The Awaking of a Sub... Pt. 02

This story includes only people of legal age (18+) and is based in part on actual events. Changes have been made to keep any identities private. All comments are welcomed. I hope it is enjoyable.

David laid there his penis throbbing in her hand. His thoughts were all over the place. How did this happen, why am I responding this way and especially on why am I wanting this.

Mrs.Atkins slept only inches away from him and all he could do was look at her. The moonlight illuminating the room enough that he could see her dark nipples, still erect. He knew he was torturing himself by looking but, he could not help himself. His penis was leaking and throbbing against her hand. Every now and then her grip around his cock would loosen and for that he was thankful, then in her sleep it would tighten again.

Needing to pee he went to the bathroom and being cuffed had no choice but to sit down to pee.

He turned his back to the sliding door and opened it.

David replied, "good morning Mrs. Atkins."

"Thank you , Mrs. Atkins." he said.

David returned with his coffee and sat next to her as she indicated.

Slightly embarrassed he stroked himself hard. She watched him stroke to full erection then had him stop.

When their coffee's were finished Mrs. Atkins announced it was time to shower,

"Bend over for me," she told him and with a gentle touch removed his butt plug. Mrs. Atkins told him to "prepare a cool shower for them." In the shower he was told to "wash her body and himself without washing his cock or balls, she would do that". He complied in precise detail as told. Wanting to be perfect in hopes of earning an orgasm.

Out of the shower he dried them both off. Mrs. Atkins saw the glistening pre-cum on his cock head and said, "I think that's for me" and took him into her mouth. She sucked very slowly engulfing his thick long cock, her tongue working the shaft and head before she stopped.

"Your cock Mrs. Atkins," David replied.

Mrs. Atkins told David to stand by the bed as she dressed. She chose a black thong and a pair of tan shorts a black sheer bra with a black v neck tee shirt. She put on a pair of sandals that laced up her calf.

Once she had him dressed Mrs. Atkins gave him a long wet kiss, her body pressed into his. She felt him harden and when she backed away she stole a look and smiled to herself. At least the outline of his cock was visible.

"Thank you." he said,

She asked him "why."

She said, "I am curious, tell me."

Mrs. Atkins said, "sweetie by telling me what you enjoy it helps me. I want you to look at me and I want you turned on, let's go find some heels that you like."

He pointed out a couple pair, both were stiletto style with ankle straps. Mrs. Atkins had the clerk check for her size. The clerk returned with them and left Mrs. Atkins to try them on.

He knelt and removed her sandals and put the black heels on her. Mrs. Atkins stood up and asked, "what do you think?"

Mrs. Atkins knew by the erection straining against his shorts that he liked the way she looked in them.

Mrs. Atkins had plans to rectify that soon enough.

"Yes please Mrs. Atkins," he said.

She found a pair of shorts that were white with a very thin material. She told him to "try them on."

She was sitting in a padded chair with her legs crossed to give David a full view of her legs in heels. His eyes were drawn to that view and didn't notice Mrs. Atkins gauging how visible his cock would be in these .

"Those will do nicely, David." Mrs Atkins said.

Mrs. Atkins made the purchases of the items she had decided on and they left the store. Mrs. Atkins said she was thirsty so they went to the food court for a drink. She found a table as he ordered drinks and returned to her.

David returned wearing his new shorts oblivious to the fact his shorts were semi see through.

Little did he know it was no accident.

"Let's go David," she said. "I want to get to another store."

"Take the left into the plaza ahead." she said.

She led him into an adult store. "Good afternoon" said the woman behind the counter. "Do you need some help?"

"How can I help you?" Smiled the woman.

David turned ten shades or red. The two women smiled and walked to that section, David following at a distance.

"David", she said. "Since this is for you pick one out."

Mrs. Atkins then said. "Are you sure? Because I am leaning towards the 14" and very thick one."

Sweetie it cannot be smaller than you are. Mrs. Atkins picked an 8" black strap on.

"Yes we will need a cock ring as well." Mrs. Atkins said.

With that shopping done they got back into the car. Mrs. Atkins laughed. " My you were pretty embarrassed."

Mrs. Atkins phone rang. As she spoke she stretched our her legs in the car. David could not resist looking. His cock hardened, much to her delight. As she spoke, he kept thinking of her in nothing but those heels. His cock pulsated and began leaving a wet spot where the head of his cock was. Mrs. Atkins noticed and reached over and pulled up the leg of his shorts. Exposing his cock. "Eat it," she said.

" Now? Nothing." Mrs. Atkins replied.

"OK, see you in 20 minutes." Mrs. Atkins ended the call and said "we are going to have a few drinks at my friend Karen's house." "Now eat that mess." She reminded him.

David was to busy navigating traffic to notice. They arrived at Karen's and she greeted them at the door. Her eyes drank in David.

