Daisy's Retraining Pt. 03

Daisy gulped as a supervisor told her to mount the stairs onto the stage and take her place in front of the audience for her strapping. Already the tears clouded her eyes and she had not yet even been through the broadcasting of her sentence let alone her hair cut, undressing or beating.

Miss Davis please begin with the punishment haircut and then move to the strapping and insertion of her butt plug as is your pleasure".

Miss Davis appeared in front of her using a large pair of scissors and then another supervisor placed a small bowl on her head and held it firmly in place. Daisy could still see clearly in front of her at the watching audience.

Daisy knew the punishment was not finished, having seen others suffer this penance, and Miss Davis switched on a set of powered clippers and roughly shaved off any hair remaining below the line she had already laid out with her scissors. In short time Daisy's head lay bare below a line 0.5 cm above her ears. The bowl was removed. Miss Davis continued, "Now we want a nice clear forehead too. Taking the scissors again she chopped at Daisy's already short fringe such that it was laid bare back to her natural hairline before taking it back a further centimeter with the clippers.

"Stand up girl and keep your hands behind your back so that everyone can see you with a hairstyle more appropriate to your behavior," Miss. Davis continued. Daisy stood, hair falling to the floor from her clothes. "It will certainly make you stand out in public when you are on display. Right undo your cardigan and waistcoat and put your hands on your head," there was no end to the flow of punishment and Miss Davis continued swiftly. "Turn around and undo the back buttons on your tunic skirt".

"Get over the chair and reach down as far as possible to the far legs with your hands Douglas," there was an even more strident tone still now to Miss Davis's command.

"Don't move child and keep your feet flat on the floor," Miss Davis ordered. Daisy was now stretched completely over the chair which was of course what Miss Davis wanted so that her behind and thighs were clearly presented and taut so as to maximize the pain of the beating to come. Her woollens were thrown over her back and her tunic skirt parted and tucked in front of her. Her first pair of knickers were then stripped to her ankles. It was a rare moment of relief as blood flowed easier into her legs and then her second pair were stripped to her knees so that the humiliation of her double knickering was even now made clear to others as a deterrent. The fact that her behind was also already striated from yesterday's caning was also now evident for all to see.

Miss. Davis repeated the rules for application of such a public beating. Daisy tried to clear the drying soap from her mouth and prepare herself for the imminent pain.

Only ten days ago she had seen a girl raise her hand after six strokes of a ten stroke caning. She had been secured back to the chair, the beating restarted and fifteen further strokes applied. The next day in assembly she received 12 strokes of the strap, her sentence length of other punishments doubled to four weeks and her stay at the institution extended from four to five months. In addition for each of the four weeks she was also to receive her additional ten stroke caning.

She was left in position so that everyone could see her welted behind and thighs and consider how they would do everything possible that day to avoid such a fate no matter how obedient, humiliated, childish, uncomfortable and meek that required them to be.

"What have you to say for yourself child," Miss Davis asked. Daisy struggled to respond both the pain and humiliation of her predicament had left her in almost a state of shock.

"Right now we will insert your butt plug so that you have a further constant reminder of the consequences of misbehaviour," Miss Davis continued. "I assume a lazy slut like you has experienced anal penetration before Douglas?" She questioned. Daisy was shocked by the statement, she had never taken part in such activity.

"Oh well this will make this even more of a lesson for you girl," Miss Davis replied smiling. "Bend over and touch your toes now," she snapped.

"Please bring me a butt plug please," Miss Davis asked one of the other supervisors.

"Oh no I think we need something larger for a multiple offender. This may be her first time but we want her to feel all the time for the next eight weeks the full discomfort," Miss Davis said.

"Much better," Miss Davis said, "She will definitely know she has this up her backside".

"I will need a little lube but not too much please. I want to get it in but don't want to minimize her pain more than necessary," Miss Davis continued.

She heard steps as Miss Davis moved around in front of her. "Head up Douglas. I think it is a good lesson for you to understand what you will be carrying in your backside", Miss Davis stated.

"I am sure it will be an experience you will not forget nor wish to repeat girl. Now remain still whilst I insert this in your backside or you will be punished even more," Miss Davis finished and walked back to Daisy's exposed behind.

"Silence child. You will accept the consequences of your poor behaviour," Miss Davis ordered. Daisy then felt two swift slaps across her red behind which made her gasp.

"Good when it has been removed and reinserted for a few days your anus will loosen up child. Now stand-up and feel the discomfort girl," Miss Davis ordered.

