Editing Reailty Book 1, Chapter 15: Ripples of Change

Editing Reality

Chapter Fifteen: Ripples of Change

Copyright 2019

James Davis

I was still feeling proud of drawing Rei, of creating another girl out of nothing. I had sketched with pencil her, given her shape out of nothing, then inked her into existence. I glanced at the Coptic marker that I had used to draw the final lines, feeling the power that I'd imbued in it.

My two favorite waifus, as those of us into Anime called a cute girl we had a crush on.

Orihime set her phone down, a smile on her lips. Her blue eyes had a sparkle, her orange hair, a shade no natural woman had, framing her mischievous face. Her large tits swelled the front of her white blouse, the top few buttons were undone to show off a hint of her cleavage. “Whatever you want,” she said, then glanced at Ruri. “It just makes her hot that you're creating girls for other guys to love.”

I smiled as color spotted Ruri cheeks, her light-blue hair, gathered in a pair of pigtails, swaying about her face as she squirmed. My dick twitched in my pants at how cute my petite lover looked. “I think you're protesting a bit much, Ruri.”

“I think we need to know,” I said. “Right, Orihime?”

“So, let's see, Ruri,” I said, giving her a big grin. “Hike your skirt and drop your panties.”

I arched an eyebrow at her. “Do I have to take them off myself.”

She slipped the textbook off her lap and stood up. She was short and slender, the gray skirt of her college's school uniform swirled around her thighs. She didn't have Orihime's large tits, but just the slightest swelling pressing against her blouse. Her slender fingers grabbed her skirt and yanked it up, exposing a pair of light-blue panties, a little bow on the front.

“Are you getting wet, Ruri?” I asked, my dick swelling harder.

She shoved her panties down, exposing her hairless pussy, her slit virginal tight, a delicious crease parting her plump vulva. There was a glistening sheen to her flesh, the unmistakable sight of a juicy snatch.

“I have a wet pussy because you made me take off my panties!” Ruri complained. “You're both mean idiots!”

I ruffled her hair as I passed her, caressing the top of her head. Her cheeks kept burning, but her eyes softened. A smile played on her lips for a moment. I loved her personality. First, she was tsun-tsun, as the Japanese called it, angry and feisty. Then she was dere-dere, loving and delicious. Tsundere was a hot trope.

“James...” Ruri said, trembling. Then she sprang at the bed, her pigtails bouncing.

“Idiot,” hissed Ruri. “And you wouldn't be eager?”

“You're big boobs make you such a horny slut,” Ruri said as she straddled me. I stared up at her hairless pussy, half-shadowed by her skirt.

Then Ruri descended. Her skirt fell over my face, plunging me into a wonderful darkness. A spicy musk filled my nose, then hot, bare pussy lips pressed on my mouth. I groaned as I took the first lick. Ruri gasped, squirming on me as the spicy delight filled my mouth.

My hands found her thighs. I stroked up and down her silky skin as she ground that wonderful cunt on my mouth. My tongue penetrated into her depths, stirring around in her. She squeezed her thighs about my face, moaning in delight as I feasted on her. It was such a treat to enjoy.

“He's just wonderful and loving in that way,” purred Orihime.

Then Orihime's fingers tugged on my boxers. I groaned as the cotton rubbed against the tip of my cock. I popped out. A moan burst from Ruri's lips. Her thighs flexed beneath my grip, her pussy squirming across my mouth.

“No!” Ruri gasped. “Just... James brushed my clit. That's all.”

“I'm not a big-booby slut like you, idiot!” moaned Ruri. Then she groaned, “Oh, yes, James, that's good!”

Warm, soft, pillowy flesh wrapped about my cock. I groaned at the feel of Orihime's tits around my dick. It was such a treat to enjoy. My shaft throbbed as she squeezed those breasts tight then worked them up and down, teasing the crown.

“That's why he's so hard between my tits!” Orihime moaned.

“Yes, yes, my pussy does taste good!” Ruri moaned, her desire swelling, eating through her shyness. “Oh, James, you're making me feel so good. You're loving my cunt!”

Her tongue darted down and licked around my dick. I groaned at the feel of her tongue bathing the head of my cock before her tits slid back up and engulfed my crown. Pleasure shot down my shaft. Her tits slid down and her tongue fluttered against my dick again.

“Mmm, such a lovely cock,” Orihime said, an almost sing-song quality to her voice. She hummed then licked my dick. “Don't you think, Ruri.”

“Someone's going to cum!” Orihime moaned, her tit squeezing about my dick.

My ego surging in delight, I sucked on her clit, my nose pressing into her labia. Her juices smelled amazing. I nursed on her bud. I nibbled with my lips on her sensitive nub between my sucks. Her spicy juices filled my mouth. Her cream ran across my cheeks. Her musk filled my nose.

“James!” Ruri moaned, her thighs flexing beneath my grip. “Oh, James, I love you!”

