Carole's Story 06a - Short Story - Adding to the Group

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I, on the other hand, am a tall, thin, average looking guy, but I always keep myself in good shape. My best attribute was my cock. I am over nine inches long and am very thick, all the way to the bulbous mushroom-like head. What my wife, and other women, always appreciates the most is that it never really goes soft. It stays around seven inches, even when `flaccid', and hard enough to penetrate all but the tightest holes.

06a – Adding to the Group (Short Story): (M/F, M+/F, Wife)

Guy, we will call him, was a medium-sized thin man with glasses. Carole thought he was charming with a certain boyish appeal.

We drove over to Guy’s house and met him there. I drove them both to dinner in our van.

“Thank you,” Carole responded with a smile.

I leaned back forward and made no indication that I had seen anything. “Don’t like the food?” I asked Carole, breaking her out of her trance.

A couple minutes later, she had stopped eating again.

Carole slipped her hand inside her panties and started rubbing her clit. Guy and I watched Carole’s face as she drove herself to an long grinding orgasm. She stifled her gasps and moans as she twitched and came on her fingers.

Regaining her composure, Carole smiled at him and said,” Thank you.”

As he rubbed her, we got a coffee and tried to talk more. At the end of the meal, I suggested we go for a walk. Carole zipped her jeans back up and I paid the bill. We got up from the table and left the restaurant. We walked over towards a closed strip mall, just to walk.

“Wow,” he said. “You are sexy.”

I reached over and unbuttoned two more buttons. Carole’s shirt was now open to a point below her nipple line. Guy now had a great view of her tits. As we walked, he swung her hand further and further. As he swung her arm, Carole’s tits bounced.

“Aren’t those great?” I asked, rhetorically.

I steered the three of us back towards the van. Carole did not even attempt to fix her shirt as the wind blew it completely open, even though we walked passed a couple walking out to their car. Both of them saw her, but she didn’t do anything to cover herself, which made me proud.

Carole eagerly pulled her shirt off and moved up between the two front Captain’s chairs. She pushed her big tits up right between Guy and me.

“They feel better than they look,” I encouraged.

We got to Guy’s place. I drove up his driveway and turned off the van. I turned to look at them. Carole was looking down as Guy played with her tit. I reached over and ran my hand over the back of her head. “Come on, let’s go inside,” I said. Carole looked up into Guy’s eyes and then leaned in and kissed him. “Come on,” I repeated.

Carole led Guy into the living room and then turned to face him. She pulled him close and kissed him again. Carole took the lead and started to lift Guy’s shirt. He let her remove it. They returned to kissing.

Guy’s hands moved down from her back to her ass. He cupped her cheeks and squeezed as they continued to kiss. Carole reached down between their bodies and unsnapped Guy’s jeans. She unzipped the jeans and then pushed them down. Guy let go of her ass and helped her push his pants down.

She looked at me for a second and smiled at me. Without taking her eyes off me, she pulled Guy’s cock down to her mouth and kissed the head. His hand came down to behind her head. She turned her head slightly and took his cock into her mouth. “Oh, fuck,” Guy moaned.

“She is great at that, isn’t she?” I chimed in.

Carole let him control the pace. She sucked deep and hard. It only took a couple minutes before Guy started to gasp for air. “Oh, fuck,” he panted as he pulled her face all the way into him, burying his cock down her throat.

When he was done, he pushed her back, pulling his cock out of her mouth. He stepped back and looked down at her. “Oh, my God, that was great.”

They hadn’t noticed, but by now I had my own cock out and was stroking it as I watched. Carole looked over at me and smiled. “Come here, you little slut, and suck my cock,” I told her.

For those of you who have not read any of what I have already chronicled about my wife I will give you some background and a deion. I found my wife when she was only eighteen, working as a secretary. She was, and still is, beautiful. She has long thick brown hair that flows down below her shoulders. Her breasts are large, full, and natural with just a hint of sag. Each breast is tipped by large round light-brown areola that forms big beautiful circles around her protruding hard nipples. Her tight stomach is flat and her ass is hard and round. She always keeps her pussy shaved, except for a small area of hair above her clit. Her pussy lips are equally amazing. They are long, but not too long, and distend and open like a flower when she gets excited.

