Daddy Needs Love Ch. 03

This is the continuation of the love story between Amy and Matthew, it is highly recommended that one reads the previous chapters, though not essential. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

Amy woke up in her large double-bed, the sun shining in through the open blinds, scattering rays of light around the room. The bedroom was not all that spacious, containing only the bed, two night-stands and a simple bureau. She smiled to herself as she looked over to her side, but no one was there. She figured he must've already gotten up to make breakfast. She stretched her arms and picked up her phone next to her, taking note of the time; 6:58, which left her with about an hour before she would need to head in for work. She yawned and jumped out of the bed, heading towards the kitchen.

"Good morning, Daddy."

"Good morning, sweetpea. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, I did. I always do after we make love."

"Amy, you could be late for work. Is this really a good idea?"

"Then we'd better make it quick."

Amy broke the kiss and jumped up on the kitchen table, letting her back rest on the laquered wood. Spreading her legs, she put her now wet pussy on display, her eyes locked on the straining bulge below her father's waist.

He smiled and pulled down his underwear, letting the erect member out of its prison. A small drop of pre-cum was already pushing its way out of the manhood, and Amy had to restrain herself to not get on her knees and lick the wonderful cock in front of her. Right now her pussy needed attention.

He chuckled lightly and aligned his stiff member with her wet slit. Amy looked at him and raised an eyebrow as she brought her fingers down to give her father easy access.

Matthew gave her a soft smile and began to push his round head inside. He never tired of the feeling that was his daughter's snatch trying desperately to suck him inside.

Amy gasped as she felt him enter her slowly, lovingly like so many times before. She had to restrain from locking her legs around him and push him inside to the hilt in one fast motion. She absolutely loved how he treated her with such gentleness, but right now they were short on time. She gazed up at him, her nude body entirely open to her father.

Matthew leaned closer and kissed his daughter softly. He was already pulling back, removing the head of his cock from her entrance.

Amy nodded slowly and then her eyes widened as her mouth let out a loud gasp. He had pushed into her in one stroke, hilting inside and already knocking on her womb. She felt her first climax of the day approaching due to the sudden action, her soft walls clamping onto the invading manhood as hard as they could. She didn't have much time to recover as her father pulled about halfway out and then thrust back inside, his considerable strength being put into the act. It was like his restraints had come off, and after a few testing strokes he began to fuck her in earnest, and she could feel an animalistic energy coming from him. She could only gasp and moan as her father took her on their kitchen table, his large member stretching her open as her arousal mounted.

Amy was still on the pill, mostly out of habit than anything else, but the way her father now pounded her, took her like they were animals desperate to mate, to breed, instilled a new need in her. For a fleeting moment she wished that the pills had been inert, or that she had forgotten to take them.

He spoke with tenderness even if he didn't slow his pace for even a second. Amy doubted that he could even if he wanted to.

She screamed into the kitchen as her father's cock continued to pound away inside her, the entire act so dirty in her mind. Here she was, first thing in the morning, being fucked by her father, the man she loved, on their kitchen table. It was like something out of a porno, but it was so very real. She reached another orgasm as the naughtiness of the situation hit her, the velvet walls squeezing the thrusting manhood even harder.

"Amy, can't hold it..."

"Cum! Give it to me!"

When the last few shots had left the now softening member Matthew pulled out slowly, taking a few steps back to lean against the counter. His cock was drenched in the combined results of the union, cum and pussy-juice dripping along the length.

"A-Amy, sensitive right now..."

"Good god... You better run into the shower now, young lady, otherwise you may get me going again."

"We'll continue once we get off work, Daddy..."

She wanted to have her Daddy's baby.

Amy felt the hands over her eyes lift and the sunlight stung a little after the few minutes of darkness she had to endure. She was standing in front of a store with a sign displaying the name "Rita's". The wide clear windows had various busts lined up displaying several pieces of shining jewelry. Embedded in soft satin cushions she could see different lockets, rings and necklaces. She stared in awe at the sight.

Her father whispered in her ear and she nearly felt her knees go weak. A ring. She was going to get a ring, a symbol of their bond together as lovers. She turned around and kissed him lovingly, not caring about anyone watching.

Amy thought he had gotten a look of fear in his eyes for a moment but when she called him by name he relaxed visibly.

He gave her a warm smile as he grasped her hand, walking with her into the store. The inside smelled of cleaning agents and perfume, expensive kinds. She was not surprised, most of the customer base here was likely either middle-aged women or men looking desperately for the perfect gift for their beloved. A store clerk was showing an older woman with a large fur-coat their newest additions, but the customer hardly seemed impressed. Before Amy could even try to listen in, a young woman, likely around her own age, approached her and her father.

