Date Night With Wife Ends At A Gloryhole

My wife and I have been married about seven years but have known each other since highschool. Paula was always cute with cute girl next door looks and a sexy little body that had curves in all the right places. Her breasts weren't overly big, a generous b'cup but they were always perky and had perfect nipples. She tried to work out when she could so she had some nice muscle tone in her thighs and ass but not enough that there wasn't a nice bumper covering her to give her a soft thickness that was very attractive. We had our first child a few years ago and she had to work all the harder to keep her figure.

When she gets horny and says if she was single she would probably fuck on the second date. For some reason that really does it for me. The idea of my wife ,who I generally respect very much, being easy for some other rando guy, slutting it up and waxing another's man's pole was so scandalous. That she could have such little respect for herself or whore herself out was captivating. We have so much fun with this fantasy just dirty talking in the bedroom, but then I get an idea to have some more fun with my pretty little wifey.

Paula arranged for a babysitter and we made a date for this Friday to go out and have some fun, probably drive out somewhere secluded and fuck around a little. Our teen babysitter needed to be home before eleven tonight which gave us plenty of time for shenanigans.

We were stupid giggling idiots when we left the house in the car and drove off in the night. I found somewhere safe and secluded and dark in a corporate sector of the city occupied by office buildings where there were likely to be few people this late at night and plenty of empty parking lots on site. I pulled up, putting the car in park and tell her to get out of the car.

Throwing her jacket in the back seat, Paula looked around to make sure there was nobody around. She gets out and walks around the front of the car. The headlights bounce off her wicked little body as she strutted and twisted her hips provocatively. Her pale skin was creamy smooth and the cold night air made her nipples hard and obvious as they poked through the thin material of her outfit. Sauntering over to my window she bends down smiling and asks, "See anything you like, mister?"

I played along, mesmerized by my sexy wife doing her best gum chewing trashy streetwalker impression and said, "What do I get for fifty bucks?"

I couldn't take it any more. I told her to get in and to get to work. Paula was thrilled and I was amazed at both how convincing she was and how much I was enjoying my wife as a prostitute.

Closing my eyes while I enjoyed my wife's warm mouth, I didn't notice the security guard until he knocked on my window with a flashlight. Shocked and embarrassed to be caught with a dick in her mouth and tits hanging out, my wife pulls up her top and retreats back to the passenger side.

His flashlight flicked around the car to see what he could.

Afraid of being arrested we start to argue, "No, you don't understand, this is my wife!" I say.

"We were just playing around. Honest! See?" I show him our ids to prove we're married. "We have the same last name. We were just being stupid."

"Okay, well we're going to leave now." I move to start the car but he stops me.

"Well we could just leave!" Paula was venomous.

"Like what?"

"Fine." She said defiantly as she pulled down the top once more and putting her creamy white skin under his spotlight.

She covers up, mad. "What the hell are you…"

Reluctantly and slowly she shows them again. He tells her to pinch her nipples and squeeze her titties. She doesn't try to look at him this time, but she does what she's told.

He lets us go and as we drive away I ask if she's okay. Paula puts my hand up her skirt. She is soaking wet and breathing hard. Within two blocks I bring her off on my hand and she creams real easy. I'm aching in my pants now and she shivers and pants as she climaxes.

Paula retreated to the passenger side again while we caught our breath, bathed in the neon lights of the smut store in front of us.

And so, dressed like a cheap hooker, she walks in front of me into the greasy little store. I watch the head of every pervert turn to get a good look at her. I wondered if the "freshly fucked" vibe was something they could all sense or if was just me.

We find an open door to a booth and go inside. The walls inside the booth are red and black with all kinds of dirty notes scribbled over them. A hole is cut into the drywall at cock height on one wall and a video machine begs for quarters in front of us in order to show is dirty movies.

All I can think about is my wife's reaction to the security asshole's demands of her. I repeat what security guard said, "Show me your pretty titties again."

"Pinch your nipples. Squeeze your tits for me." She is clearly enjoying herself so I ask if she likes being told what to do.

At those exact words a cock comes through a hole in the wall. It's about 8 inches long and thick and Paula locks her eyes on it. I wondered if there was somebody on the other side of the wall listening to our conversation or if they were spying on my wife's perky delicious breasts.

