Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 10

Episode Ten, Madness and Anger

Jackie was the first to notice him. Her eyes went wide and she threw her hands up in defense but the effort did little to stop the impact of Sam's naked body crashing into her's. She was knocked back off of her feet and crushed under him on the rocky bank uphill from the spring. The other pretty screamed from a few feet away but Sam paid her no mind. He had pretty Jackie first. The other pretty could wait.

"Please," she cried. "I'm sorry."

"I shouldn't have told them what you did," Jackie shouted. The fear was obvious in her tone. "You didn't deserve to be stabbed. I should have lied. Please don't hurt me!"

Jackie screamed and swung her arm around as hard as she could. Sam felt the impact of a rock in her hand crash into the side of his head. He rose his body back up and looked at the woman's hand. A low laugh began to grow and expand from him until he was screaming his chuckles uncontrollably. She thought she could hurt him? She actually thought she could win?

"Bad," Sam said as he pushed himself up from the cold water. "Bad, bad Melanie. Bad, bad, pretty Melanie."

Sam stumbled as he stood up but was quick to regain his balance. Jackie was up on her feet by this time and the two women watched him cautiously. They each held stones in their hands as if they would provide any kind of protection against the man that used to be Sam. They had no idea what he had become. They had no idea what he was capable of. Of course, they never did in the first place. Sam would show them. Same would make them understand.

Reaching out, Sam felt the bottom of Jackie's wet shirt and tightened his hand into a fist, gripping the shirt. He pulled and Jackie's legs wobbled before she fell forward. She immediately began kicking behind her as she worked her hands in an effort to crawl away but Sam was already crawling over her back. She wore no pants, nor panties under the shirt. The two had been bathing and drinking from the water when he arrived. This made things... convenient.

Melanie seemed to be stuck in inner turmoil for a long moment before Jackie yelled at her again. The last shout from her friend sent Melanie spinning on her heels and sprinting down the bank of the creek as fast as she could. Sam's laugh grew once more as he watched his second pretty start his next game. He turned his attention back to the pretty pinned below him.

"Please," the words came out in a sorrowful whisper. "Please stop this."

Jackie's stifled scream sent a surge through Sam as he rammed his cock into her pussy. He felt her resistance, as weak as it was. He could sense her desire to fight back. He could almost hear her inner thoughts. Her inner pleas. Her inner struggle. He pulled at her shirt harder as he rammed his rod inside her once more. Her hands pulled back as she began pulling at the neck of her shirt to free her throat enough for breath. He could see her face turning pale from the side as her hands began to drop from their failed attempts to aid her in getter breath. Just before she was able to fall unconscious, Sam released her shirt. She dropped face first on the rocks again and gasped for that sweet air that she had been deprived of.

Sam studied her as he worked his shaft in and out of her tight pussy. He could practically see her soul within her struggling with his pull. He didn't quite understand what he was doing and that was the moment that he realized that he didn't quite know what he was. He knew that he was stronger than before. He knew that he could do things that he couldn't do when he was weak. He knew he was something more than human. He was something less than human. He was who he was.

"What," he shouted at her. "What do you know?"

Sam pushed his knees up under Jackie's legs and pushed until her legs raised up, allowing him to push his cock into her cunt once more. She let out a soft noise as he plunged inside of her once more. He searched her soul and the colors seemed to be weaker than before. Where the swirling colors were once vibrant and moving with a ferocious swirling motion, they were now dull and barely shifting at all. He rammed himself in and out. Feeling the warmth of her body. Feeling the softness of her soul as it faded.

That's when he realized what was happening. He could feel it. He had absorbed her soul. Her body was becoming a mindless husk as he pounded himself into her. She had to be his pretty! She had to be his!

"We come," came the echoing voices. The voices of sirens.

"Take her," he ordered the sirens. They shifted their gazes wearily from each other to Jackie and back to him. "Take her." He ordered again.

Sam threw his head back and howled into the sky as he released his load in Jackie's womb. He could feel her cunt tighten around him as it squeezed the last drop from him. The sirens covered her completely as he pulled back and sat down on the bank to watch. All he could see was one of Jackie's legs sticking out from underneath all the ghosts. Her leg jerked a few times but eventually dropped and stopped moving completely.

A new siren sat where Jackie's body had been. The ghostly figured looked around in fear before looking down at her own body. She shifted her gaze to Sam and then her eyes widened.

