Camping & Coitus Pt. 03 - Guy Chat

_Author's Note: This is a continuation of a story I wrote in the Erotic Couplings section. This takes place the morning after Tyler proved to Jasmine he is bisexual and right before Scott and Kelly arrive at the campsite. I have decided to make three more parts. The second story is under Lesbian Sex, this is the third one which is obviously under Gay Male and the last one will be either Erotic Couplings or Group Sex. Also the intro to this story was copied from the second part but this side will be from the guys side while the second part was from the girls side.

Kelly and Scott are white catholic Americans. Kelly is a blond with blue eyes and is a drop dead babe. She's curvy, posses two Double D's and has a much bigger ass than Jasmine. She's 145 lbs, 5ft 6 and is to most people a 10/10, to Tyler she's a seven. Scott has short brown hair, golden eyes, an 8 pack, is very buff, 6ft, 215 lbs and he has a 6 inch dick and a bubble butt. Scott was really looking forward to this week as well. Kelly said she has some kind of surprise for him tonight and he's excited but he's also nervous. The night before he was supposed to tell Kelly about his bisexuality and how him and Tyler have been having sex on the side but he couldn't bring himself to do it.

"I love you too Scooty." Kelly teased while tapping his nose. "Look we're here." They rolled up next to Tyler's Lincoln Navigator and got out of the car. They saw Tyler and Jasmine sitting comfortably on the couch eating some eggs and toast (Tyler's car had some plug outlets so he was able to use plug in stuff like a toaster) and drinking some fresh brewed coffee. Tyler was in a pair of gym shorts and his sneakers and Jasmine wore her bra and panties from the night before as well as some purple sneakers without socks. Scott was wearing cargo shorts, a light blue t shirt and flip flops and Kelly was wearing jean shorts that clung to her ass, a short tank top that hung above her belly button and barely covered her breasts, a pink hat that was on backwards and fishing boots. They were planning on doing some fishing and the girls were very competitive when it came to fishing unlike the guys who relaxed while fishing.

"Hell to the Yes! We got alcohol, drugs and food for days! As well some other special items." Tyler teased as he pulled Jasmine into a fierce kiss as they groped each other. Kelly and Scott were very turned on by what was happening but they were very hungry and the smell of eggs and coffee.

"Yeah no problem, we can whip up a batch for you guys but we need more firewood. Tyler, why don't you and Scott go get some and Kelly and I can catch up on the last 24 hours." The two men nodded and went off into the woods where they would have their own intimate conversation. (A/N see Part 2 for the girls side)

They walked a good 15 minutes into the just talking about stuff like video games, baseball, YouTube and whatever else before they got to the usual spot they get wood from. They had a splitting log they used to chop the wood. But they forgot some crucial items.

"What's wrong?" Tyler asked as he stepped towards Scott.

"Oh I know. In fact we already have enough wood. Jasmine and I just wanted to talk with you guys individually about the night before. Plus I was thinking that you and I could private chat (their sexy code phrase for sex/fucking) for a bit. This would be the first time we did it in the great outdoors." Tyler admitted.

They were just standing there with an uncomfortable silence filling the air. About a minute later they lunged onto each other furiously making out and feeling up each other's muscular bodies. Tyler removed Scott's shirt, momentarily stopping their make out session. As soon as it was off they were making out again, this time tongue fighting each other. Tyler won and explored his boyfriends tiny mouth while Scott squeezed Ty's nipples.

"Oooo fuck that's good bro. Ah fuck. You're going have to teach Kelly how to suck cock once I tell her about us being-" Scott stopped talking because he realized what he was about to say, though it was too late.

"Well I was gonna but then Kelly needed help packing and one thing led to another and we fucked. I didn't want to tell her afterwards because I was too tired and wanted to sleep since we had to wake up early this morning." Scott said.

"Ow! WTF!?!?" Scott shrieked.

"Yes I d-" Scott was cutoff.

"Alright fine. Then name a couple of times it happened." Scott said while folding his arms.

Scott had tears rolling down his cheeks. "I said name a couple." Scott said in between sobs.

After five minutes had passed Scott started to calm down. "Tyler. I'm so sorry. You're absolutely right. I do need to be more reliable and I need to be there more now. I understand that I need to tell Kelly but I just didn't want her to break up with me thinking that I loved you more. Now I need to be more responsible/reliable not just in our relationship but also mine with Kelly. Thank you for helping me realizing I'm a big baby bitch." Scott admitted.

It got hard quickly and he took all of Scott into his mouth and started bobbing his head back in forth. Not even two minutes later and Scotty jizzed down his throat. "Sorry I just couldn't help myself." Scott said.

