Dad/Daughter Date Ch. 01

Divorce sucks. I know it's not like I am making a groundbreaking statement here. But watching my parents go through it has been rough. Not as rough as watching their marriage fall apart over the course of the last 5 years--the constant fights, tension, disappointment, sleeping in separate beds and all the while trying to mask this from me and my two younger brothers. When everything was finalized I think we all felt a sense of relief and I guess at first we did. Dad moved out, we stayed with mom and visited dad every other weekend. But now, a few months in, things suck again.

So here I am in the middle of it all. Just trying to make it to graduation so I can ship off out of this mess. The saddest part of it all (and there are many sad parts) is how common all of this is. Most of my friends' parents are divorced and some for the second or third time. I don't know what that says about our society or what it has been selling us on what marriage is, but clearly there is some confusion. But what do I know? I have been 18 for 5 days now.

"Where do you want to eat for your birthday?"

"McDonalds!" I replied.

I put my phone down and leaned against the wall. I was ready to be done with high school. Ready to be done and onto bigger things. Now that Conner and I were no longer together there really wasn't any reason for me to stay here. Dramatic I know, but the only real tie I have to this place was my boyfriend. All my good friends were coming to college with me, he was the one that opted to "take the year off to learn about himself" or whatever.

I stood up, stretched my back and looked at my reflection in the window. I knew I was cute. "Hot" according to Connor. It all kind of happened a bit more than a year ago. My boobs came in full on as well as my butt. I had always been skinny and tall (5' 8" about) but more lithe and not curvy. Then suddenly my boobs came in. From B to C to D cup in a manner of a summer. I was a runner so I know I had a cute butt and yet as my chest grew my butt got rounder. That was the full transition from one piece and tankinis to bikinis. Pretty much when that happened I went from fun tomboy to cute girl. The power that gave me was amazing and something I had to learn to weild carefully.

I had vowed to my girl friends that we would stay guy free till college. Now was the time to focus on each other and making sure we leave school with a good feeling and no regrets. All of this was timely as now that my parents' marriage had exploded I had time to be home and to be a good daughter and sister.


I wasn't sure if I would be the weekend, but it sounded good to me right now. My mom was being way too hormonal and female at the moment. My brothers could settle her down much better than I could. The last thing I wanted was to watch some romantic movie with her tonight and then watch her try to set up an online dating profile.

I was about 45 minutes early when I parked. I didn't feel like being home and I knew my dad was off work now. It was Friday and he was done at like 4. I figured he was on the couch streaming some new show that he wanted to tell me about. He was so cute with that stuff. He loved to talk movies and shows and we had many late nights binge watching TV and eating ice cream. That sounded really good to me right now: Just me and Dad on the couch watching TV all night. :) That was our version of Netflix and chill!

I tugged the keys out of my pocket. I hated knocking on my parents' doors and it was just easier. Half the time they weren't home anyway and I just wanted a place to hang out. The key slid in and the door was open in no time.

Super cute.

I went into his room and noticed first that things were picked up. Cute. He USUALLY did that when I came over but not every time. The second thing I noticed was his laptop. It was open in the middle of his bed. I figured he was up working last night or something. I sat on the bed and looked around. Everything was in order. Boring.

I saw his browser was still open so I clicked. It filled the screen and my heart froze. It was a video entitled: College Hottie Takes Huge Load.

I did not need to see that. No way did that just happen.

That made me feel better.

I went back to the living room and decided I was going to make dinner. I wasn't a great cook, but I know my dad was going to get one of those take and bake pizzas like he always does and I wasn't into that. I poked through the fridge and cupboards and as I suspected he had nothing.

I think everyone is realizing what has finally happened. Mom is out trying to date again and dad is just sad. Its weird seeing my mom trying on dresses and talking to me about push up bras. Probably weirder for my brothers as they are still so young (twins and freshmen in highschool) and trying to cope with the fact that my mom has cleavage.

Free period at school was a strange thing. I spent the last few just out in the grass reading and messing with my phone. Seemed weird that I was supposed to be getting ready for college, but to do that I am given time to sit and do nothing. Maybe I am missing something?

