Beth at a Bachelor Party

Beth sat on Joe's lap facing him. He nuzzled his face between her bare tits. She turned her head and looked back at me.

It was Joe's bachelor party and I was supposed to hire a stripper for the event. There were only four of us, Joe, Tommy, Ben and myself. Well, to make a long story short, the stripper I had hired bailed on us at the last minute.

"What!" I exclaimed. "They're going to expect a stripper."

"But they are going to expect you to take off some clothes and maybe show Joe a little attention".

"They going to expect to see your tits," I said.

With that, Beth pulled up her halter top and let her titties fall out. One minute later, we were in the bedroom fucking our brains out. Beth had won that argument.

The other men in the room cheered as Joe switched to the other tit and Beth let out a little squeal.

"Oh, my," Beth announced, "I think the guest of honor is getting a little excited." I assumed she meant she could feel his dick getting hard beneath her ass.

"Yeah! Let's see what you got, Joe," Ben shouted.

I watched helplessly as Beth slid off of Joe's lap and knelt in front of him. She unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. He lifted himself off of the chair a bit, and Beth pulled his pants down around his ankles. Joe's cock was pointing straight up, forming a tent inside of his white boxer shorts. There was already a small wet spot where the tip of his cock was pressing against the fabric of his shorts.

"Ahhhhhh," was all Joe could say as Beth grasped his cock and slowly started pumping it. My mind was racing. This had all started out as a joke and now I was watching my wife give a friend of mine a hand job while most of my other friends watched and cheered. I was wondering just how far Beth was going to go. Stripping was one thing, but jacking off my buddy was another. Was she going to stop soon? Was she going to do it until he came?

Beth kept pumping slowly and everyone watched as her hand moved up and down around Joe's penis beneath the thin cloth of his underwear. I watched my wife as she looked down at the bouncing shape. She looked up briefly at the others who were watching, one at a time, and smiled. Lastly she looked at me.

It was almost like she could hear my thoughts, because she smiled and almost imperceptibly shook her head, No.

With her empty hand, Beth parted the fly of Joe's boxers. Her other hand pushed the tip of his dick through the opening. It was obvious to everyone that he was slowly oozing cum.

"Don't be shy, Joe," Beth said seeing his uncomfortableness. "I'll bet all each these guys wishes it was them sitting here in your place. Isn't that right, guys?"

"Yep," said Tommy.

"Ok," Beth said. "Anyone who wants a little of what Joe just got, take your cock out and let me see it."

"Uh, uh, ok," I muttered. I was on the spot now. I had had a hard on since the moment Beth had taken off her bra for these guys. I was confused. On one hand it was my very own wife showing her goodies to a group of guys. It was definitely hot. Trying to act nonchalant as possible, I pushed my pants and briefs down to reveal my fully erect cock.

I didn't hesitate. I cupped her breasts in my hands and pushed her right nipple into my mouth and began sucking. Her hand started jacking my cock up and down.

"Jason," I said, playing along.

"Very nice, Jason," but I see others are waiting. She winked at me. "I'll be back."

"Who's next?" Beth asked, looking at no one in particular. Two hands went up.

Joe and I were both sitting in our chairs with our dicks exposed. Beth looked at Tommy and Ben. "Names?" she asked.


She dropped to her knees and wrapped her left hand around Tommy's dick and her right hand around Ben's and began giving them both her now-familiar hand job treatment. Tommy reached down and cupped her left breast letting her erect nipple slip in between his fingers. Ben reached down, briefly cupped her right breast, and then reached down further and cupped her pussy over the panty material. Beth didn't resist. He began massaging her pussy lips.

Beth moaned. I could tell she was pressing her wet pussy back against Ben's hand.

She looked over her shoulder at me. My beautiful wife was kneeling in front of two of my friends, jerking them both off while one of them fondled her pussy. My hand found its way to my own cock and I started masturbating.

"How many?" Ben responded.

I looked over at Joe. Not surprisingly, he was stroking his own cock and enjoying the show.

I looked at Tommy. His head was tilted back on the couch as Beth continued to work his cock. Every once in a while he would look down to watch her hand stroking up and down on his shaft. He was still massaging her left titty as far as I could tell.

Ben pulled his hand away from Beth's pussy. Beth let go of Tommy's cock long enough to take his hand off of her breast and move it down between her legs. She pulled the fabric of her panties to the other side to accommodate Tommy's fingers. Almost immediately she started moaning again. Obviously, Tommy's fingers were in her pussy.

Now, completely naked, she resumed her position on her knees between Tommy and Ben. After placing Tommy's hand back on her pussy, she grabbed both cocks and resumed stroking. She pushed her ass a little up in the air to give Joe and I a better view of the action. Without the panties to obstruct the view, I could see Tommy's fingers sliding in and out of my wife's pussy.