The woman had short brown hair in bangs and a simple locket around her neck. Despite her rather plain clothes, there was a natural beauty to her, and an air of someone that didn't have to try in order to be perceived as good-looking.

She felt herself blush brightly. Since they were affectionate only in their own home, it was a new experience to have it declared so openly.

"As much as I'd like to say the top shelf, I do realise I'm not made of money. Do you have any recommendations?" Her father smiled gently as he held Amy closer.

Amy was still blushing and leaned against her father. "Thank you, that sounds very helpful. I guess not many future brides come along with their husband for this sort of shopping trip?"

"It happens more often than you think. The amount of men with enough sense to actually let their lady pick what she's going to wear for the entirety of their marriage is very low. The value of surprise is of course not to be underestimated, but there is the occasional couple that come in and ask for a refund or change, simply because the ring doesn't match the woman's finger. It's always a small tragedy to see the confidence of the man shrink away."

"Well, I guess I'm in the minority then. If you see anything you like, Amy, just tell me."

"There's so many different ones, I don't know where to start."

"That's perfectly understandable, it's a very big choice to make after all. Let me help you."

"Here, try this one on. It's rose gold with a ruby, a fairly popular combination. It was designed to show off warmth and the beating heart of love."

"It's a very nice ring, but I'm not sure it's the right one for you. It's definitely a good option though."

"Let's put that in the maybe pile."

"This one is yellow gold, with a lining of platinum and a topaz fitted into a crown of gold. What do you think?"

"I don't think it'll fit me, sorry. It's a bit too much."

"It's a process, and it's worth finding the one that speaks to you. That one obviously didn't so let me take a look..."

"I'm sorry, this may take a while."

"No worries, Amy. We'll find the perfect one for you, no matter how long it takes."

"This one is white gold with a small sapphire. Some would call it cold, but there's no inherent connection there. Would you like to try it?"


As Amy stepped into the kitchen she first noticed the tall man at the stove like usual, the smell of breakfast wafting through the air. It was amazing how he never seemed to tire of cooking despite all the dishes he had to prepare at his job. She felt her heart swell just at the sight of him and despite the passionate love-making last night she already felt needy. She walked up to him, embracing him from behind, her naked breasts pressing against his shirt.

Amy felt him shiver and sigh softly. She delighted in making him feel wanted, feel loved. They had only lived in their new house for little more than a month, but she had never stopped wanting him, especially since she didn't have to restrain her moans and screams compared to the apartment.

Amy nodded and pressed herself closer, her hand moving up to her father's muscular chest inside the shirt.

She spoke softly, sensually. The need to feel him was lighting a fire inside her, causing her sex to secrete juices in preparation for what she had planned. Matthew sighed.

He didn't try to move away, and the slight quiver in his voice told her that she already had him. Her hands travelled downwards until they ended up at her father's belt buckle, the slim fingers scraping against the fabric where a bulge was already forming. Amy giggled as she felt him tremble at her touch, she found it very amusing how such a large man could be so sensitive. She stood on her toes and whispered in his ear.

That was the final straw, and Matthew turned down the heat on the stove to let the breakfast still retain some of its warmth. He turned around slowly, coming face to face with his naked daughter and his eyes took in all of her form. He gave her a warm smile as he leaned in to kiss her. Like all the times before, there was no rush in the action, their tongues mingling and playing like two separate entities. As the kiss continued, Amy nimbly undid the belt buckle and unzipped the pants, letting her father's boxers come into view. As expected, the stiff shaft hidden behind the thin fabric was ready for her.

"Give it to me, Daddy. You're the one that said we're short on time."

"You're absolutely beautiful, Amy. If a bit needy."

"And whose fault is that, hm? Could it be because I have a real stud in the house that really needs some tender care?"

"What did I ever do to deserve you, my dear daughter?"

"A question for another day, Daddy. Please, give it to me hard and fast. I need you to really fuck me right now..."

"Tell me if I'm going too hard, alright?"

It didn't take long for Amy to reach her first orgasm, but her father didn't seem to be anywhere close to done. The hard thrusts kept coming, assaulting her insides like a battering ram trying to siege a keep, the keep being her fertile womb.

"Sweetpea, am I being too rough?"

"No, more! Give me more!"

