Coming Down on Daughter Ch. 03

The urge within Ashton was reaching a boiling point. She could tell. The toys she was wearing out were no longer satisfying her fully. Her pussy was aching to be filled by a throbbing dick, not a piece of plastic machinery. Her whole body ached to be touched. It had been nearly two weeks since she rode her dad in the car on the way home from the gym. Since then the only videos she made were the four private ones she sent to her younger brother Anthony. Otherwise she'd been good. She kept her word to her father. No more videos on her Instagram account. No more slutty messages being sent out into the ether for those around her to consume and judge her upon.

When she first noticed this difference Ashton was peeved. She wouldn't admit this to your face if you accused her, but she worked hard for the attention without setting out for it initially. The attention was a byproduct of how hard Ashton worked on her body, on staying fit and keeping her skin clean. The two came hand in hand, though. Ashton looked good. Her muscles were toned from head to toe. The assets that men craved were all of an A-plus grade. She received the attention and she noticed. Now there was a drop and she could only question why.

Ashton laid in her bed Saturday morning trying to ignore that frustration. She closed her eyes for what felt like an eternity. She focused on her meditation principles. Close your mind. Feel the energy of your body. Feel the energy around you. Breathe in positivity, long exhale of the negativity. She repeated long, deep breaths and longer exhales for several minutes before she opened her eyes and removed the sheets from around her body. She stood up and stretched. Her long brown mane fell away from her face and down her shoulders. Ashton shook out the knots and scratched her back. Then her stomach led her upstairs.

Ashton strode over to it and turned it on thinking her parents would appreciate a hot pot of coffee when they came down, which should be soon. Then she turned on the tea kettle and waited for it to boil. When it did, she poured herself a mug full of hot water and inserted a packet of lemon ginger tea. She stood at the sink looking out into the backyard where the sun was shining brightly.

"Good morning, honey," her dad whispered as he lowered his head and kissed her cheek.

Henry seemed completely unconcerned that his morning wood was resting up against his daughter's back. In fact his balls were positioned directly on her firm ass cheeks and it felt amazing.

Henry kept his hands on his daughter's arms, lightly holding her there in front of him. Ashton's only movement was to press back against his hard dick which forced it up along her back. She's been missing me, he thought.

"Fine, I guess. I woke up a couple times and I think I have a little kink in my neck from sleeping on my arm?"

"Just here," she said.

"You are pretty tight up here, Ash. Do you want me to give you a full massage downstairs before you head out?"

"Meet you in your room in 10 minutes?"

Her father moved over to the cupboard and pulled a glass down. The coffee was just finishing when Ashton left the sink and headed back downstairs for her bedroom. She did so practically bouncing all the way to her room. She was giddy.

Her dad unabashedly pressed his erection against her back and practically dry humped her against the sink while caressing her arms. His touch was electric. All sorts of dormant muscles and tendons and cells began firing. Ashton's whole body came alive and began to heat up. She felt her cervix quiver, her vagina quickly lubricate itself with the desire she's had building for the last two weeks. Ashton put a hand to her vagina over top her shorts feeling the amount of moisture that soaked through. Her crotch was soaked.

Ashton laid there with her eyes closed no longer than a few minutes when she heard her dad walk into her room. He shut the door and pushed her desk chair over into the corner. He set his bottle of lotion on the desk.

"Mhmm," Ashton said sweetly, her eyes still closed. "Is my attire alright?"

Henry was still wearing his flannel pajama bottoms and a light t-shirt from when he woke up. His cock was also still as rigid as it was when he entered the kitchen. Ashton had no idea of course, Henry popped a viagara after brushing his teeth not half an hour ago.

Henry placed his hands on his daughter's shoulder blades, rubbed in some lotion and began to massage. He used both hands on one spot before moving to another. He used a controlled amount of strength. Just the right amount to loosen Ashton's taut muscles and soft tissue surrounding them. After doing her right shoulder, Henry moved up to her neck and then over to her right shoulder. He occasionally moved his hands all the way down to her low back and then back up along her spine to work the lotion in and accentuate Ashton's arousal. Henry knew how to massage a woman so that she was dripping wet within five minutes. He knew his daughter would be no different.

"Mmmm," sighed Ashton. "I've missed you daddy."

"It's been OK, not the best - ooooh just like that."

"What went wrong?"

As Ashton finished the last sentence she turned her head and caught her father's eye. She frowned slightly and then returned her face to the pillow.

