All I Need (Anna's Story) Ch. 04

I bought a gun small enough to hide under the skirt of my sundress- and a lot of ammo for practice since I'd never actually fired a gun before.

Somehow Demetri knew I was still alive. So I took what little money I had and made plans to stay in a cheap roadside motel. But first I took a meeting with Gi at a local McDonalds. "Have you seen him?"

I knew she was not going to like this plan, but I really had no choice. "What?"

"I really doubt..." The idea of a 3-way made me even want to vomit right there.

"If you think I'm going to sleep with ..."

"Can you make this happen?" I was more than willing to give this plan a try. Worst case; I died and my soul would reunite in the afterlife with Alexi.

"I bought a gun, and I've been trying to practice a little with soda cans," I said while popping a fry in my mouth.

I nodded and smiled, trying to mentally convince myself this would work; we had to hope that Demetri's small head could be convinced to override his main one.

In that time I burned through what remained of my savings. I looked every bit the desperate as a white-trash whore should when I arrived. "Is he here?"

"Alone?" I'd expected him to bring at least one guard.

"I figured." There was no other reason for him to come alone. And when the police find our bodies we'll just look like dead prostitutes; a crime, but one that goes unsolved across the country every day. I had felt so brave on the drive over, welcoming the chance for death if it meant a chance at victory. But now I was genuinely afraid to die. Perhaps because of a fear of the unknown, or perhaps it was because I knew Demetri would not want to make it quick and painless. "What are we going to do?"

I could see Demetri sitting on the bed, in a black suit. Our eyes locked. And I saw him smile, just as I felt Gi's naked breasts pressing against my arm.

Demetri was hesitant to disrobe but Gi seductively undressed him while doing a lap dance.

But we both knew what Demetri would want next; the same thing all men with two women would want -he wanted to watch, then he wanted them both

He was so hard it was creepy.

I knew her plan; she was drawing attention away from my skirt, and the gun that was still strapped to my leg. "That feels so good." My breasts were large and tender, and Gi made sure to squeeze hard, her fingers sinking into my flesh.

I would have to take her word. She pressed her thumbs into my neck as she sucked the air from my lungs. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I struggled to breathe.

"Yes, my love." I gently licked and kissed her nipple, while Gi let out moans of pleasure that were excessively over the top.

I came to the horrific realization; for this plan to work, Demetri would have to be on top. This started a panic attack. What if I took the gun out then froze? What if I missed?

My legs were trembling. I could feel the warmth building in my core. I knew my pussy was dripping wet, I just needed a little more.

My back arched, putting my stiff nipples on display.

I had almost forgotten Demetri was there.

Gi looked worried, if he wanted to tie me up it would ruin the plan. "Let me choke her. I'll show you how to do it right. After all, she's my slut."

I cringed as Demetri mounted me in the missionary position, plunging himself hard and deep. Only after fucking me like a blowup doll for a few thrusts, did he hand over the belt.

Of course, it was not difficult for me to appear painfully uncomfortable. Breathing hard, I closed my eyes and bit my tongue. I stroked the side of the bed, feeling the location of the gun.

In one swift motion, I pulled out the gun and fired all six shots. I then pushed Demetri's body off of. Since he had been on top, limiting my movement, I had fired all six shots into his abdomen. I would have preferred to hit a more fatal location, but I was now out of bullets.

But in one swift motion, Gi wrapped her hand in a towel, punched a nearby mirror, shattering it into knife sized pieces. And without hesitation, she grabbed the largest piece and stabbed him in the neck. The first time it went in about four inches. Gi stabbed him three more times, each time making less of a penetration as the blade was breaking.

At the last stab, the blade broke off in his throat. Finally out of her haze of adrenaline, Gi looked at what she had done. "We need to get out of here." Gi calmly got dressed.

He may or may not have said a series of expletives as Gi dragged me out of the room. "Blue Honda- my rental car- get in now!" Gi hit the unlock button and I watched as she shut the room door and slid the keycard under the door (so there was no way they would be going back in for any reason).

"I'm sure you can work your magic."

I went to the guard and essentially told the truth. Without actually name dropping anyone I admitted to being a call-girl who fell in love. Gi sweetened the deal by giving the guard a blowjob.

"So what do we do now?" Gi asked.

"I'll go home to Vancouver for a while." Brushing the hair from her eyes, she deserved a rest, and she knew no one would care what her reason for coming home was. "You need to find your brother."

"My parents are first-generation immigrants, so I kind of sound different, and maybe that's why I also act different." She shrugged. Not wanting to divulge any further. "Well, anyway- that's where they are currently, so they will be happy to get a visit, so I should be ok. But will you be ok?"

"I guess this is goodbye then." Gi gave a hug. "Here," she pulled out a wad of hundred dollar bills. "Alexi gave me this, he told me to use it to keep you safe." Maybe she was paraphrasing, but her version of events made more sense in context. "It's 3,000 dollars; It can help you get to Florida and maybe find someplace safe to stay."

I found a place to sleep, and hours later, in the dead of night I snuck past the main gate, took a shovel and started digging. I wasn't even sure why I was doing this. Or what I was hoping to find. Despite the physical exhaustion and horridness of my actions, I could not stop digging. When I finally hit the hardwood of a coffin I was not sure what to do; surely the shovel would not be able to penetrate a newly buried coffin. I dropped it in frustration.

Through the crack came a stream of white light. It did not shoot skyward like a laser but glowed soft and gentle like a fireplace.

I had to climb in for a closer look. It was a full moon, so the night sky was pretty bright, even as the heavenly light faded. As I examined the coffin, all I found were spots of blood, mixed with streaks of what looked like gold glitter, or paint, in the shape of wings. There were letters roughly carved into the wood, "Ascended?"

