Bad Chaperone

"I've seen the way you look at me, even when I was dating your daughter. I know you want this."

My husband and I were chaperoning the senior prom, a month before graduation. The ex football quarterback, my daughter's ex boyfriend, had been eyeing me and flirting with me the whole night until finally I couldn't resist anymore. I told my husband I was going to take a walk through the whole dance and look for any signs of trouble. It was just about finding a way to be alone with Brad, but obviously I wasn't going to tell my husband that.

Now, Brad and I stood facing each other in a dark corner of the ballroom. He had his hand on my hip, pulling me much closer than I should have been standing. I could feel his confidence like electricity shooting through me.

"Want that in your mouth?"

"Already wet, huh? I knew you wanted this. You know what you're here for honey."

I stared. I expected him to be big from the way it tented in his pants, but that titanic girth made my eyes bug out. I was glad I was just going to suck him instead of try to take that inside me. He saw my reaction and smirked.

To answer him, I leaned forward and kissed his heavy, full sack.

"Yeah, suck my balls, baby."

Reluctantly I left those swollen, beautiful balls behind and began kissing and licking my way up the shaft. The huge, central vein of his dick throbbed with anticipation as I kissed and licked a trail of wet arousal upward. Outside the door, I could hear distant voices of the other seniors at the prom. A thrill of fear swept up my spine as I thought of getting caught like this, but also arousal. With renewed and heightened lust, I moved up to the head of his cock and looked up at him with playful eyes. Mouth open, I let the moment linger, staring right down the barrel of that massive spermcannon.

With that giant bulging cockhead between my lips, a purr of satisfaction slipped out of me as I closed my mouth around it and began to suck.

I took more of it into my mouth, licking the place where the shaft meets the head, pressing on it hard with my tongue. I pushed my head down farther, taking as much of it as I could. I worked on it eagerly, tongue and lips pleasuring him. his cock reponded, somehow swelling even more as I served it.

That definitely made me afraid of getting caught, but now I was totally committed. I couldn't believe my husband was just down the hall in the main ballroom! The thought of it took my arousal to new heights, and I sucked Brad's cock even more enthusiastically.

My heightened efforts were rewarded almost at once. His balls pulled tight up against him, and the whole shaft began to quiver slightly in my mouth before I felt the fat central vein begin to pulse so strongly it moved my tongue.

The first shot of his spunk felt like it would never end, shooting out at such velocity that it was tickling the back of my mouth. It coated my tongue and my whole mouth. The taste of it absolutely overpowered me: sour, salty, a bit bitter.

Finally he pulled it out of my mouth and grinned down at me. "Swallow it," he said, and I obliged. I had to gulp twice to get all the nasty stuff down, but I did, then smiled up at him.

When I reached him he asked, "Find any of them up to anything?"

I should have denied it, but I'd been getting more and more turned on the whole night. Now, standing right in front of him, too close, it was hard to deny his primal attractiveness. His gorgeous 18-year-old body, in the prime of physical fitness, awaked every primitive instinct in me. I wanted him to take me, enjoy me, and leave me wet and longing.

I was blonde, in good shape, with C cup tits, wearing a respectable blue cocktail dress that didn't show too much. I was supposed to be a chaperone after all. But at that moment I didn't feel much like it.

Instead of denying it I blushed. He smirked, took my hand in his, and guided it to his cock, which was already rock hard and tenting out the front od his tux pants.

I couldn't resist anymore. I nodded. He led me down a hallway from the hotel ballroom where the prom was being held, and into an unlocked supply closet. Once we were in there he started kissing and feeling me up, tugging my dress up until he could grope my pussy through my panties.

I dropped to my knees in front of his lean, hard-muscled frame. He grinned down at me as he undid his fly. As he tugged the zipper down on his tux pants, I got a glimpse of that massive bulge under his underwear. My heart raced at the sight of it. My nipples ached with stiffness, and somehow I got even wetter. But even as I licked my lips at the sight of his underwear barely containing that huge cock, he tugged his underwear and pants down, and the beast sprang forth.

"Second thoughts?" he asked, a little too loudly for my taste. Outside the door of the supply closet and just slightly down the hall, Brad's peers were laughing and talking. I shivered with the fear that they'd hear his words.

I felt like my whole body was on fire as I licked and caressed his balls. The arousal of doing this flooded through me. I was afraid my wetness wouldn't be contained by my underwear.

I did. One at a time, I eased them into my mouth, gently, using my tongue and lips to massage them. He groaned with pleasure. The smell of his sweaty sack and crotch filled my nostrils. His pubic hair tickled my nose. He reached down to run the fingers of one hand through my hair. My body was so sensitive with arousal, it felt as good as having my nipples sucked.

Looking down at me and licking his lips, he stuck it in.

He groaned and managed to get out, "Oh yeah!"

His other hand came down until he had the fingers of both twisted in my hair, pulling it. I moaned and sucked harder, trying to cram even more of his cock into my mouth. He helped, thrusting back and forth, shoving it into my throat a little bit. I struggled to take it as he moaned my name.

"Almost there baby," he groaned out, and I gobbled on that meat more hungrily than ever, pressing my tongue firmly and wetly against the underside of his cock right below the head. I sucked like a starving woman desperate for protein.

And then hot, goopey, salty cum flooded into my mouth like a dam had burst.

Then another wave, as hot, voluminous and strong as the first, sprayed my mouth like a firehose. He pulled my hair to hold my head in place as he drained his heavy, swollen balls into my waiting mouth. Wave after wave, shot after shot, his gooey spunk flowed into me until it was dribbling out the corners of my mouth. The taste was completely overpowering, washing away the mouthwash, the aftertaste of alcohol from my husband's flask, everything. I could taste nothing but the bitter residue of his pleasure.

"Thanks Babe," he said, patting me on the head. "I've been wanting that since before I dated Jenna." Then he zipped up and stepped out of the closet, leaving me hot, wet, and unable to taste anything but sperm. I stood up, fixed my dress, pulled out a compact to fix my lipstick, and headed back out to find my husband.

I grinned at him, the taste of Brad's semen still coating my entire mouth. "I caught one guy getting a blowjob. I didn't have the heart to break it up until he was done."

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