This story is true, with some alterations like names and dates. I also took some liberty to combine some experiences so the story would not drag on. Everything that she does and everything that happens in this story has happened to her, in the way it is presented. Enjoy:

I was still building the group. The group of men that I was going to share Carole with in exchange for favors like their wives or some kind of business transaction. There was one Guy that I was going to bring into the group. He could help with legal matters and, as a bonus, Carole had always thought he was kind of cute.

I called him and made dinner arrangements for a Friday night. I told her who we were going to go meet and she was excited. I gave her instructions about what to wear. She looked amazing in her tight jeans and a loose button-up shirt. I allowed her panties, but no bra. She looked fantastic as she moved. Her tits swayed seductively, unbound inside her shirt, as she walked.

Dinner started with a normal conversation. I knew that Guy had noticed she was braless. His eyes wondered to her chest a lot. “You look beautiful,” he told her, looking quickly over at me to gage my reaction. I just nodded in agreement at him.

It was then that I noticed that she had started to pay less attention to her meal. She sat there, with her fork in her hand, not moving. Nonchalantly, I leaned back slightly and looked down into her lap. Guy had slipped off his shoe and had brought his foot up between her legs and had it up against her pussy. Guy was rolling his toes, massaging her pussy with his foot.

“No, no, it’s fine,” she said breathily. She reached down and took hold of her wine glass. She took a big swig.

“You should just get it over with,” I said, leaning over and kissing her on the cheek. I reached down and took hold of the zipper pull tab of her jeans and quickly unzipped them. Guy, who was a little shocked, started to move his foot. I took hold of Carole’s left hand and guided it down to her crotch. “Make yourself cum,” I told her. “It’s okay,” I told Guy. “You can help.”

“That was amazing,” Guy told her. “You are so beautiful.”

She took her hand out of her panties and put in on his foot, which was still between her legs. She pulled it up against her wet panty-covered pussy. He started rubbing it again.

Guy took Carole’s right hand and I took her right. As soon as we were away from the restaurant, I reached over and unbuttoned one button of her shirt. Carole smiled and Guy looked.

“Thanks,” she said, enjoying him looking and loving his compliments.

I grinned as I watched and then reached over again. I unbuttoned the last button and pulled her shirt tails out, untucking them from her jeans. Carole’s tits came all the way out. She smiled at Guy as he stared.

“Oh, my God, yes,” Guy said.

We got in the van, Carole in the back and Guy in the front passenger seat. I started the engine and backed out of the parking spot. I looked at my beautiful wife in the mirror and said, “You might as well take it off.”

Guy, still not sure how far he could go, just looked down at them and said, “You are so beautiful.” Unconsciously, he licked his lips.

“I bet,” he said. Carole turned slightly, pointing them at him. Guy took the opportunity and put his hand on her left tit. He squeezed it. “Oh, my God,” he mumbled.

I got out of the van. Guy got out the other side and opened the back door of the van for Carole. To Guy’s surprise, but not to mine, Carole got out of the van without putting her shirt back on. She left it on the backseat. Guy looked around nervously to see if any of his neighbors were looking. “It’s okay,” Carole said, taking his hand. The three of us went into Guy’s place.

I went into the kitchen and got myself a beer. When I returned, I sat down one of the chairs to watch. They were still standing in the middle of the room kissing. Carole had her jeans unsnapped and was pushing them down over her hips. She wiggled her hips as she pushed the jeans and panties down. They both fell to the floor and she stepped out of them and kicked them away.

When his pants fell, Guy’s hard cock popped out. It was long but thin. Carole’s hands were all over it, but only for a minute. She brought her hands up to his chest and pushed him back. When he stepped back, she slowly dropped to her knees in front of him. She took his cock back in her hands and started to stroke it.

Carole rolled his balls around in her hand as she took his entire rod down her throat. “Oh, my God,” Guy groaned.

Guy didn’t say anything, he just watched as my wife started to bob her head on his dick. He took hold of her head, a hand on both sides, and started guiding her back and forth, pulling her all the way in, burying his cock in her mouth.

I watched Carole’s throat expand and contract as she gulped, swallowing Guy’s cum.

Carole smiled up at him and then scooted up to him again. She took his wet limp cock back into her mouth and sucked it again. “Oh, fuck, give me a minute,” Guy gasped.