House of Pleasure Ch. 05

**Ch 5 House of Pleasure

I felt other straps being fitted about my thighs but was too far gone to care much. She hoisted on the ribbon and spread my legs so wide it almost hurt. She chuckled as she tied it off. I heard the snap of a lock then felt the plug being pressed in and out as she slowly removed it. The sensation was incredible, and I let out a low moan.

"Mmmm... you little whore, My Little Slut!" she delighted. "Maybe a little deeper?" She giggled as she pressed a little more inside me and stopped to allow me time to stretch around her prong.

"Oh, that is so hot seeing my cock inside you like this! That's the entire five and a half inches!" she exclaimed. "You took it all, Baby! So hot! So fucking hot!" The sound of a snapping shutter passed dimly through my consciousness again.

"Five and a half inches?" I thought to my own private chagrin. "It felt like six feet!"

She retorted by slapping my ass. "I'm making you my bitch." she giggled running her hands over my back and hips then beginning to move. "My little slave to do with whatever I want." She bent forward, replaced the ball gag in my mouth and then one hand slid to settle on my hip and with the other she pulled on my leash to bring my head up and arch my back as she slowly began to circulate in and out. She was creating sensations inside me that I had never even dreamt of before. Electrical impulses were shooting randomly all over my body adding fuel to the fires of passion burning brightly within. My cock was rock hard and tight inside its cage.

A muffled gargle was all I was able to groan through the gag. Her slapping me on my already sore ass caused me to wince with each hit, but I was enthralled by it

She continued to widen my tight ass further before finally pushing all the way home. She bent low and slid her hands up my back. "Uh uh, slave. Make sure you keep your back arched nicely!" she pulled on he leash to drive home her point as her other hand slid up my back.

She slid the gag out of my mouth for a second time. "The gag is there just to prevent you from making too much noise at certain times. I think we can dispense with it at least for now. I want to hear you say something to me. It's very important that I hear it from you." she said as she slowly pushed the length of her strap-on in and out of me.

"I want you to tell me very seriously whose Little Slut you are. Whose little bitch are you? To whom do you belong, hmmm?" she said as she thrust all the way in grinding her hips against my ass.

"Mmm... I love to hear you say that!" she purred, sitting up and sliding both of her hands to my hips. "Say it again!" she commanded, beginning to pick up the tempo. "Whose little slut are you?"

"Again!" she commanded.

I couldn't lie, the precum was flowing out of my cage like a fountain. Her fucking my ass was making me feel like I was going to cum.

"Yes, Mistress," I hissed through clenched teeth.

"Yes, Mistress, very much so," I responded.

I licked my lips, tasting my own precum for the first time as she cooed her approval. It was salty and musty at the same time and indeed a strange flavour to ensorcel my senses.

I genuinely had was under whatever spell she had cast. "Yes, Mistress!" I responded with added enthusiasm.

I opened my mouth almost instinctively to the command and she slid the finger full of precum past my lips and onto my tongue. The salty, musty flavour I has sampled moments before flooded my senses. "Oh, that is so hot! Just so fucking hot!" she moaned.

"I knew you were submissive, but I never knew how submissive you were!" she cooed. "Really just so fucking hot!". She grabbed my hips with both hands and began to fuck me in earnest. "I'm going to make you cum, My Little Slut!" she said as she slid easily in and out of me now, "and you are not even going to touch your cock!"

"Mmmm... you like that don't you, you little whore!" she beamed as she pounded my ass and watched my debauchery.

"Are you cumming through your sheath for me, My Little Slut?" she questioned as she removed the gag.

"Oh, Baby! That is so hot! Just so damn hot!" she purred, momentarily slipping in her character as she watched my entire body flush, pulsate and shudder. "Wow! You really like that, don't you?" she remarked as I continued to pulsate cum onto the cushion.

"You know there are Rules in the House of Pleasure. In time I will teach you them all. One of them is that if a slut cums, he must eat it!" she punctuated as she dragged my head upright, and sliding my body backward until I was facing the giant load I had just blown all over the cushion. She forced my head down and mouth onto the dripping liquid. "'Worship'! Eat it, bitch!" she demanded, "Lick up your own cum, My Little Slut!" I tasted the salty sweet liquid as she stared on guiding my head to wherever she pleased. "That's it", she encouraged, "Slurp it all up. You little cum slut! You love this, don't you! Makes it even that much hotter to watch"

When she deemed that the cushion had been cleansed sufficiently, and that most of the semen I had shot had ended up in my stomach, she relaxed her grip. I dropped like a stone, head on the pillow. My wife, now my sweet Mistress gazed down at my writhing body. Naked, legs restrained and stretched apart, hands cuffed behind my back fully engulfed in a myriad of sensations, helpless, completely at her whim and mercy.