Sam hopped up to his feet and started sprinting down along the bank. It was time to add another pretty to his collection.

Melanie dropped from exhaustion, pressing her back to a large rock on the bank as she tried to catch her breath and hold back screams of anguish at the same time. She couldn't believe she had left Jackie like that. Jackie was her friend. Maybe Jackie was something even more. They had been together a few times. Melanie told herself that she had only been experimenting but how many times can one experiment before admitting that the testing phase was over?

Thoughts of her exhaustion left her as she heard his maniacal laughter in the distance. It was getting louder and quicker. She pushed herself up and began running once more. Her bare feet hurt and she was wishing she was at least wearing pants. She never liked being nude. She didn't know what the man was planning. What had happened to Jackie? What was going to happen to her?

"My pretty," he shouted at her as she forced her legs to carry her up the hill. He was gaining ground on her fast. She couldn't give up. Her legs burned. She couldn't give up.

"My new pretty," he called from down the hill. "I will take my new pretty."

"Melanie," he teased as she seen his shadow come into view. She turned her head to see him standing a few feet from her and staring down at her with that insane smile.

"Jackie is mine," the man said. It sounded like he was holding back another chuckle.

"I will show you," Sam said in a low voice.

She closed her eyes and stifled a scream as she felt his dick push against her asshole. There had to be a way to flip the man over her and to his death but he was so strong. There had to be a way! Her asshole betrayed her as it opened to accept him. Pain ran up her insides as his rod slid further inside. Screams escaped her as she looked down at the rocks.

Her vision flashed for a brief second and for that short amount of time she could feel him in a way that was hard for her mind to understand. He was doing something to her. Thoughts of pain escaped her entirely as he pounded himself in her asshole. Another flash and when it faded, she felt a bit less... focused.

Her heart pounded in her chest as chills ran up her body. Her stomach twisted into knots as her head felt like it was spinning. Her vision returned and what she saw caused her to shout in alarm.

"What's happening," she asked as the women's kisses worked their way down her back. She could feel their cold, electric kisses worked down to her burning asshole and wet it.

"Jackie," Melanie asked, twisting her body around to look behind her. The man had released his hold on her back as he held a hand over each of her ass cheeks and pounded furiously into her ass.

Sam laughed as the air pushed against his body as he dashed toward the two women who were washing in the small spring at the base of a tall rock face. Jackie and Melanie hadn't seen him yet, but that was about to change. Within seconds things were going to happen fast and Sam couldn't hold back his delight and anticipation as his penis began to swell into an erection.

Jackie squirmed under Sam's weight. Her knees pushed up in a weak attempt to push him off. The crazed man laughed as he placed his open hand against the side of her face and pushed until the woman's head was pinned between the force of his weight and the small jagged stones on the bank.

"Jackie is sorry," Sam said and was a bit shocked by the sound of his own voice. His words came out scratchy and the pitch shifted up and down with each syllable.

"Sam won't hurt pretty Jackie," he assured her. He was quickly growing accustomed to his voice and began to look at it as a badge of honor. He lowered his body until his mouth was pressed against Jackie's ear. "Sam is going to make Jackie his pretty."

Another rock, this time much larger, smashed against his nose and Sam fell back off of Jackie from the blow. He felt the cold water of the spring splash up his back as he landed. He shook his head and looked at Melanie, who was holding a large stone in both hands. Her fear was apparent in her face as she wearily watched him as she stood over Jackie.

"Stay away from us you creep," Melanie shouted. Her long red hair was almost completely dried from the sun but had just enough wetness to darken the color slightly.

With a growl, Sam lunged forward. Jackie and Melanie turned and began running along the bank away from him but Sam was faster. Sam was better. Sam would show them.

"Run," Jackie shouted through her teeth as Sam felt her struggles weaken. "Leave me and get the hell out of here!"

Jackie pressed her forehead against the stone as her arms rested over her head where they were when she had been trying to crawl to escape. He felt her nice and firm ass cheeks pinching around his throbbing cock as he smelled her. The smell of her sweat was overriding the smell of the fresh spring water as she had completely exhausted herself in her attempts to run from him.

Sam rubbed his hand up her back, feeling the drying cloth of her shirt as his rand ran up toward the back of her neck. He pushed her hair off of her back and watched as it fell strand by strand over her shoulders, splaying over the rocks just below her head. He could feel his own heartbeat pounding through the veins of his cock as her ass tensed up, squeezing it between them. He smiled, feeling the sweet calmness of the moment. His smile turned to a toothy grin as he gripped his fist around the neck of her shirt and pulled so hard that she began coughing and gasping for air.