Henry raised up and moved off the bed. He squirted some more lotion into his hands and began massaging his daughter from a position standing beside the bed. Ashton was still looking to the side with her eyes closed, enjoying the massage. She didn't know that her father was naked, though she figured he wasn't wearing more than a small pair of underwear. He wasn't of course.

"How were your dance classes this week?"

Ashton thought that she even noticed the attention paid to her change slightly over the last week. The long knowing glances weren't as prevalent. Perhaps guys were moving on to another promiscuous lady in their world, who knows? The attention on Ashton, at least from her perspective, appeared to be shifting.

It picked at her psyche for a day until she realized where she was. This was high school. She was thinking about the attention of 15, 16, 17 and 18 year old boys which was fleeting by nature of their genetic programming. She was being crazy. If she had not been blinded by the short term disappointment brought on by this realization, perhaps Ashton would have seen the looks she stole on her walk from the bus stop into the Starbucks, the looks while she stood in line at that Starbucks or the looks given her way as she left her last dance class.

She left her room, took the stairs two at a time as she always did and entered the empty kitchen in her bed attire - spandex shorts and a tank top. The kitchen was quiet in its emptiness. Last night's dinner was all put away in the fridge, the dishes washed and drying on the rack next to the sink. The countertops were all wiped down and clear of any extraneous material. The coffee pot sat idle waiting to be turned on.

Ashton was still sipping at her tea, staring out into the backyard watching the birds fly in and out of the trees when suddenly she felt her dad on her.

Ashton was startled by his presence. Had she really been that oblivious to his approach? Had she been THAT focused on the birds that she didn't hear her father come down the stairs and walk the 10 steps or so it took to reach the sink? That said, she was more startled by what was poking her in the small of her back. It felt like an elbow was needling her spine. It was hard and shaped like a ball. She pushed against it and it slid up her back, no longer poking her.

"Morning, dad," Ashton replied. She stood still as she felt her father place his hands on her upper arms, kiss her cheek and lightly stroke her hair. She ignored the feeling of his cock on her back. Frankly it felt too good to mention it.

"How did you sleep?'

"Where exactly? asked Henry as he touched his daughter's neck, lightly pressing different pressure points in an effort to release any tension. Ashton rolled her head to the right and placed her hand on her dad's moving it slightly to the right.

Henry pressed that spot with his thumbs and felt his daughter all but collapse against his body. Ashton set her glass down and succumbed to her dad's gentle massage. This was exactly what she needed. Her dad's touch. His body on hers. The feel of her insides melting and quivering at the same time, her body temperature rising. There was nothing else like it and she missed it for the last two weeks.

"That'd be perfect, daddy! I feel like I've needed one forever."

"Sounds good."

It was exactly what she wanted for the start to her day. Her father was about to give her a full body massage - something he was quite good at by the way - which would then likely lead to sex. Her excitement wasn't just over what was about to come, though. She was just as happy over what transpired up in the kitchen moments ago.

Striding over to her bed, she stripped off the comforter and set it over top her desk chair. Then she removed her top and bra so that she was topless and laid herself down on her bed face down. She took a pillow and placed it under her head.

"Good," he said. "You've made yourself comfortable."

"Just perfect, honey."

He flipped on Ashton's cd player, set the volume to a moderate level and stripped naked. Then he pumped some lotion into his hands and carefully climbed up onto his daughter's bed into a position where he was straddling her, careful to avoid trodding on her body. He was seated just behind her ass, his knees positioned beside her hips and his cock resting perfectly on Ashton's soft purple spandex shorts. He could see the bottom of his daughter's ass cheeks poking out. What a sight! His position was optimum as he barely needed to lean forward to reach Ashton's neck and shoulders while still being able to work all the way down to her low back.

"I'm sorry I haven't spent much time with you this week, Ash. I've been busy at work and made a point to focus on your mother. Her needs come first. I hope you can understand that."

"Did you have a good week, honey?"

Henry was now working the middle of Ashton's back, one hand on each side while rubbing the side of Ashton's breasts with his fingers. His palms were digging into her back muscles just along her spine.

"Mmmm well my boyfriend and I got into a little fight. He wants me to come over more - I expect to have sex - and I have told him I can't. Of course I'm busy with dance, homework and the gym. And meanwhile everyone seems to be ignoring me at school. I'm not used to that, dad."

"i'm sorry sweetheart."

Her father worked each leg up and down, massaging each foot in turn and then rolling his hands back up to her ass (sneaking the tips of his fingers under shorts at times) and down again. He also got to her arms, massaging them lightly.

"Fun. We're working on some new choreography to Arianna Grande's "Breathin''" song. It's a really fun dance."