"You too Karen," said Paula.

"Hello Ms. Stone," he replied.

Mrs. Atkins answered. "David is spending the summer with me and is my submissive, well in truth he's being trained. "Isn't that right , David?"

Karen's jaw dropped, "are you kidding me? You're serious aren't you?"

"Karen, if you show David where the drinks are he will make them and serve us." Said Paula.

Mrs. Atkins came around the corner. " Karen it's so nice out , let's sit out back on the deck. Is that okay?"

The two women sat on the deck together.

Karen smiled and said "yes by all means."

Karen went to the bar where David was getting ready to bring out the drinks.

"Yes Ms. Stone" was all he could say.

Paula laughed and then they both laughed together.

Karen moaned, "fuck yes, I will."

He held the drinks in one hand and slid open the door with the other. He was embarrassed and aware that both women were looking him over.

David, stood by Mrs. Atkins. As the women talked David's eyes feasted on Mrs. Atkins's legs. He knew this was a bad idea but he couldn't stop looking.

Soon enough he began producing pre-cum. Mrs. Atkins let it fall onto her thigh. Karen also saw his glistening string of pre-cum, but said nothing.

Karen sat right over by Mrs. Atkins.

He knelt and licked up the clear fluid off of her thigh.

Paula mouthed back , "I know and he's so obedient already."

"David , please go get my bag , I left it on Ms. Stone's kitchen counter."

Karen giggled, "I want one of him for myself."

Karen didn't hesitate. "YES, HELL Yes." she said.

"Karen, I have to show you, we went shopping today and I bought these for David. " Paula said.

Mrs, Atkins took out the strap on cock and harness , the cock ring and cock and ball separator. Karen looked at the leather cock and ball separator and asked how it worked.

Behind his swollen balls and over the base of his cock she encircled the strap and snapped it in place, then she took the 2 V straps each one angled to part his balls at the center and pull them apart then she strapped those the top strap. His cock was now hard and swollen at being restricted the veins popping out.

"David, Ms. Stone is to be obeyed as you obey me. As a matter of fact I have decided to share you with her. You now have two owners. You and your cock belong to us."

Karen reached out and began feeling his thick cock. The more his cock throbbed at her touch the more turned on she became. He began producing a free flowing string of pre-cum. Karen could not resist. She grabbed his cock and began sucking it to the base.

Mrs. Atkins stopped her ."Karen, please show me where the bathroom is."

Once inside and away from David. Paula told her everything from him being a virgin to not having cum in 3 weeks or so. I rather keep him from cumming until he just can't resist and begs for that strap on before being allowed to cum.

The two women formulated their plans for getting him to beg to be fucked in the ass.

Karen was trimmed down below and had a tall lean body with "C" cup breasts. She to had dark colored nipples not quite as large around as Paula's.

When the slider door opened David was stunned. Seeing both women walking out naked in heels made his cock throb uncontrollably.

Both women decided to remain standing with their backs to the door, allowing him a nice rear view of them in heels.

Karen spoke first to him as was arranged. "Get on your knees and lick my cunt and ass, you had better do it right. "


He was unable to sleep and he decided in his mind that he would satisfy Mrs. Atkins properly next time so that he could be allowed to cum.

At some point he fell asleep, because he woke up to an empty bed. He looked around and realized he was alone in the room.

After peeing he went down stairs to find Mrs. Atkins, naked on the deck drinking her coffee.

"Good morning sweetie,." Mrs. Atkins said.

Around her neck on a thin chain was the cuff key. She took it off her neck and had him come to her. She unlocked him and put the key back on her neck. After coffee I will remove your butt plug sweetie, you must be ready for that to be removed.

"You're welcome sweetie." she said. "Get yourself some coffee and join me."

"Make yourself hard for me David," she ordered.

She cupped his balls as they drank their coffee, now and then fondling them to tease him.

She led the way upstairs into the master bath.

Washing her caused a throbbing and painful erection which began seeping pre-cum immediately. After they were both soaped up Mrs. Atkins began washing his cock and balls. Jacking his erection quickly, stopping before he shot his cum. David's moans were pleasure to her ears.

"You have a beautiful cock David, Who's cock is it?" Mrs. Atkins said.

"Good boy." she said kissing him.

Then she went to the dresser and looked until she found some white shorts she had seen while putting away his clothes. She chose those and blue polo shirt she had him wear his deck shoes. She had hoped his shorts were tight and thin but, they were not thin enough that any thing other than a long stare would reveal what was underneath. Mrs. Atkins loved the idea of his owned cock being visible.

"You look very nice sweetie." she said.

Mrs, Atkins had David drive them to the mall. She wanted to pick up a few items for herself. As they walked through the mall she noticed David looking at women in heels.

He didn't want to answer her.