Still on her knees, Beth "walked" back over to the chair where Joe was stroking his cock. This whole party had already gone much farther than I could ever have imagined. Where was this headed now?

"Oh, yeah," Joe managed as he continued to stroke himself.

"Oh yeah, the good stuff!" Beth said and just like that, she lowered her lips to the head of his cock and slurped up the pearly liquid. The "good stuff"? Did my wife just say that about another man's semen? Did my wife just suck another man's pre cum into her mouth? Did she just do all of this while I was sitting not ten feet away. My head was spinning.

"Man, Beth has some great tits!" Joe mumbled as his lips latched on to Beth's left nipple. Beth moaned and her eyes rolled back in her head. I could hardly believe I was watching another man suck my wife's tit. It was my fault, I guess.

When I told my wife, Beth, about my situation, she volunteered to be the entertainment.

"So?" said Beth. "They don't know me. I can pull it off".

"Well, I could show a little skin and love on Joe a little bit. Nothing serious. It'll be fun and a little erotic. Wait until we get home afterwards."

"It's not a big deal," Beth replied. "I'll dance around a bit, take off my bra, give them all a good look. Maybe sit on Joe's lap. They're just titties. You like them don't you?"

So, here we were...

"I wish it was my bachelor party!" Tommy shouted and everyone laughed, including Beth. She gave Tommy a little suggestive wink and started grinding her ass into Joe's lap.

"Who wants to see the groom's equipment?" she asked the room.

"Yeah, take it out!" Tommy added.

"Not bad," said Beth. I watched my wife slip her right hand up the left leg opening of Joe's boxers. Her hand was no longer visible, but it was obvious that she had wrapped it around the shaft of Joe's penis.

"I can barely get my hand around it, Joe," Beth said to him as she smiled up at his face. "I'll bet you're gonna make someone a great husband!"

Ok, that's enough, I thought. Everyone has seen your tits. Joe has gotten his dick massaged. All of the guys have gotten a good show. Take your hand out of Joe's boxers, put your top back on and let's ease on out of this situation.

Oh, god, what's coming? I thought. My sweet wife was not going to stop.

Beth got up from the floor. Joe was slumped back in his chair, his erect cock sticking up through the fly opening of his boxers. He opened his eyes and you could see he was a little embarrassed, exposed like that in a room full of guys.

"Hell, yes," said Ben.

The rest just nodded in agreement. I nodded, too. I didn't want to draw attention to myself.

Beth looked directly at me. "You first she said."

"Very nice," Beth exclaimed. She walked slowly over to me, her breasts swaying. She looked me straight in the eyes, and reached down and grabbed my penis. "Would you like to suck on a titty while I do this?" she asked.

"What's your name, baby?" she asked. She was playing this up for real.

"Well, Jason, you've got a really nice cock." She released my cock and climbed onto my lap just like she had done for Joe. My cock was now pressed against the warm, wet crotch of her panties. She rubbed her pussy against my cock for several seconds and then stood up.

Tommy and Ben were sitting on the couch, Tommy on the right.

This is getting a little out of hand, I thought, but another part of me couldn't wait to see what my wife was going to do next.


"Ok, Tommy and Ben, I have two titties and two hands, so let's see what you boys have," Beth said as she moved over to stand in front of them. They wasted no time in getting their pants down to the floor.

"Damn, you are soaking wet, Beth!" Ben said.

Beth was almost panting now.

Beth let go of Ben's dick, briefly and reached down between her legs and pulled the panty material to one side. "Put some fingers in me, Ben" she said, looking up at him.

"I'll let you know when to quit," Beth replied. My view as blocked, but I knew what Beth's sweet, furry pussy looked like when she was aroused. The black hair around would be glistening and her clitoris would be swollen and peeking out.

I couldn't see well enough to know how many fingers Ben had inserted into my wife's dripping pussy. Must have been just right, though, judging by the way Beth was gyrating on his hand.

Beth looked up at Tommy. "Would you like to take a turn, Tommy?" she asked.

A few minutes of this and Beth stood up. She let go of both cocks and hooked the elastic top of her panties with both hands. "These things just seem to be getting in the way, don't they?" she smiled at Tommy. She pushed the panties down, stepped out of them and turned and tossed them to me. What a tease. I could see her pussy lips were wet and swollen. The hairs around her pussy had little drops of dew on them.

"Ok, guys", Beth said suddenly. "This is a lot of fun, but our guest of honor is being neglected".

"Did you enjoy the show, Joe?" Beth asked looking up at him.

"Well let me take over there," Beth said looking at his cock. Joe released his grip and Beth wrapped her right hand around his shaft and squeezed. A few drops of pre-cum oozed out of the head of his cock.