A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 06

Learning to share and be shared.

Jenny, my fabulous wife sat on the sofa, carefully filing her nails, looking sexier than ever. She was wearing underwear that perfectly matched my own but she had now wrapped herself in a white satin silk bath robe. Her twenty nails were painted a dusky red colour that matched her lipstick. Every now and then she would reach out with a foot and gently kick my cock cage, then giggle as it bobbled up and down.

"What? Like this?" I asked.

I wanted to whine and plead but I knew it would get me nowhere. I'd only gone three days without the release of orgasm, how could I go three weeks? So, I walked to the door, picked up the receiver and spoke. "Hello? Is that Laura?" A deeper voice replied.

John knocked twice and I opened the door. I stepped back, trying to keep out of view of the stairwell. There might be neighbours about and I still had a tiny shred of pride, or shame. Our visitors stepped into the hall and I closed the door quietly, trying to be invisible. Jenny had jumped up from the sofa and greeted Laura with a hug and two kisses, then turned to hug John.

"Come say hello to our guests puppy." Demanded my owner. "Don't be shy." They turned to look at me and John instantly burst out laughing, almost doubling up and slapping his thigh in delight."

"Si-t!" She emphasised the final t for comic effect. My humiliation seemed complete but things would get a whole lot worse as the evening wore on. She turned to our guests who were now installed on the sofa with John in the middle, laying back with his long arms along the back of the seat, looking down at me and grinning. "What would you like to drink?" She asked.

For the next half hour or so I sat and watched and listened as the three of them discussed my situation. Laura had been in on it from the beginning but John had had to be persuaded by Laura that it was ok. He seemed to need reassuring that I was willing to be treated this way. Jenny showed him our "contract" and told him that this was actually what turned me on, this was the sex life I wanted. A part of me wanted to beg him to rescue me. We had always got on ok together, we used to banter about football but I could tell by the way he looked at me now that he didn't see me as an equal.

As the conversation went on and the wine went down, my wife was inching ever closer to John, whose arm was now draped round her shoulder. Laura sat quietly watching as her sister leaned in to kiss her husband on the mouth for the first time. As she opened her mouth and took in his tongue Jenny moved her right hand down to the bulge in his pants. She squeezed and moaned as he kissed her back. I knew he was going to fuck my wife but somehow the sight of him kissing her, open-mouthed felt more personal. I could feel I had lost her.

Then John snapped at me "come on puppy, do as you're told, don't make me hurt you." There was real menace in his voice that underlined he no longer saw me as a fellow man. I crawled over to my brother-in-law and pulled steadily at the waistband of his loose-fitting jogging pants as he raised his rear off the sofa. I pulled his jog-pants and briefs down towards his knees in one smooth movement. Jenny gasped as the full length of his manhood flopped up and landed on his belly. I stared in amazement. John looked at me and just smiled. I returned to removing his clothes 'til he reclined, naked from the waist down on my sofa. My wife took hold of his cock in her right hand and began to gently massage it. He wasn't even fully erect yet but already he was much bigger than my fully erect size. His cock was paler than I expected and seemed slightly curved to one side. He was uncut but half the head was showing and the shaft was almost twice the thickness of the head making it seem almost pointed. I watched my wife gently tease his cock all the while she was looking at my face as I stared in awe.

"Fuck, that's good." Said John in a growl. "Good puppy."

"Go slowly sis." Advised Laura from the other end of the sofa. "it's not easy the first time."

She regained her breath and started anew, bouncing up and down with more and more energy before collapsing once more onto John's torso. Once again I could tell she was coming. I looked down at my little tool in it's cage. There was a long string of pre-cum reaching to the rug and a little puddle of slime where I had been leaking.

Jenny lay still, flopped forward onto John's torso, for a few minutes before gently raising herself up. As his cock slipped out I saw a huge gush of semen dribble from her gaping cunt onto his cock and belly. She fell sideways onto the sofa with her legs wide apart, dribbling more semen "fuck" she exclaimed once more. Then she looked at Laura and said "thank you. That was incredible."

"Get on with it puppy. Do as the lady says or I'm gonna hurt you." Slowly, I took his half-erect penis in my hand, and licked off all the creamy secretions from my wife's ruined cunt working my way up to the tip, licking off the last remnant of his semen still leaking from his pee-hole. Then he pointed to his belly where there was a small pool of white jelly "here too" he commanded. Then he patted me on the head saying "good puppy. You liked that didn't you?" I nodded slowly. I had never felt so turned on in my life. My cock was aching so bad, I started to wonder if maybe I could come without removing the cage.

I was sat obediently waiting on the rug at the feet of my wife, in my pretty new black and white bra, sheer black hold-up stockings and black leather dog collar. My wife Jenny had removed my panties so she could see my little cock trapped in its cage. My erection was still waxing and waning. Each time my cock expanded it quickly reached the limits imposed by the rigid steel chastity device it was now confined in. This became quite uncomfortable after a few minutes and so the erection would subside again. Then the feeling of the weight of the cage dangling between my legs would arouse me once more and the cycle would continue.

