Cutty Ch. 06

Saturday morning

"Ah, you're awake!" A naked Ms. Brendan walked out of the bathroom, drying her hair with a towel, "Just in time, you need to shower; we have to get going. I already ordered breakfast."

"First shower, my dear, don't forget the rules, you followed them so nicely yesterday," Ms. Brendan stood in front of the bewildered housewife. "Alcohol sure lowers your boundaries. You should be more careful and not be drinking so much." She grabbed Donna by her arm, lifted her up, and ushered her into the bathroom.

While Donna was busy, she heard Ms. Brendan make several phone calls, and when she finished and got out of the shower, room service had just brought breakfast.

"That damn alcohol!" Donna cursed, as she put on the pair of high heels, "This whole damn situation. I have got to get out of it, it has gone too far now." She again recalled how she had sex, and vaguely remembered walking naked, with just her stockings and high heels on, into the hotel. "How could they have let me do that? What if management would have stopped us, kicked us out, or called the police?" She was angry at the whole situation. She walked out of the bathroom wondering how to stop this predicament, yet determined to stop it anyway, anyhow.

"Don't you forget the rules, Cutty."

Donna forgot her whole line of thought, and just squirmed and backed up a little.

Donna meekly complied. "Sorry Ms. Brendan," she said close to tears, as she curled her lips into a plastic smile.


"Just endure this in silence, Cutty," Ms. Brendan said. "My patience is wearing thin. And you were doing so fine!"

Donna jumped around under the blows, with tears streaming from her eyes, and pain all over.

Donna cried and nodded her head.

Donna felt her painful wrists. Her back was on fire and especially her ass.

Donna complied, and she felt Ms. Brendan apply some salve to her back.

"Will you obey me from now on, Cutty?" she said as she grabbed the still softly crying Donna.

"At least that you remembered," Ms. Brendan said, referring to her use of Ms. Brendan at the end of her sentence.

Ms. Brendan gently rubbed the salve onto Donna's bare bottom, easing the pain Donna felt.

The casual dressed Ms. Brendan went to sit on the other side of the table.

The shocked Donna did as she was told, and found herself almost out of reach of the dinner table, with her legs spread.

Donna froze for a moment surprised by the request. She slowly returned to the living and brought her right hand down to her pussy.

Donna slowly started to rub her pussy, looking with bright open eyes at Ms. Brendan.

"This is crazy!" Donna thought. But she couldn't think of an easy way out just yet, so she started rubbing her pussy faster. "Act," she told herself. "I will act, Ms. Brendan doesn't mind as long as it looks real..." She started to act as she rubbed her pussy, and ate the vegetable stick in her hand.

"Obviously, you are faking it right now, Cutty." She stood up and walked over to the moaning scared Donna, "And I appreciate that, it shows you are willing to please me." She was now standing close to the spread Donna. "But this pussy is also obviously not wet," the whip touched her vagina, as Ms. Brendan pulled it's left outer lip aside. "And that is not good, now is it? Kind of ruins the performance. Too fake." She looked at Donna who looked scared and fragile. Yet the poor woman continued to fondle her vagina, in a desperate attempt to get it wet, to please her tormentor.

Donna removed the celery stick and slipped her right hand into her mouth.

"N-No..." Donna tried to stop this perverted scene.

"Do it!" Ms. Brendan grumbled. "And close those damn eyes shut. Imagine you're being fucked by your dear ol' Robert for all I care. And imagining goes easier with eyes closed."

"Now suck your fingers some more, make some moaning wet noises, and move that stick slowly in and out that pussy. Rub it on your clit a little too."

"Now switch, bring this celery stick up to that nasty mouth of yours," Ms. Brendan coached her. "And those wet fingers go down to wet that pussy of yours."

"Keep those legs apart, toes down, the top of the shoes may only touch the floor."

"Continue eating your celery stick, the next one is awaiting, remember your diet."

As Donna put on the disgusting show, her mind wandered to her family. "Oh, how I let them down. What will they think of me now?"

