A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 07

Puppy gets laid at last

I was ordered to get more drinks for everybody, then my wife Jenny decided to embarrass me some more by ordering me to go and get my butt plugs to show to our guests. I stood in front of them in my black stockings and my bra that matched my wife's, my little cock straining in its steel cage, with a long string of pre-cum reaching almost to my knees as they laughed and talked among themselves about the size of the biggest. John held it up to me and said "you can really get this in your ass-hole?" Laura butted in to confirm she had seen it for herself, then Jenny showed him the video of me inserting the plug and then wanking on my barstool. John kept looking at me with a strange half-smile.

"God Jen, you should see the size of him. I've only taken him twice and I needed a lot of warming up."

"Problem is he's obsessed with anal and there is no way I'm letting him near my arse." Rejoined Laura. They all laughed.

"Yeah." Said Laura. "I'd really like to see that."

Then Laura started stroking John's semi-erect cock again and asked him "Did you take a pill John?"

"What pill?" Asked Jen.

"Oh, does he need that?" Asked Jenny

John just lay back luxuriating as these two women each wrapped a hand around his cock and started gently massaging it in unison. I marvelled at the difference between us and swallowed hard, realising I was just born to a different station in life, not a real man, not someone that beautiful women had any use for.

Then John stretched his legs wide, draping one thigh over each woman and commanded me "lick my ass-hole puppy." I paused briefly but what was the point of protesting? Nobody cared what I thought any more. The scent of his hole was pungent and spicy. I flashed back to my first sexual awakening, pleasuring Brian in his digs at university. I made my tongue as pointed as I could and wriggled it deep into his hole. I heard him groaning and felt his cock stiff as iron in my hand. I smiled inwardly. I knew how to please a man.

"Sure babe, what?" Answered John.

John didn't answer straight away. He looked me straight in the eye. Maybe he saw my desire, or maybe he saw my fear. "I'm not gay." He said back to her.

John thought for a few seconds then looked at Laura and said "did you bring any rubbers?"

John looked down at me, cowering in front of him. Then he stood up, strode over to the hall, opened up Laura's handbag and produced a pack of condoms. He walked back into the lounge and handed them to me. "You gonna need some lube puppy?" He asked.

I took the pack of rubbers, opened one, looked up at John's cock which was right at my eye level and after a slight pause I took his cock in one hand and put my lips around the head sucking strongly to get more blood into it. I worked his cock with one hand while I licked and sucked the head, then when he was fully hard again, I carefully rolled the condom over it. I ran out of rubber about half-way down his shaft.

The feel of a man's cock is completely different from a dildo or a butt plug. It is warm and more flexible but the iron rigidity is just below the surface. The first time he entered me, I felt my sphincter reach out and grab him. I heard him groan as I clenched. Then I let go and surrendered to him as I tried to focus on Laura's cunt. Try as I might though I was so distracted by the pounding my arse and prostate were getting, all I could do was just keep licking in the vicinity of her clit.

John pulled his monster cock from my arse and I fell sideways on the rug, lying in a puddle of my own semen. I lay in a daze as John removed his condom and climbed on top of his wife. I have now idea how long they were at it for but I know Laura came many times. I also know that Jenny joined in with them.

Having finished cleaning up my wife and brother-in-law after their first ever fuck, I knelt on the rug watching as my wife and Laura cuddled up to him, gently stroking his chest and thighs. He lay back looking like a Maharajah surveying his fiefdom, lapping up the attention of these two sisters. I was in awe of this man with his casual confidence and monstrous dick.

Then they seemed to forget me for a while and I sat down on the rug by Jenny's feet again. Jenny asked John about their threesomes and who his male friends were and then Laura and John started recounting tales of their adventures with friends, couples and the fetish clubs they had visited. Jenny's eyes really lit up at the idea of private fetish clubs. She had got the taste for real man's cock and she obviously wanted more. I tuned back in to their conversation when I heard the name Floyd. It was Laura talking.

John joined in. "Floyd is a phenomenon. That is one hell of a dick. He could make a horses eyes water."

"I bet I know someone who could take it." Said Jenny. She turned to look at me and they all cheered out loud.

""Yeah, I don't know if Floyd would do your puppy though. He ain't gay. Mind you, he might make an exception for this. It ain't really a man is it?" Opined John. They all laughed again.

"Yeah, of course baby. Why?" He replied

"Oh, you know, the little blue ones, Viagra."

"Well no, not need. Well, I need. I mean he's got no problem as you found out but with a little blue pill he can can go all night. You had your turn, now it's mine."

Then Laura called to me. "Come on puppy, come and suck on this. Get it ready for me." So my wife and sister-in-law watched as I once again licked, teased and sucked on John's fantastic cock, licking his huge scrotum, cradling his balls in my hand.

"John, would you do something for me before you fuck Laura?" Asked Jenny suddenly. We all stopped what we were doing and looked at her.

"Would you fuck my puppy for me?"

"I know that." Said Jenny "It's about showing him who his master is. I'd like you to be his master. If you don't mind"

"Yeah. I thought you'd use a rubber with Jen. They're in my bag"

I didn't know what to do. I'd been buggered before by Brian but it had been my guilty secret. Now, I was going to be fucked in the arse and it was virtually a public performance with my wife and sister-in-law watching. There was no escape because Jenny had complete control of me and John could snap me like a twig. Should I put on a show of resistance to make out that I was a man and not a faggott? When, actually, I was gagging for it.

"Come here puppy" called Laura who had stripped off and sat on the sofa with her legs spread wide. "Come eat my pussy again." I crawled over to Laura and buried my face in her sumptuous flesh once again. As I started licking and slurping at her cunt, I felt a cold trickle between my butt cheeks as Jenny squeezed a tube of lube. Then I felt fingers roughly poking at my hole. I didn't know if it was John or Jenny but I know that what came next was definitely John.

I was in heaven and now I didn't care who knew. My cock was no longer straining in its cage. I had just a limp little dicklet and yet I could feel something building. When I came it was almost like pissing rather than ejaculating but the thrill was intense and I could feel a steady stream of spunk dribbling from the end of my cock. At the same moment Laura groaned loudly and her cunt muscles contracted around my chin. I fell forward onto her warm belly, utterly spent. I heard my wife exclaim "Oh my god, you made him come. He really is a little faggott."

When they'd had enough, Jenny told me to clear up in the kitchen and that the three of them were going to bed. It was clear I was not invited. Later in the night I heard the tell-tale sounds of Jenny being fucked again. My cock grew tight in its cage as I thought of them rutting away in my bed but there was nothing I could do to get relief.

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