Adventures of Sarah - Chapter 3

Sarah was sitting in the cafeteria with the other teachers. They were so nice and welcoming. She had already gotten three more sub jobs and her excitement level was off the charts. She felt like she had finally cracked through the invisible barrier and was now just sailing through. She felt totally confident she was well on her way to being first in line for the next permanent position that opened up here at Claremont.

“Miss Smith, what happened, are you all right?” He asked, genuinely concerned.

Thompson watched the young girl walk out, her ass wrapped tight in the little denim skirt. Wow, they didn’t make them like that when he was in school. Thompson turned to look back at the cafeteria in time to see Miss Johnson getting up and walking her tray over to the trash can. He caught her eye and she lit up, dropped off her tray and headed right for him.

“You are welcome, Miss Johnson.” Thompson said.

“Ok, Sarah. I am glad it is working out. Stop by after your last period and we’ll talk.” He responded.

The afternoon dragged on as usual until a phone rang in Mr. Thompson’s office near the end of the last period. Hank Jackson’s plan had begun.

“Jack, this is Ted. An emergency just came up and I have to leave immediately. I can’t work detention today.” Ted Jones said.

“I think so but I have to get home right away. Can you cover my detention for me?” Ted asked.

“Thanks, I owe you one.” Ted said and hung up.

Sarah was picking up her materials, exhausted after a long day, getting ready to head home when Mr. Thompson walked into her room.

“Sure, sir, what is it?” Sarah asked.

Sarah hesitated but only for a split second until she could process more money and another favor she could do for Mr. Thompson. This day was turning out to be too good to be true.

Jack Thompson let out a huge sigh of relief and started to explain the procedure to her as he led her out of the door and towards the detention room.

Tyshawn and Jesse walked into the room and saw Kaylie sitting alone in the back row. They took their seats across the room, but not before noticing her icy stare. Jesse began to show Tyshawn the video of his destruction of Kaylie in the hallway.

“Kids, this is Miss Johnson, she will be running detention today. You give her any problems and you have to deal with me. Understand?” Thompson said in his best principal voice.

Jesse started the video again and Tyshawn watched himself step right on poor Kaylie’s hand and then slam her to the ground. He felt sorry for her again after seeing it, forgetting the way she snapped at him.

“Maybe you should go over and try to apologize again. I am sure she has settled down a bit since this morning. Who knows, lover, maybe this will be your ticket into those cute pink panties.” Jesse said and punched Tyshawn in the arm.

Tyshawn sat down in the desk in front of Kaylie. She looked up at him, not believing he had the balls to come over here and talk to her.

Kaylie felt her anger grow and bubble to the top. It exploded out of her as she spoke.

“Our kind?” Tyshawn said as he felt his own rage building.

Tyshawn felt a white hot fire rush to his temples. He looked at this girl and couldn’t believe he had heard what came out of her lips. That was the last rational thought that crossed his mind before all of his control left him and he fell victim to his temper, fueled by all of his building frustration and rage.

Sarah looked up from her papers to see a large black boy pulling Kaylie up out of her chair. The boy towered over Kaylie and Sarah jumped out of her seat and started towards them.

Tyshawn was not coherent, he heard a sound from behind him and sensed a presence to his right. He saw his stepmother’s face in his mind and his right arm shot out and hit Sarah right in the middle of the chest, his fingers closing and gathering sweater, shirt, and the front of Sarah’s bra in his large grip. Jesse marveled at what he saw through his camera. Tyshawn grabbed the teacher without even looking back. He had both women totally immobilized.

“Jesse, go get help!” Sarah screamed.

“Please, stop, before you hurt someone.” Sarah screamed at him but she could tell that he was either not listening to her or was unable to hear her.

Tyshawn turned and started up the aisle toward the front of the room, dragging Kaylie and Sarah behind him. He made it to the front of the room and slammed each girl into the blackboard. Kaylie felt her feet dangle and her shirt rip as Tyshawn pinned her to the board. Sarah felt her shirt pull out of her skirt more as the boy lifted her and pinned her back to the board. Jesse was now standing close behind Tyshawn and saw Kaylie’s beautiful tits bouncing free and the teacher’s tight stomach exposed by her shirt that had pulled up and out of her skirt.

Tyshawn held the women to the board, the girl who had called him a nigger was crying incoherently and the woman, his stepmother, was pleading for mercy. Oh now, you beg me, you bitch. He needed to hurt them both, make them pay. As Tyshawn was trying to process how he was going to handle both he felt a strong hand touch his right arm and heard a calm voice in his ear.