Mr. Hamilton returned to centre stage, "Let these three girls failures and there deserved punishments which you have had the fortune to observe be a reminder to you this morning of what happens to those who fail to meet the required standards of behavior for girls like yourselves who have been confined to this institution to be punished for your failings, be deterred from such failings again and serve as an example to others. Ensure that your behaviour today is perfect and that you do not find yourself requiring further correction. Miss Davis have these three's skirts pinned up and then allow the other girls to see the results of your canings and strappings more closely as a final reminder. You may turn your heads to observe them."

A supervisor stood behind each of them in turn pulling up their tunics and woollens and pinning them back on themselves at the collar with heavy clips designed for the purpose so that their behinds and thighs were left exposed. In Daisy's case her humiliation, because of her split front and back buttoning tunic was going to be even worse. First her cardigan and waistcoat were pinned up behind her but this left her skirt tunic unbuttoned the back still covering at least the sides of her legs and behind.. Rather than just pinning it together at the front and leave it covering her to the knees the supervisor gathered it up folding the sides together and then pinned it up to the front of her tunic bib so that she was now naked from the waist down save her knee socks and two pairs of lowered knickers. Daisy started to cry afresh how had she let herself end up half-naked her hands, behind and legs beaten, a large rubber butt plug protruding from her anus, in institution uniform being paraded in effect a prison - she would never make such a stupid decision again - her career suddenly looked less important.

Mr. Hamilton began, "Offences. Failure of uniform inspection - two occurrences, speaking without being spoken to, speaking without using Sir or Maam correctly, slowness in stripping to allow inspection of your knickers. Punishments - Winter uniform - two pairs of institution knickers , wool knee socks, starched shirt and tie, institution tunic, waistcoat and cardigan. Uniform to be worn 24/7 and at nights accompanied by wearing of a restraint belt. Toilet visits limited to one per day. Butt plug to be inserted in from of institution after strapping in assembly and remain in place at all times except when tolietting. Stand at all times in all lessons. Two hours extra drill and inspection every morning. Gruel only twice per day. Mouth to be washed out with soap and water after every meal and at bedtime. Punishment haircut to be applied in institution assembly. No washing bathing or clothing change throughout punishment. Public display in town every Sunday. Corporal punishment - five strokes of the tawse to the palm and back of each hand in front of your dormitory followed by 15 strokes of the strap to your bare behind in institution assembly. Six strokes of the slipper to your bared behind on you dormitory twice per week for the duration of you punishment. Punishment to last eight weeks. Sentence increased from 3 to 6 months. This girl had behaved as expected until now but for some reason thought this allowed her a few liberties. As you can and will see she is learning this is not the case - in fact her previous good behavior has not earned her lenience but quite the opposite as it shows her lack of discipline was willful - her sentence was extended from six to eight weeks because of this."

"Right girl sit on this stool and place your hands behind you back and keep them there," Miss Davis pointed to a low stool which had been brought in front of Daisy. Daisy sat finding herself like with every activity further humiliated. She was seated so low that her knees lifted above her waist and with her hands behind her back she was leaning backwards so that no doubt every member of the audience could see up the skirt of her tunic.

"Keep your head still girl whilst I cut or I will trim it even shorter," Miss Davis warned as she, starting next to Daisy's left ear began to cut. The cold metal of the scissors came to and fro against her head as she felt her hair cut at about 0.5 cm above her ears. She felt the cold on her head as huge clumps of hair were removed and fell to the floor. Miss Davis pulled her ponytail out and then Daisy felt the clip that removed it. She had always worn her hair at least to her shoulders but not any longer. With a few sharp clips Miss Davis finished at her right ear.

"I do not normally approve of the vanity with which you young ladies check your appearance but in this case I think a look in a mirror so you can see how you look is appropriate," Miss Davis smiled at Daisy as the other supervisor brought a large mirror in front of her seated on the stool. Daisy hung her head when she saw herself. Large clumps of hair laid on her cardigan whilst on her head was only a meager covering on top of her head. She looked like some convict, she hung her head with shame.

Daisy felt around the back of her waist undoing the buttons she could reach before having to bend over and reach round her legs and find the lower buttons before the whole institution. These simple designs were so effective in demeaning her. She returned to her standing position, hands on her head, cardigan and waistcoat hanging open.

Daisy bent over the back of the chair, and reached down the chair legs on the other side of the seat grasping them firmly halfway down, at least her height enabled her to keep her feet on the floor comfortably. Miss Davis came round grasped Daisy's wrists and pulled them down to almost the bottom of the chair legs, pushing the air out of Daisy; the back of the chair dug into her stomach.