I felt two strong arms holding me in a loving embrace, but turned around to see no one. Right then I knew I could be strong, I could be brave; for the sake of my baby and my future, I would find my way.

I was four months pregnant and showing when I found myself on the front steps of Brian's Miami home. He was a local news reporter, despite the fact he was in a wheelchair. He was a hero, an inspiration.

I burst into tears at the sound of his voice. "I'm so sorry."

Brian offered to let me stay in his guest room until I could afford a place of my own. I found a waitressing job and then on July 4th, the day of freedom and celebration, I gave birth to my daughter- Alexa.

I had tried to go back to school after the attempt on my life, only to find that my "uncle" had been looking for me.

"The mafia guy that wants you dead? Yes, I have," Gi said taking a sip of soda. "He thinks I can lead him to you. Which gave me an idea- but only if you are into it?"

"Invite him to a 3-way."

"Trust me on this, if he thinks he can dominate and humiliate you- he will reconsider wanting to kill you," Gi said, as this was the greatest idea ever.

"Uh- no! will you let me finish? This is the hard part- our "act" will get us some alone time with him where you can then kill him!" she said a little too confidently.

"Sure, as long as you can 'pull it' off, right?" Gi asked, miming a trigger pulling motion.

"Then it's settled. I'll text you the date and time."

Later that night I got a text. Using Gi's previous contact, the one that apparently got us the party gig, Gi scored a meeting with Demetri. The location would be a motel in Angola, New York. Gi would send an Uber for me we were to meet up by the ice machine.- All in two weeks.

Gi had been smoking a cigarette. "He's in room 201, alone."

"He intends to kill us."

"Just follow my lead- and have courage." Gi opened the door and started to undress.

She kissed my cheek, placing her lips to my ear. "Never forget, I will always have your back."

I could see his cock. Gi had on a black thong that she moved to allow him access to her hairless pussy. The way Gi moved her legs around his waist one would think she was enjoying it.

Gi got up off of Demetri's cock, letting it smack softly against his stomach.

Gi led me by the hand, to the bed, and started to somewhat forcibly remove my dress. "Act scared" Gi whispered. She caressed my exposed breasts.

She moved her hands to my collarbone and then my throat. "I'm going to choke you, just enough to leave a mark."

"You like that don't you, my beautiful little slut," Gi said in a voice that was not her own. She moved her left breast to my lips while pinning me down by my wrists.

Gi kissed my lips again, this time holding my hand. She stroked my hand down my side, moving the small gun from my leg to under the mattress. It was obscured just enough as to not be visible, and I could easily grab it using just one hand. All I had to do was pull the trigger.

"He's watching," Grace whispered in a sexy deep voice. She traced her fingers over my hips, then licked them for lubrication. "I'm going to finger you and you're going to climax hard." She slid two fingers inside me, massaging deep. First 2 fingers then 3.

Gi whispered, her breath hot against my neck, "have courage." She removed her fingers and rubbed my clit until my body rippled with an intense orgasm.

Gi sucked on my breasts, alternating between my swollen areolas, prolonging the intense pleasure. "Your turn."

Demetri approached with his belt.

He seemed to agree with the idea.

Gi kissed my forehead as if to say 'play along.' As Demetri pounded me harder and harder, Grace pretended to pull the belt tight around my neck.

"Just think of him," Demetri had the nerve to say. He, of course, meant those words to further humiliate and degrade, but they were the exact words I needed to find strength.

Luckily one shot appeared to have hit his spine so he was immobile, (or at least immobile enough to not spring back to his feet); but he was certainly not dead. Demetri tried to grab my arm. His next move would have been for my neck.

I was unsure of how fast she was moving, but to my surprise, Demetri never even tried to fight back.

I followed suit, getting dressed quickly while making sure that my sundress was not on backward. I was about to check myself for blood splatter when I heard Demetri's body gasping for air. I stepped on the bastard's throat, to ask one last question. "Where is Alexi's body?"

We got on the highway heading back to New Jersey. "We can find Alexi using the internet," Gi suggested.

It was not hard to locate the cemetery; there was only one that was known as a resting place for the Russian mafia. 'Known' was the keyword. It was a place of mystery where high school kids tried to sneak into when playing truth or dare. There was a massive gate; possibly electrified, with roaming guards and entrance security.

It took a few hours to find the grave. Luckily there was no one coming after us. I figured there was probably a rumor of Demetri's death, but if his "friends" had any loyalty at all they would not believe that he could be taken down by two college-age girls.

"You should go. I'll come back when it's dark. But..." I was struggling to put together a reasonable long-term plan.

"Wait-you're from Vancouver?"

"My brother is in Florida, he moved there to be closer to our mother," I said in a hopeful tone. "The only reason I know what is because I stalk him on Facebook."

I impulsively hugged her, with tears in my eyes. "This is not goodbye. I promise you, someday you will get to meet..." I pointed to my pregnant belly. I had no idea if it was a boy or a girl but no matter what, my child would learn the story of my heroic best friend.

The coffin cracked.

I picked up the shovel and hit the coffin again, it only took only a few more hits to make an opening sizable enough to stick my hands in. There was no corpse. Was this a trick, or perhaps something more?

With that one word, I was overwhelmed with emotion. There was an afterlife; heaven, angels, souls- it was all real.

With the money in hand, I hitchhiked down the coast to Florida. I had no idea how to find my brother or if he would even want to see me.


"For what? It's been years- I've missed you!" He cupped my face, looking me in the eyes. "Whatever happened- I don't care. I will keep you safe."

the end

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