Becoming Toni

I was sitting naked in a toilet cubicle, my clothes hanging on a peg and my dick hanging down, as usual. At 5 feet, five and half, sitting here, worried about my late onset of puberty. Hell, not only has it not kicked in, it's hardly got its foot in the door! My body is still hairless, my voice still high, I'm a freak.

He held it up, almost as if for my appraisal, his balls were hanging low, mousey coloured hair trimmed back allowing his cock to be seen in all its glory. I'd seen it before, a previous Wednesday, a twenty something guy, smelling of expensive deodorant.

I stuck out my tongue, curling the tip in a come hither gesture, that was all he needed. A few strokes as he moved forward and a thick cock poked through the hole. I slid off the toilet and knelt on the floor, an empty shopping bag preventing my knees from touching the dirty concrete. My lips pursed to kiss his warm cock, it jumped involuntarily at the contact, my tongue slid under it as far as I could reach.

I gave a full suck and pulled back a little, then forward once more, I could feel the head of his cock press aginst the roof of my mouth. I loved the feeling of control as I brought this guy to the peak of solid erection. His pulse was a veiny throb against my lips, the bulbous head filling my mouth, pushed for increased sensation. It wanted more suction and more ingress into the soft silky depths of my throat.

It invaded my throat once more, filling me with meaty gorgeousness, I wish I could suck on him forever but both he and I needed to work toward a sticky climax. The last time I had sucked him I had finished him off with my hand. He had sighed as he came, no doubt the cold air on his dick and jerking spurts into the empty air was not the ending he wanted.

I moved on to gripping the foreskin with my lips, my head pushing to and fro, wanking him that way, there was a moan from him, I stepped up my actions. Before long he was thrusting at me harder, I just sucked and held onto him. His movements were making the metal wall creak, he was pushing into me with more force and speed. I raised my game with more suction and allowed my teeth to lightly graze the skin at the end of his cock.

He left his cock in my mouth until it grew less solid, normally if I wanked a guy he would withdraw his cock as soon as he finished cumming. I wanted to do this again but how can I let him know? As he withdrew his softening dick, I spoke in a whisper,

He squatted down, he was quite handsome, he whispered, 'Yes.'

I could feel I was blushing,

'Could I come in next time?'

There I'd said it, I had always been so careful about being seen entering or leaving and never wanted contact before. In fact anonymity was all I wanted, there was no way I could be seen by anyone that I knew and here I was not caring.

It goes without saying, that week was worrisome, there were lots of times when I thought I wouldn't go through with it. But one night as I lay wanking, my thoughts drifted to a handsome young guy and a dick that needed servicing. I was so wound up I could almost taste it, and its taste was one of the things that had made up my mind.

Ye Gods, I'd sucked the guy's dick only a week ago, how much more forward could I get?

How could I stop him anyway? He was much bigger than me. I was about to get dressed as a soft knock on the door sounded. I knocked back, he was earlier than before. Was that a good sign or not? I opened the door and stood behind it. He came in silently, looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

'Thanks,' I felt ill at ease and didn't know what to do.

I massaged him to bigger proportions, he gazed into my eyes and pursed his lips, I took the clue and suddenly we were kissing. He was good at it, at least I think he was, I've not done much kissing. He traced a finger down my face,

'You're so lovely,'

I kissed it, covering the whole of its length with wet kisses, then concentrated on the groove and head. He urged me up and kissed me again, his hand reaching for me over my tiny pants, although he stroked me, my dick didn't respond much at all.

A solid pole slipped in and out of my mouth, I loved working on him, setting him on the dizzying path to ejaculation. His hand slid tenderly down my face, each finger leaving until just his thumb and index lightly held my chin, urging me upwards. I looked up as his cock slid out of my mouth, his lips pursed then pouted in a ghostly kiss.

Still kissing I shook my head gently, No. The finger pressed just a little against my tight ring, the inference made me clamp up tighter, he slid his hands away. At least he wasn't going to press the point, although, in a small way, that's just what he had done.

I felt the quiver in his cock and the rise of his balls as the cum spurted upward, there was pressure in the shaft as he came. My mouth was hit by a sudden spurt of hot fluid, only when it quickly subsided did I taste it was cum. Then another, the quantity was magnificent, a full creamy mouthful, then another spurt joined the party.

He had me stand and open my mouth, I showed the sperm I held, it covered my tongue and bathed my tonsils.