"Your pussy is now wet by itself," Ms. Brendan lectured. "The more you will do this exercise, the faster you will get wet down there. It's a simple natural reaction. And I want you wet on command in the future."

"Now you can start with the moaning act," Ms. Brendan said as she teased the nose of Donna with the whip. Immediately Donna started to moan.

After some minutes of moaning and fingering her pussy a new instruction followed.

Donna understood, and with her eyes closed started slowly to utter words in between her moans.

"No, no, no; use dirty words, Cutty, dirty words," Ms. Brendan said. "The kind a mother does not want her daughter to hear, especially not from her own mother..."

"Oooh, fuck me, yeaah, fuck me good!" she had seen some porn movies, and just uttered some of the crap they usually shouted.

And Donna did. For the next twenty minutes she learned to use more and more disgusting words, learned to simulate ecstasy. When she got truly exhausted by her act, she found herself fingering her clit and pumping a third half eaten celery stick up her pussy. Spit and cunt juices spread over her thighs, still spread obscenely, with Ms. Brendan and her whip standing close to her. That was when she finally got the approval to come. Or better said, the approval to fake it.

And so she did: "AAAH Fuck I'm coming!!" She started to buck like she really was having a tremendous orgasm. " OH-oh oh, yeah, I feel it , I feel it!! Here it comes, Oh fuck here it comes!!"

Clap-clap clap. A dry clapping could be heard in the room. Donna opened her eyes, and saw a sarcastic smiling Ms. Brendan applauding her, with the whip under her arm. "Very good, very good, especially for the first time," Ms. Brendan complimented her.

"Thank you, Ms. Brendan," she said out loud.

"Clean up?" Donna thought suprised, and then remembered yesterday's sexual escapade with Ms. Brendan, when she made her lick her cum from her own face. "She wants me to..."

Donna just surrendered.

Ms. Brendan needed only to give a few pointers, and within 5 minutes she ordered Donna to stop.

Donna stood up and wobbled to the bathroom again. Her thighs hurt from the long time they had been spread wide.

"Damn, and I still haven't called my family..." Donna recalled, as she switched into the high heeled bath slippers, and proceeded to shower once again...

The next morning Donna woke up groggy, not knowing all too well where she was, until it hit her. She sat up straight at once and looked around the room, and at herself. She was covered in dried female cum, her dress laid torn on the ground. She still wore her stockings and heels, but her stocking were completely ruined.

"My family," Donna said. "I need to call my family, I forgot to do that yesterday!"

"Today we will go shopping. New clothes for the new Cutty," she informed Donna. "You shower, shave, and come outside wearing these," She pointed to some white open high heeled shoes. "And nothing else..." and with that made clear Ms. Brendan left to make herself ready.

Donna thought back on last night, and remembered the sex especially, which made her feel awfully guilty towards her husband. Only now did she start to really comprehend that she had had sex with someone else, she had cheated on her husband with a woman.


SMACK, on the other cheek.

Ms. Brendan stood in front of her and looked at her impatient, "Don't get me mad now Cutty, where's the happy face?" Thus reminding Donna what was expected of her.

"That's better, but not yet good enough." Ms. Brendan took her by the arm and guided her to a wall. Within seconds Donna found her wrists tied up to the wall.

She screamed out loud, at which moment Ms. Brendan inserted a ball gag, which immediately silenced her.

SWATT, another blow with the whip on Donna's ass.

After several blows Ms. Brendan stopped. "Ready to behave again?" she asked coldly.

"Good, I'll untie you than, but remember, any more screw up, and I'll beat you till you drop."

"Go bend over this chair," Ms. Brendan said pointing to a wooly chair, as she picked up a tin can.

"I used a flat whip, and did not hit that hard. So no markings are left, just some red painful stripes which will disappear in an hour or so."

"Yes, yes, I will Ms. Brendan," she replied.

"The rules," Donna thought frantically. "What were the rules?" And she thought back on yesterday and tried to remember them. At the same time she recalled all of her humiliating sex acts, her lust, her cheating. Guilt set in again, but for now Donna, overwhelmed with fear, opted to follow Ms. Brendan's lead once again.