Tyshawn looked to his right and into the face of Hank Jackson. He felt Hank pull his right arm away from the bitch. Hank pulled her away quickly and Tyshawn was now looking into the eyes of the blonde girl and now with a free right hand. He grabbed a handful of hair and let go of her shirt. She screamed as her hair was pulled and her arms shot up to grab Tyshawn’s powerful right arm. Tyshawn looked at her, her shirt gathered over her breasts and her legs wiggling out from under her skirt. His mind raced, punishment and lust fighting for an answer. Tyshawn’s cock reached its full length and sent the solution directly to Tyshawn’s brain.

Tyshawn pulled Kaylie over to the teacher’s desk and bent her face down over the desk. He looked down at her tight little ass in her tight denim skirt. He put his hand in the middle of her back to hold her in place and jerked her skirt up onto her back. Her pretty pink panties were now squarely in Jesse’s viewfinder. Tyshawn grabbed the waistband of her panties and tugged them quickly down to her knees. He heard the girl scream and try to fight to get up. Tyshawn reached up in between her legs and felt her pussy. He rubbed a finger inside the lips and felt moisture. He felt her lurch under his touch. He found her little clit and felt her jump again.

“Please don’t do this. Please stop before anyone gets hurt.” Sarah pleaded to the man behind her. She could not turn her head enough to look into his face.

“I am so sorry if I did anything to make you angry. I didn’t mean to. Please stop this.” Sarah pleaded again.

Sarah looked back at the desk and saw Tyshawn had dropped his pants and a large black cock was bobbing in front of him. She had never seen one that big and menacing as she watched him lay it across Kaylie’s firm ass. It seemed to even look blacker against Kaylie’s white skin. She watched him pull back slightly and aim it between Kaylie’s flailing legs. Sarah thought she heard Kaylie screaming but all sound seemed blurred now as she saw Tyshawn sink his cock into the poor white girl. Hank’s hand slid up her thigh and touched the edge of her panties.

Tyshawn felt the incredible warmth as he slammed his cock deep into the girl in front of him. She was screaming and wiggling around but now with his meat buried deep within her and his hands on her small hips she wasn’t going anywhere. He saw her lift her upper body up by pushing on the desk. He put his hand in the middle of her back and shoved her back down onto the desk. He saw her breasts smash against the top as she settled back down. He pulled out and saw her juices and a small amount of blood shining on his cock. He smiled and slid back into what he now knew was once a virgin pussy and it swallowed him. The girl groaned again in pain. He lifted his head to the ceiling and began to saw in and out of the tightest and sweetest pussies he had felt in quite a while.

Mr. Thompson was standing near the cafeteria door, watching over his domain. The students were relatively calm today and all was well. He was so glad he was in this school; these white kids were so easy. This place was cake compared to the schools he had taught in and a different world than the ones he attended. The biggest problem he had to deal with was the occasional fight, over a girl usually. He was still smiling when he saw Kaylie Smith walk in front of him. He was pretty sure she was a freshman, she was a mess, her blonde hair was wild, her shirt was all dirty and her knees had big blue bruises on them.

“Oh, I am fine, Mr. Thompson. A stupid kid knocked me over in the hall.” Kaylie said and walked out of the cafeteria.

“Mr. Thompson, I wanted to thank you for giving me a chance today and having confidence in me. It is going great.” She said, her voice bubbly and excited.

“Please, Mr. Thompson, call me Sarah.” She said.

“No problem.” Sarah said and bounced away towards her classroom, again her tight ass drawing his attention as she left.

“Hello, Thompson” Mr. Thompson said.

“Ted, is everything alright?” Thompson asked.

“Sure Ted, don’t worry about it.” Thompson said.

Jack Thompson hung up the phone and then immediately realized he had promised his wife he would take her out to dinner and then shopping for her birthday. If he covered detention he would be late and she would kill him. What would he do? He rubbed his temples again, trying to force an answer out. Suddenly, it came to him and he rushed out of his office.

“Miss Johnson, good, you’re not gone yet. I need another huge favor.” He said, obviously out of breath.

“Ted Jones had to leave and I can’t cover his detention today because it is my wife’s birthday. Can you possibly cover detention for me? I can authorize additional pay for you.” Thompson said, a little pleading in his voice.

“Absolutely, sir, what do I have to do?” she responded.

Kaylie Smith sat in the detention room and could not believe she had to spend an hour of her Friday afternoon staring at the wall in this room. This was so stupid. She was not in a good mood and her mood got even worse when Tyshawn and Jesse strolled in the door. Oh great, I have to be in here with those assholes, she thought.