He worked his thrusts into a steady rhythm as he listened to the pretty sucking in more and more air. She would let out a cry from time to time but her lungs' desire for oxygen overrode her desire to fight off his advances.

Sam pulled his dick out of Jackie, grabbed one of her legs and pulled until she had rolled limply onto her back. She looked down her body at him. Her eyes were not showing signs of shock or horror anymore. Her eyes now showed nothing more than acceptance. She wouldn't fight him any longer. She knew. What did she know? Sam grew angry that she was in on a joke that he didn't understand.

She didn't answer. Her eyes just stared at him. She knew something! He would bring the answers from her.

"What do you know," he shouted. Her eyes stared back at him with a blank expression. He watched a tear roll down the side of her cheek as her head lolled to the side. "Tell me!"

Something from within him sparked out of nowhere. He more felt it than seen it, but it was tangible. It was there. Should he reach? Why not? He reached out and touched the sensation. He felt a chime being sounded off as if from another dimension. He could feel the answers of those who heard the call.

Ghostly figures of nude women materialized from thin air around the woman below him. He looked around at them and his initial expression of confusion shifted to a maddening expression of glee. He understood. He knew what he was.

The sirens surrounded Jackie and began kissing her and rubbing their hands over her breasts, ripping her shirt to shreds and sucking on her nipples. Sam heard Jackie gasp for breath and her body jerked a few times as she turned her head to stare at the ghostly figures.

The sirens pulled away from Jackie and Sam's grin returned as a chuckle escaped him.

"Jackie is my pretty now," Sam said, still laughing. "My pretty forever."

What had happened to that man? She knew that he was a coward but this was something far beyond her judgments of the man. He seemed crazy. There was also something... otherworldly about him. He scared her. His eyes scared her. That laugh terrified her. She knew that she needed to get up and continue her run but her legs felt like liquid. Her muscles burned and her chest hurt for air.

The man's laughter turned to a shout of glee just before she turned and began running uphill. She and Jackie had passed a cliff earlier. It seemed to be a fifty-foot drop onto sharp rocks. Maybe she could lure him to the cliff and trick him to fall off. It was unlikely but at least it was a plan.

She could hear his breathing behind her. He was so close! She wasn't going to make it to the drop. He was going to catch her. She knew this but still, she ran on. She had to at least try. The man's breathing stopped and she risked a glance behind her to see him standing still as he watched her run. She had a chance! She pushed with all the strength left in her and stopped just shy of the drop.

Melanie's legs gave out from under her and she fell on her bare rump hard. She pressed her hands on the edge of the bluff and looked down. Sharp rocks were pointing up as if they were designed by nature to be a death trap. She heard the man approaching her from behind. She had one shot. She had to make it count.

"What have you done with Jackie," she cried. Tears blurred her vision as the man stepped closer. "Where is she?"

"Where is she," Melanie shouted. She wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer. "What have you done with her?"

Melanie screamed as the man dropped down and pressed an open hand against her back. Her head hung over the edge of the cliff as she felt Sam's knees push her legs apart. He was more of a monster than those actual monsters that had attacked them before. This man was unpredictable at best and she didn't know what he had become. Pure chaos with no sets of rules to govern what he would do as far as she could tell.

The pain didn't leave her asshole but it did numb a bit as he began pushing in and out at a quick and rhythmic pace. His grunts of pleasure disgusted her. Maybe he would finish and leave. Maybe this could be over. She tested her strength by pushing up a bit but the man's hand didn't budge from her back. He was too strong.

"What are you doing to me," she asked just before another flash hit her. This flash didn't fade away instantly. She felt her strength, will and focus being drained. Not just drained. Everything that made her who she was seemed to be pulling toward him as he fucked her.

Women who were colored from head to toe in pure glowing white surrounded her. They closed in and she could feel their cold hands rub over her back and face. The man ignored them and continued his grunting and thrusting as the strange ghostly women began to lower one at a time and kiss on her back and neck. Their kisses felt... good.

She was surprised by a moan as one of the ghost's kisses touched her pussy. It felt familiar. The tongue flicked at just the right spot and Melanie cried in pleasure as she orgasmed. The way the strange woman was tasting her...