Bewitching Spells Ch. 03

Chapter 3: A Bondage Spell

You're better off reading this someplace cozy, comfortable, and quiet where you can easily relax and focus completely on my magical words. I want you to be somewhere soft and warm where you can just sink into the most incredibly comfortable position. You'll soon be stuck in that position, completely spellbound. Of course you'll be able to move in case of an emergency, or if you focused hard enough on resisting, but you don't want that do you pet? We both know how you want to be.

under and over it goes, looping round your forearm. Maybe it's coiling round the arm of your chair and binding you to your seat, or maybe my magic is magnetically clinging to your bed or to whatever surface your arm is resting on. Do you know what's more important than the way I anchor your arm in place? The wonderful consequences of the way my rope slithers as it slowly circles round and round. It coils like a snake, moving from the head and dragging the entire length of rope along behind it.

SPELLs are fun like that. Your conscious mind can locate my words of power like it's solving a hidden puzzle to read a cryptic message that can only be read if you know where to look as you slowly descend deeper down into my words. Then your unconscious mind will keep reading, right where you left off as my magic springs forth in your mind.

Of course, if you focus hard enough you can overpower my spell. You can wake your dreamy mind from my binding magic. You can flex your brain and make my rope poof away into a cloud of smoke, instantly clearing your thoughts and waking your mind from my spell. You've always got the power to overcome my enchantment, no matter how deep down into your mind my magic sinks. Even when I have you completely enchanted, bewitched, and controlled, you still have the power to break free. But you don't want to do that, do you pet?

If you like that bit of magic, then you're going to love this amazing trick. Much like a snake, my rope can flex and suddenly tighten making your entire right arm FREEZE in place and stay frozen like a statue as wonderful waves of pleasure keep washing over your arm for the next fifteen seconds. It feels so incredible just to have a single limb bound by my spell, and I've got three more ropes to go. You're going to love being tied up by my magic, but first I'm going to wake your dreamy mind. Feel your thoughts slowly returning as I count to five.

Blinking your eyes and looking around.

Right arm still bound by my magical rope.

Feeling enchanted, refreshed, and renewed.

Aroused by the inescapable certainty that you will soon be completely ensnared.

All the way up, awake and alert.

Did you manage to remove all your clothes and place your hand in a desirable location? Good pet. You're so wonderful at following directions. Such a good obedient pet. I think I'm going to reward you, by binding your beautiful body with three more coils of enchanted rope. But first I want to remind your dreamy mind of one very important fact. A magical fact so wonderful and dreamy that you will instantly fall back into a deep enchanting trace the moment you realize it's true.

Feel my rope coiling round your left arm, starting at the wrist and pinning you in place. It feels soft and warm as it slowly slithers round and round wrapping you tight in a magical embrace that will bind your arm completely. Then it pulses with energy as it winds around your elbow, sending a wave of pleasure crashing through your mind and blanking out your thoughts leaving you dazed, dizzy, and incredibly aroused.

In the meantime I'll be busy binding your legs in place. My ropes will start by tracing across your toes and around the soles of your feet. You can giggle for me if you find that sensation ticklish. Feel that tickling sensation continue as my rope coils around your shin. Remember that the entire length of rope is going to trace across that path. But don't worry pet, the pleasure of my spell can wipe all those ticklish thoughts from your mind if that's what you truly desire.

Good pet. Now that I have you right where I want you, I think it's time to have some fun. I've already shown you the word of power that I use to flex my ropes and FREEZE your body in place. I can specify certain limbs, or immobilize your entire body at once. Then wonderful waves of pleasure wash over your body while the spell is active, but you can only feel them in the parts of you that are frozen. If you try to move while frozen then your eyes instinctively snap back to my word of power, locking you in place.

Let's wake that foggy mind of yours and play around with this new spell. Feel your thoughts slowly returning as my words pull you up and out of a deep and dreamy trance. Let your arousal build as the first thoughts that return are the things you want me to do now that I've got your body completely bound. Try wiggling against the restraints as you blink your heavy eyelids open. There's no sense in trying too hard though. You know that you are locked firmly in place. More importantly you know that there are far more enticing things you could be doing with your hands.

I know something that will make it all feel better. Something so irresistibly enticing that it will blanket your mind with pleasure until all you can think about is how good it feels to be my horny, enchanted, obedient pet. My ropes can slide and stretch while keeping your limbs helplessly immobilized. With this simple sentence I can make them wiggle and wander slowly down your shoulders, as they steadily drop down towards your chest.