Her hand trembled slightly and the anonymous big cock flexed in anticipation. The moment her hand brushed it lightly we could hear a moan from the other side of the wall.

Paula wasn't the kind of girl who flaunted her looks to people but she looked sensational naked and I enjoyed that privilege. We always had a great sex life but after so many years of being together and now a child taking up so much of our free time, we had to make the effort to keep things fresh between us. Having been together since high school, neither of us was very experienced but liked to joke that she would be a slut if she was single. We actually enjoyed a fair amount of kinky fun in our bedroom but hearing Paula talk dirty like this usually got me going and we would fuck for hours.

I get her in a whorish outfit, something embarrassingly revealing that she bought specifically for the bedroom and tell her I want her to suck me off in the car. Keep in mind that this is a tacky metallic purple strapless tube top and mini skirt combo that are connected over her belly button by a single large gold ring in front and another in the back. The hem was constantly edging up her thighs so she had to pull at it every ten seconds or with every step she took in her six inch impossible hooker heels.

Paula felt exposed and cheap and preferred she at least wear panties with this hooker outfit but agreed not to at my insistence. Still she wore a big thick winter coat before she even opened the door for the babysitter. It was longer than her dress and had full sleeves.

"I want you to pretend you're a hooker and I'm your John.

Playfully giving her tits a nice shimmy and shake she giggled, "So you wanna party, or what? For fifty bucks I'll suck a golf ball through a garden hose."

She pulled down the tube top and let me see her hard pink nipples. "You're going to get the best head you ever had and maybe I'll let you play with these…"

She left the tube top down and quickly crossed in front of the car again to get in the passenger side while I quickly unzipped to get my cock out by the time she got in again. Wasting no time, Paula wrapped her lips around me and began sucking like a pro.

"Roll down your window sir!" He ordered.

He looked to be in his midthirties, with greasy black hair and a private security guard uniform. As he talks to me, he leers at Paula with a sleezy grin and we quickly realize why. "Prostitution is illegal sir. I'm going to need to call this in." And then to her, "You can't be whoring here sweetie. This is private property."

He laughs, "Yeah right. Look, I've heard it all before. I saw her get in your car."

He laughs. "Oh shit! I should have known you were hotter than most of the crack whores working the streets around here." His flashlight lingered on Paula's chest.

"Not so fast Romeo. It's my job to report this and call the authorities to come down here…" He was clearly power tripping on us.

"Go ahead. I already have your license plate and your names…" he spat back at her. "But maybe we can make a deal."

"Maybe I'll forget about this entire incident if you pull down your top again and let me get a good, long look." Neither of us say anything, not knowing what to do until Paula makes the decision for both of us.

She squints, trying to stare him down but all either of us can see is the bright shine from his flashlight and after a moment she looks away in shame. That's when we hear the click of his camera phone as he snaps a good picture of my wife's bare breasts.

"Shut up!" He orders. "You came out here to act like a whore and you got caught. Now let me see them pretty titties again. I'm not finished looking."

He laughs after a long minute, "Those are real fuckin' sweet, baby. You guys get the fuck out of here now."

After five minutes we pass a dirty little xxx bookstore and I pull into their parking lot. Far enough away from the incident now, she dives into my pants and once I'm free she crawls over the gear shifter to straddle me. We fuck in the parking lot. It's hot and fast and it doesn't last long. Paula is so horny it's unbelievable! She was totally charged up and was really doing all the work riding me so hard and fast and dripping wet that we only last minutes before erupting in waves of bliss.

I ask if she wants to go in. She says, "okay" warily, but she doesn't think about it too long either. Adrenaline was pumping now and Paula was enjoying the rush.

I take my wife into the back down a hallway pasted with fliers and posters of naked strippers and porno girls censored by pink stars to cover their nipples. The air is stale and musty like sweat and cum were sprayed on the floor and walls and never mopped up, which was accurate.

I feed a few dollars into the machine and we start to watch the dirty video on the screen.

A smile creeps onto her face and she blushes but she does.

She says she does, "I really like being an obedient whore."

I get behind her and heft her titties in my hands. "Touch it. I know you want to."

I pull up her skirt and feel how swollen and wet she is as she gets comfortable touching and embracing her new meat. She strokes it, first slowly, then faster. I push her down and bend her over so she rests her free arm on the wall to keep balance.