Emmerdale the Next Generation Ch. 09

"Ah that's better," said Jai Sharma, as he slipped of his shoes and settled in his chair, a glass of Merlot in one hand and the controller for his music system in the other.

He was alone in the house, his dad was visiting family in India, his sister Priya was on a girly weekend in Leeds and his dads lady friend, Manpreet as away at a medical conference.

As Miles started on "Summertime," one of Jai's favourites, he heard a car pull into the driveway outside the house.

As she entered the house he asked, "what's wrong? I thought you were in Birmingham."

"Are you hurt," was Jai's first question.

"You should have called me, I could have picked you up, taxi must have cost a fortune."

Jai poured her a large brandy and she sat across from him on the sofa.

Jain replied, "no I'm fine, another drink?"

Jai had been so busy developing the business, he hadn't had time for much of a love life recently, in fact he couldn't remember the last time he had been with a woman.

Meanwhile Manpreet had been having similar thoughts.

As she sipped her brandy, her mind wandered to Jai. He reminded her of a lover when she was a trainee doctor in India. He had the same sharp features and skin tone. She smiled to herself and wondered, not only if Jai was as well endowed as her former lover, but whether he could use his implement as well as Sunil.

"A penny for you thoughts," said Jai, noticing the smile.

After another couple of drinks, Jai said, "well that will do for me , time I went to my bed."

Manpreet replied, "yes, I'm fine, now get off to bed." She placed a light kiss on his cheek.

Jai slept naked, and was asleep almost immediately.

Unlike Jai, sleep would not come. Her mind was picturing the car pulling out into her path. But overriding that was her trying to visualise Jai , naked with a large erection.

She is beautiful, with a stunning figure. Her breasts are perfect, with dark nipples just craving to be licked. Her flat belly with the perfect triangle of jet black pubic hair at its base, is a joy to behold, and legs that seem to go on forever.

Without a word she stands and walks back into the sea and disappears beneath the waves.

"What the hell do you think your doing? He yelled.

Before Jai could say anything in reply, Manpreet lowered her head and took his cock deep into her mouth.

But Jain was a red blooded man and said, "oh god, that is so good, suck it baby, suck it right in."

She sucked eagerly and deep, taking as much of Jai's flesh into her mouth as she could, then withdrawing and licking down the length of him and sucking his balls before slowly moving back to the bulbous head and swallowing the brown skinned cock, deep into her mouth again.

Kissing her way up his body, nipping his nipples with her teeth, she kissed him, her tongue, still containing some of his seed, swirling around his, her hand massaging his now flaccid penis and her pussy so wet and wanting him.

Jai still couldn't believe what was happening. His fathers girl friend had just given him one of the great blow jobs of his life, and he had experienced a good many, and here she was, demanding that he goes down on her, and he was more than willing.

He had noticed that Manpreet was very hairy.

He wasted no time in preliminary foreplay, he inserted a finger into her, she was already extremely wet he noticed, then without hesitation, began to lick the length of her vagina, causing her to catch her breath with a gasp and say, "oh god yes, yes, yes."

He sucked in her very long and sensuous lips, taking them between his teeth and nipping, not all women appreciated this, but by the action of Manpreet's hips and the way she shoved her pussy towards his mouth, he took it she approved.

Jai, eased from between her legs and lay back on the bed, spent.

She rose from the bed, kissed Jai, lightly on the lips and said, "thank you, you have made a middle aged lady very happy."

The next morning Jai was having breakfast when Manpreet came into the kitchen.

He started," about last night,"


Jai carried on with his breakfast, glancing occasionally at the lady he had enjoyed the delights of spectacular sex with, only hours earlier, knowing it would never happen again.

He selected a classic piece of Miles Davis and sat back to relax.

He planned to enjoy a relaxing weekend after a very busy few weeks at the family sweet factory.

Getting up to check, he saw his fathers girlfriend Manpreet get out of a taxi.

"Bloody women drivers, " she exclaimed. "I was just past Leeds, when this stupid woman, cut right in front of me and I had nowhere to go but into the back of her."

She replied, "no, I'm fine, shook up and pretty mad, but no physical damage, cars a write off though."

Manpreet sighed and said, "sorry, never thought of you, but the bimbo's insurance will be footing that bill."

After a while she said, "if you want to be alone with your jazz, I can go to bed."

After a few drinks, Jai thought to himself, "she is a fine looking woman, my dad is lucky to be with her."

He dismissed the thought immediately and poured himself another drink.

A failed marriage, money problems and finally living with a fat, balding Indian businessman, who for all his money, wasn't good in bed either, was her lot for the time being.

A smile crossed her face.

Manpreet replied, "oh, just a nice memory from the past."

He got to his feet and went over to Manpreet and said, 'are you sure you're ok?"

"Good night then," he said and began to climb the stairs .

Manpreet took a long bath to ease her body after the collision, then donned a sheer nightdress and climbed into the bed she shared with Rishi.

Jai's sleep was suddenly filled with a familiar dream. He often dreamt of family holidays in India, of golden beaches beside turquoise waters. In his dreams a young woman would emerge naked from the sea and walk slowly towards him. As she approached, he recognises her, it is his sister, Priya.

In his dreams, Priya lays beside him and takes his erection in her small hand and begins to slowly stroke the engorged organ, until he ejaculates his sperm over her breasts.

This dream had a different ending. All was familiar until Priya took him in her hand. It felt different, so much so that he awoke with a start. It wasn't a dream, Manpreet was laying beside him, naked and stroking his erection.

Manpreet carried on stroking him, saying, "I would have thought that was obvious, and by the look of him, you are enjoying it."

Jai was in a quandary. He was being fellated by his fathers girlfriend, and he was loving it. But it was his fathers girlfriend, he should stop her now and order her back to her own bed.

Manpreet was only to happy to oblige. It was a long time since she had a cock as long and hard as this to feast on.

Jai held out as long as he could, but Manpreet's oral skills proved to much and he ejaculated into her mouth. She held the cock firmly between her lips as Jai deposited the last of his sperm, then very sensually licked around the head and took every last drop from him.

"Eat me." It was more an order than a request, as Manpreet lay back on the sheet and spread her legs.

He ignored her breasts, nice as they were, he got the feeling that the lady needed some pussy action, and he was only to eager to oblige.

All his early experiences with Indian girls had involved lots of black crinkly pubic hair, so it was something he loved and preferred to the trimmed and sometimes bald pussy's he had gone down on European girls.

Jai was loving the experience, he used all the tricks he had learned over the years of giving oral pleasure to countless women.

His tongue continued, viper like, flashing into and along the now steaming wet pussy, until she came, long and hard, her screams of pleasure must have been heard in the village.

"Wow, that was something else, if only your father had your skills, I would be a very lucky woman." Said Manpreet.

With that she got up from the bed and left the room.

"Morning," she said cheerfully.

She abruptly cut him off, "nothing happened last night, Ok?" She said with a knowing look.

Again she cut him off, "nothing happened."

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