Characters are fictional and are over the age of 18. This is a fictional story that takes place in a world where there are no such things as STD's (thanks to the person who left a critical comment on the second part that had said something nice while offering in a way constructive criticism. Plus these stories are for entertainment so of course a lot of them are going to be fictional with fictional elements). The story involves use of toys on men and women. If you don't like that or don't like a bisexual man or a bisexual woman then click off now. You've been warned. _

"We're going to have so much fun this weekend just you wait." Kelly said while pinching Scott's cheek. They were almost at the campsite that was already occupied by their friends Tyler and Jasmine. They had been there many times before and had even decorated it a bit since it was their own little spot in the wilderness. They had put lots of stuff their like a couch that could become a bed, various cooking utensils, a few lighters and hidden in some areas they had weed, LSD and ecstasy. They would be spending the week there enjoying the great outdoors as well as each other. What Scott didn't know was that Jasmine and Kelly had planned to turn Scott and Tyler bisexual since they both were bisexual as well.

"I can't wait to see what it is baby." Scott said with a smile. "I love you." Kelly kissed him on the cheek since he was driving.

"Heeeeey." Jasmine said as she got up to greet them. She hugged Scott than gave him a kiss as Tyler and Kelly did the same and then Jasmine pulled Kelly into a big hug. Tyler and Scott started also hugging since they were close friends (who occasionally fucked) and Jasmine pulled Kelly into a deep kiss. Kelly's back was to Scott's as his mouth was ravaged by Tyler and could feel his finger tease his ass. Jasmine smiled at that and eventually they all stopped. "I'm happy you both are finally here, now we can start this week off right. Tonight we're gonna party." Jasmine said.

"Well we would love to but we were wondering if we could get some of that breakfast, we didn't have a chance to eat." Scott stated.

Guys side.

"Aww shit." Scott said.

"We forgot to bring the wagon and axe. We left it back there." Scott said while pointing with his thumb behind his head.

"Oh okay. Yeah you're right, it would be the first time." Scott said shaking his head while he kept his fingers in his pocket and swayed his body a bit.

Tyler really enjoyed sucking on things so he stopped kissing Scott and started sucking on his nipples. He loved the feeling of it on his teeth and he loved making Scott squirm. But there was one thing he loved to suck on most of all. Tyler laid kisses down Scott's torso until he reached his shorts. Tyler unbuttoned and slid down Scott's pants and underwear as his 7.5 inch dick plopped out. Tyler rubbed it a bit while he said "Tell me how last night with Kelly went while I suck you off" before starting to inhale his dick.

Tyler stopped sucking and stood up. "Wait. You didn't tell her about you being bisexual?" Tyler asked.

Tyler slapped Scott right across the face.

"That's what you get! You always do this! You never stay true to your word." Tyler shouted.

"BS you do. It's always 'I know I said I would do this but we'll do it tomorrow' but it either never happens or it does when I have to force you." Tyler exclaimed.

"Gladly. There was the time when I loaned you money for the weed from Jared and you said you would pay me back the week after, or in your mind a month afterwards. There was the time when we had the foursome with the girls but you didn't wanna show them we are bi because you didn't feel like getting your ass fucked that day. There was the time where I covered you for the bill at the steakhouse, the bill at the strip club, the bill at the male strip club, basically a lot of bills. There was also the time when we practiced sex with each other and I let you ass fuck me five times before I could even ass fuck you. And you tried claiming you were tired and didn't want me to fuck your ass yet I wasn't gonna let it slide so I forced my dick in you and then lo and behold we fucked for like 3 more hours. Don't fucking tell me you wouldn't because you have and I have plenty more stories because you're unreliable 90% of the fucking time!!" Tyler madly yelled.

Tyler realized he was being to harsh. "Hey look man I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get that upset with you. I'm just annoyed because this is a common occurrence and I'm really horny and we both know how we get when we're horny. I'm sorry baby. Bring it in." Tyler wrapped his arms around Scotty and pulled him into a loving embrace. They sank to the ground and Tyler laid against the tree while Scott cried into his soldier as Tyler patted and rubbed his back, telling him it'll be okay, everything's fine and to let it all out.

"Hey! Don't call yourself that. You're not a big baby bitch. You're nothing near a bitch. You're my boi who finally realized he needs to change his act. I'm very proud of you." Tyler pulled him into a big kiss. Tyler pulled off and said "Let me show you how proud I am." He gestured Scott to stand up and Tyler got on his needs and started fondling his flaccid penis.

Tyler striped off his shorts and said "It's fine. But now I want you to suck my cock and I will show you how a real man holds out."