A Shower after Work Pt. 02

_I want to thank all who commented on my last piece, I am sorry it has taken so long to follow it up!

This story is really an exploration of my own cum fetish, so be warned: there's a heck of a lot of it!

We pick up where the first episode ended..._

"Enjoy that?" I ask after a minute or so. The vacant sound of running water speaks for her. "Want me to push you onto your knees and stick this cock inside you?"

"You'll forget every other word by the time I turn off the shower," I promise. Seconds pass, breathing deeply. Bethan looks up at me, her large blue eyes twinkling with desire and she grins hungrily. She licks her lips as her eyes narrow: "Hurry up, then. Fuck me until I scream."

I pull her body back against mine, guiding my cock between her legs with the other. I tense, pushing my hard shaft up against the lips of Bethan's pussy and she starts to grind back and forth against me.

I lean in close behind her, kissing at her neck and breathing deeply. I can smell the remnants of her work day perfume, seeming to run with her mascara in the warm water. I drift my hand around, up to her shoulder then over her collarbone, tracing around the freckles on her gorgeous pale skin, down to her chest. I cup and gently squeeze her breast, rolling her nipple between my fingers.

"I can help with that." I concentrate and tense my pelvic muscles to drip a sizeable amount of precum into her waiting palm. She rubs it into the head of my cock, clearly enjoying the thick slippery feeling. "Dude, you cum a lot, don't you?"

Using her fingertips, she lines my head up against her slit, pushing it up against her lips. As they start to part she whispers, probably to herself, "That really is enormous." I pull back a little, chuckling.

"I can take it, assho—fuck!"

She gasps, "That's just the head!"

"Give it to me, god that dick feels huge," she gasps. I begin to move, shallow strokes inside her pussy. Every few strokes I pull the head out, tease her clit with some more precum and push back in. Over the noise of the running water I whisper to her "which do you like more the cock or the cum?"

"I hope you can cum as much as you can talk," she says, grinning mischievously as she pushes back against me.

I lean in and whisper "You sure you can take it, hm? That's only half, you know. And I'm not kidding about the cum." I grip her hips, pull my cock back until I'm almost slipping out of her, out then push sharply back in, four inches of cock stretching her pussy. I hold her close, my mouth inches from her ear and growl, "I'm going to fill your tight little pussy. Then I'm going to flood your mouth and cover those perfect fucking tits. You're going to beg me to keep fucking you, over and over again, just so you can get some more cum from me."

She sits up proudly, her back against my chest, reaching round behind my ass to push and make sure my cock stays inside her. Her hands find mine, bringing them round to her tits. With the hot water adding extra stimulation, her fingers stroke her nipples between my fingers.

Maybe she mistakes my smirk for concern about the challenge, but I don't care. I begin to stand with my cock buried deep inside her, pulling her up by the pressure inside her body. She struggles for balance but I hold her hips. "Bend over; talking time is over. Time to fuck your innocent-office-blonde act right out of you."

She giggles, looking back at me and tensing the muscles inside her pussy. "I thought you were going to fuck me, not make love to me." She bites her bottom lip innocently. Her big blue eyes melt into mine, and I tilt my head. My hands run slowly down her sides to her hips. I narrow my eyes, grip her hips and pull her pussy down over my dick as I push forward, pounding suddenly into her.

I stroke the back of her head and push my fingers up into her hair. I grip firmly and pull her head back up towards me, breathing into her ear with a growl "Are you gonna cum for me? Gonna cover my cock with your orgasm?"

I gently nibble her ear. "I think we're about to find out if you become my plaything for the night; I can't wait to own your body."

"Don't stop don't stop don't sto-o-op!" Her head rolls forward, one hand supporting her weight and the other flying over her clit between her legs.

"Fuck yes, give it to me. I can't believe you can cum again so quickly!"

"I want it on my tits," she groans. I keep pounding her, letting my cock harden towards orgasm, "Fuuuuuck!'

"You want a taster?" I ask her. She nods, tweaking her nipple while her other hand is buried between her legs. I stand over her body, my hands against the wall and my cock standing up straight, look her in the eye. "Open your mouth."

"Mmmm," she moans, licking up what she can reach. She holds her mouth open, hungry for more. "Ih thah ih?"

She brings her mouth up to my balls, slurping with the cum in her mouth. I allow myself to moan. Bethan reaches up with one hand to stroke my cock, then brings my head down between her tits. Her other hand is buried between her legs, her thighs tight together. Her eyes are begging me for more cum as she brings her tongue up to the underside of the head of my cock, flicking at my frenulum.