"Okay, I have ordered breakfast. You just sit there at the table, naked as you are."

"I want you to spread your legs, so I can see your pussy," she said. "And move a little away from the table, it is disturbing my view."

"Okay, now as you eat your morning vegetables, I want you to masturbate. And I want you to come. If I have the feeling your faking it, I will whip you all over this place. Get going," an obvious still angry Ms. Brendan instructed.

"If possible, we would like to see some action today," Ms. Brendan said, as she was eating her pancakes as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

"I don't think you are following my instructions Cutty," Ms. Brendan warned as she picked up her whip.

"Good girl," Ms. Brendan said. "Now let me help you and teach you how to do this properly."

"Put this hand in your mouth," with the whip she brought Donna's hand from her pussy to her mouth. "Yes, take out the celery stick, Cutty."

"Suck on those fingers, make them nice and wet, spit on them," Ms. Brendan instructed, towering above the helpless Donna. "And this," she touched the hand with the celery stick, "we bring towards that nasty little slit of yours."

SMACK, a hard whip on her left breast made her almost bite her fingers off.

The celery stick went down to Donna's pussy, and she slowly stuck it inside. Not too deep out of repulsion, and as she was not wet enough.

Donna did as instructed, clearly feeling the burning pain of the whip mark on her left breast. After a minute or two she calmed down and got comfortable with the weird position.

"Okay, and up again, just spit on it now... More,... Yes, and down again, rub that spit into your pussy, on your clit." Ms. Brendan carefully guided and watched all Donna's sexual moves.

Donna's by now wet pussy, was reacting slowly to the assault of her own fingers and the celery. Ms. Brendan teased her every now and then by touching her pussy lips with the whip, or by stroking her breast or her face with it.

"Lovely, Lovely. A little bit more moaning, and it is almost real."

"Do concentrate at the task at hand, Cutty." Ms. Brendan said breaking her line of thought. As if she could read her mind. "Just follow my lead, and increase the speed of your pumping."

Donna felt embarrassed, but she also clearly noticed Ms. Brendan was right. She was now wet down there, and her vaginal juices started to flow freely, coating her already wet fingers.

"Slowly, not too fast, it must be convincing," Ms. Brendan coached her.

"Always be inventive, Cutty. The object is to make the audience think you are enjoying yourself, think you're going out of your mind with joy. How you feel in reality is secondary. You may enjoy it, you may not. Yesterday you enjoyed it, today you do not, but to me, I should see no difference. So now start moaning some dirty words, and not just 'hmmmmm', be a slut when you are getting hot, and let the world now it."

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, that feels good, oh my ..."

Donna tried again, painfully reminded of her family again.

"Better, better," Ms. Brendan complimented with a giggle. "But we will have to expand your vocabulary: use words like cunt, slut, slit, clit, horny, etc,"

"Damn it!" the totally humiliated Donna thought at that moment. "I am heating myself up, humiliating myself for this bitch!" Then, regaining her senses, "Fuck, just let me act as if I'm coming and get this over with!"

When she was finally ready with her act, she breathed heavily from the exercise, "God, I hope this perverted bitch is happy now" she thought. "I never ever acted this outrages."

"Good, I hope I am through now," an exhausted, sweating Donna thought.

"You are not finished yet. You must clean up now, while you pretend to be in the aftermath of your orgasm."

"Lick yourself clean my dear, wipe the juice from your thighs, and suck your fingers dry," Ms. Brendan said, obviously enjoying the predicament Donna found herself in. "And pretend to enjoy it," she added as an additional insult.

"Ah, what the fuck," she reasoned angrily. "Let the bitch enjoy herself, I have done everything she asked up to now anyway. This last insult won't kill me." and Donna put up the last act of her masturbation show.

"You must shower again, Cutty. You're all dirty from your breakfast."

"Switch shoes before you shower!" Ms. Brendan reminded her from the back.

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