Welcome back pet. It's so good to see you here in my words again. This time I want to try a binding spell. One that will coil around your curves and tangle your body from the top of your head all the way down to the tips of your toes. This spell works best if your mind is already attuned to my magic from the spell I cast in chapter one, and it will be even more enjoyable thanks to the pleasure spell from chapter two. The enchantment will linger in your mind with my other spells, allowing me to FREEZE your body in place for a few seconds, but only when you feel comfortable doing so.

still and motionless, thanks to these wonderful coils of enchanted rope. They're a pleasant shade of tan and glowing with a faint green light. I can move them like a slithering snake, slowly sneaking towards your drowsy body. The first strand is already wiggling and rhythmically swaying, back and forth as it inches closer, before finally reaching the fingertips on your right arm. The soft hemp feels warm and gentle on your skin as it slowly wraps around your wrist.

my rope will never burn you as it slides across your skin. It will only bring you pleasant sensations like a wonderful tingling vibration up and down your arm as it snakes around your bicep. Occasionally it crackles with energy, sending a wave of pleasure washing over your body, and filling your mind with erotic thoughts of what's yet to come. Isn't it amazing, how simple words can trigger such enchanting responses?

Can you feel my power growing stronger as my magic coils around your shoulder? Good pet. Now that we've gone through an entire length of rope I think it's time to test the binding. You can wiggle your arm and flex against my rope but you can't pull free of the restraints. Can you? Go ahead. Give it a try. Feel my rope holding you in place as you struggle in vain to move.

Of course not. You just want to sink deeper down into the dark depths of my control as I slowly bind your beautiful body. Thankfully my spell is designed to slowly overpower your resistance as you continue mindlessly reading. The smoke from my rope will swirl about, dazzling and disorienting you as it draws your attention deep into my words. And once you're lost in the swirling cloud of magical fog it will reform into rope and bind your arm into whatever position it comes to rest in.






Did you enjoy that pet? Go ahead and try to move your right arm. It's bound firmly in place isn't it? Good pet. Now there's something very important that you should do before I put you back under my spell and bind your other limbs. I want you wiggle out of your clothes and position your left hand someplace fun. I know it won't be easy to strip with a hand bound in place. Your shirt will almost certainly get caught on the rope, and may already be tied to your arm. Just do your best, and know that you can turn my rope to smoke if you really need to. It will reform the moment your arm comes to rest.

You're still under my SPELL. As my magic springs forth from a dark corner of your foggy mind, as it slowly sinks into the dreamy depths of your drowsy brain and pushes all your thoughts away, as my power overwhelms you completely, you can see those three glowing ropes, slowly slithering closer. They seem to swirl like dancers in a ballroom, twisting and twirling around one another as they creep ever closer. Then they branch off, one heading towards your left arm and the others towards your legs.

My enchanted rope flexes tight as it reaches your shoulder, making your entire left arm FREEZE in place. Meanwhile your brain can't stop thinking of all the naughty things that your hand could be doing if you weren't bound so tight. You could be stroking, rubbing, caressing, thrusting, groping, pinching, or otherwise pleasuring your needy body. But every time you try to move that arm your eyes snap back to the word FREEZE and you remember that it's frozen in place. Don't worry pet. My rope will loosen in a few seconds. Then you'll have all the wiggle room you need to have some knotty fun.

Gasp in surprise as my soft and sensual ropes touch those sensitive spots on the back of your knees. Moan just a little as they coil round your luscious thighs. Inch by inch they seductively slide, caressing your sensitive skin with pleasant vibrations that tease and tantalize your dreamy body. Whimper as you realize that I've got your body completely bound.

The effect lasts exactly 15 seconds before fading away like a distant foggy memory. I can increase that time by repeating my word of power to add another 15 seconds, but you cannot increase the time by reading the same text over again while frozen. Otherwise you could get stuck in an infinite loop, especially if you tried to move and your eyes locked in place on the word FREEZE.

That's right pet. I know how much being bound and enchanted excites you. So go ahead and play with yourself. Put on a sexy show for me to watch. Show me exactly how mindlessly aroused and obedient you've become, just by being bound and controlled. Does it turn you on to know that with a single word I can make your entire body FREEZE? Or is it frustrating, desperately needing to pleasure your sexy body but being unable to do so because I keep making you FREEZE up like this?

They can sense your pleasure, reading and reacting to the needs and desires of your drowsy body as if my magic is already deep in your mind sensing and guiding your thoughts. When a touch is unwanted they will evaporate into a harmless mist that will swirl around your head and fill you with pleasant fuzzy thoughts. When a touch turns you on they'll continue to move in just the right way to slowly build the pleasure you're feeling until it reaches a thought shattering climax.