"As this girl is a multiple offender she will receive the thick strap rather than the medium," Miss Davis announced; Daisy gulped she had seen this used only occasionally on severe offenders to great effect. It was her first offence, why so severe, but she knew it was no good to complain. She heard Miss Davis's footsteps as she walked to the table and then saw her feet and the end of the strap as she walked back in front of her. It must be ½ an inch in thickness.

Miss. Davis began the application. Daisy struggled to stop herself from screaming as the first stroke bit across her behind and the pain spread throughout her body. She could barely begin to feel any relief as the next stroke landed again across her buttocks. Four more strokes across her behind followed with Miss Davis's experienced timing, the intense agony of the preceding stroke only beginning to pass as the next blow was struck. Daisy cried and she could see the pool of her tears forming on the stage floor. The next stroke took her breath away as Miss Davis moved to her thighs. Daisy's knees almost buckled as the belt struck again and again across her thighs, digging into the welts from her caning. She had to remain silent and unmoving to resist would only be to have further sanctions.

Daisy was not sure how many strokes she had now received at least twelve she thought. She blew slowly out through her mouth, soap bubbles forming on her lips - there was no bodily movement which did not result in some aspect of her punishments making clear her position to her. The next stroke returned to her behind and then again. "Only one more", she thought. The strap dug again into her thighs. She relaxed but not for long as the belt came crashing down again on her thighs, this time on top of the same place as the previous stroke. The pain was excruciating as well as unexpected and Daisy bit her tongue as she struggled to control herself and she felt a thin trickle of blood and soapy saliva emerge down the side of her face.

At last Daisy was told to stand and face the assembly with her hands on her head. As she did this, her woollens flopped back over her behind and thighs as her skirt remained stuck in front of her and her knickers remained around her knees and ankles.

She began, "I would like to thank you for strapping me in front of the institution Maam. I thoroughly deserved this punishment because of my disgraceful and willful behavior. It has taught me a well-deserved lesson and I hope served as an example to others. Thank-you, Maam".

"No Maam I have no such experience," Daisy replied almost indignant despite her woeful predicament.

Daisy bent over, wincing as she stretched the flayed skin on the backs of her behind and thighs. Miss Davis threw her woollens and the skirt of her pinafore dress over her back so that once again she stood bent double with her bare behind on display to everyone in the assembly.

Daisy could hear the footsteps and see the shoes as the supervisor moved across the stage.

There were more footsteps as the supervisor returned to the side of the stage and then returned.

Despite the pain she was in and the humiliation of her position, Daisy began to cry again at the mere thought of the indignity she was about to suffer.

Before she had time to think about what would happen next Daisy felt a finger inserted into her anus. The finger worked around spreading the lubricant on her anus for everyone to see.

Daisy lifted her head whilst maintaining her position bent over and touching her shoe toes. She gulped as she saw the brown cone shaped piece of rubber with a domed end and a ring attached moulded from the same material. It was enormous and she could feel herself wiggling her behind at the thought that this object would shortly be inside her.

Daisy felt the pointed end of the rubber being pushed into her anus and her muscles naturally tightening to resist it. She felt Miss Davis rotating the plug around whilst forcing it into her anus. The pain grew as the plug was forced into her and she couldn't prevent herself, "Please aarghh".

She stayed doubled over and bit her lip again as the excruciating pain reached a crescendo as the plug was driven home inside her.

"Right go and stand over there, facing the front and ensure your knickers remain in their current locations, keep your hands on your head", Miss. Davis directed pointing towards the side of the stage. Daisy waddled to the directed position her feet moving one after the other, Daisy forcing her knees against her knickers to keep them in place and to try and minimize the discomfort from the newly inserted butt plug.

Daisy knew what was to come, as did Pritchard and Morris, though like her it had not been at the forefront of their minds as they had endured the pain and humiliation of being positioned and beaten, they were to endure the "walk of shame".

They were directed down the stairs from the stage, Daisy being reminded again to keep her second pair of knickers round her knees. Starting then with a clear gap between them first Pritchard, then Morris and finally Daisy, Miss Davis led them down the right side of the hall, the other inmates sat on the floor stared at them in silence. Daisy could see the deep red welts across Morris's bottom and thighs although the whole area was inflamed. Daisy could barely imagine what her own backside and legs looked like although from the pain and having seen others who had been strapped, she could imagine it was a clear deterrent.