Busting in Kats' Mouth

Kats: Long time friend, 25 years old, petite, cute, freckled and overall nice person.

That's right, this lassy gave me a blowjob. And not your average brains. This was a blowjob for the ages.

A few weeks after her breakup, I was in town to visit some old friends, including her. I was crashing at her place, and so we decided to watch a movie after a few beers.

Anyway, fast forward about an hour, and I get an urge to kiss her. I know I might not get another chance, so I give it a try. Much to my delight, she kissed back. Now, this is where the real fun began:

The build up to the cum was intense, and I knew it was going to be a huge load.

A gentleman would have asked. But to be honest, I was too busy feeling the best sensation of my life up to that point. I remember pushing her hand away so I could just feel her mouth, hearing an unmistakable "GNACK, GNACK, GNACK" and then holding on tightly on the sheets under me. I let out a half groan, something like "Busting all over your mouth!"

Time slowed for a moment, as I realized I was about to pulverize her mouth with a thick glob of sperm.

Whatever uncomfortable feeling I had about jizzing in a good friends mouth, was at this point gone.

As I blew the first rope of cum, it must of hit the roof of her mouth, and back of the tongue.

She continued on like a champ. but then came a second buck, and rope semen. then a third, then a fourth...

Because she was lying on the bed, face facing down, it probably all trickled down to her teeth. There would be no easy throat spray, and voila.

After busting a few more ropes, I can only imagine what was going on in there, but it was definitely a mess. A little miss-cocksucker was, seemingly, struggling with the nasty glob of semen which had glistened her whole mouth.

She had minimum head bobbing action now, letting the volcano that was in her mouth spew and trickle the last of foul smelling splurge unto her tongue.

For these few seconds, I let out a smirk. "Good luck with that" I told myself.

And then, she gulped, once, twice, and let out a big sigh.

"Jesus christ, you just actually sucked me off on your boyfriend's bed" I quipped.

"How does my ball snot taste?" I asked.

What people don't know however, is that she can suck a mean dick. With passion.

It all started at her house out in this little town in the countryside. She had just bought that house several months earlier with her life long sweetheart and rock band player Greg. Unfortunately for Kats, she got dumped for a band member fling, and was completely blind sided and broken by this breakup. Aside from losing her love, she had no means to continue living in the house she had just bought. Fortunately for me, this eventually paved the way to having my dick firmly in her mouth.

I should probably mention here that I had always had a thing for her. We flirted, but kept our distance out of respect.

After making out on a couch for about 10 minutes, she stood up, grabbed my hand and leads me her her bedroom. She shoved me onto her and her ex's bed. Before I could say anything, her hand was down my pants as she started to give me a handjob. I asked her if she could kiss it. She let out a smile. Would she do it? Would she actually suck another guy's dick on her boyfriend's bed? Maybe there was still a chance they could get together. Whatever harmonic thought of her boyfriend was quickly replaced with the image of my dick in her hand. That's when she crawled down and slipped my semi erect dick on her tongue in her mouth.

"Wait a second" I thought "I'm about to let a huge army of sperm in my friend's mouth, is she okay with this?"

When she continued on her sucking after I warned her that I was cumming, I knew exactly where the load that was packed away in my balls was going to end up.

When it was time though, I didn't hold back. Fuck that, she wanted to play naughty, I was going to copyright stamp those tastebuds to hell. After all, I had warned her, she could have moved, but she kept sucking, so she knew she was going to deal with my sperm. As inevitably unpleasant it was going to be, quite frankly, that wasn't my problem now.

I bucked my hips, let out a groan to let her know the inevitable was happening, then it happened...

Her eyes squinted, as if she wasn't expecting the velocity and thickness. The taste must not have been golden, quite the opposite. Boozing and fast food for a week leaves a particular stingy smell. An aroma of chlorine and expired bleach filled in the air. I wouldn't want that shit anywhere near my mouth. But at this point I couldn't give a shit about her predicament, I was painting the walls of her inner mouth.

God I don't know how much, but it came out hard and fast. By this point Kats was slowing her head bobbing, and focusing on dealing with a pool of hot gloo going in her mouth.

Nope, she had to withstand the impalement which was taking place, and get a first class ticket of what I tasted like.

Luckily, no one aside from Kats was around to hear my extended "holy fucking shit" on top of gobbling sounds, of doomed never to be born little mini-mes, mixing and dying in with her saliva.

The sheer amount of cum that I sprayed in there would justifiably gagged anyone. Though she kept her composure, I could tell she was struggling having jizz splattered in every corner of her mouth.

So here was the scenario: Me lying down in bed, with freckled face having half my dick in her mouth, with a solid lip wrapping. Behind those lips was a copious amount of my freshly made baby juice.

I couldn't help but sit and enjoy the site: Kats head between my legs, huffing and puffing. Her grimacing face pretty much showed me what she thought of that.

Kats eyes shot back towards me, giving me a confused and angry look.

She didn't say anything. In her eyes, I could see the regret slowly creeping up. She rolled over, and I was completely spent, so I just fell asleep. She had just ruined a friendship by doing this kinky act. I loved every second of it. And that is the story of Kats and her mouth, the best cum-rag I ever jizzed in.

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