Her tongue caressed me while Ruri moaned. I fluttered my tongue through her slit. I caressed her. I teased her. I loved her. I nibbled on her bud as she squeaked through her pleasure. She squirmed and moaned as I kept feasting on her.

“Oh, James, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, James, that's wonderful. Your mouth feels incredible on me! It's just such a treat! I love it! Your tongue is lapping at me. You're teasing me. Oh, James, yes, yes, yes!”

“James!” Ruri gasped.

“Uh-huh!” Ruri moaned. “So good! He's licking my pussy! He's making me feel incredible. I keep cumming! I love you, James!”

The pressure swelled. My balls tightened. My cum boiled over. I groaned as my jizz erupted. My cock throbbed between her tits. My spunk fired out of me. I couldn't see it, but I knew my cum was splashing on Orihime's face. Was spilling over her tits. Pearly lines that coated her.

“Oh, James, you coated me in spunk!” Orihime moaned. “Mmm, lovely, yummy spunk.”

I had two beautiful women I created. I had such powers. I loved being a god.


Mom shook me awake. I groaned, blinking, seeing her face before mine. I was stretched across the foot of my parents' bed. I'd fallen asleep curled up with Sam here last night. It was dark in the room. I noticed the clock. It was almost 5:30 AM, Tuesday morning. Nearly time to start getting up. Sam had abandoned me to curl up against Dad's side, nestled against him like a little squirrel curled up for winter hibernation.

“Want to wake up your father?” she asked, a naughty grin sliding across her lips.

“No, no, we're going to do it naughtily,” she said. She hefted her large boobs. I had inherited those same big tits. “A double titty fuck.”

“You have much to learn from your mother,” she said and winked at me.

Mom peeled back the blanket covering Dad and Sam. My little sister had her body wrapped tight about him, legs and all, her right thigh thrust over Daddy's stomach. It was such a cute sight to see. She looked so adorable sleeping like that.

I groaned, feeling my mother's hard nipples poking against mine. A naughty tingle raced through me. Mom's green eyes shone in the dim light in the room. Her brassy hair fell in a tousled mess around her face.

Daddy groaned.

I shuddered, my nipples throbbing against Mom's, my tongue dancing with hers. This was so wicked. My pussy grew hotter and hotter between my thighs as we woke up Daddy in style. He shifted, his legs moving. I caught his toes curling out of the corner of my eyes.

We pumped them faster. I was eager to please him. To have his cum firing between us. It was just a delicious treat. I shuddered as the heat built in me. It was such a naughty treat to give him this. Joy surged through me, drowning out the pain in my heart.

Mom broke the kiss to glance up at him. “Morning, honey. Thought you needed to wake up in style.”

Sam stirred. Her head shifted. She lay on Daddy's chest, her eyes fluttering open. Her face scrunched up for a moment as she blinked. Then a naughty grin spread across her lips. She held Daddy tighter and let out a purring sound.

“Yes, we are,” Mom said. “With you two minxes around, I have to remind your father why he married me.”

He groaned as we pleased him. We massaged him with our tits. His chest rose and fell, Sam's head moving with him. She had such a wicked grin on her face, her elfin features full of glee. I grinned at her, a rush of exhilaration shooting through me.

“Mmm, and I wonder why we want to do that,” Mom said, giving him a sly look.”

Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

By mypenname3000

Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this.

Mom was home from her trip to Vegas. I could hear my sisters squealing in delight. They were going to have an orgy I bet. Dad was a lucky guy. I glanced back at my own two girls sitting on my bed, Ruri flipping through a textbook, Orihime playing on her phone.

It was incredible that I could do this. Why hadn't it occurred to me to try and make others? I conjured Orihime and Ruri a few weeks ago. Maybe I was just too caught up in the joy of bringing my two girlfriends to life.

“I feel like drawing something else,” I said, turning in my computer chair to face my girls. “Wonder what I should create?”

Ruri's back stiffened. The petite girl looked up from the textbook, her purple eyes looking alarmed. “Of course not! That's ridiculous.”

“I'm not, James,” Ruri said, her purple eyes flashing to me.

She nodded her head, her large tits jiggling. They were such beautiful breasts. “Yep. We have to know if it makes you wet or not.”

“James!” she moaned. The petite girl trembled. “I don't. You don't have to make me do this.”

She tightened her jaw. “Fine.”

“Cute,” Orihime said, looking down. “Is that a dark spot?”

Her cheeks were scarlet now. “You're both so mean! Both idiots!”

“Someone's horny,” said Orihime. She darted her hand between Ruri's thighs and swiped a finger across the petite girl's vulva. Ruri gasped as Orihime held up her finger, coated in dew. “Yep, makes you wet.”

“You love it,” I said, standing up. Her pussy looked so hungry. “You like to pretend you're not a horny, little minx, Ruri. That's what makes you cute.”

I fell back on the bed beside Orihime. “Come sit on my face, Ruri,” I said, hungry to taste her pussy. I could hear my family in the master bedroom, my sisters having fun with Mom and Dad. It was turning me on. “I'll make you feel good as an apology for picking on you.”