This is the second part of my shower room escapades with Bethan, who plays the part of herself in this story. I recommend you go back and read the first part before starting here.

I sincerely hope you enjoy, and I would be grateful for any feedback!


"Fuuuuuck," Bethan replies, drawn out and wavering; a shiver spreads from her neck, down her spine.

I shake my head, smirking as I push her forward and lift her hips. She looks back with wide eyes as I tense my muscles; cum leaks out of my growing cock and onto her ass, trailing as I move into position.

"Mmm." Her breathing slows as she relaxes, closing her eyes and clearly enjoying the feeling of her clit rubbing against my cock made even warmer by the shower running down between us. She reaches down and cups her fingers over my head, tickling the underside with her fingernails.

She continues to play with the head of my dick, pulling my shaft tight up against her pussy as she rubs her clit against me. I can hear her sucking her lip as she glances down to see my cock sticking out through her legs. "Fuck, that looks so big. How on earth is that going to fit inside..."

I could tell it wasn't really a question. I graze my tongue against her ear lobe, an unspoken agreement.

"If it's too much, we can call it a day—"

I push her body forwards, her hands slapping down to the floor of the shower. I push down on the small of her back, coaxing her down onto her hands and knees. Bethan's pussy opens up for me, her arousal and desire clear. I keep up the pressure as I push my head against her pussy once more, slipping through her lips with ease this time.

"No," I say, then groan as I enter her. "That's the head." Her pussy is unbelievably warm and wet; I swear that I can feel her pulling me deeper.

"I love both" she moans, looking back at me. I catch her eye, and say "that load you just swallowed was nothing."

I smile, give her a gentle smack on her ass and push another couple of inches inside her. Her eyes flash wider as she turns back round, facing away from me. "More."

"I'll believe it when I can taste it," she says, and braces one arm against the wall of the shower. She pushes hard back against me. Bethan's pussy slips down over the last five inches of my dick, and I bottom out inside her.

"If you can really cum so much, stud," she says with sarcastic emphasis, "I want to see if you can keep up with me." She starts to grind, my cock sweeping against her sensitive spots inside her pussy. As she moans, she tilts her head back and whispers "if you can cum again by the time I orgasm, you can do whatever the fuck you want to this perfect little body of mine."

Bracing her arms against the wall, she bends, keeping her incredible ass pressed into my hips. I caress up and down her body, my hands tracing the flow of water around her back and down her hanging breasts, dripping finally off her stiff nipples. I start to stroke my cock slowly in and out as I firmly massage her shoulders with the heat of the shower. I move down over her back, picking up pace with my strokes. I enjoy hearing her breathing, seeming to catch her off guard with the length of my cock every time I bottom out and my hips meet that incredible ass.

She gasps and throws her head forward. I hear a drawn out "Yessss." I pull her away from me, then slam back into her dripping pussy, splashing shower water up over her back and picking up speed. I can feel her wetness mixing with the water of the shower, running down my balls, testing my concentration. Her leg starts to shake each time I bottom out in her pussy as I move faster and faster, pounding her harder and harder.

"Keep going...I'm so fucking close, keep going..."

I push her forward again, holding her hips and thrusting my cock in and out. I grip hard into her sexy curves, making her moan. I give her another gentle smack and feel her pussy tightening around me as she starts to tip over the edge.

I pound my thick cock into her as I lean in and growl in her ear, "So, you want some more cum then?"

"Where do you want it? I've got a really fucking big load for you, Bethan."

She staggers forward, my cock sliding out of her dripping wet pussy, trailing juices quickly washed away by the running water. Bethan lays down, bunching the soaking wet clothes beneath her. I stand over her, my hand lazily stroking my cock, just barely staying in control of my orgasm which is begging for release.

As her eyes sparkle with desire I allow my cock to drool, a release that lasts for well over a second. The cum streams down my cock, dripping from the base. Some is caught by her waiting mouth, but most lands on her face and neck.

I chuckle, "See, I told you you'd beg me." I grin down at her, as she frowns and pouts as I kneel down over her, my cock over her tits.

"Tilt your head back," I say, "and you might want to take a breath." I release some of the tension in my pelvic muscles, allowing my cock to drip cum into her waiting mouth. My eyes lock onto hers as she patiently keeps her mouth open. The flow is steady, increasing ever so slightly as I stroke her hair. Her eyes widen, glancing down from our gaze to stare my cock, not believing that it can produce so much cum. I wait until her mouth is full to the brim, just about to overflow, and tense, the last couple of drips hanging before adding to her mouthful.