'Would you like to come back to mine?' He asked. I nodded and started to dress. When we were ready he opened the door and we both walked out. I was so apprehensive, what if anyone had been there, I felt I would die of shame. I was so conflicted, I wanted this kind of sex but felt so guilty.

'A beer would be fine.' I sat tentatively on the edge of the seat, on a worn, leather chair.

'Not much to say, I go to craft college and get two hours free for lunch on a Wednesday.'

'A plumber.'

'Four times now but sometimes I didn't like the look of the guys in the next cubicle. You're the only one I've, you know, done twice.' I could feel I was colouring up, my hand was shaking holding the beer, I knew it was a mistake to give up my anonymity. Dave sat on the arm of the chair,

'I don't know what I want, although I've got hard when wanking someone off, I've never actually cum.

I've never tried it and don't think I want to.'

Mmm, maybe but only if you promise to go gently.'

So he was into girls, then, I did wonder. Later he held out his hand and led me to the bedroom, asked me to strip off as put towels on the bed. The room appeared to have a woman's touch, even though she had apparently left a couple of weeks ago, that much was evident when he opened a wide cupboard and one side of the hanging space was bare.

His touch was deft and firm, swirling the oil over my back and down to my bum, stroking with a hand each side of me, rippling the flesh as he smoothed his way down. Without hesitation his hands swooped over my ass cheeks, cupping and smoothing them, spreading them to each side, running a couple of fingers lightly down the crease, then on to my thighs.

I was okay with that, his hands turned as they came up my ass. His thumbs were trailing as they followed each other up the crease of my ass. First one then the other pressed at my sphincter, my relaxed state and their oily coating allowing them to push in just a little. I felt a cool touch right at my anus as he tipped a little more oil directly onto it. His hand was firm across both buttocks as his thumbs stroked the oil into me, lightly at first, then with more pressure.

'Relax, Tony.' That was easy for him to say, I was trying to, the massage was soothing but his thumb was jammed in me and that was definitely a first. One hand left briefly and a finger replaced the thumb in my ass, it slipped in easily. I looked round, a jar of Vaseline was lying to one side.

'Are you alright with this,' he asked.

'I'll stop any time you say but you're doing very well, really you are.'

'No honestly, you're the first for me, I'm guessing I'm the first for you too.' He was still working his fingers to and fro and really it wasn't bad, but then it wasn't good either.

'Lay on your side,' he said, laying down behind me, fingers still working away. Awkwardly I turned on my side, drawing my legs up, it made me more comfortable and access to my ass easier. He seemed distracted for a moment, then I felt a cold wisp of something on my thigh, was that a condom?

Without a sound the door to the next cubicle closed, only the wafting of the toilet paper stuck over the glory hole gave evidence of the fact. The small gap I had purposely left showed jeans being pulled down, the wearer stood level with the glory hole, he didn't move to sit down. Nice thighs, with a designer logo on the elastic of his underwear. Thumbs hooked into each side and the boxers were slid deftly down, revealing an un-circumcised cock.

I leaned forward, he pulled back his foreskin, my intake of breath wafted the paper back toward me, the spit gave up its tenuous hold and the paper fell to the floor. I was revealed, looking avidly through the glory hole. His dick bobbed down slightly, he had obviously bent down to look at me.

As I did so, my mouth opened wide, engulfing the hunk of man flesh, just my tongue and upper lip touching the warm dick. I held at the root with my hand, stroking the manly weapon to full hardness. The metal wall gave slightly as he pressed his body to it, his cock pressing urgently into my mouth.

His belly was pressed so tight to the hole it bulged slightly within its confines, his perfumed smell filled my nostrils. Mouth was watering as I pushed my lips further down his cock, feeling its turgid girth slip past my tonsils, it took a lot of will power not to gag. My nose pressed towards his belly, I sucked and pulled back, dragging the foreskin over his cock head, only to breathe in and press back down again.

I'm new to this and haven't actually let anyone cum in my mouth but I had made my mind up if he returned I would suck him to orgasm and swallow his cum. I'd wondered if this would be one way of getting testosterone into me. He of course was unaware of this as I sucked at the top of his cock, my lips around his glans, tongue probing the pee hole.

It wasn't long before he was slamming harder, then stopped, pressing forward with everything that he had, as he spurted into my throat. Once, twice he shot his hot cum into me, all I could do was to swallow but in doing so, brought my head back in order to breathe. A final, weaker, dribble coated my tongue. I tasted this ambrosia, real 'man fat' direct from the source, continuing to lightly suck him, getting all I could.

'Same time next week?'

