Sissy Whore Ch. 02

I wrestled with my emotions for the rest of the afternoon, sitting on the sofa trying to distract myself from the mysterious web chat. I'd been at this a long time now and I was used to conversations that went nowhere. Most of the guys that contacted me followed up with a dick pic and were not really capable of continuing the fantasy beyond the scant description of my interests on my profile. Why should this guy be any different? But part of me kept thinking; what if?. There was something in his tone, his bluntness, that made me feel he was the real deal, or at least real enough to role play the fantasy in return for a quick blowjob. Time would tell, I'd wait a couple of hours and then see if he called. Now what to do to take my mind off it until then?

I trotted into the bathroom and checked my make up in the mirror. Freshened up my lipstick and powder and turned my attention to my bag of toys. Positioning myself in front of the full length mirror, I removed my panties, dug two fingers into the tub of lube and extracted a generous glob of white sticky, silky cream and without pausing began to smear it inside my anal passage. I chose the largest toy in my bag and coated it with more lube. It was dark brown and nine inches in length with a suction cup at the base. I secured it to the tiled floor in front of the mirror and positioned my moist hole on top of it. Wiping the excess lube on my own, comparably small, shaft. Then I spread my legs as far as I could and let gravity take control.

I closed my eyes and re ran the earlier conversation in my imagination. Slut, Bitch, Whore. Opening my eyes after a while I was surprised to see that for the first time I'd managed to take the entire length inside me. The thought crossed my mind that it was time to get an even larger toy, I'd soon have mastered this one. As ever the fact of my diminishing finances flashed through my mind. I shouldn't really be thinking of buying new toys until I'd managed to find a new job. Unless, of course the stranger from earlier turned out to be the real deal. I played with my heavy breast forms as they bounced with my thrusts and thought about what he's said. Big tittied whores make more money.

My knees buckled and I lost my balance, impaling myself on the dildo. It hurt but I didn't care, I pushed harder against the soft wet silicone until I jerked and shot a hot stream of cum all over the mirror in front of me. Despite myself I kept going as jet after jet of my cum dribbled out of my cock, rolling down the shaft to form a puddle on the tiled bathroom floor. The sight of myself in the mirror, looking every inch the dumb sissy whore. Whimpering and biting my bottom lip, staring through heavy false lashes, spent but yet not satisfied, kneeling in a puddle of my own mess. Trying to imagine myself with bigger fleshy tits and large pouting lips. Not to mention the amount of cock I'd get as a result. I wouldn't even need a job, I'd be a kept sissy bimbo for a rich demanding man...

Eventually I finished my feast of cum and drifted off into sleep. Still on the bathroom floor with my ass gaping from the dildo and my cheek in a pool of my own cum.

I decided to take advantage of the inspiration and engage in a little self-pleasure. I returned to my bedroom and extracted the toilet bag from the bottom drawer. It contained a tub of lubricant and a couple of toys in different sizes as well as a small bottle of poppers.

As the head of my big black dildo slipped inside my moist sphincter, I felt the familiar rush accompanied by a sharp sting as my asshole tried to stretch to accommodate it. A couple of deep shots of poppers and my heart was racing until after about thirty seconds I felt myself slide down along the length of the silicone dick beneath me. I let it settle for a while waiting for my hole to adjust to its girth before flexing my knees and began to ride the monstrous cock. More poppers and my rhythm increased in speed.

My mind was flooded with images of the large breasted bimbos with skinny waists and round butts that appeared in my tumblr feed. Their long legs ending in killer platform heels, always blonde with pouting lips. What I wouldn't give to be like them? How would my life be different if I was? My thoughts changed to the breastplate I'd seen earlier. Wondering what outfits I'd be able to get away with if I owned one of those? How heavy the voluptuous breastforms would feel as they jiggled and bounced as I walked in those heels? Or as I bounced up and down on my monster dildo? Or even a real flesh and blood cock, stiff swollen and ready to explode, filling my guts with globs of thick creamy seed...

Eventually my mind settled and the fantasy died. I was sitting on my bathroom floor surrounded by a pool of my own worthless cum. Before this morning I had always been happy with my appearance and chosen boob size. What came over me? After one brief chat with a nameless faceless stranger in a chatroom I was left feeling worthless and inadequate. I needed to pull myself together but before that there was one thing I felt compelled to do. I moved forward onto my knees, leaning in close to the mirror. I could feel the dildo slowly work its way free, sliding out of me and leaving me with an aching sense of emptiness. Without thinking I leaned closer and began to lick my spent seed from the cold surface of the mirror. It had started to congeal and stick to the glass and I had to work with my tongue to remove every trace. It's cold sweet taste filled my mouth and dribbled down my chin. I worked my way down the cold surface onto the floor until I found myself licking the stick pool of my own seed from the pool between my knees. My hard on was long gone, Now the only thing that mattered was every drop of precious cum I could lap up with my whore mouth. I couldn't help myself, I wanted more. Any shame I felt was caused by the simple fact that it was my own produce I was consuming. My eager mouth and hungry tongue should by rights be devoted to serving the real cocks and bulging ball sacks of real men and not the worthless juices of a filthy sissy whore like me.

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