My Own Medicine**

"That's right, My Little Slut.. enjoy the sensation," she purred softly as she slipped a delicate hand around my meaty hips. I felt a familiar cooling sensation in my crack and around my ass hole, then something hard sliding into the thoroughly relaxed and stretched opening to my ass. It was an utterly sensational feeling as she began to shift her hips and push slowly inside me. My eyes flew open wide, my mouth made a shape like a doughnut and I groaned like a whore.

"Oh, yes Mistress," I purred relaxing in my bonds. Her delicate hands were gripping my hips tightly as she inched her cock all the way inside me to the very hilt. I was clutching at the sheets as I felt the balls of the dildo snugging up close behind my own sack. She was no longer concerned with whether or not I was enjoying the treatment she was giving me... now, she was convinced.

"Yes, Mistress", I huffed through halting breaths.

"Oh, my GOD! What are you doing to me?" I pitched.

"Who's My Little Slut?" she asked, toying with me and slapping my ass. "Huh? Who's My Little Slut?" Then came rapid fire questions. "Who's my little bitch? C'mon, tell me! Who's my little bitch? Tell me, Little Slut, who's the little bitch I own?" even though she knew full well that I could not answer. I was only able to groan through the gag in response as she increased the tempo. The butt plug had done it's work. My virgin ass hole was stretched and relaxing around her she cock. "You like that, don't you?" she purred.

"Oh, you look so hot! I like it even more than I though I would! She squealed in delight slapping my already red ass again and again making it redder and redder with each slap.

My eyes were closed as the collar constricted at my throat causing my back to automatically arch. "Yes Mistress," I grunted through the gag.

"What is it, Mistress?" I queried in a delirious tone.

"Ohhh, your little slut!" I breathed, "Your little bitch! I belong to you, Mistress!" I shuddered.

"Your Little Slut, Mistress... Your Little Slut!" I huffed as she popped my cherry.

"I'm Your Little Slut, Mistress!" I almost shouted as she began to drill in and out of me.

"You're getting closer and closer to being my bitch!" she squealed. "Do you like it, My Little Slut?" she asked in a softer voice.

"Is it making you feel like you are going to cum?" she asked keeping up the rhythm in and out.

"Oh good" she cooed. "Important for a mistress to know that. She ran her finger through the precum leaking though my cage, leaned forward and coated my lips with it. "Lick that off of your lips for me, My Little Slut. I think that would look so hot!"

"Oooo, I was right! That is incredibly hot! How does that taste, Little Slut? Do you like it?" she questioned in a soft voice and looking at me very carefully from her vantage point.

"Woo!" she cheered, "That's awesome she said scooping more up with her finger and bringing it to my lips. "'Worship'!" she commanded.

She was still deep inside me with one hand at my hip, guiding me to do exactly where she wanted. I could feel myself melting into her control. I loved her telling me what to do, and the questions she was asking!

" Yes, Mistress" I responded in a feverish tone, now completely lost in sensation and her activities. I could feel her strap-on prong rubbing my prostrate, milking it and exiting me further. She gradually increased the tempo to a frenzied pitch, her hip motions driving her cock in and out of me like a steam piston. I was moaning and groaning at the top of my lungs as the air was pushed in and out. My cock was rock hard and leaking all over as it bounced wildly in it's cage so there was no denying that I was enjoying the event.

"Oh, yes Mistress!" I groaned. At that moment, the internal massage worked its magic and I began to leak cum wildly.

"Y-yes, Mistress!" I managed to stammer as the gag was released and I started to blow an enormous load all over the cushion supporting me. The constriction that the chastity device was placing on my cock was enormous, but strangely enjoyable.

I think I said "Yes, Mistress!"; but, I was completely lost in the sensations, caught up in the heat of the moment. She held her cock deep inside my ass and waited for me to finish then slowly slid out. She unclipped my hands from the restraints, and brought the cuffs down slowly behind my back watching my reactions intently. I was relaxed and followed her unspoken commands. She slid my arms behind my back and clipped the cuffs together again. I was totally unprepared for what came next.

"Yes, Mistress" I gasped between my tongue flicking out of my mouth.

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