As Tyshawn watched himself run into the back of Kaylie, Mr. Thompson and the new sub teacher walked into the room. Tyshawn and Jesse stopped looking at the video and watched the principal and the sub walk to the front of the room.

All three of the students nodded, some more obviously than others. Mr. Thompson thanked Sarah again and left. Sarah went behind the desk and sat down, wondering what she was going to do for an hour.

“I feel bad.” Tyshawn said to Jesse.

Tyshawn looked over at Kaylie and saw her reading a book. She did look bad and her right hand still looked swollen. He stood up and started across the room. Jesse started up his camera, not believing that Hank’s plan was actually working.

“I wanted to apologize again for this morning.” Tyshawn said.

“You should really get away from me, my daddy warned me about your kind and obviously it is true.” Kaylie said, venom in her voice.

“Yes, your kind, (Kaylie’s voice lowered as she spit out her last word of the day)…..Niggers!”

Tyshawn stood up quickly, towering over her. He reached out and grabbed a handful of her tank top and yanked her to her feet. Jesse focused in from his nearby position, concentrating on Kaylie’s full breasts which were now partially visible beneath her shirt as Tyshawn pulled her to her feet. Kaylie felt her top pull up harshly into her armpits as Tyshawn powered her up out of her chair. She felt her feet leave the ground slightly and Jesse saw what he was waiting for, her breasts popped out from under her stretched shirt. The first money shot, thought Jesse. This was great.

“Stop that, what are you doing?” Sarah screamed at the boy. She saw Kaylie’s breasts fall out of her shirt as the boy held her off the ground, her stretched shirt near her ear.

Sarah fought to free herself but the boy had her shirt firmly in his grasp and she couldn’t budge him. She felt him lift her up and her shirt pull out of her skirt, exposing her stomach. Her mind was in a panic. What could she do? She couldn’t let Kaylie get hurt again but now she was concerned about herself. She looked over and saw a boy with a camera. She thought she remembered the boy’s name was Jesse.

She saw Jesse look right at her and shake his head slowly back and forth. Sarah looked around and saw no one else. Sarah focused back on the boy holding her.

Tyshawn looked deep into Kaylie’s eyes and saw pure terror. He was able to think of one thing only, he wanted to hurt this girl and hurt her as deep as he was hurting now. He looked down on her struggling body and saw her breasts bouncing free as she wiggled under his grip. He felt a little surge hit his crotch watching her tits. His mind now registered lust and he was now torn between lust and anger, each fighting for resolution.

Sarah felt her back forced against the blackboard, the breath knocked out of her momentarily. She fought for her breath and then started to plead with Tyshawn again. She saw a glimpse of movement to her left and saw the black janitor enter the room. Her hopes rose, he would save them.

“I’ll help you with the bitch son, while you take care of the little blonde whore.” Hank Jackson whispered into Tyshawn’s ear.

Sarah was in a panic as the black janitor grabbed her and pulled her over towards the student desks. Hank pulled out a chair and sat down, facing Tyshawn. He pulled Sarah onto his lap and faced her also to Tyshawn. He wrapped his left hand around her waist and held her snug. She continued to wiggle but could not free herself from his strong grip. Hank grabbed her right thigh and pulled it towards him, spreading her legs across his lap. He continued to hold her thigh over her stocking as he watched Tyshawn.

Sarah felt the janitor’s left arm around her waist and his right hand resting on her thigh. She tried to push herself up but he was too powerful. She watched Kaylie’s panties get ripped down and saw the boy putting his hand between her legs. Sarah felt the janitor’s hand move on her thigh. She felt it move up her leg and touch the bare skin over her stocking. She flinched and tried to move again.

“Honey, you are going to learn that you have to pay sometimes for your high and mighty attitude. I was not very pleased with the way you disrespected me this morning.” She heard Hank whisper in her ear.

“I’m not angry baby. I stopped being angry at white folks long ago. I just make them pay now and your ticket is past due. But for now let’s just enjoy the show, what d’ya say?” Hank whispered.

Hank looked on as Tyshawn buried himself into the small white girl. He loved the look of black cock sliding into white pussy, he would never get tired of watching that. Something else he loved was the feel of soft white thighs and this teacher on his lap had wonderful thighs. He also loved the fact that she wore stockings, he thought that was incredibly hot. He slid his fingers up and touched the edge of her panties. He felt her flinch a little on his lap but she was staring at the scene on the desk and he sensed that she was slowly coming to terms with her situation.