He looked at me, I was squatting, knees apart, my dick soft again. His voice low, 'You look nice.'


'Y. .y . yes.'

My mouth had just got me into trouble, in fact it may have got me into trouble in more ways that one, I didn't know if he was clean. Sexually transmitted diseases were my greatest worry and here I was sucking down cum from a guy I didn't know and offering to guzzle more next week.

It was with trepidation that I taped over the glory hole and stripped off, hanging up T shirt and jeans and stood undecided in my black, skimpy underwear. Would it look too forward to strip off completely?

Yes, but would he expect to shag me if I was naked?

'Nice underwear,' he whispered.

He undid his jeans and drew them down, still designer underpants I noticed, and there a swelling cock. I put my hand down, feeling the weight and heat from it. He leant forward a little, I took comfort from this, thinking so far so good.

'Your skin is so soft.' I didn't know if this was a good or not, perhaps it was a bad thing? He stroked around my chin and lifted it slightly and kissed me again.

Well, it seems a smooth face is a good thing, as far as he's concerned. He had grown considerably in my hand, his cock was peeking over his waistband. Without thinking, I knelt and slid his boxers down, his cock fell somewhat, but not far, it jutted out at a jaunty angle.

I slowly sank back to my knees and took him in hand, watching the foreskin slide like a well oiled sleeve over the head, well saliva had played its part. I put my lips over him and started to suck, my hands went up to hold his ass cheeks, feeling them flex as he slid to and fro.

I stood and we kissed again, with more ardour than before. His arms wrapped around me, hands sliding down to my bottom, caressing those fleshy cheeks. I held his cock slowly pressing and pulling it, maintaining the desire within him. His hands slid over my bum cheeks, fingers delving into the cleft of my ass, until one finger touched my anus.

His hands went onto my shoulders and a small press had me kneeling down to suck him again. It took quite some time to get him to the point of climax but as he approached it, so his knees bent involuntarily and his thighs trembled. I made sure he was fully in my mouth as I wanked the base of his cock and sucked the glorious end of it.

I had to swallow some to make room for any more, although the following contractions were less and less. I sucked gently on him for any more that I could coax forth. I was just being greedy and had to keep tight lips on his cock as he pulled out, for fear of spilling any.

'Its okay to swallow' he whispered. I dutifully did as he said, ready to show my faith in him. He stroked my dick but it was no longer as hard as when I'd wanked him. It was stiffest when I got that big mouthful of cum. Now only half hard, I knew I wouldn't cum now. He asked if I was O.K. with that and I assured him, I was.

His car was nearby, a Ford of some sort - I always take the bus. He said 'I'm Dave, whats your name?' I told him, 'Tony.' It was just a short distance to his flat. Although quite small, it was tidy and clean. Comprising of a kitchen / lounge, a bathroom off to the left and what must be a bedroom, ahead. Dave walked to the fridge and asked if I wanted a drink,

'Relax,' said Dave, smiling, 'Tell me a bit about yourself.'

'What do you want to be?'

'Good pay if you can get the work. How long have you been going to?' . . . he nodded towards the toilet block.

'Do you ever feel you're not getting much from your encounters?' I shrugged,

'Well it would seem you don't want to be fucked.' He said, quite matter of factly.

I see, would you trust me to be very careful with you, going slowly and stop if you asked?'

'When we've drunk our beers, I'll start with some massage, that can't be too bad eh? I used to do that for my partner, she used to get very tense.'

Returning to the bed, he held a small bottle and a jar, he suggested I lay on my front and proceeded to put oil on his hands. I looked back at him as he warmed the oil by rubbing his palms, then touching my shoulders.

I breathed out, I hadn't realised I'd stopped breathing as he'd massaged my bum. Down my legs he went, calves and feet oiled and flexed, I began to relax. First one hand then the next trailed back up, stroking inner thighs, fingers trailing along my perineum, just touching my ball sac.

My initial reaction was to tighten my ring, but he told me to relax, smoothing my cheeks, pulling each cheek to the side in turn, his thumb always pushing a little firmer. It felt good, I must admit, the whole massage thing, and his gentleness.

Another finger joined the first, sliding in and out, pulling upwards then joined by a third. The whole experience was one of trepidation, certainly not pain but a certain soreness where his fingers were chafing in my sphincter.

'Its a bit late now with your hand up my ass,' I said sarcasticly.

'I bet you say that to all the boys.' I quipped.

If you're okay with it, do you want to carry on?' Dave asked. Well to tell the truth, I hadn't considered asking him to stop.