“Mmm, someone's a horny minx wanting to get her pussy eaten!” Orihime said.

“Oh, I would,” Orihime said, unbuttoning her blouse. “I think I'll have some fun, too. Playing with James's cock.”

“Such a horny slut,” Orihime said, her blouse open, her large tits held in place by a pink bra.

She groaned as I lapped at her vulva. Her juices flowed into my mouth as I caressed through her folds. I teased her. Enjoyed her. My tongue explored through her petals, licking her labia. I brushed her clit, making her squeal in delight.

“James!” Ruri moaned. “Oh, James, yes! Oh, your tongue. You're doing such naughty things with your tongue.”

She unfastened my slacks. My zipper rasped as my tongue swirled through Ruri's cunt. Then Orihime's fingers opened my fly. She tugged my pants down, working them off my ass and thighs. My dick throbbed in my boxers as I feasted on Ruri's cunt.

“Ooh, did that make you excited?” Orihime asked. “Seeing James's cock?”

“Riiiiight!” Orihime said. “His dick makes me so wet!”

“Mmm, you're not a big-booby slut, but a flat-chested whore for James,” Orihime said. “You're just jealous that you can't do this.”

“I'm not jealous!” Ruri moaned, her pussy grinding on my mouth. “James loves my little titties. He likes that I'm a petite girl, and not a big-titty whore like you!”

“I love you both!” I groaned, squeezing my hands. “Damn, your pussy tastes good Ruri, and your tits, Orihime... I love your big tits!”

“Mmm, love her cunt while I love your dick, James!” Orihime moaned, sliding her tits up and down my shaft.

My balls tightened at the delicious thrill. I feasted on Ruri's snatch, my tongue fluttering through her folds, caressing her hot labia. I brushed her clit as she squirmed on my face. Her moans echoed, her pleasure building just like mine was.

“Yes, yes, a pretty cock!” moaned Ruri. “Oh, James, that's my clit! I love it when you play with my clit!”

“Uh-huh!” Ruri moaned. “James is just so good at pussy licking. He always makes me feel good.”

Such a heady scent.

Her juices flooded out of her pussy. That wonderful gush of her passion. She bathed my face with her orgasmic delight. I loved it. I drank down that spicy flood. My dick throbbed between Orihime's tits, the pressure building as she worked those lush breasts up and down my cock.

Kept giving her pleasure.

I sucked on her clit with all my might. I nibbled on her bud. I had her trembling and gasping as her pleasure shot through her. Her juices kept flowing. It was just a delicious treat to enjoy. Her cream poured in my mouth.

“Mmm, he's just driving you wild,” Orihime said, working her tits faster and faster.

“Yes, yes, that's so hot!” Orihime moaned, her tits squeezing around my dick. She flicked her tongue out, caressing the tip.

My toes curled. I growled my pleasure into Ruri's cumming pussy. She squirmed on my face while the pleasure slammed through my mind. Sparks burst across my eyes. It lit up the darkness of Ruri's skirt as my dick fired my final blast of cum.

Her tits slipped from around my cock. I heard licking, sucking, picturing Orihime lapping my jizz off her breasts. It was such a naughty sight to imagine. Ruri's squirming slowed. Her juices weren't gushing any longer. She was coming down from her own orgasm.

I was going to have fun with my girlfriends while my sisters celebrated Mom's return.

Becky Davis

“Mom?” I said, voice soft. The blanket over me slipped off as I sat up.

“Oh?” I frowned. Confusion swept through me. “You could have just shaken him awake.”

I blinked. “That's a thing?”

A naughty thrill ran through me. I nodded my head. She was so cool. I wanted to be like her.

Daddy's cock was hard. It thrust up from his groin. Mom shifted around on his right side while I moved on his left, stretching out on my belly, my legs dangling off the side of the bed. I hefted my breasts and placed them around Daddy's cock. We sandwiched his dick between us, our tits squeezing together.

She kissed me, her lips melting on mine. An incestuous thrill shot through me as her tongue thrust into my mouth. I groaned as her lips moved against mine. I squeezed my tits together and worked our tits up and down Daddy's cock as we loved each other.

He shifted.

He was coming awake. I moaned into Mom's lips, loving this. Her tits felt so soft against mine and Dad's dick was so hard between us. He groaned again. He shifted. Then I felt his eyes on me as we worked our tits and up and down his dick.

“Well... this is a sight,” Dad groaned.

“Mmm, yes,” I said, squeezing my breasts, my hips wiggling. My pussy was on fire right now. It was just a delicious treat. Juices coated my thighs. I rubbed my thighs. I squeezed them tight, my clit throbbing. “Morning, daddy.”

“Ooh, you and Mom are getting naughty, Becky,” she said, her short, red hair, framing her face.

Sam giggled. I didn't think Mom had anything to worry about, she was so sexy. Her tits were amazing, her nipples so hard against mine. Daddy's cock twitched between our tits as we worked them up and down his dick.

“You two are spoiling me,” groaned Dad.