Extreme Feline, and a platter of sushi for any healthy, growing kitty, but no carton of milk.

"Nyah! No milk!" Lilia slumped at the kitchen table, how was she supposed to enjoy her weekend now? She grumbled and pawed at the tiny felt mouse poking out of her bowl of toys. She didn't want to go to the store to get more. She was hungry now. Maybe she could ask her neighbors for help? One way or another she would get her cream.

Running from the kitchen, she saw several boys on the street framed by the living room window. Without hesitation she threw up the sash, leaned her full torso out and called to them.

"What?" only one of them called back, he had a baseball cap, and was retrieving something from the front yard.

Her breasts leapt as she ran up to him. He was a young guy with cool blue eyes, and a slender build under his tank top and shorts. Before she could inquire again, another man approached and spoke.

"I got it. This girl wanted to know—"

The two men looked her over curiously. Obliviously she stood naked before them, unfazed by their odd stares.

"What? Why aren't you? Who wears clothes on the weekend, silly?" She rubbed her knuckles against her hair, it had become messy in her fall from the window.

"He is! In fact we both are."

"Sure, we can get you some. We can get you a bunch."

"I've got some milk for her. Give me a break, let's just see how far we can take this."

Lilia's eyes were wide and wanting. "I have money for milk, uh, back in my house. You want me to go get it?"

"My name is Lilia."

"From cows, right? The moo-moo animals?"

"How? Where does it come from?" she cocked her head.

Dillon slowly began to jack his massive tool, while Lilia looked on in fascination. The bulbous thing was enormous in his hands, as he worked it even Rob couldn't help but look at it with reluctant admiration.

"Yep, just out of that little hole at the end." Dillon smiled and continued to jerk, freeing himself up, he pulled out his balls and let them rest on his denim jeans.

"These are balls. That's where the milk is stored. You gotta pump to get it out." Dillon's face was turning flushed. He looked around quickly, Lilia and Rob's eyes were enough to excite him, but he wondered if anyone else was looking.

He grunted as felt the primal pleasure flood into his brain. He readjusted his footing, and continued to scrub his cock raw. Pre-cum cried from his tip, and greased him just right, he was going to cum soon.

"Just a few more seconds. Hold out your hands, and I'll give you a big sample."

Dillon let out a guttural cry and soon thick white jets of cream erupted from his swollen member. Each contraction allowed more and more of his essence to splurt out and fill Lilia's awaiting hands to the brim.

"Go ahead, try it." Rob rolled his eyes as Dillon caught a remaining string dangling from his tip and massaged it onto himself.

"It is." Dillon insisted. "This is special milk, just for nekos."

"Mmm!" she giggled and licked her hands in glee. "That is good milk! Can I have some more please? You can make milk too, right?" she turned to Rob, and the bulge that was forming behind his shorts.

"You said a swear! Why would you say such a bad word?" Lilia ran her tongue along her arms, trying desperately to gather each tiny globule.

Suddenly a group of several more men approached from the cul-de-sac. "Where the fuck have you guys been? You go to get a ball, and you're gone for ten minutes? What the hell?"

There were ten of them in total. All strapping, and covered with lightest sweat of a hot summer day. Some wore baseball gear, but most had gone casual with shorts and t-shirts. The one who addressed them now, was shirtless and tan.

"I'm getting special milk!" Lilia smiled and showed the viscous webbing of cum between her fingers.

They murmured among themselves in nervous excitement.

A chorus of yeses came out of them, as they nodded approvingly and looked over Lilia's giant exposed breasts.

Dillon looked around the neighborhood. Checking to see if they had garnered any unwanted attention with lifted blinds. "How about we take this inside?" he insisted.

Lilia turned and went to her front door to open it, blushing fitfully as she realized it was locked. "Oh, dat's right, I used the window."

Dillion, Rob, Frank, and seven others looked around her minimalist residence with puzzled interest.

"This house smells like fish." One of them complained.

Several squeaks of falling toys were heard before she returned with an enormous glass bowl. It was at least a foot in diameter, and Lilia hugged it tightly to her chest to avoid dropping the heavy load. "Is this big enough for your milk? Please give me all you can spare, I want every last drop from your balls! Nyah-haha." With a loud clack she placed the bowl on the table, and looked around expectantly.

"What a beautiful cock you have! I wish I had one, I'd suck it all day! Do all of you have such big milkers?" Lilia sat crosslegged and took a roster of the bulges around her.

The others followed suit, and soon all of them had their pants around there ankles. Ten glorious bouncing cocks, growing ever fatter at the touch of their masters.

A circle of turgid beasts surrounded the bowl, all enthusiastically pumping their respective meat. Some worked slow, with a firm grip and steady, sensual strokes, that brought their foreskins over their heads and back again. Still others worked with dizzying speed trying to outdo their neighbors.

"Thanks, yours is really huge though, this was a great idea."

"Lighten up, dude. We're all here to get this kitty some milk, and, -unnghh, feel good doing it." A bead of sweat raced down Rob's temple, he was close to climax, his dick was covered in the shiny, sweet membrane of pre-cum, making his movements faster and wetter.

Frank and Dillon were close behind as were the other anonymous milkmen that Lilia had invited.

Dillon had been the most dedicated, and as a bubbling wave of pleasure ran down his shaft for a final time, his own spunky stream splattered against the side of the glass, hard enough to cause droplets to spray up before falling back their brethren.

A young brunette boy steadied himself on the shoulder of another as a pained orgasm conquered him and was relinquished in a shot of burning goo.

"Th-thanks. Guess I'm just excited doing this in front of everyone.

" that all?" Lilia picked up the bowl and inspected it.

"What do you mean is that all?" Frank rebutted.

The men looked away and flushed, for most of them how often they masturbated was a private matter.

"The entire bowl?" Rob turned to Dillon, "that thing's gotta hold at least a gallon! How're we supposed to manage that?"

"I guess you're right. I can go again," Rob turned to the group once more, "everyone up for another round?"

"Ooo, is that how you wake up your milkers?"