David said, "that he liked that look, bare legs and heels."

She found a store and had him point out what shoes he found to his liking.

She sat down and asked David to" put them on her feet."

He said, "they looked very nice on you Mrs. Atkins."

His cock was perfectly outlined but, not visible.

"Would you like me to wear these today?" She asked him.

With that settled, she paid for her two pair of shoes and the left wearing the black heels. Next she picked out a few blouses in another store and took David to the men's department.

He went into the changing room put them on quickly and walked out for Mrs. Atkins to look at.

With nothing more than a casual glance his cock was visible, that was all she cared about.

David went back into the dressing room and put his shorts back on and carried out the new pair that would be bought.

No sooner had David sat down and Mrs, Atkins spilled her drink all over. David quickly stood up but it was too late, his shorts were soaked. "I am so sorry David, how could I be so clumsy. At least we got you new shorts. Go find the men's room and put those on," she told him.

Mrs. Atkins smiled when he returned and again apologized. David begged her not to worry, "saying accidents happen."

Mrs. Atkins stood up and suggested they look around some stores. In truth see wanted to see how many women noticed her property's cock. A few women had noticed and given her sly smiles. Mrs. Atkins either smiled back or gave a wink.

She gave him directions as he drove, Her eyes admiring his thick cock that was now visible to anyone that cared to look.

He parked the car and she took his hand.

"Good afternoon" Mrs, Atkins said back, "and yes some help would be lovely."

"I am looking for a strap on." Mrs' Atkins said.

Mrs. Atkins asked questions that she already knew the answers to, just to prolong David's embarrassment.

David was mortified, he said "it doesn't matter."

Both women smiled at each other. David chose the smallest one there which Mrs, Atkins quickly rejected.

"Is there anything else I can help you with?" Asked the sales woman.

A thick metal ring was selected as well as a leather cock and ball separator.

"Yes Mrs. Atkins." was all he could say.

"No" she said into the phone "I was talking to someone else. Sure drinks sound wonderful."

David was trying to piece together one side of the conversation that he was able to hear.

David did as told. Mrs. Atkins gave him directions to Karen's house. While he was driving she took her adult store purchases and put them in her shoulder bag.

As the women hugged, Karen said, "Paula it's so good to see you."

Mrs. Atkins made the introductions saying, "Karen this is David, David this is Ms. Stone."

Karen's eyebrow went up and asked. "Boyfriend?" As they walked into the house.

"Yes Mrs. Atkins," he said.

Mrs. Atkins smiled and nodded. Paula gave her a wicked laugh and said she was "jealous."

Karen took him by the hand showed him the bar and requested 2 gin and tonics.

"Sure" she replied.

"Karen, I prefer David naked when not in public, are you okay with that?" Asked Paula.

"Why don't you let him know that," Mrs. Atkins said smiling at her old friend.

"You are to get undressed David and then you may bring out or drinks." Karen said.

Karen returned to the deck with a big grin on her face. "That was so hot. I can't believe I said that to him."

"Just wait until he is naked in front of you, I hope you like him nice and smooth," Paula said.

As David stripped out of his clothes he was so nervous. He didn't want to do this, delaying it though would get him punished.

He handed each woman their drink. Mrs. Atkins thanked him and gave him a deep wet kiss. That was enough to make his cock harden.

Mrs. Atkins was well aware of his eyes and shifted herself so both legs were in full view for him, enticing his mind and cock even more.

Paula said, "Karen come sit here so you can watch what a good boy David is".

"David, clean your mess," Mrs.Atkins said.

Karen mouthed to Paula, "that's so hot," as David was kneeling down cleaning his mess.

David finished and stood back up.

"Yes Mrs. Atkins," he replied.

Paula asked, "Do to borrow him? I don't mind sharing him with you."

David returned carrying Mrs. Atkins bag and stood where he was before.

Instantly David went beat red and looked only at the floor. His cock's erection deflating.

"Let me show you" replied Paula. "David come here face me." David did as told.

Karen reached out and then stopped, asking "do you mind?"

It was not a question and did not require his response.

David began to thrust his hips. Without that strap he would have released his cum.

Karen was surprised but, only said "sure."

Karen smiled and said, "you're so wicked."

Karen and Paula went upstairs and undressed. Paula put her heels back on and Karen found a nice slutty pair to wear as well.

The women decided to sit on the deck , keeping David strapped and taking turns receiving oral.

"David get us drinks" Karen ordered.

David returned with their drinks. His cock engorged now. As he handed his owners their drinks. Karen took his cock fluid with a finger and coated a nipple and snapped her fingers pointing to her nipple. David licked and suck it clean.

He went to his knees and began licking her ass and lapping back up sucking on her wet lips and clit. Using his tongue and going inside her as deeply as he could. Karen's moans told him he was doing it right.