When the entry phone buzzer rang, she looked down at me and said "well, what are you waiting for? Go greet our guests."

"What have I said to you about answering back? Every time you disappoint me, that cage is staying on another week. That's three weeks already."

"It's John, and Laura. Let us in bro'" I pressed the button to release the door catch and listened as their footsteps grew ever closer to the door. My heart was fluttering with anxiety. I was dressed like a sissified puppy and about to be displayed in front of my brother-in-law who was coming into my home with the intention of fucking my wife. Either my heart would burst or my cock would.

"Wow! Look at you sister! You look...amazing" exclaimed John to my wife. She had let the gown fall open slightly, allowing a glimpse of pale flesh and dark underwear. I was standing behind John and Laura, hiding in the shadows, looking over Laura's shoulder. I could see the lust in my wife's eyes as they turned down to check out John's crotch.

"Bro' what happened to you? You look..." he started laughing again before he could finish. Then wiping a tear from one eye he said"...amazing." Then they all laughed in unison. Jenny attached her leash to the ring on my collar and led me back to the lounge, pointing to my usual spot at her feet.

Laura asked for wine and John said he'd have a beer. Jenny instructed me to get the drinks and to bring the bottle of red from the kitchen table. When I returned I noticed a new item of torture on the floor next to the sofa. Jenny took the wine bottle from my hand and poured a little into the shiny white dog bowl by her feet. It bore the name "puppy" on one side. "This is for you puppy. You know how to use it don't you?" I knew instantly what she meant so I got on all fours and lowered myself to lap at the wine in my bowl. "Good puppy." Said Jenny and they all cheered. I blushed and waited. What could be worse?

John was a little over six feet tall and probably weighed about 200 pounds. He was black but the tone of his skin suggested he had mixed race origins. He was handsome in an ordinary way but I knew from listening to Laura and Jenny talking a few days ago that he had other attributes. I could see now that there was a sizeable bulge in the front of his jogging bottoms. I also noticed for the first time that his feet were huge.

After a couple of minutes deep kissing and fumbling in each other crotches, Jenny pulled away, turned to me and said "come and help John out of his pants puppy." I hesitated, so she repeated the command more forcefully.

"Nice isn't it? Do you like it puppy" asked Jenny. I just looked at her, speechlessly nodding. "Come taste it then." She said. There was nothing I wanted right now more than to handle and suck on this fantastic piece of meat but once I did there was going to be no going back. "Come on you know you want to." She urged. Then she lowered her head and opened her mouth wide. I felt the most tremendous thrill down my spine right to the tip of my little caged cock as she sucked his penis for the first time. If it wasn't for the cage I would have come already. Jenny lifted her head, still holding this now rigid 10 inch cock in her hand and looked at me again. I succumbed, moving in between John's legs, taking his manhood in both hands, I sucked on the head, licking greedily round the rim of his glans, teasing the pee-hole with the tip of my tongue. I tried to deep-throat him but couldn't get more than half the length in my mouth and throat. I fondled his ball-sack with one hand as I kept gently massaging and sucking.

Then my beautiful wife with the slender little frame pushed me away and climbed on his lap, straddling him. She raised herself up and called to me "puppy, hold John's cock for me." I held his rigid penis up straight and moved the tip so that it was lined up with her pussy lips which were a dark dusky red and dripping clear pussy slime in a long strand.

I watched, transfixed as first just the head of this monster disappeared into my wife's gaping pussy. "Oh fuck." Exclaimed Jenny. "Oh Jesus. I don't think it'll go in." She paused, panting for breath like a woman in labour, then returned to lowering herself gradually onto John's mighty cock. She got about halfway down the shaft and stopped. "That's all I can take." She said. Then she started, slowly at first moving up and down the top half of his manhood, little by little she was speeding up and getting further down the shaft with each descent. "Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck yeah." She was almost screaming as she stopped, flopped forward onto John's torso and I watched the tell-tale contractions of her anus as she hit her first orgasm. She had never had an orgasm when I fucked her, not once but this man was getting her off after just a few minutes.

Finally when Jenny had come for the third time, John started to groan and grunt, his big black hands were now on her arse cheeks as he pushed my wife up and down his shaft, using her like a human flesh light then he pushed her down forcefully one more time and I watched between his thighs as his cock pulsed repeatedly. He was unloading his sperm inside my wife, something she had never allowed me to do. I always had to use a condom and in the past few months hadn't even been allowed to come inside her even with a condom. She said she didn't want the risk of pregnancy while she was the breadwinner. I was shocked that she allowed him to come inside her.

After a few seconds, Jenny looked down at her crotch and at John's and realised how much mess there was. She turned to me and ordered "come here puppy, come clean us up, lick us all nice and clean." I moved in between her legs and licked all the cum from around her arse-hole and off her butt cheeks, then from the brown leather of the sofa. Then I stopped. "And John. Lick him clean too." I looked up at her imploring her not to make me but John intervened.

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