Amy saw his face contort from the pleasure surging through both of them and she heard his breathing get heavier.

She locked her eyes with his and pushed out the words through gritted teeth.

She tried to clamp onto him even harder, but it wasn't needed. With a loud roar he pushed as far as he could inside her, a large load of semen shooting out of his cock and past her womb's walls, flooding the small chamber with the white, sticky seed. They were both quivering as their respective orgasms flowed through them, and Amy was grateful for being on the table at that moment. She wouldn't have been able to stand as she simply laid there, a blissful expression on her face.

Mostly on an impulse, Amy jumped down from the table despite her shaking legs and crawled up to him on her knees, taking the wet cock in her mouth. She absolutely loved the taste that their love-making left behind, and she suckled lovingly on the shaft, making sure to get every single drop. Meanwhile, her filled snatch was threatening to leak the thick load onto the kitchen floor, her cunt still contracting slowly in the aftershocks.

She slowly let the cock leave her mouth, her nimble tongue making sure to clean her father up properly. When she let go of the member it glistened slightly from her saliva, but there was no more cum or juice on it. Amy opened her mouth to show her father the reward for her work before swallowing and giving him a big grin.

Amy giggled and stood up, giving her father a big kiss on the lips. After breaking away she began to walk towards the bathroom, her hips swaying as she put her butt on display.

She slapped her ass teasingly before turning the corner to enter the bathroom. Once inside, she looked at herself in the mirror. She definitely had that aura of having been recently fucked, and part of her wished she could be that way all the time. As she observed herself, she looked into the eyes of her reflection. Blue eyes. They both had blue eyes. Would a baby have the same piercing eyes? She was startled by the thought but as she stepped into the shower and let the warm water rush over her there was no denying it. She wanted a baby.

"Even if we can't get married legally, nothing says I can't get you a ring, Amy."

"Thank you so much, Da..." She cut herself off, swallowing before finishing her sentence. "...Matthew."

"Don't thank me yet, Amy. You haven't seen the ring."

"Good afternoon, I'm Carol, and welcome to Rita's. How may I help you today?"

"I'm looking for a ring, a wedding ring." Her father smiled and put an arm around Amy. "For this special lady of mine here."

Carol gave them both a gentle smile and gestured towards the different display cabinets set up in the store. "Well, congratulations are in order then. What price-class are we looking at today?"

The clerk gave them a small nod. "Of course, that is part of what we pride ourselves on here. Finding the perfect match, no matter the budget."

Carol walked with them to a glassed-in display cabinet, with various glimmering jewels and pearls reflecting the warm light from the lamps above them. The price tags were some of the highest numbers Amy had ever seen in a store, and she was starting to have second thoughts. They didn't really have to go through all of this, did they?

Matthew chuckled and let his eyes wander over the array of rings.

Amy nodded and looked at the shining jewelry. There were so many kinds it was almost staggering. There were simple silver ones that had a single piece of a precious gem embedded, and there were so many gold rings mixed between white, yellow and rose gold, something she barely knew existed. There were gems of all sizes and colours, red, blue, green, even yellow and purple.

Carol smiled gently and nodded.

Carol opened the locked glass display with a small key and gently pulled the door open, removing the barrier between the rings and their observers. With a practised movement she reached in and pulled out a ring with a small red gem embedded in the top.

Amy slowly slid the precious piece onto her ring finger, raising her hand so she could observe it as light danced in the glimmering gem. She looked to her father, curious about his reaction.

Amy nodded and looked at the ring one last time before sliding it off her finger and handing it to Carol.

Carol nodded and put the ring back in its satin cushion before she took a moment to observe the displayed jewelry. After a few moments she placed another piece in Amy's hands. This one was almost bright enough to blind her.

Amy stared at the ring and could barely find words. It was so...extravagant, so rich. She shook her head, worried both about the price, and the fact that it was so glamorous.

Carol nodded and returned the ring to its previous spot. Her eyes seemed to wander all over the arrayed pieces as she continued to search.

As the woman returned to her quest Amy looked up at her father..

Matthew chuckled and put a hand on her shoulder.

Amy gave him a warm smile when she suddenly felt another ring being placed in her hand. She turned her head to look at it, and the first thing that she took notice of was the bright blue gem that sat in a small crown. Carol looked at her and smiled gently.

Amy nodded and slid the ring onto her finger. As the cold metal embraced it she was entranced. It was perfect. The white gold to symbolize their pure love for one another, and the sapphire, matching their eyes. She couldn't think of a ring more fitting.