The text from my dad made me smile. He was always great about celebrating my birthday and making it special. He had a way of always making me feel like his little girl.

"Typical little girl. Looking forward to buying you a happy meal."

Breaking up with him wasn't easy. He was funny, cute and he knew how to fuck me. We had learned about love and sex together. But things had run their course and in the end I needed someone that had more to offer than "bro movie nights" and football games. I mean that isn't too much to ask right?

I was picked for more activities, my grades got better and male teachers did everything I asked. Even some females did. Connor and I went very physical, but maybe that was the problem. I needed someone to look past my boobs or see me as more than just a pretty girl in tight clothes. College would be better. Guys are more mature there.

As an example tonight was going to be Daddy/Daughter date night.

I threw on a tank top and some jeans then went down stairs to the message board. My mom had this system where we would write where we were and when we would be back. I just wrote: Daddy's for my Birthday. Be back on Sunday!

I got in the car and meandered toward my dad's apartment building. It was kind of sad that he was in an apartment in the not-so-good part of town. He was 49 years old, greying hair and a successful Director of Operations for a software company. I knew he made good money, but my mom was getting most of it now. I mean it's not like my dad needed lots of money but it is sad to see how he has to live now. "The cost of our choices," he would say.

The building was probably nice in the early nineties. The problem was it hadn't been updated since and things from the early nineties just didn't age well. I was up the stairs as quickly as I could as I hated the smell on the 3rd floor. I could have taken the elevator but I was always a fan of taking the long way for that extra bit of exercise. Yes I did follow online fitness models and yes I was aiming for an ass like they had. You had to start early and you had to commit. Taking the stairs was just an easy thing to do.

I couldn't help but smile when I walked in. He cleaned his place up for me. Dad was so sweet like that. One of the good things that came out of this whole divorce bullshit was time spent with Dad meant more. I could tell that he took it very seriously. He always went that extra step to make sure that everything went off without a hitch. It was super cute and super considerate. In this case, the small two bedroom place had been picked up, vacuumed and everything put in its place. The pillows on the couch had been fluffed and he already had place settings out on the coffee table.

So I am nosey. Like I know most girls are. It's just a thing. If I am in your bathroom I am gonna open the medicine cabinet and look at your meds. I am gonna look in your fridge. I don't judge, I just look. In Dad's case I like to poke through the bedrooms. Not that I expect to find things. But I figured out he was trying to work out more when I saw his workout shorts on the floor, or that he wasn't cleaning his room because everytime I went in there it was a mess. That kind of thing.

I went to his laptop and brushed the touch mouse. The screen popped to life. I blushed. His desktop was a picture of the two of us from 4 months ago. We had gone on a hike and managed to get to the top at sunrise. The hike was lame (but yes, totally worked out my legs and ass and I recommend it to anyone looking to make things more trim and firm) but the sunrise was gorgeous. We sat and watched for a while that morning and it was super special. He was a sweetie.

Sure enough it was paused at minute 6 of the 10 minute video. The girl was bent over looking back at the camera. I minimized the window.

I got off the bed and walked into the living room. Porn? Seriously? Not what I expected. Dad isn't into sex. Right? How could he be? I laughed out loud. It was totally my brother. I could see that. He would pop over here all the time to hang out and I could totally see him surfing the porn. Not cool to leave it up on Dad's computer. Kinda risky really. But whatever. Boys are dumb and I am totally sure Dad has dealt with that before.

"College Hottie," I muttered and walked in front of the mirror. I studied myself for a moment. Boys are dumb. Porno girls are fake. I smiled at the thought and pushed my arms in to press up my boobs (yes we girls totally do that on purpose). I had cleavage. The real deal. D cups were no joke and I was grateful. Yes buying bras was a huge pain and you never quite felt like shirts or dresses or any tops fit just right--especially cause I had a smaller waist (I always felt like my boobs made my tummy look bigger so i compensated with tighter stuff), but when I took time to look at them I knew they were pretty. Actually, if I am being honest that is a bit modest. My boobs were fantastic. They just were. Connor loved my tits. He was gonna miss them.